Trump's "Best Week Since Inauguration" Sends Approval Rating To 4-Month Highs

This was President Trump's best week since inauguration as his job approval rating spiked most since the first week of Feb..


A week of record-breaking hurricanes, paradigm-shattering comments at The UN, and record high stock prices has pushed President Trump's approval rating to its highest since mid-May.


One thing is for sure, President Trump seems capable of controlling the media narrative (for better or for worse)... (via Axios)

The study shows that while Trump's presidency has been action-packed, the public's attention span doesn't seem to last for long.

However, one group of people does seem to pay attention longer - FX traders...

With a one-month lag, the dollar index appears to be tracking President Trump's approval rating rather well...

So is the dollar due for the rally to continue?