Stupidity Well Anchored: Exposing The Absurdity Of Inflation Expectations

Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

The amount of sheer nonsense written about inflation expectations is staggering.

Let’s take a look at some recent articles before making a mockery of them with a single picture.

Expectations Problem

On July 17, 2017, Rich Miller writing for Bloomberg proclaimed The Fed Has an Inflation Expectations Problem.

Expectations matter because they shape how households and companies act and thus can go a long way in determining where inflation actually ends up. Consumers accustomed to meager inflation will resist paying up for goods and services.


“Lower inflation expectations make it all the more difficult for the central bank to achieve its inflation objective,” Charles Evans, president of the Chicago Fed, said in remarks posted on the bank’s website on July 14.

Key Element

The Business Insider says The Fed is missing a key sign of economic weakness coming from American consumers.

Andrew Levin, a career Fed economist who was a special adviser to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, told Business Insider he was worried by a noticeable decline in inflation expectations, both as reflected in consumer surveys and bond-market rates.


“The reality is that the longer-term inflation expectations of consumers and investors have shifted downward by about a half percentage point. Thus, even with the economy moving towards full employment, it’s not surprising that core PCE inflation remains about a half percentage point below the Fed’s inflation target,” he said, referring to a closely watched reading indicator that excludes food and energy costs.


“If the FOMC continues to ignore the downward drift in inflation expectations and simply proceeds with its intended path of policy tightening, actual inflation is likely to keep falling short of the Fed’s target and might well decline even further,” he said.

Janet Yellen On Wednesday

In a brief speech following yesterday’s FOMC announcement Janet Yellen made these statements.

Turning to inflation, the 12-month change in the price index for personal consumption expenditures was 1.4 percent in July, down noticeably from earlier in the year.


For quite some time, inflation has been running below the committee’s 2 percent longer-run objective.


One-off reductions earlier this year in certain categories of prices such as wireless telephone services are currently holding down inflation, but these effects should be transitory.


Such developments are not uncommon, and as long as inflation expectations remain reasonably well anchored, are not of great concern from a policy perspective because their effects fade away.

Complete Nonsense

One can find thousands of such references, all of them idiotic.

Let’s prove that with a single picture and a few comments.

CPI Percentage Weights

The idea behind inflation expectations is that if consumers think prices will go down, they will hold off purchases and the economy will collapse.

The corollary is that is consumers think inflation will rise, they will rush out and buy things causing the economy to overheat.

With that backdrop, let’s have a Q&A. I believe the answers are obvious in all cases.

Inflation Expectations Q&A

Q: If consumers think the price of food will drop, will they stop eating out?
Q: If consumers think the price of food will drop, will they stop eating at home?
Q: If consumers think the price of natural gas will drop, will they stop heating their homes and stop cooking to wait for the event.
Q: If consumers think the price of gas will drop, will they stop driving or not fill up their car if it is running on empty?
Q: If consumers think the price of gas will rise, can they do anything about it other than fill up their tank more frequently?
Q: If consumers think the price of rent will drop, will they hold off renting until that happens?
Q: If consumers think the price of rent will rise, will they rent two apartments to take advantage?
Q: If consumers think the price of plane tickets, taxis, and bus tickets will drop, will they hold off taking the plane the train or the bus?
Q: If consumers think the price of plane tickets, taxis, and bus tickets will rise, will they rush out and buy multiple tickets driving the prices even higher up?
Q: If people need an operation, will they hold off if they think prices might drop next month?
Q: If people need an operation, will they have two operations if they expect the price will go up?

All of the above questions represent inelastic items. Those constitute 80.254% of the CPI. Commodities other than food and energy constitute the remaining 19.746% of the CPI. Let’s hone in on that portion with additional Q&A.

Q. If someone needs a refrigerator, toaster, stove or a toilet because it broke, will they wait two months if for some reason they think prices will decline?
Q. If someone does not need a refrigerator, toaster, stove or a toilet will they buy one anyway if they think prices will jump?
Q. The prices of TVs and electronics drop consistently. Better deals are always around the corner. Does that stop people from buying TVs and electronics?
Q. If people thought the price of TVs was about to jump, would they buy multiple TVs to take advantage?

For sure, some people will wait for year-end clearances to buy cars, but most don’t. And if a car breaks down, consumers will fix it immediately, they will not wait for specials.

Stupidity Well Anchored

The only thing that’s “well anchored” is the stupidity of the belief that inflation expectations matter.

Asset Irony

People will rush to buy stocks in a bubble if they think prices will rise. They will hold off buying stocks if they expect prices will go down.

People will buy houses to rent or fix up if they think home prices will rise. They will hold off housing speculation if they expect prices will drop.

The very things where expectations do matter are the very things the Fed and mainstream media ignore.

No Reliable Measures

“There is no single highly reliable measure” of longer-run inflation expectations, Fed Governor Lael Brainard told The Economic Club of New York on Sept. 5.

Lovely. She’s also correct. Yet, she proposes to know what to do about it! How idiotic is that?

Economic Challenge to Keynesians

Of all the widely believed but patently false economic beliefs is the absurd notion that falling consumer prices are bad for the economy and something must be done about them.

I have commented on this many times and have been vindicated not only by sound economic theory but also by actual historical examples.

  1. My article Deflation Bonanza! (And the Fool’s Mission to Stop It) has a good synopsis.
  2. My Challenge to Keynesians “Prove Rising Prices Provide an Overall Economic Benefit” has gone unanswered.

There is no answer because history and logic both show that concerns over consumer price deflation are seriously misplaced.

BIS Deflation Study

The BIS did a historical study and found routine deflation was not any problem at all.

