Germany's East Is Shrinking

According to forecasts from the 'Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln', Germany's population is going to increase to 83.1 million by 2035.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, the main reason for this is the record number of immigrants and asylum seekers which arrived in the country in 2015.

Infographic: Germany's East is Shrinking | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

While the overall trend is upward, seven of the country's sixteen federal states will see net decreases - primarily in the former German Democratic Republic (aka East Germany).

The largest decrease is expected in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, where a 10.6 percent fall is forecast.


Haus-Targaryen Greenspazm Fri, 10/06/2017 - 05:02 Permalink

Sure.  If you want to start small manufacturing businesses, there are literally *LOADS* of culturally protected "denkmalgeschützt" former factories, barns, warehouses, etc., etc., with 500 square meters + for next to nothing there as well.Income vs cost of living is something lost on most Germans, and its something I cannot understand.  

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SoDamnMad Haus-Targaryen Fri, 10/06/2017 - 06:13 Permalink

A year after "the wall came down" and Germany merged into one countryy, I was fortunate to be flown into the former E Germany to inspect a factory our comapny was interested in buying. First was to fly over where I had been stationed in the Fulda Gap to be a speed bump in stopping the Warsaw Pact forces and cross the former border and see the huge difference in landscape.  The next was to land in a spartan airport and be taxiied out to the factory by their hired car. Good was the countryside beautiful.  The factory had top of the line equipment though management sucked. We bought the place and I almost got a 2 year assignment there until a Brit lobbied for the job and got it.

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Der Libertäre Haus-Targaryen Fri, 10/06/2017 - 06:23 Permalink

 You are mistaken my friend insofar as the East of Germany is not east enough. I always said, if I live in G - I live in the eastern part. But that was years ago and today it is not about west or east of Germany anymore - it is west or east of Europe. I have a place in Hungary as a refugium in case my expectations for West Europe will come true. Let me tell you MANY Germans, Austrians and Dutch are living here or have a summer-house, which is ready to live in permanently. If I go out and talk to those who come now, it is 90% migration and crime and 10% cheaper living. There is an exodus of whites to Hungary and to my great surprise, it is not the retired couple with small money anymore - it is the couple who sold their house for half a million and paid here less than 80k. Rest is pocket money. Grüße aus Ungarn!

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Golden Showers Fri, 10/06/2017 - 03:06 Permalink

Is Poland getting bigger?Bigger and bigger? East Germany is collapsing like a lung.Remember Oprah's diet plans? Germany reminds me of the Oprah. All it's purple shit.I blame Scientology.Anyway, it's about time Germany lost some fucking weight. I'd say about 6 million Muslim fake ass rejects would be a good diet plan for starters.Then you have intestinal worms. Or it's the same thing.Let's ask Merkel. That commie bitch loves this shit. Seeing her own people get raped and stuffed and its all good.If Germany really wanted to lose weight, they'd hang the bitch and go back to being European.This is not an issue.

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These figures don't say much, since it's common knowledge that East Germans are housing less muzzies and young people have long moved westwards. It only gives a pretext for TPTB to cart more cult following space invaders there. Nothing new but nonetheless frightening!

Ghordius Fri, 10/06/2017 - 03:57 Permalink

and... another statistical failure

if this map was showing areas divided in urban vs rural, you would see better what is really happening

do you see Berlin? it's tiny on this map, isn't it? but way more dense. +14% there is a whole lot of people

the same in let's say Hessen. if the map was done for that state alone, you woul see a lot of red among the rural territories and the dark blue spots of the cities, where...

... the jobs are

Haus-Targaryen Ghordius Fri, 10/06/2017 - 04:35 Permalink

Correct.  The Frankfurt/Offenbach/Hanau/Wiesbaden/Darmstadt area is simply exploding whereas the rest of the state is "emptying out" and quickly.  Sad, the Hessische culture is slowly being exterminated and replaced with either as form of Sharia or high finance. Want Appelwei und Grüne Soße?  Odds are it arrives at the restaurant in a can made by Muhammad, Muhammad and their three cousins Muhammad, Muhammad and Muhammad in Offenbach. "Authentic" in this part of Germany is a joke.  

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Ghordius Haus-Targaryen Fri, 10/06/2017 - 04:48 Permalink

and Frankfurt is doing it's best to attract more high finance from London. meaning more English speaking finance guys, more international schools (mainly or only in English)

in your case, it will be ineresting if you will be in a dilemma, eventually: send your kids in a "proper" Geman school or in an "international" one, an offshoot/branch of a prestigious London school, pehaps, giving your kids more (and more global) options for their lives

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Haus-Targaryen Ghordius Fri, 10/06/2017 - 05:01 Permalink

Given the hold many Gutmenschen have on the German public school systems, especially when the government has a Green or Red faction in it -- private schools are definitely in my child's future. Did you know in Berlin they did away with Hauptschülen, as they were failing in massive numbers, due to large groups of people inable to speak the language?  So they wrapped Hauptschülen und Realschülen into a sincle "ISS" Integrated School, so as to help assist in integrating immigrants into German society.  What happens?  ISS schools start failing in huge numbers. I imagine it'll only be a matter of time before they get rid of the Gymnasium and roll them all into one to help people integrate, or some other bullshit. The Germans really do have a cultural death-wish.  Its sad to observe from the "outside".

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Greenspazm Ghordius Fri, 10/06/2017 - 04:40 Permalink

You dismiss these data out of hand. The information is valid as far as it goes. Effects on infrastructure (e.g. housing) are more likely to be correlated with percentage changes than absolute changes in population. Urban vs rural may be an ancillary factor, but there are still more jobs and job growth in Baden Wuerttemberg (tech sector) than Saxony Anhalt.

