Fu@K THe EU...


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North American Union? With Amerro as Currency?

Who get's South America, if USA gets Central America down to Panama?

Monroe Doctrine is still in Effect, so USA with it's big Budget then assumes an EU Style Union to manage all of the Americas with hands off policy on Caribbean Islands claimed by European States.

Globalism by any other name.

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Father ¢hristmas williambanzai7 Mon, 10/02/2017 - 12:22 Permalink

Donald is plotting with Rajoy to bail out Spanish and Italian banks by offering them low interest loans in the form of a new gold-backed cryptocurrency called the Goldmen Sacks Coin, issued and administered by the incoming new Fed chair, Ron Paul, and approved by incoming new Treasury Secy, Paul Craig Roberts.It is a major plank in Donald's 4,876-dimensional Vulcan chess strategy against the Deep State.Bonus Lightning Round: Former P2 grandmaster Licio Gelli brainstormed the concept of the "Deep State" as a tongue in cheek wink and nod to the fact that illuminated central bankers were so deep up the asses of peasants, they were practically tickling their prostates.This is a fact.  Those were facts that I just typed.

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Oh God WB, I flashed on Guernica as I looked at that work.The outrage so many of us felt looking at the vids of the gubernmint goons stealing ballot boxes and bloodying up old ladies. The Rajoy regime has zero legitimacy as of Sunday sundown, and those so-called Spanish 'police' sent in to stop the vote should be ashamed of themselfs, but they probably are not. Good little thugs.Rajoy actually said it was the voters who were making an assualt on democracy, buy, you know, voting. And it didn't count because the turnout was low, especially since we stole 700,000 ballots.George Orwell would be proud = his cautionary tale has become an instruction manual.Bravo WB.

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let's recap:Rajoy is the leader of the majority in the elected parliament of Spain, a sovereign nation (state) with a constitutionRajoy is executing on his political views: that Catalonia is not independent, and cannot have a referendum on independenceRajoy is executing on those views... with quite a lot of support among Spaniards. oh, and there is also a verdict on the whole by the Spanish Constitutional CourtRajoy, btw, is a conservative. his party is on the Right of the Spanish political spectrum. the "Nationalists", in this case the Spanish Nationalists (while in conflict - with no dead, so far, thankfully - with the Catalan Nationalists)this picture puts Rajoy on a Nazi cross, with "EU" bands on itno. I don't see Rajoy "deserving" that Nazi symbolno. I don't see what that "EU" thing has to do with all this. it's completely irrelevant in this story

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Do you have no shame? Did you see the pictures and videos of armed goons attacking elderly people who were not breaking any laws? I'm guessing that you also will not agree with assange's point regarding Article 7 whereunder any country that uses its military (or in this case militarised police) against its own people can be suspended from membership?

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Assange tries to make the point that the military was used against the populationnope. the "Guardia Civil" is a police force, not a military one. Art. 7 does not applymy point was that Nazi cross is unwarranted. my other point was that the EU has nothing to do with ityour point seems to be that whenever somebody does something you don't like, then he is a Nazi and the EU is involved, or something?I thought that this kind of calls like "Do you have no shame?" are met, nowadays, with calls of "Virtue Signalling"? mehI fail to see where I was condoning any violence in all this- I am just questioning the validity of depicting Rajoy as a Nazi in the picture- further, I am asking what the whole "EU" part has to do with the storybut I see you project a lot of additional content in my words. trying to distract? or what is it?

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Another shameless comment. When a Police force acts in the same way that a military would act, it amounts to the same thing. The actual point of Article 7 was to condemn and punish the conduct of violence on its own people by the State. Isn't that what happened in Barcelona? To invoke a "technicality" to absolve the Spanish State of any responsibility is at best heartless.

