Colorado Landfills Contain Radioactive Substances From Oil Sector

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Landfills in Colorado have begun to fill their space with low-level radioactive substances from oil and gas activities, state health officials have said, according to the local news site the Daily Camera.

After a series of meetings with local officials, state authorities have concluded that unknown amounts of radioactive material have been stored at landfills throughout the state.

Local authorities are currently trying to prohibit the practice altogether by strengthening their oversight mechanisms.

"There is some of it that is just going to solid waste landfills…It is probably, mostly, staying in state," the state health agency’s director Gary Baughman said during the Wednesday meeting.

So far, no “imminent” threats to public health have been detected, though landfill operators will continue to monitor water flowing out of the fills for radioactive qualities.

Technologically advanced naturally occurring radioactive materials, or TENORM, have been a concern for health officials for a while now, especially in cases of improperly disposed materials from the fossil fuel industry.

An accumulation of TENORM could cause cancer-causing exposure to the public and the environment.

“It is in the industry's best interest to mitigate long-term risks. And it is in the public's best interest. This radiation lasts for a long time,” Jane Witheridge, a project manager for a special TENORM disposal plant in Pawnee, said.


"If we don't treat it differently from municipal solid waste, we would not be serving either the industry or the environment as it should be in Colorado. This is being done in North Dakota. It is being done in Texas.

The 15 million-ton facility still will not be enough to dispose of all the TENORM produced by Colorado’s booming oil and gas sector.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) denies that the TENORM has been destructive so far, though it continues to monitor the issue, an official statement read.


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We live in an electric universe.www.thunderbolts.infoFunny that they mention "Horizontal Drill Cuttings" as being radioactive. Do they use radioactive drilling mud? Is this because of the drilling near Rifle where they did the underground nuclear tests? How come 'vertical drill cuttings' aren't radioactive? Or are they just mentiong horizontal drill cuttings because they are more radioactive than normal drill cuttings?  How come ruble and fill from open pit or underground mining isn't radioactive?  Why don't they mention digging a hole with in your backyard with a hand shovel as being radioactive? Why is it only 'Horizontal Drill Cuttings' ???BT

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If anyone wonder how the private sector squeezed profits you’re seeing one of their tricks, of many, and under federal and state regulation. Now imagine when these regulations are removed and the regulators fired.  

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Ms No Escrava Isaura Sun, 09/24/2017 - 18:26 Permalink

The regulators were created to protect the monopoly big dogs.  I thought everybody knew that.  You were duped.  This is why lethal drugs, pesticides, GMO, etc,. are sold to the public and then covered for by the regulatory.  The regulatory also shuts down competition for the big guy because the small guy can't keep up and will get targeted by regulators.  You should see the difference on how coal was treated compared to fracking.  It was politically targeted by regulatory for distruction.  It was all lies.  Meanwhile in the frack patch... 

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Broken_Trades Escrava Isaura Sun, 09/24/2017 - 18:26 Permalink

I think Ms No's point was that the horizontal section of teh well is exclusively thorugh radioactive Shales.  Anyone whos ever gazed upon a GR logs could have told you that everything underground is radioactive.  The basics of the concern are:- Frac fluids over time mix with, and fracked wells produce brine which already has absorbed large quantities of NORMs from the shale. Overtime these residual NORMs are concentrated in waste and can be a hazard.I still don't think shale cuttings are a hazard, it's the sludge and concentrates from the brine that's recovered that is the problem and certain operators have just been dumping this crap in the environment.Would like to see a study if anyone has been taking more than 1000mrem year from exposureBT

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What I am basically saying is the same thing the guy said in your link and yes you will find it in mud logs.  It would already have been evident before then due to known uranium deposits."Norm is found everywhere in bedrock and superficial materials, but the concentrations vary from place to place.  In sedimentary rocks uranium tends to be concentrated in shale or clay rich layers.  Sediments rich in bituminous materials (coal or peat) are often favorable locations for uranium to be present at elevated concentrations"So the concentration will often not be a big deal BUT NOT IN ND.  It will be a big deal there.  There have all the indicators, conditions and knows deposits, everywhere.  This will all come out later assuming the demonics don't shut down all of the internet.  Who knows what else they added to the frack juice.

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Interesting.  ND has uranium and radium deposits.  They actually mined some there near Center and a couple other places (cancer cluster there too), also Belfield and Dickinson area (Bakken).  The Pine Ridge Indian Res in SD appears to have a bunch too that they sneak into and kill activists about.  It's in at least 21 areas of western ND.  That is just what they admit because there is much more there then they are telling, thus the sneaky black-ops borehole activity (bigtime on Pine Ridge).  Anytime you are drilling laterals and fracturing rock, literally everywhere, you will eventually pull some back.  It's just a crap shoot but the place is a pincushion so it's definitely been happening.

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Like the river flowing across the glowing melted cores under the Fukushima plants, draining into the Pacific Ocean? 400 official tons per day, 800-1,000 tons per day non-Tepco reporting? For as long as that river has water, which will be at least centuries? Killing off 95% of the Pacific already, with the radiation in the rain cycles over Japan and North America in growing concentrations?The last couple of rains have just destroyed my plants. The sun was bad, but the rain killed 'em. Along with almost everything else growing in the hood.

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Meanwhile, many americans prepare food on their radioactive granite countertops.

Science is not for morons or headlines. Release the actual data and then compare it to daily objects and BG radiation. Guarantee it is nothing.

This is a regulatory stipulation. If other industry and daily life were regulated as Nuclear or Mining/Processing,everything would be shut down by violation and far-worse than nuke.

