Public School Accuses 5 Year Old of Making Terrorist Threats

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When I was in kindergarten, I found a knife in the pocket of a hand-me-down jacket I was wearing for the first time. I gave it to my teacher, and I don’t remember her reacting at all. She gave the knife to my parents when they picked me up at the end of the day. And that was that.

I used to run around at recess at that age with the other kids, and use bent sticks as fake guns. We shot at each other, rolled down hills dying from fake bullet wounds, and used pinecones as grenades. Looking back that sounds a little bit morbid, but I think I ended up fine. I didn’t torture small animals nor did I become a serial killer. In fact, I never killed anything bigger than a bug until a few weeks ago when I slaughtered some chickens for the first time.

I’m pretty confident that some of my 5-year-old artwork in school included death and destruction. But that was decades ago. Now, kids are labeled terrorists for acting like kids.

It’s no wonder kids pretend the way they do with the violent focus of the media. You probably couldn’t insulate your kid from bombs and bloodshed if you tried. I wouldn’t be surprised if they discussed it in the kindergarten class.

Yet a 5-year-old was suspended for making a terrorist threat. The tuition-free public charter school in Modesto California said the five-year-old intentionally made threats meant to intimidate and harass.

The kid, Jackson, told the teacher he couldn’t take off his backpack because there was a bomb in it, and it would explode if he did. Sounds like a hero to me.

The school initially sent the Rileys a letter saying their son was suspended for his intent to “threaten, intimidate or harass others.” The family was told that was the school code violation that best fit what happened, Ian Riley said.

When the Rileys pointed out that code applied only to fourth- through 12th-graders, not kids as young as Jackson, the school agreed and so sent a second letter, changing the violation to one about making terrorist threats.

“My son never made a threat, never wanted to blow up the school,” Riley said. “He was almost victimizing himself in his imagination, making himself the hero” by keeping the backpack on.

Though it was “all in the world of pretend play,” Michelle Riley told Fox, his not wanting to take off the backpack meant Jackson didn’t want to hurt anyone. “Where was the threat?”

Public Schools Are Trash

Public schools are more than just a waste of time. Public schools are a threat to parents and a psychological liability to kids. As this case points out, they punish kids for pretending. Better watch that imagination! And watch what you say.

Public schools put kids in the presence of strangers that they and you do not know. It opens kids up to the influence of other kids they may never otherwise come into contact with.

Some people might think this is a good thing, but why? Why expose your kids to bullies and tiny thugs? If you want your kids to get some culture, you can certainly find groups that you can vet first. There is no psychological benefit to putting your kids in contact with questionable authorities and abusive peers.

“They’ll have to deal with it when they are older.” Maybe, maybe not. If so, let them deal with it when they are older. Then they will hopefully not be scarred by authority figures labeling them a terrorist for no reason. They should be secure in themselves by then to know their peers’ derision is not a reflection on them.

If they never come into contact with bullies and bigheaded authorities, great! You helped them avoid being around terrible people.

Homeschool your kid, find an alternative program, hire a tutor, send them to private school, or whatever. Do what you have to in order to insulate them from agents of the state and their asinine methods of dealing with children.

Otherwise, you are gambling with their wellbeing. You can’t control everything, but you can stop the state from programming your kid to be what they think is a perfect citizen. Obedient, only acting with permission, and having no imagination.

I’m not knocking all public school teachers. My mom has taught fifth grade for nearly twenty years. What has she witnessed?

Ballooning administration who get hired for their last two years before retirement to boost their pension. A growing focus on lessons to do well on state standardized tests in order to make the school look good. Being told she is not allowed to fail a kid, and that it is against policy to hold kids back a grade. And she works for probably one of the better public schools!

Last year she was blamed for a fifth grader being unable to read, and for her failure to bring it to the attention of administration and parents. Yes, the parents didn’t know that their kid couldn’t read, it was the teacher’s responsibility!

That is how much some of these people have abandoned their parental roles to the state.

Like my mom, plenty of teachers truly love teaching. Lucky for her, she will soon retire and be able to teach in the private sector without state pressure directing her methods.

Lucky for young teachers, there are many other private sector options if you want to teach kids, but not serve as a state behavior enforcer.

Parents can encourage these alternative schooling methods by finding unique programs, homeschooling, and supplementing specific classes and tutoring.

