Maduro To Generals: Prepare For War With "Criminal Empire" US

After barely managing to scrape together the nearly $200 million needed to make a bond payment earlier this month (the country made the payment a week late), Embattled Venezeulan President Nicolas Maduro is refocusing his attention on the US, warning military leaders Tuesday to begin preparing for war with the US. Maduro's call to arms comes after the US has repeatedly tightened sanctions against Maduro's regime and the country's state-run oil company; earlier this week, the Trump administration blocked Venezeulan officials from entering the US as part of the White House's new “targeted” travel ban. Trump has also repeatedly threatened a military intervention if Maduro doesn't leave voluntarily.

Maduro is probably still brooding over Trump’s call for the world community to help restore “democracy and political freedoms” to Venezeula by ousting Maduro (to which Maduro reportedly responded in typical leftist fashion by comparing Trump to Hitler).  Trump made those remarks last week during his first address to the UN General Assembly. Earlier this year, Trump said he wouldn't rule out a military option for dealing with Venezuela, adding that the US has an obligation to take of the country because it's "our neighbor."

Maduro said Trump’s threats were the reason for him ordering the military to be on alert.

"We have been shamelessly threatened by the most criminal empire that ever existed and we have the obligation to prepare ourselves to guarantee peace," said Maduro, who wore a green uniform and a military hat as he spoke with his army top brass during a military exercise involving tanks and missiles. "We need to have rifles, missiles and well-oiled tanks at the defend every inch of the territory if needs be," he added.

Over the summer, the US announced sanctions to prevent PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-owed oil company, from issuing new debt (sanctions that conveniently avoided existing bonds held by Goldman Sachs), while also preventing Citgo, the US subsidiary of PDVSA, from repatriating dividends. The US has also passed sanctions against many top Venezuelan officials. Tensions between Maduro and Trump started escalating shortly after Trump’s inauguration, when the US blacklisted Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami for drug trafficking.

Maduro referenced the sanctions during his speech at the military base. As he spoke, Russian military planes flew in the sky as part of the training exercise, according to Newsweek.

"The future of humanity cannot be the world of illegal sanctions, of economic persecution," Maduro said.

Of course, Maduro doesn't have the manpower to stand up to the US’s much-larger military. The embattled leader has managed to cling to power in Venezuela despite mounting political and economic crises that have inspired months of deadly anti-government demonstrations in the streets of the capital, Caracas and many other cities around the country.

As Newsweek reports, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino has backed Maduro through the unrest, but Reuters reported back in August that there may be growing support for a military-backed coup against Maduro, whose approval rating remains at all-time lows, even as he has succeeded in consolidating power and marginalizing his opposition.

The country has managed to avoid financial calamity with the help of Russia and China. However, Newsweek reports that China is beginning to limit its exposure to Venezuela amid the mounting political unrest.


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We have all these more or less useless heads of state talking shit about each other these days. Yes, I include trump in this. He hasn't done a fucking thing thats worth a shit since he's been in office. All they seem to do is screw over the people they are supposed to be helping, while talking shit about each other incessantly. Insulting each other over how bad they suck when, to be perfectly honest, its usually the pot calling the kettle black. Lets just round them all up, put them in a cage, throw in a few gladitorial weapons, and let them go at it. This way they can't hurt others with their stupidity, just themselves. Call it a reverse hunger game. World leaders taking jabs at each other is like watching a couple tards argue over who is the smartest perosn in special ed. Even if one sucks slightly less than the other, they all suck Its tiresome. And each year they seem to get worse.

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"Criminal Empire" US You know when you just have to agree with something or another a complete asswipe says? I hate when that happens.

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Putin might be offended if the USA jeopardizes Rosneft's recent agreement to advance Venezuela gold (received from oil exports to China yuan/gold) in payment for PDVSA's heavy crude, which is subsequently blended (thinned/desulfurized) to meet sweet oil pricing stds.maybe Maduro's feeling a little more emboldened knowing Putin and by extension, Xi, kinda got his back.the question... is Trump playing checkers or chess? he's in the big boy game now. hope he's got the good sense to just chill and start minding our own business. it ain't like we don't have any problems. at the rate we're going, we're right behind them.jeeeezzzz Trump. how many wars do you think we need to fill yours and your buddies' pockets? pipelines, oil, metals... whatever they want at any price. severely disappointed...