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A granite countertop isn't straight uranium either.  You also don't eat it.  There is a big difference from getting an xray and eating the xray machine.  Furthermore, most people want nukes shut down at this point.  It's will also end up being a huge loss whether you let them radiate everybody or not.  They never calculated disposal costs and hundreds of years of maintenence for the impossible disposal.  Coal is a better option and we have plenty.  Furthermore, furthermore, you're defending fracking when it hasn't really made a dime yet despite years of 100 a barrel oil, is the arguably one of the biggest scams perpetrated on the population and you haven't even paid to bail the "miracle" out yet.  This unprofitable scam was brought about so that the oligarchs could cut Russia off at the knees.  That failed as well.Feel free to purchase norm socks out of ND and store them in black bags in your house and see what happens. 

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Fracking always seemed to me a bizarre industry with the good ROI going only to Nestle, Coca-Cola/Dasani, etc to sell overpriced packaged water to areas with "proprietary" (read arsenic) drilling mud contaminated water table/wells.

The timing of other events strongly indicates KSA willingly entered into a secret agreement with ZATO to sell cheap oil (with below production cost Canadian tar sands and US fracking to help saturate the market) for KSA's uncontested conquest of Yemen. The shooting war started soon after C.P. Abdullah died so it is possible he did not approve of murdering Yemeni cousins or debt encumbering KSA for that trade.

The outcome of the cheap oil ploy, like you said, mainly hurting RF's but also damaging Syria, Iran, and Venezuela's petro economies. In Venezuela's case it seems to have succeeded as they will be star 58 on the US flag of vassal states. Eastern Syria is still in play. Russia and Iran will turn to SCO and Silk Road v2. The American people will drink expensive bottled tap water and pay $3 gallon for gas instead of $6.

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The reason why ND will and does have NORM everywhere is because of this, in their infinite wisdom:"Socks used to filter oil production fluids are banned from disposal in North Dakota because they concentrate naturally-occurring radiation.The Health Department is developing rules for tracking radioactive waste because of dumping incidents like this and because hundreds of them show up at oil patch landfills, where truckers are fined if the socks are found in a load."So basically while drilling the state like a pincushion they didn't allow for the waste products to be disposed of.  ND is sensitive to radiation because they have some uranium mines in the state and the government also sneaks in and drilled boreholes, etc.  So this shit had to be carted out to places like Colorado and at great expense of time and money.  Now that this crap has been buried everywhere, for free, they will be finding it forever.  NOW they have procedures in place to provide for disposal.  This was completely predictable and just the very tip of the iceberg. 

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An older gent and his wife (snowbirds) I know took a trip to Nova Scotia last week with another couple. I jokingly said watch out as all the proggies said they were moving there.

They just got back and I am pleased to report that Trump bumper stickers and hats (the locals had them) were frequently observed there, not a single smart assed progressive was ever seen.

The bad news....they never left the US.

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The-powers-that-be don't give a rat's ass about this type of stuff. Despite l community pushback, our local council pushed through a law to allow the local landfill (filling a used gravel pit) to start bringing in 'small' untested amounts of fill, assuring everyone it will be safe and limited. Truck traffic has quadrupled since...

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 DU ammo all over the planet and they get their panties in a twist over this?  Holly hyped up twinkies Batman we need elon and his electrick wall to save mankind!

fbazzrea Sun, 09/24/2017 - 17:46 Permalink

i'm willing to speculate Oklahoma has also not been spared this "glowing" shale oil benefit... but of course, no one's talking about it.

logicalman Sun, 09/24/2017 - 17:48 Permalink

It's cheaper to quietly dump shit than to do the right thing.When decisions are based on money rather than sense, things get fucked up.Unfortunately, that applies worldwide which is why the world is so fucked up. 

Ms No Sun, 09/24/2017 - 17:49 Permalink

ROFL  Yeah, NOW North Dakota might have proceedures in place after a decade of boom and when it is a fraction of what it was."Health Department waste division manager Scott Radig said the building [in Noonan] contains at least twice as much filter sock material and is more than twice as radioactive as the open trailers loaded with the socks discovered near Watford City [probably 100 miles away from Noonan] three weeks ago.Schroeder said six separate rooms in the old Mobil gas station contain industrial-sized black garbage bags of filter socks. He estimates at least 200 bags or more are piled into the dirt-floor structure’s warren of rooms."Then it gets more interesting, as it always does because everything is always level five weird out there as a result of epic cousinfuckerdom:"Schroeder said he’s trying to track down the building owner so the state can jointly develop a cleanup plan. He said county records show Ken Ward, or his wife, own the building as of January 2012, though property taxes for the year were paid by his mother, Edie Ward, who sells real estate in Montana. He said Ken Ward, who escaped police custody, is nowhere to be found."So why do they need the owner and escapee fugitive to come up with a joint plan?  Don't even ask.  I assure you it's a pointless exercise.

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a Colorado company recently got the contract to help clean up the WIPP New Mexico nuke waste mishap from a few years ago.At the time i was following enenews because of the fukushima thing, and the impression back then was that the WIPP radiation release was really bad.Now, a few years later I'm questioning the severity of nuke waste risks. Why would anyone WANT a contract to clean up something that is supposed to kill you?Look at Hanford - since the 1980s I kept reading how the leaks into the rivers were severe, etc. and billions given to people to only have the same concerns 30 years later.Fukushima - Tokyo operating business as usual.Hope you're doing well Ms No:) 

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I sometimes wonder that myself.  Nukes are used to prevent rebellion and as a major weapon of intimidation.  All the science is government or government funded.  It would be funny if someday we found out that radiation burns itself out far faster than we have been told.  Nagasaki seems alright.  People say that is because it was a lesser radiation.  Maybe...

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