Ron Paul: "What Did Washington Achieve In Its Six Year War On Syria?"

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Now that the defeat of ISIS in Syria appears imminent, with the Syrian army clearing out some of the last ISIS strongholds in the east, Washington’s interventionists are searching for new excuses to maintain the illegal US military presence in the country.

Their original rationale for intervention has long been exposed as another lie.

Remember that President Obama initially involved the US military in Iraq and Syria to “prevent genocide” of the Yazidis and promised the operation would not drift into US “boots on the ground.” That was three years ago and the US military became steadily more involved while Congress continued to dodge its Constitutional obligations. The US even built military bases in Syria despite having no permission to do so! Imagine if Syria started building military bases here in the US against our wishes.

After six years of war the Syrian government has nearly defeated ISIS and al-Qaeda and the US-backed “moderates” turned out to be either Islamist extremists or Kurdish soldiers for hire. According to a recent report, the US has shipped two billion dollars worth of weapons to fighters in Syria via eastern Europe. Much of these weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS directly, or indirectly through “moderates” taking their weapons with them while joining ISIS or al-Qaeda.

“Assad must go,” proclaimed President Obama back in 2011, as he claimed that the Syrian leader was committing genocide against his own people and that regime change was the only way to save Syrians. Then earlier this year, when eastern Aleppo was about to be liberated by the Syrian government, the neocons warned that Assad would move in and kill all the inhabitants. They warned that the population of eastern Aleppo would flee from the Syrian army. But something very different happened. According to the UN’s International Organization for Migration, 600,000 refugees returned to Syria by August. Half of the returnees went back to Aleppo, where we were told Assad was waiting to kill them.

What happened? The neocons and “humanitarian interventionists” lied. Just as they lied about Libya, Iraq, and so on.

While it was mostly ignored by the mainstream media, just this week a Christian was elected speaker of the Syrian parliament. The new speaker is a 58-year-old Orthodox Christian law graduate and member of President Assad's Baath party.

How many Christians does our “ally” Saudi Arabia have in its parliament? Oh I forgot, Saudi Arabia has no elected parliament.

Why does it seem that US policy in the Middle East always hurts Christians the most? In Iraq, Christians suffered disproportionately from the 2003 US invasion. In fact there are hardly any Christians left. Why aren’t more US Christian groups demanding that the US get out of the Middle East?

The US is not about to leave on its own. With ISIS all but defeated in Syria, many in Washington are calling for the US military to continue its illegal occupation of parts of the country to protect against Iranian influence! Of course before the US military actions in Iraq and Syria there was far less Iranian influence in the region! So US foreign interventionism is producing new problems that can only be solved by more US interventionism?

The military industrial complex could not have dreamed of a better scheme to rob the American people while enriching themselves!

What have we achieved in Syria? Nothing good.


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The last rebel group in Colombia just started the first cease fire in 50 years.There are no wars in Latin America.No wars in EuropeNo wars in Asia 'proper'.None in....AFRICA!!!  Peace deals in Mali, Nigeria, Congo, etc.  Sudan.Only the rapidly winding down ISIS mop-up, and Afghanistan.  That's all that's left.We have, ladies and gentlemen, something new on our hands.....WORLD PEACENo one wants to talk about it.  No one is able to deal with it (i.e. take advantage of it).We The People need to shout it from the rooftops and the soapboxes and the printing presses.It's our best (last?) chance at stopping this corrupt, evil madness and getting back to a rational, free, peaceful planet.…  Imagine this chart as the ISIS conflict ends.  We're talking 90% reduction in war deaths relative to the average since WWII The only more important issue is Western elite corruption. Trump/populism = doubled economic growth and world peace. Let's keep it that way.

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Washington destroyed a lot of the country and its infrastructure (it used to be modern, and tolerant of others), laid a bunch of "depleted" uranium in the soil, stole a lot of oil, advanced the zionist agenda, displaced a bunch of people and made a lot of elitists (more) rich ... and probably corrupted a crop of new souls for Satan.

What do you mean they did not accomplish a lot?

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Amazing.Most of us can find the logic, but not the Americans.Your border is, well your border! Stay on YOUR side of the fence and all is good.If you want to cross, bring holiday mind and cash, but leave your tanks on YOUR side of the border.This way we can all live in peace, and you will find out the rest of the world might even grow to like you~!

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I know. The american people are normally decent human beings. And I think most other people do know that as well. And that is the problem, because it allows the truly sick at heart to elbow themselves into positions of authority and power.So you have this huge number of sociopaths running your police force, army and big industrial suppliers.That is your, and our, problem!

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This "huge number of sociopaths" has been cultivated and encouraged by a relatively small number of psychopaths and nazis who gained control after WWII at the latest.  "The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government" by David Talbot details the role of Allen Dulles and the CIA in creating a secret shadow government which has grown to be ubiquitous in the US and western world's judicial, government, media and law enforcement communities.We are beyond fucked if we cannot root out this secret power structure. 