Don’t let the government mold the psychology of the next generation.


Shitonya Serfs Blue Steel 309 Thu, 09/21/2017 - 15:38 Permalink

Yes, the author is insane:
“They’ll have to deal with it when they are older.” Maybe, maybe not. If so, let them deal with it when they are older. Then they will hopefully not be scarred by authority figures labeling them a terrorist for no reason. They should be secure in themselves by then to know their peers’ derision is not a reflection on them.

That's the problem with the vigilante Anfart thugs right now. They were never exposed to anything but Participant trophies and Everything is fine.

The kids need to be exposed to bullies, to learn how to handle that/them. Now. Not when they're older and have no idea what the hell is going on. They need to be exposed to failure as early as possible.

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Akzed Thu, 09/21/2017 - 15:30 Permalink

The purpose of govt schools is govt education, and most of that has nothing to do with fact-based knowledge. That's all you need to know about our current mess at all levels of society. 

headhunt Thu, 09/21/2017 - 15:32 Permalink

This is exactly what the left intended.Full and total control of the school system and the stupification of every generation since they have taken over the school system.The Teachers Union is packed with communists and communist idiots and you all pay for them to do this to your children and pay for their retirement and healthcareThe Teachers Unions and unions in government in general are destroying America

Gerrilea silentboom Thu, 09/21/2017 - 16:45 Permalink

Hon, not just milk, phosphates, fluoride et al...the chemical cocktails we are swimming in destroys their spirit, their intelligence and their sexuality.Resistance if futile, or so they'd have us believe.  The parents of this boy should take their child out of that school system immediately and then organize other parents to do the same.  Let that system go bankrupt when it doesn't get the state and federal funding it sucks up for their bloated "administrative" system. 

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Here's the contact info for the assholes:Great Valley Academy 3200 Tully Rd. Modesto, CA 95350District Office  209-576-2283  District Office Fax  209-576-2838Helen Stange, School SecretaryOffice hours Monday - Thursday 7:45 AM - 4:00 PM and Friday 7:45 AM - 12:30 PM

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A lot of your private schools aren't much better. It's stupid to assume that just because it's private means it's good. Look at your for profit schools that suck and go out of business and the kids didn't learn squat.

SafelyGraze Thu, 09/21/2017 - 18:34 Permalink

5 year olds are learning to say they have an lgqtb bomme that will make everybody in the school become lqtbqadministrators are in a tough spot when they file charges because they sound like raysist fashistz 

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Public Schools are Trash; you said it! Some decent teachers in the system but pretty few and far between these days. The crappiest thing is having to explain to your kids is that no matter what background you come from there is supposed to be a relatively free public education system that is supposed to educate you. It's not supposed to discriminate against how much money your parents have. You're supposed to have the right to an education and to excel to your own personal academic heights and become or study whatever profession you may be fit for. What a false fallacy that is. Instead you'll grow up figuring out that it's not what you know it's who you know. It's all down to the 'High School' or 'College' written on your resume. Money talks bullshit walks. Our kids will grow up cottoning on to the fact the single mother across the road who barely leaves the house to work somehow owns an investment property. The idiot across the road who couldn't even put his own tool shed together drives a Lexus and sends both his kids to a 10 grand a year private school on a single income. The retard couple next door to you somehow afford to send their kids to the same 10 grand a year school despite neither of them having full time work for the past 10 years. That's the saddest thing you have to teach your kids is that no matter how hard they try if they get up every day and go out to earn an honest living they're the biggest jokes in the neighbourhood.

ILIKEMITTENS Nobodys Home Thu, 09/21/2017 - 20:17 Permalink

Exactly. Sad part is that this kid was first indoctrinated by the only weapon they needed to win. The jooo box i.e. teevee. How else would a five year old know of bombs and heros and all the other complete nonsense being spoon fed to the masses. The only weapon the commies needed to win was put i  every home back in the 50/60s.

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ILIKEMITTENS Thu, 09/21/2017 - 20:26 Permalink

The threatening and terrorist bs is exactly what happened, but to this kid and his peers not by him. This is clearly just a set an example of him situation. School only wanted to show their control over the students and what will happen if anyone dare step outta line. Indoctrination indeed. Communist indeed. How long will it be before people like this kid and his family are sent for reeducation (i.e. the gulag/death camps)? Not too long, sad to say.