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giovanni_f BeanusCountus Thu, 09/28/2017 - 03:58 Permalink

No. The majority of Venezuelans were treated like human garbage by the US affiliated aristocracy for decades. They know what would await them when the so-called Socialists would have to surrender the play ground to the neoliberal 0.1%. That is why there will be no lasting regime change in South America in general, despite some occasional  "wins" by the hit men from the north.Apart from that, it is the business of the Venezuelans. And other than with Ukraine, there are no Nazis to mobilize in significant quantity.#monroedoctrineisdead

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OverTheHedge GUS100CORRINA Thu, 09/28/2017 - 02:51 Permalink

It is a sad indictment of American culture that it is seen as a perfectly normal, and sensible thing, to go to a foreign country and kill lots of people, for their own benefit.Mind you, as the US has been doing exactly that for as long as all Americans have been alive, and they have all been told, for all of their lives, that this is a GOOD thing, you could hardly expect otherwise.(BTW, just in case you didn't know, it is NOT a good thing)

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uhland62 The_Juggernaut Wed, 09/27/2017 - 23:05 Permalink

It is about the prohibition of a state owned oil company. I have no idea what lead to the nationalization in 1976, yes, 41 years ago, but that is the crucial thing (as it was with Iraq and Libya).Profits are for corporate entities, not governments, who use them for benefits of the population. You sanction them so that they stop making profits and when they still do not obey you destroy. Simple, ideology must be followed, Wall Street demands obedience.  

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MEFOBILLS The Wizard Thu, 09/28/2017 - 02:59 Permalink

That's right.  The bonds must be paid, never mind if they are paid two or three times their face value.  Or, the country then takes an economic hit via exchange rates.  Any country that has oil is going to be under economic attack.I'm surprised that ZH denizens, who come to an economic blog, continue with the big lie about how "socialism" ruined Venezuala.  Alaska redistributes economic gains of oil extraction to its citizens.  Oil, under the soil, is part of the commons.  Maybe, Russia's Yukos should have remained in Oligarchy hands, so the the tribe could have taken rents forever?

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General Jack D. Ripper: Your Commie has no regard for human life, not even his own. And for this reason, men, I want to impress upon you the need for extreme watchfulness. The enemy may come individually, or he may come in strength. He may even come in the uniform of our own troops. But however he comes, we must stop him. We must not allow him to gain entrance to this base. Now, I'm going to give you THREE SIMPLE rules: First, trust NO one, whatever his uniform or rank, unless he is known to you personally; Second, anyone or anything that approaches within 200 yards of the perimeter is to be FIRED UPON; Third, if in doubt, shoot first then ask questions afterward. I would sooner accept a few casualties through accidents rather losing the entire base and its personnel through carelessness. Any variation of these rules must come from me personally. Any variation on these rules must come from me personally. Now, men, in conclusion, I would like to say that, in the two years it has been my privilege to be your commanding officer, I have always expected the best from you, and you have never given me anything less than that. Today, the nation is counting on us. We're not going to let them down. Good luck to you all.

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The economics of Venezuela would probably be fine if they weren't tanpered with by the evil USA.  At least we could see the effects of their 'economics' in a clear light if the tamperers were gotten rid of.This guy and Evo Morales are two shining lights in South America.Their God bless them both.May those in the USA who cannot stop meddling and assasinating be crucified - sooner please God. 

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Frightening the populace with tales of evil foreigners only works when the people aren't dying of starvation they know is caused by thieving Chavistas, and the populace doesn't have scads of friends and relatives living in the land of the evil foreigners.

not dead yet Pernicious Gol… Thu, 09/28/2017 - 04:55 Permalink

Lots of stories of starving Venezuelan's but how come no one sees them. Or reporters that go into the stores, with video cameras and post videos, where the shelves are full except for things like toilet paper and diapers. If food is in short supply how come the restaurants are doing fine. Polls have shown Maduro has huge support of the lower classes while the upper classes and the rich are the ones in the streets. There are claims that many of the deaths are the protestors shooting their own to blame it on the government.