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Psychopathy has been quite normalized and worhsiped in the USSA:that's why you have so much constant irrational (self-harming) competition going on all the time against everyone. Psychos are all about competition and money/power. I 've had a few experiences with American friends where I wanted them involved in my business (to help them) I explained them the ropes (they pretedned to be very grateful) then they disappeared and later I realized they stole my ideas, once even my domain name etc. It happened many times especially with Millenials. I think this kind of backstabbing is considered quite acceptible here. Things like this create even more distrust and bad faith in an already irrepairably fructured society beyond any ability to self-repair. Psychopaths have managed to persuade Anglosheeple to worship them, to kiss their ass and to copy them. It's very hard to find real friends in the USSA - there are so many psychoapths/users/fakes all over the place. Officially LA, London and NYC are world's capitals of psychoapthy according to a few best books on the subject I have read. Submissive, very easy to bribe, cheap, Anglosheeple are the biggest problem - being very slavish but backstabbing - instead of fighting psychopaths in power - they are copying them. Anglosheeple are their own worst enemies. That's why things are deteriorating daily - it's a very sick society we live in which has lost its ability to self-repair long time ago. A Dark Age of meaningful social interaction (luckily it has not spread to other cultures - it's mostly an Anglosheeple disease - you have to believe money is more important than anything else to catch this sickness)We'll be very lucky if we don't have a viloent civil war soon-ish

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They're going like gangbusters economically but suffere from the Islamic cancer.  They just voted for more of the latter so the shelf life of the German miracle is only a few more years.When I was in college in the '60s it never would have occurred to me that Europe would choose self destruction but it has.  Western Civ classes implied obscurantism and feudal elite exploitation was behind us and ahead lay only a bright, shining path to greater rationality, liberty and technical achievement. That first one didn't materialize so now it's a giant step back to primitivism. Now Africans attack trucks in France headed to England and squeeze into the back, and the police do bugger all.  Bantustan on the Thames here we come.

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What did Washington achieve?  Exactly what they wanted to achieve.  A lot of money went from the taxpayer out to big government sycophants and the rich warmongers who support them. When you understand that's been the goal of the war on terror all along you see how successful they've been. 

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That's a part of it.  The animus towards Russia falls in the same category as profit center. However, it's been neither a WoT nor a genuine hatred of Russia.  It's been about taking down Iraq.  You know, the country that had nothing to do with 9/11 except in the most remote and inconsequential way.  A home for Carlos and an Iraqi meeting with one of the terrorists (?) in Prague, was it? And certain Russian Jews came out of the U.S.S.R. in later years with their own hatred of that country but they seem to have easily shifted their animus to Russia.There are still Jews who hate Russia for abuses in the 19th century. (Ergo, the U.S. is a nation of immigrants and must provide a home to all "refugees," job seekers, and welfare parasites.)Then there was the Axis of Evil, two of which countries just happened to be countries on Israel's shift list. Saudi Arabia was clearly implicated in 9/11 and the spreading of terror generally, esp. in Syria but it instantly became like the alien in the movie "Predator," invisible to mortal eyes. Back to the M.E. duo. N.K. was just a diversion from the two real targets.I mean, when I think about it nothing about our fear and hatred of Iraq or Russia makes sense except that it's a fulfullment of some neocon dream.  The same with Syria now.  Absolutely no threat to or enemy of the U.S. but feared by Israel who is determined to have another neighbor neutralized.  Next Iran and Hezbollah.

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Why does it seem that US policy in the Middle East always hurts Christians the most? Because US foreign policy is designed by the israel-first neocons for the direct benefit of israel, not the US.If you aren't naming the traitorous jews that have infiltrated and control our government and foreign policy, you might as well STFU because you are either living in deep denial or are completely disingenuous.America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars

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Big money was made by American offense contractors, who in turn use the money to lobby American politicians, who then provide more contracts, who then provide more money to the politicians etc. etc. That's what was accomplished.

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Ron Paul like Ralph Nader has never been in it for himself.If you can't see that.. well there 300+ congressmen you can look up to as they do eveything for money at the expenses of the 95% (people)Sick country.Peace most in the USA aren't bad just do what the propaganda make them feel good doing.If you get a chance watch the The Vietnam War I must admit changed my views.... softened me on why some of the wrongs happened. Peace

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He demonstrated with every vote how a logical interpretation of the Constitution works.  He walked the walk on constutionalism and put the rest of the whores and false oath swearers to shame, if such a thing is possible.  You can't do much more than constantly drive the intellectual point home when you're a minority of one.You should be so lucky to have the respect that Paul has today for his principled stands.

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The muderous excursions executed by the U.S. in Ukraine and Syria and all of MENA have educated a lot of Americans to the treachery of the M.I.C (Military Industrial Complex) and its grip on the CONgress Critters.  It really has left them speachless in defense of their actions.   Many Americans still wish to ignore the subject but more have also now gained awareness.   Its still an uphill road but the coming devaluations and loss of the Reserve Currency will eventually erode our ability to prosecute infinite wars.   Sooner the better.    Bring back sound money and the war mongering of our country gets a lot tougher.  

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All the goals and objectives were met: Burn down the Midle East to "secure the realm for Israel" (as in Operation Clean Break) and give the US control over the  Eurasian "world island" by control of the Mediterraen littoral:As Brzezinski puts it in "Grand Chessboard" “Eurasia is the globe’s largest continent and is geopolitically axial. A power that dominates Asia would dominate two of the three most advanced and economically productive regions. A mere glance at the map also suggests that control over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa’s subordination…About 75 percent of the world’s people live in Eurasia and most of the world’s wealth is there as well…Eurasia accounts for about three-fourths of the world’s energy resources.” Destroying any and all sovereign governments was considered imperative to securing US control of the Eurasian "world-island" ... and that has been achieved... forcing large chunks of the population to emigrate to Europe in the process.