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philipat, you have clearly never even read Art.7. nor Art. 2 where you find the values on which Art. 7 is basedthe court that decided that this referendum is unconstitutional and illegal, is... the highest court of Spainand... nobody doubted it's independence from the government. do you?what is the quip about such things? "barracks lawyer"?in other words: do you have qualms about the Spanish Constitutional Court? specifically, how it is selected? if yes, state them hereif not... on what would you hang those claims about Art. 7?"When a Police force acts in the same way that a military would act..."NO, A POLICEMAN HITTING ANYBODY WITH A BATON IS NOT SOMETHING I "LIKE" IN ANY WAYBUT... IT'S CALLED POLICE "work" OR "action" NEVERTHELESSA SOLDIER... IS SOMETHING ELSE. HE HITS YOU WITH HIS RIFLE OR SHOOTSagain: policeman = baton; soldier = rifleNOT THE "SAME THING". you are a weasel and a liar

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there are several police units throughout europe that are a bit of boththe question, here, is still... are they acting like police or like soldiers?a soldier is armed. with a rifle that shoots high-velocity bullets that KILLthe Spanish policeman in riot gear has a baton. a kind of stick. no bullets that KILLwe witnessed through picture what batons do. whatever you want to call it... it was police, not army

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Oh, OK so everything is fine then? As usual, you are trying to obfuscate the core issue. WHich is: Is it acceptable in a "democtratic" EU that a member State should deploy violence against it own people in an attempt to prevent them from expressing their wish for self-determination?".You clearly believe that so long as the violence is "constitutional" the answer is yes. That being the case, without applying and moral or humanitarian values should, therefore, go on the record as defining the EU. And I note that you have still not, in any of your posts, condemned the violence. Also so noted for the record.

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Let's recap:The world watched innocent voters and bystanders be repeatedly assaulted and detained by black clad storm troopers who attacked even small children and old ladies alike. This was accompanies by wilful destruction and theft of property: all these crimes are what we the taxpayer pays our forces to protect us from.ANY possible support for Spain has now disapeared and most now view it as a fascist state oppressing the Catalans.  Rajoy has earned his Nazi credentials by his fascist attack on innocents due to their differing political views: he is the textbook definition of a brutal fascist.The EU 'thing' is that the EU Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty guarantees that the EU citizens are protected from exactly this hostile state terrorism.

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bingo! excellent answerby your logic, every time a state police breaks up a demonstration... -> Fascism, hence "Nazis!"and since every state police happens to break up a demonstration, from time to time, particularly those that were not allowed by a court... every state on this planet is Fascist, hence "Nazis!"the main "EU thing" is that the constitution of the members of the EU is above everything else. the Spanish constitution, in this casebut hey, we just found out that the state is fascist per definition, didn't we?that's the funniest thing about anarchists, for me. they call everything "state" Nazis... and often disregard real Nazis among them. yes, read a few of the comments, in this neighbourhoodmeh

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I would agree with you, if wasn't done through the EU political sun glasses.Do you think they would break up a demonstration, supporting the illegal refugees?. Why was it in Germany, when over a thousand women were mauled and raped at new years, it was covered up. The police offered the women no help, even stood around at the time it was happening. It was only when the story broke much later on social media, they could no longer deny it happened. The EU needs to end, and anyone supporting it, should be exposed for what they are. 

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"Do you think they would break up a demonstration...?"on this planet, there are states. some of them break up all demonstrations, period. some others break up demonstrations when ordered by a court. usually because they were not properly filed/requested, or for whatever other reasonyes, there were some demonstrations for refugees that were broken up, in Germany. the point is not what you are demonstrating for or against, but some simple things like A) Constitution; B) the Law; C) the functions of the police on the spot, i.e. "Order"(but who am I "kidding"? you throw in completely unrelated stuff, and a "EU" in it, again, just for the lulz)

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Who demonstrated? These were citizens attempting to vote. That is it. There was no good reason to beat them up or shoot at them unless you were trying to intimidate.

This will backfire big time. I did not see any major politician condemn this. If this had been Little Rocketman we know what the reaction would have been.

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yes, they were attempting to vote in a referendum... which the Spanish Constitutional Court has called illegalnow, in which country can you arrange a referendum outside of the "proper channels"? when a court, or the highest court, has specifically denied it's execution? there is nonethat's why I am calling that a demonstration. because by calling it this way, at least some other rules in favour of the whole thing apply, like the "right to demonstrate", which, again, in no country on this planet is "whenever and whatever", there are always lawful restrictions, starting with... courts and constitutions

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None the less, there are still some in the USA, even after the War Between the States, who believe "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right ofthe People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."I know, it's not your covenant, but it is that of all who desire to go their own way.Of course the status quo will beat women and children, it's all they know how to do when threatened.I don't know if that is "fascist", more like cornered rats.

