Who's Really Trying To Overthrow Mohammed Bin Salman?

Authored by Andrew Karybko via Oriental Review,

Saudi Arabia arrested between 16-30 people in a broad crackdown across the Kingdom.

According to reports, this is different than the many other times that it happened because the latest incident includes a wide variety of seemingly disparate individuals such as clerics, a journalist, and even a prince, and comes amid a flurry of speculation that King Salman is considering abdicating in favor of the young Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Critics claim that this is being undertaken in order for Salman’s successor to preemptively consolidate power in staving off any unrest that might result from his possibly imminent ascent to the throne, while the government says that it was actually dismantling a foreign intelligence network linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Houthis.

Riyadh’s assertions are a thinly veiled euphemism to suggest that Qatar and Iran are behind this shadowy regime change plot, but it’s very unlikely that either of them is involved, and Riyadh may have just said they were in order to diplomatically deflect attention from the true culprit.

Here’s why.

Iran and Qatar are close with Russia and China, and the latter two Great Powers are actually enjoying a renaissance of relations with Saudi Arabia right now.

While one might expect this to make Tehran and Doha jealous, the opposite is true – Moscow and Beijing’s developing high-level strategic partnerships with Riyadh are designed to bring balance to the Mideast by weaning the Kingdom away from Washington and slowly but surely integrating it into the emerging Multipolar World Order, which will never be perfect or without friction, but is still a step in the right direction. In order to appreciate what’s happening, one needs to be reminded of a few things that have happened this past year when it comes to Saudi Arabia’s relations with Russia and China.

Concerning Moscow, Riyadh agreed to an historic OPEC output deal with Russia last year and renewed it a few months ago after it expired.

The Saudis are also cooperating with the Russians in encouraging Syria’s so-called “opposition” to merge into a unified entity for facilitating peace talks with Damascus. Foreign Minister Lavrov was just in the Kingdom last week, and King Salman is expected to visit Moscow sometime next month.

As for China, Beijing signed a total of over $110 billion of deals with Saudi Arabia in the past six months alone in an effort to assist the Crown Prince’s ambitious Vision 2030 program of economic modernization. It’s that initiative more so than anything else which holds the danger of inadvertently destabilizing the country’s internal affairs because of the opposition that it’s come under from some of Saudi Arabia’s many radical clerics who are against the social consequences of its reforms.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s worthwhile to revisit the question of who has an interest in destabilizing Saudi Arabia right at the moment that it’s turning away from the US and towards Russia and China, timing their subversive efforts to coincide with a prolonged leadership change and an economic transition.

By all indicators, those aren’t the hallmarks of an Iranian or Qatari operation, but the red flag for an American one.


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Russian Interview with Saudi prince.https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201710021057855693-prince-turki-fais… to get in the Russian orbit, but is insane about Syria's President Assad. Blames all half million dead Syrians on Assad?!?! I think the Saudis can claim responsibility for a large chunk.Jim Willie says Yemen is about Saudi oil depletion. Yemen has untapped fields.

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Back in 2002 during the run up to the Iraq fiasco. Two KSA princes died in a short span, one, 44, of a heart attack, and the other died of dehydration when his Mercedes (Michael Hastings' vehicle) broke down in the middle of the desert.

Around the same time the newly elected President of Turkey announced that the USA would not be able to use Turkey to launch attacks on Iraq. He resigned from the Presidency right after that and also announced he was leaving politics forever.

Interesting times.

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And that's why Americans get their butts kicked all over the world.

No knowledge of the history and culture of other people. Just arrogantly jump in without any thought. Fight multiple battles & wars till exhausted and puzzled as to what you're doing & why you even went in there to begin with.

And some generals are even too stupid to be puzzled. It takes a certain amount of thought effort to be puzzled. With great 'certainty' and zero thought, they keep doubling down on failed policies and strategies.

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And since Saudi and Qatar finance Wahhabi ISIS headchoppers in Syria,and Russia and Syria are allies because Syrian banks moneylaunder forthe Russians around the US sanctions, then the obvious psyop ploy is to write that the "Americans are trying to overthrow Saudi", which is totallyabsurd, ...Trump and Kushner were just over there selling them $112 Bworth of US arms. This is a Russia psyop effort. US:ISIS :: KSA:QTR.And One Goldman:Pentagon Luciferian Satanist Trump to rule them all.

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Has anybody, who talks about these matters ever set his foot on Saudi Arabia. I sincerely doubt, it isn´t so. Are their toothfairies still plotting each others like from time immemorial.

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Yes, there's no solid evidence that unrest in Saudi and talk of a plot to overthrow MBS is being orchestrated by the US. Nevertheless it has a certain logic to it.MBS is in the process of improving relations with Russia & China including facing reality on the ground in Syria that Saudi's funding of terrorism has failed. All of this is enough to sound alarm bells in Washingtown who have themselves been humiliated in Syria. From a Washingtown viewpoint it must look like Saudi is slowly edging away from Washingtown's orbit and towards Russia/China.That provides the rationale for US to overthrow MBS by funding unrest among the clerics who themselves are peeved at MBS's progressive plans for Saudi.Personally, I'd cut thru all of this intrigue and smoke and mirrors and send in the heavy hardware to blitzkrieg the whole of Saudi to destroy it. The world would be a better place without Wahhibism and crypto jews.

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Putin is gaining 'leverage' with the KSA - primarily (I would say) to stop the slaughter of the Yemeni's !!Russia have already succeeded with Qatar !! Who would want to be part of a dying FUCKING empire ???? 

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Sand dindu's fighting for control of the oil spigot as it runs dry. What else is new. All that money spent on all of those desert rats and the end result will be near zero.

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If there's ANY overthowing going on ANYWHERE, there's only two countries it can beone starts with a "U" and the other starts with an "I" and theyboth contain an "S"

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What indicators? You have stated nothing, except a belief that any time something happens that might have a benefit to the US, must be a CIA operation.
First, I could only wish that the CIA was actually that good. It is not.
Secondly, all you have shown in the article is a bias against the US, not that the US is trying to conduct a coup.

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Saudi Arabia is a CIA country nowA puppet of USAA dog that is made to bark & bite at brother muuslimsDivide & ruleWest exploiting shia-sunni divisionso destroying bothbut foolish saudis dont seem to understandbtw they have little oil leftso for them the only option left is to make warand grab other's landsInvestors , dont invest in Saudi entitiesu r gonna go broke