Stunning Photos Of Massive Baltimore Warehouse Fire: Live Feed

Live Feed:

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Baltimore fire crews are struggling to suppress a four-alarm fire at a warehouse in the Fairfield area of South Baltimore. Pictures of the blaze show the 94,000 square-foot building engulfed in flames, sending clouds of thick, dark smoke billowing into the air that were widely visible to the city’s 600,000 residents.

Baltimore Fire Department spokesman Roman Clark said the fire was reported at around 6:45 Monday morning, and that more than 100 firefighters were fighting the blaze at 1030 E. Patapsco Ave. The 94,000-square-foot warehouse contains toys, clothing and packing supplies, though aerial footage showed multiple buildings were on fire. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. No inujuries have been reported, the Baltimore Sun reported.

"This is a very labor-intensive situation we have right now," Clark said.

One Baltimore resident who spoke with the Sun said he was shocked by the giant tufts of smoke, and worried that there could be another incident like an acid leak that prompted a shelter-in-place warning.

Resident Charles Hynes, 55, said he was shocked by the huge plume of smoke coming from the warehouse. He said it's especially concerning coming just a week after an acid leak in a nearby chemical plant prompted a shelter-in-place warning.


"It's just crazy around here. This whole neighborhood is crazy," Hynes said. "There's always something."

Another resident said she found the smoke unnerving.

Lisa Miller works at By Grace Counseling Services, which is also in the 1000 block of Patapsco.


As she drove to work, she said she grew increasingly scared the black smoke was emanating from the substance abuse center.


She said she hopes firefighters get the flames under control soon, as she's still worried about her workplace. She's also concerned about more air pollution after the acid leak incident.


"This area needs a break," said Miller, 40.

Stunning photos of the fire were beginning to emerge:


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Ok, so when does the EPA arrive to measure the emissions impact of this toxic plume? Can't wait to hear how much EPA or NHTSA is going to bring in the court case against the warehouse owner.How does the emissions from this compare with the VW emissions cheating situation? If I had to guess I'd say magnitudes worse based on what they said was in the warehouse and what the plume looks like.GM gets a tiny fine for killing people with bad ignition switches and then lying about it for a decade,VW gets a huge fine, never killed anyone over arbitrary emissions standards set by buffoons from the USG.Warehouse owner will get a big bill (that will likely never be paid or will be from insurance $$) for the fire department response. BTW, looks to me like this warehouse is also running a junk yard or sleazy used car lot based on the vehicles in close proximity and the way they're parked. This was not a high dollar warehouse site, it's on a less than stellar side of town I'd guess.

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Instead of warehouses full of Made-in-China items, maybe, that city needs more factories, employing their massive population of unemployed, idle, young men who have no access to the wide array of womb-based welfare freebies that supplement the incomes of fertile women who work the welfare-reform-required 20 hours/week in a low-wage service sector job.

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zorba THE GREEK Ghost of PartysOver Mon, 09/25/2017 - 10:32 Permalink

Why are all those cars parked right next to the warehouyse? if they belong to the employees, why didn't they move them when the fired started? If a nearby business uses that parking lot, why didn't they come and move their cars. Too many questions and not enough answers. People in Baltimore just must be stupid, otherwise why would they stay in that sh#thole.

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Sigh, I thought the frequently absentee, back-watching mom-worker cliques in insurance back offices and the credit-processing industry had a corner on that type of workplace laxness / laziness. Those are the qualities typically rewarded in America's workplaces, particularly if you participate with enthusiasm in their non-stop workday parties, including Halloween dress-up and other kid-themed, employee-bonding rituals.

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I sort of see what you mean. After all, when AIG's financial wing speculated too much, it played a huge role in the 2008 housing collapse. It was not their life insurance wing, which has a ton of reliable, non-cancelling polices. It was their foray into subprime mortgages.

A lot of money is controlled by insurance companies, though, making their decisions as impactful as the strong arm of the Fed.

From examining the pay-scale and non-existent benefit offerings of most licensed employees in the P&C end of insurance, you would never know how much money they have.

For people with state-required licenses, it is all $10 to $12-per-hour jobs with no benefits or straight-commission pyramid sales jobs and franchise-buying opportunities.

The back-office corporate staff is 99 to 100% momma-dominated. The vast majority of the moms have spousal income, a child support check that covers rent or monthly welfare and child taxfare credits up to $6,269, making $9 -- $11 per hour pay and part-time hours acceptable.

Many non-licensed mommas are hired in the sales support roles, and when they are at work instead of absentee for kids, the back-watching mom-clique workers do everything but sign the policies in many cases. In large-scale P&C call centers, whole buildings are often 99% unlicensed mom workers with a couple of licensed signers.

They offer a ton of temp jobs--a revolving door of low-paying temp opportunities. It will only get worse as automation keeps wiping out the need for processing work. That is why the mom workers are allowed to be absentee so much: Computer programs do more of their work.

Whether the labor cost savings from automation will be passed on to policyholders or added onto the $300-million-per-year salaries of CEOs remains to be seen.

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