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Wilcox1 Wed, 09/27/2017 - 22:49 Permalink

Generals to maduro, " Sorry, bud, we're down here takin' advantage of the socialist bonanza at th brothels. We will get wit ya when our hard currency is all dried up."

Justin Case Wilcox1 Thu, 09/28/2017 - 01:49 Permalink

socialism isn't the problem, just look at Norway, trillion dollar national fund, but they too are finding the cffers going down. A lot of poverty had been eradicated in Venezuela. merica is still pissed that the oil corporations were nationalized and this is the punishment for that. Merica has it's socialist programs as well and you can check on how many billions are spent on them. Not with any surplus balance, all deficit spending, so , how are you better off? B/C you can print confetti?

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OverTheHedge Justin Case Thu, 09/28/2017 - 03:02 Permalink

Before Chavez took over, the country was strip-mined by the west with no consideration whatsoever for the indigenous people. Same in Cuba. The communists won support, because the people were starving, disenfranchised and miserable, and treated like slaves. Not much has changed, but life was much much better for a while, until the west managed to destroy their economy, admittedly with a bit of help from the inside.Why would any Venezuelan trust anyone from the west? They already have first hand knowledge of what will come of them.Or put it another way, the happy, comfortable consumer lifestyle of the west is built on the pain and misery of the rest of the world. We did this, and the consequences are entirely predictable, and we ought to take some responsibility. Instead of slavering to kill yet more South Americans, how about working to stabilize and rebuild their economies? Because they can't be broken up and sold off for pennies if we did that, that's why.And you lot want to kill them all, as well as utterly destroy any hope they might have of a future.

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If Venezuela wasn't socialist there wouldn't be the ignorant comments about socialism destroyed the country. The current crisis is the rich VS the poor. It was low oil prices and mismangement that haven't helped. Chavez spent loads of money on the welfare and education of the poor which the US has been against in the countries south of it's borders. If the US believed it's own bullshit about the Monroe Doctrine those countries down there would be educated and properous instead of a bunch of illterate poor working for slave wages for muti nationals or headed to the US to supply cheap labor for the rich. Remember Smedly Butler and War is a Racket where he did his dirty work in that area. The US has attacked or overthrown governments in 3rd world countries that ELECTED socialist governments. Guatemala, Iran, Honduras, El Salvador, Chile, AFGHANISTAN. Yep Afghanistan where the US created Al Qaeda to overthrow the ELECTED socialist government. How's that worked out? Yet plenty of people think it's different this time and blame it on socialism even though the US has supported coups in Venezuela and created unrest with NED and sanctioning the crap out of them claiming they are a "danger to US security." Recently Trumps CIA director admitted the CIA is active in Venezuela. Chavez's biggest sin was being pals with Cuba which put him high on the US shitlist. In the socialist governments the US deposes, or tries too, it's about putting the rich landowners back in charge which explains Cuba as the rich fled to the US and have had the clout to punish Cuba for over 50 years in the hope of returning to their past glory. The US supported the invasion of Rwanda by the rich that were exiled which led to the genocide with the current leader commiting his own genocide but gets invited to White House dinners. After the Korean war the Koreans were setting up their own democracy when the US turned up and shit canned the effort and brought in the butcher Rhee and rehabilitated the rich land owners and divided the country. Venezuela is also on the US hit list because China and Russia have invested there. Awhile back there were scare headlines of China and Russia owning pieces of the country and oil company if Venezuela defaulted on the debt. One could make the case that everywhere the US is playing the despot bully it's to target Russian and Chinese influence or investments.

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BitchesBetterR… Wed, 09/27/2017 - 22:51 Permalink

Once a country commits the horrendous crime of "trading Oil without the Dollah", there is certainty of being attacked & invaded with impunity - specially if your country has the largest deposits of Oil in the world.....Neighbors have been warned (i.e Pence & Netanyahu visiting Colombia, Ecuador & Brasil) military bases are set, and the GO word will be said within a couple months.