Russia Blames US For Death Of Top General In Syria

Shortly after Russia disclosed on Sunday that a top Russian military commander, Lieutenant General Valery Asapov - who was serving as one of Russia’s "military advisers" in Syria - was fatally wounded by an exploding shell in a mortar attack by ISIS terrorists, on Monday the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the “two-faced policy” of the United States was to blame for the death of the Russian General in Syria.

“The death of the Russian commander is the price, the bloody price, for two-faced American policy in Syria,” Ryabkov told reporters, according to RIA.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday that Asapov had been killed by Islamic State shelling near Deir al-Zor; his death was revealed around the time Moscow disclosed what it said was photographic evidence showing US special operations located at Islamic State positions in Syria. 

Russia has complained about what it has suggested are "suspiciously friendly ties" between U.S.-backed militias, U.S. special forces, and Islamic State in the area, accusing Washington of trying to slow the advance of the Syrian army.

As a reminder, on Sunday the Russian Ministry of Defense published aerial images which they say show US Army special forces equipment located north of the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor, where IS militants are deployed. The US troops do not face any “resistance from the ISIS militants,” while their positions have no screening patrol, which could indicate that they “feel absolutely safe” in the area, the ministry said. The US Central Command however denied the accusations in a written statement to RT.

“The allegations are false. For operational security, we do not comment on ongoing operations or the current positions of Coalition personnel and our partner forces,” the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve said.

Ryabkov also questioned Washington’s intention to fight Islamic State in Syria.

“The American side declares that it is interested in the elimination of IS ... but some of its actions show it is doing the opposite and that some political and geopolitical goals are more important for Washington,” Ryabkov said according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, in keeping with the growing escalation between Russia and the US over Deir Ezzor, earlier on Monday, American-backed Syrian militias again accused Russian warplanes of striking their positions in the oil-rich province, near a natural gas field they seized from Islamic State last week. Russia denied that.

Despite the growing escalations, the Russian and US militaries maintain “intensive” contacts at different levels, Ryabkov said.


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Sorry HH, I have to disagree.  Just like they ate the downed fighter jet, the Rambo Russian and all the other lives lost -- the Russians will not provoke the United States as long as she can still finance herself with fiat. Once the US' financial system finally fails, well, there is a saying in Germany about the Russians: "They fight better when they're poor."  

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Photo of two #WhiteHelmets at Riad Hijab's apartment in New York. Click on photo to see some interesting details Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s justice minister, said that If Putin wants to survive, he needs to keep his millitary forces out of Syria’.…

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When Napoleon marched upon Russia, the Russian army retreated, retreated, retreated, instead of fighting back.  No one understood it at the time, even good russian peasants thought that their own army was being cowardly.The french army streamed into Moscow in the autumn, still with little resistance.  As they took over the city and began to buiild fortifications and bureaucratic control measures, they began to take stock of the situation.  There was actualy no food in the city.  None.  there was actually no firewood in the city.  It had been removed.  The doctors and hospitals had had time to flee to the countryside.The french met very little gunfire and very few died in battle.  Instead, they found themselves battling starvation, and the bitter cold, and dysentery, and cholera, and syphlis.  And they had nothing to fight back with, nothing at all. Do not for a second think that the Russians do not know exactly what they are doing here.....

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 Is that so?  I remember Stalin cowering in a bunker some 1,000 miles away after Operation Barbarossa, lol.Not sure if this list is accurate/complete (probably not, seems line an anti-Russian site), but a list of the large number of Russian generals killed since 1990 doesn't show any killed in the Chechen theater, which is of course Russia's largest post-USSR conflict.Something doesn't seem right about this.

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Hate to burst your bubble...but that was a Scottish born and raised General working for the Russian Monarchy that planned that bit of strategery. They thought he was nuts so he was sacked due to pallace intrigue...but the iron was already set and they decided to go with the plan since they had no other recorse. They don't have any Scottish generals working for them anymore.  When the Monarchy (Alexander) ruled, a lot of the upper echelon ranks were foreingers.

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Nothing, your general outline is correct, but you are wrong about the lack of fighting. In the Battle of Borodino alone there were approximately 70 - 80,000 casualties."The fighting involved around 250,000 troops and left at least 70,000 casualties, making Borodino the deadliest day of the Napoleonic Wars. the problem the French had in Moscow was that the Russians burnt down their own ancient capital before evacuating, leaving the French exposed and Winter approaching.

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Large convoy of dozens of US supplied ATVs and Humvees arrive in Qamislo, likely ready to be deployed to #Raqqa and #DeirEzzor #Syria Convoy Transporting Military Vehicles & Equipment,For #SDF's Campaign #CizireStorm To Liberate #DeirEzZor #Kalibr cruise missiles demolish #ISIS stronghold near #DeirEzzor #Syria…´s technical, armament, VBIED, etc. destroyed on outskirts of #Deirezzor city, which shows the strong combats 

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There is no Republic of USA. That "Republic" overlaps with the Empire. What we have is a Government of the Banks,by the Banks and for the Banks.Protected by their private army:Pentagram and See Eye Ayy. If you haven't realized this by now,you show strong cognitive dissonance. Look at our government:Goldman boys(bigest thieves) and the Pentagram(biggest murderers),You may not like the truth and choose to ignore it,but this does not change reality.

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Of course there is no Republic - I was being sarcastic.  It was sold out in 1913, but, as long as The Fed was required to have a currency at least partially backed by PM's, the Oligarchy's/Empire's power was substantially limited.  However, when their Deep State prick named Tricky Dicky took us off the gold standard, Lady Liberty was sold as a harem girl to the Saudi's for one petrodollar (system).  Now, she's a toothless whore that, after giving oral to Islam, cries out in an old hag's voice, "DON'T TOUCH SOCIAL SECURITY!"

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