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Ghordius Greenspazm Fri, 10/06/2017 - 04:59 Permalink

did I?

(ZH is so funny, at times. above, you'll find a comment that starts with a way more dismissive (imho) "These statistics are simply not true.". I'll take it as a compliment)

I agree with your point insofar that the map is political, i.e. per States, and this is the key argument for your view, imo. some States are way more attractive for new biz then others. but... new biz nevertheless settles in urban, not rural areas


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Haus-Targaryen Ghordius Fri, 10/06/2017 - 05:15 Permalink

Which is, in my opinion, often odd. It would seem for small business, whose costs are tied to their location but due to the internet and DHL can compete world-wide would be attracted to lower-cost jurisdictions to start operations. Why lease 2,000 square meters in the Munich area for €10.000 a month, when you can BUY 2,000 square memters in Ludwigslust for 25.000€?? It makes, in my opinion, no sense. 

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Ghordius Haus-Targaryen Fri, 10/06/2017 - 06:12 Permalink

small business is my world, the water I swim in
my view, from my experience: people, people, people
(compare with RE: location, location, location)
you can offer me splendid locations, I still need qualified workers, dependable deliverers/services, approachable political wonks because they are usually deluded, and so on, and I need them there
people. the smaller the biz, the more it is all about people

last year, I was looking at Goerlitz as a location. my partners found/insisted on a Polish city that was better, for us

now they taunt me, jokingly, that I wanted to push an AfD "nest of vipers" on them. and I keep my mouth shut

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Sandmann Haus-Targaryen Fri, 10/06/2017 - 09:21 Permalink

Yes since 2004 it has rebuilt the bridges across the Neisse blown by the Wehrmacht in May 1945. A surprising number of Poles work and live in Goerlitz, others pop across the bridge. You should see how many Poles there are in Bautzen too. Then there are the Czechs who have moved across. People voted AfD in Goerlitz for a reason, perhaps you should find out what it was ?

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Sandmann Haus-Targaryen Fri, 10/06/2017 - 07:12 Permalink

Yes it is better to build a giant warehouse in Bad Hersfeld like Amazon or in Erfurt - but if you want to have real business with educated people you have no hope. If you can generate more money in Munich and go bust in Ludwigslust you reflect reality.DHL can compete worldwide ? Well FedEx has no depots in GDR.    Go see how many Karstadt there are.Try fly to London from GDR.....either Berlin or Frankfurt other airport. Try travel from Carl Zeiss Jena to London or New York..........take a 3 hour train trip to Berlin or FrankfurtWant to drive.... try the A4 full of Polish trucks and the congestion and roadworksCheaper to be in Czech than GDR

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Haus-Targaryen Sandmann Fri, 10/06/2017 - 07:38 Permalink

At the above three posts: Correct, in a sense.  But then at the same time,  I have a hard time understanding the complaints about the cost of living.  It seems like the same people that would have a much higher quality of life in a place like Görlitz, Ludwigslust, Anklam, Greiz, Straulsund, etc., etc., are the same people that bitch and moan about the high cost of living. If a small businss was to relocate to a place such as the above, pay their people the same ... fixed costs come down and the employee's quality of life goes up. Also, LuLu is less than a 45 minute train ride to HH Hbf. Its basically a part of the HH metropolitian area now, as you can get from LuLu there faster than you can from Rosenheim to Dachau or Ketzin to Strausberg. For some strange reason, you Germans would rather pay €1m for a house that costs 200€k to save 20 minutes a day.  Then same group of people complain about housing prices. 

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Sandmann Haus-Targaryen Fri, 10/06/2017 - 07:43 Permalink

You are off the wall. Have you been to Goerlitz ? You are so theoretical you must be a banker. Why haven't you moved to Bautzen ? Why don't you try Erfurt or Bitterfeld ? You could create a new Apple if you set up I am sure. Why are you still an employee ? Surely you should be living in somewhere like Suhl or Eisenach and building a new global corporation, you seem to know how easy that is

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Haus-Targaryen Sandmann Fri, 10/06/2017 - 07:55 Permalink

Let's see, places I've been to and visited of which I speak in the past twelve months:Erfurt, check ... Görlitz, check ... LuLu, check ... Anklam, check ... Straulsund, checkSee, if I approach these places and drop the "OMG I have to be within walking distance to the bars and the clubs" and the "I have to be close to the Opera and theatre for the one time I go per year" then these places have basically everything one could want/need to live a comfy as fuck life. I work in high finance and am currently in the process of moving East.  Tell me, when was the last time YOU were in Erfurt, Görlitz, LuLu, Anklam or Straulsund?  Go back to your 750,000€ nachkriegs Reihenmittelhaus right next to your neighbor with his six wives and keep telling yourself how great you have it. That Baugrundstück at the end of the block, yeah that's going to get turned into a Mosque.  But hey -- you are close to the theatre and can lease a new BMW every third year.  BTW ... thanks for the free highways. ;) 

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what exactly in my words hint to what you are assuming they are?of course they commute. from a "rural" area using existing infrastructure to an "urban" area, every morningand? they are integral part of a city neverthelessyes, your "There is nowhere to go in Thuringen or Sachsen-Anhalt" is correctyou are rightand what is missing, there? a city. like Berlin, like Frankfurt. that is what makes those places "nowhere to go"that "nowhere" is the spot where a dense city ought to be... but it is not

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