Deflation may actually boost output. Lower prices increase real incomes and wealth. And they may also make export goods more competitive,” stated the study.

It’s asset bubble deflation that is damaging. When asset bubbles burst, debt deflation results.

Central banks’ seriously misguided attempts to defeat routine consumer price deflation is what fuels the destructive asset bubbles that eventually collapse.

For a discussion of the BIS study, please see Historical Perspective on CPI Deflations: How Damaging are They?

Finally, and as a measure of insurance against the Fed’s clueless tactics, please consider How Much Gold Should the Common Man Own?


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this is a whole lotta words for a measure that can be researched on the BLS website about how it is "calculated" using all of the modern techniques of substitution and diffusion metrics; I don't want or need to take the time to show everyone that if a simple math problem like finding the price averages of a basket of goods has become so f**king convoluted it must be a scam.....someday someone will allow the media to call them out for this........I'll be a fry cook on venus by then.

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I am not sure if people like Mish are just afraid to state the obvious conclusion:


It is only promoted for the interest of primarily banks and their cronies and secondarily the governments that they control. So what Mish is either to scared to say or too stupid to realize is that the stated reasons for the Fed pursuing inflation as a policy goal are LIES.

The Fed and their propagandists may be stupid, but they are not THAT stupid.

We KNOW most of CPI and GDP and employment data is based on LIES. They changed the inputs until they get the desired outputs. Just like climate change models and affirmative action.

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You obviously don't read Mish's regular column. He has called out the stupidity of the Fed re inflation many, many times - consistently and persistently,  and names names of the terminally stupid so-called ivory tower economists (Krugman et al) that think inflation is a good thing.To say Mish is too stupid to realize inflation does not serve the public interest, when he has been beating this drum for years is what is 'too stupid'. Mish has also spent a number of years beating the hell out of the obvious lies of unemployment stats and other government and private industry self-serving stats - real estate/home sales comes to mind. 

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The Georgia Guidestones!

The (((elites))) want to get rid of 6 out of 7 of the world's population. They want to own it all. Everything that we gentiles are told is only half truth/no truth. The central bankers of the world are just handing all of us a line while they try to work their magic. THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF DEFLATION

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I paid $14 for a medium pizza hut yesterday, that same pizza cost $8 10years ago.  Costco pizza is twice as big for $10.  Little cesar is a little bigger at $5, but I had to suck up the taste lolz....I'm a fool sometime lolz... for not knowing which is the better buy ahahah

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And it isn't just this. America is caught up in a whirlpool of stupidness induced by the over-arching and inescapable doctrines of political correctness and the resulting identity politics. If America comes to its end, it will be because of the infestation of cultural Marxists throughout government. Academia is its well-spring. It is there the counter-attack must begin. A wholesale national boycott is needed. Shut them down.

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Very well said. And important. Can't believe there are only 4 comments including mine. That is the sorry state of todays economical approach to issues. 

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Everyone can learn a lesson from Alan “Kamikaze” Greenspan on how not to do tighten. have you forgotten Alan?He’s forgotten the delays in the system.There were delays while the teaser rate mortgages reset; the new mortgage repayments became unpayable; the defaults and other losses accumulated within the system until everything came crashing down in 2008.The FED had tightened much too fast by not appreciating the delays in the system.Greenspan was on a suicide mission; luckily he bailed out before his mistake became apparent.

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I hold on to the following thoughts:1. Inflation benefits asset owners over wage earners, as prices for things increase first, and only later do wages catch up. Deflation benefits wage earners over asset owners, as prices for things decrease, but wages decrease only very slowly, and much later, if at all. Asset owners are the king's, so guess which of the two we will get.2. If there is DEFLATION, how does the debt get repayed? With deflation, assets are worth less than the outstanding debt. Banks will fail, the sky will fall and there will be divers signs and portents.So, we might get deflation, or we might get inflation. Take your bets. I know where I am putting my money. In a lake, obviously.

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He’s forgotten the delays in the system.

Dr. Donnella Meadows in her book "Thinking in Systems" emphasized the importance of delay in the feedback loop.I base my argument for the introduction of AI on this fact.AI is used already in the Algos. It is beyond me that it would not be used by the FED to set interest rates. Why are rates set every 6 months and not every 6 nano seconds?Central planning failed because wetware was not up to the task. I argue that central planning can work because of the blindingly fast and incredible resolution available to our machines.To harken back to the 'Golden age" of people with tally sticks is Quixotic. You've either got a weapon or you haven't, you've either got skynet or you haven't.If you haven't, you lose.

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Experience has taught me that when Home and Car loans are 0% no money down, to all comers...An economic sink hole is not far behind. The precise When* depends on whose holding the magic wand, and how fat the monkey is on their back.*That When is the whole basis of the Zerohedge website ....! 

Is-Be illuminatus Fri, 09/22/2017 - 14:21 Permalink

Two corrections, if I may.1) Machines are quite capable of writing their own code.2) Assuming a continuation of civilization, machines are here to stay. To wail and throw ones hands in the air is the attitude of a victim. Therefore machines are the problem and the solution. There's no getting the toothpaste back into the tube.

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Debt. I'll never forget a line a televangelist said, "As every good Jew knows, poverty ... is is the result of sin." Money is not the root of all evil, debt is the root of all evil.

Luciferrigno Fri, 09/22/2017 - 15:13 Permalink

Irving Fisher. Hyman Minsky. Michael Hudson. We are already in the midst of a debt deflationary debacle. In theory, when the bubble bursts, wage earners and asset holders all suffer. In practice, the wealthiest of asset owners get bailed out.