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Redneck Makin-tosh Ghordius Mon, 10/02/2017 - 07:08 Permalink

Rajoy is clearly an idiot but he does not appear to have the grace to step down. Ergo he is aggravating the situation. Ergo he desrves the symbol,In consideration of the European citizenship conferred upon the Catalan by the Lisbon treaty, the EU has everything to do with this.Currently the silence from EU is as deafening as it has been for the gullible Scots - thus begging the qui bono question of the pretendy constitution. 

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Rajoy fucked up politically. He could have dealt with this entirely differently, not only in recent days but also in the runup to it during the last years. As PM he is responsible for his government's actions, including the police forces under his ministries.Constitutions? YU had a constitution. In the end it meant little. The ICJ Kosovo ambigious ruling let the genie out of the bottle because it meant that anybody can test the constitution and proclaim independence.As for William. Well, that is political satire. You can agree with it or not but that is what people like him do.

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1 rajoy is the leader of a minority govt. It survives day to day with coalitions and compromises. 2 Not engaging in dialogue and compromises with Catalonia is a long tradion with the central Spanish govt, which this meathead that is rajoy continues. Probably not of his own volition, because...3 Anyone who doesnt think this has to do with the EU and global corporate financial capitalism is an idiot.

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But, But... maybe the USA would like to have Referendums on

- Foreign Policy
- Military Actions further than missile range from USA
- Foreign Wars
- Presidential War Powers Act
- Spending $1 Trillion Annually on MIC, VA, State, DHS, Foreign Assistance
- Central Bank Policies, Economic Constructs like GDP, Unemployment, Inflation, Money Velocity, Trade Policy, Balance of Trade, and continuation of Federal Reserve

Not having Referendums is pretty heavy handed. Perhaps the USA learned this trick from Spain or Fascist Italy.

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Spanish fascism is alive and well inside the evil EUSSR. Meanwhile lame duck STASI "Erika" Merkill trying to cobble a rag tag government of globalists together has nothing to say about the resurgence of Franco style fascism. It is obvious that democracy is dead in Urupp and that EuroPeons are going to be feeling the stomping of jackboots more and more as the collapse aprroaches.   God bless Catalonia and her people. The Franco fascist sewer that is modern Spain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXrYBUAcYUo

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This is pretty simple, State police beating peaceful granny’s is a fucking outrage.

And the Euro canards who say this is just an internal affair are fucking hypocrites. But we all know that.

Ghordius williambanzai7 Mon, 10/02/2017 - 07:43 Permalink

yes, it is a fucking outragebut you are not making the case/picture of a policeman spraying pepper on peaceful demonstrators or beating a peaceful granny, with your pictureyou directly imply that what that policeman did... makes Rajoy a Nazi. directly, through the whole chain of commanddid you call/paint the governor of any US State or the police chief of anywhere a Nazi when that policeman was spraying pepper? nope, you focused on someone that did the deed, in the context of something else. Rajoy... well, he seems to be something else, for youfine"this is just an internal affair". ok, let's go back in history. what happened last time? it was not taken as a "internal affair"both fascists and socialists from the whole globe took part to that war. including Guernicawas that better? how so?things are "hot" enough, in Catalonia. outsiders like you starting to depict a government head a Nazi because of one or several policemen's deeds... meh

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philipat williambanzai7 Mon, 10/02/2017 - 08:18 Permalink

William, the regular posters here know GhordEUs very well. He is a Brussels EuroPrat and constantly shills for the EU, this disgraceful dialogue being just the latest example. As you know, democracy is not something which the EU respects and the universal principle of "The right of self-determination" by the people is foreign to the EU.Fuck the EU and Viva Barcelona. I also have many friends in Barcelona and it is one of my favourite European cities. Such a shame that the people of Barcelona have to go through all this BS and violence.

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"democracy is not something which the EU respects and the universal principle of "The right of self-determination" by the people is foreign to the EU."This is so true it bears repeating:"democracy is not something which the EU respects and the universal principle of "The right of self-determination" by the people is foreign to the EU."

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