Operation 'Moron Overboard' Begins

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

War, children,
It’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away
— You Know Who

Grinning like Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, the Golden Golem of Greatness pronounced this interval of fine fall weather “the calm before the storm.”

Hmmmm. Talk about cryptic.

This was less than a week after he verbally smacked down Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for “wasting his time” trying to diplomatically reach “Little Rocket Man… “ whereby Rex riposted, calling the President a “moron.”

Ordinarily — say, during the past 220-odd years of this nation’s existence - talk like that would prompt a resignation (though, there are no other instances of talk like that).

Tillerson must think that for the good of the country he can’t resign, and God knows what kind of desperate notes are being swapped around between the State Department and the Pentagon.

Where, of course, dwell the generals, lovingly referred to by the president as “my generals,” as if they came out of a trunk full of tin soldiers in the White House play-room. A lot to chew on there. For instance, perhaps the generals have been waiting more than a half century for a good excuse to light up some really odious adversary, just to see how well our serious ordnance works. Or maybe not. Maybe they are all extraordinarily temperate and judicious fellows, averse to apocalyptic violence. Or maybe they are panting to be let off the leash by POTUS… or maybe they want to leash and muzzle the president… and perhaps stuff him into a pet carrier and drown him in the Potomac. For the moment, it’s fun to ruminate on these things, the possibilities are so rich.

But then, we’re told that this is the calm before the storm.

As it happens, just this morning the National Hurricane Center has a storm called “Nate” aimed squarely into New Orleans, ETA Sunday. Now that would be an event the USA does not need, considering how things have gone weather-wise this year. Stand by for developments.

But I doubt the president was referring to that the other day. We are entering a slot of time where an awful lot of things might go wrong.

What gets me is seeing the stock markets make new record highs every other day, whether Puerto Rico is destroyed overnight or hundreds of people are shot in a Las Vegas parking lot - and notwithstanding the overall phony-baloney condition of the American economy, with half of the flyover population in an opiate daze, and chain-stores shuttering to the tune of 10,000 this year, and car leases expiring into a car market dependent on liar loans bundled into janky securities, and the debt problem festering away like a something dead under the floor boards.

Some kind of financial accident with a this-sucker-is-going-down flavor feels like it’s waiting to happen. I don’t think Trump was referring to that either, but what if it came down around the same moment that we decided to light up North Korea? Or, alternately, if Rex Tillerson, Mike Pence, and a score of other senior politicos decide that its time for Trump to go? The president is looking mighty friendless these days, and more than a little reckless. I mean, for the good of the country, ladies and gentlemen, what are they waiting for?

Will his generals defend him? Nah. Fuggedabowdit. I wonder what the code-name for their action will be. Operation Moron Overboard? The whole spectacle is starting to look like a Coen Brothers movie. When the time comes, I hope they will make the documentary about these strange days of October, 2017.


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Article is bullshit. WTF does a shooting or puerto rico have to do with the stock market. Answer: nothing.

Makes perfect sense that the market would ignore it. I do realize a lot of gold/bitcoin losers here would love to see a crash. Sorry, these are completely unrelated news events.

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I think "Operation Moron" is more appropriately a description of press coverage of the Las Vegas massacre.  The MSM has been constantly repeating bogus information as real facts. Go no further than the news articles concerning Stephen Paddock that incredibly state that a person allegedly gambling tens of thousands a dollar a day on video poker can break even after you factor in the comps the casino gives you.  In the long run, no one breaks even on video poker or slot machines.  There’s a saying about casino hotels, “you get the room for free but buy the hotel.”  Or words to that effect.  The people who operate gambling casinos are the lowest of the low; they give away nothing for free. So, you have the MSM peddling a story implying that Paddock lived off his winnings from gambling at casinos.  His life story for the past 30 years looks like a CIA-created “legend.”  Paddock seemingly never played at table games like baccarat, blackjack, pai gow or hold’em poker.  Table games require your physical presence while playing poker machines, all you need is a player’s casino card, which anyone can use.    Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, seems to have functioned as his “beard.”  If this attack was a CIA project, there was a lot of long-term planning.  Paddock hooked up with Danley in 2013, he moved to Mesquite, Nevada in 2014 and when the project went into the final phase, he sent her off to the Philippines three weeks ago.  The question remains, where did Paddock get the money to carry on his high stakes gambling after his move to Nevada?  He sure didn’t make it from his winnings at the casinos.  It would be a simple matter for the FBI to pull up the casino tax forms for Paddock, showing his gambling activity and losses or earnings over the past five years.  At his level of play, he would have burned through tens of thousands of dollars per year over the past three years.  Yet, total silence from the agents at the FBI, guys who think Comey is still in charge.  What other income did Paddock have?  No pensions, he never worked long enough at a job.  In this case of mass murder, no one in government wants to follow the money.  Because, of course, all trails lead to Langley, Virginia.       

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The upper floors of Mandalay Bay are owned by Mohammed Bin Salman Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia we could be looking at a joint venture with our patsy a gun runner to domestic terrorists for the fbi-cia or who ever the only thing though I can definately glean is that we are being bullshitted...again

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Agree, he was either a light-weight weapons dealer or bait for a sting operation. I will wager he was shot first and whoever killed him sprayed the crowd and walked out. It did not have to be Langley, it may have been a foreign or domestic contractor who figured out that it was a trap and decided to send a message to whoever was monitoring that room.

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Yes, check this guys take out.  It is extremely plausible.  It also would make sense regarding the time line.  If indeed the shooting stopped approximately 10 minutes in and the locals didn't enter the room until an hour later.  Possibly, the FBI had to clean up a mess and stage the room.  Just a theory but I think one can definitely say it didn't go down the way the MSM is trying to sell it!
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I wish some enterprising persons would make use of YouTube censorship and offer to mirror all the censored sites. Suppose you could put in a search on Duckduckgo giving as the terms the YouTube URL plus the word 'mirror' and get a list of the mirroring links as a one-item answer. People who think their posting might attract YouTube censorship could register the URL at a YouTube Mirror registry, and soon viewers might seek to avoid giving business to Google and opt for YouTube mirrors by default. 

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No dude.  Even in your scenario it would include Langley.  If anybody even thought they were getting out of there after firing for ten minutes from high on the building they would have a major op going on and control of most of the hotel via plain clothes agents and the entire hotel likely friendly.  What were they going to do repel down and jump in the sewer.  Every cop in town and fifteen thousand people had their attention on that spot.  You don't get past the intelligence of the biggest empire on earth, in the belly of the beast, unless they want you to, not with something this big.This is Jihadi John box cutter magic carpet shit.

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Our Family went to Vegas when the kids were in their teens,The eldest asked the question about a neon sign which said Slots pay 97%-my answer was that for every $100 put in over time the player gets back $97.My daughter, before she was was in college, and earned an undergrad engineering degree and a law degree, asked simply:why do people do that knowing  they will lose money?the only answer was that some people think they can defy the odds.

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I took my kids to the race track and said you each have $20 to bet however you choose and I explained how the odds worked. The 2 oldest got totally into picking their horses and yelling like crazy during the race till they lost all their money. The youngest said, can I just keep the money and not bet? I said absolutely. So he went home with $20 that he spent later on comic books.It is not always about defying the odds, for casual gamblers it is about having a good time.

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Ain't this something?https://ledgergazette.com/2017/09/24/mgm-resorts-international-mgm-ceo-…MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM) CEO James Murren sold 294,150 shares of the stock in a transaction on Friday, September 8th. The shares were sold at an average price of $34.08, for a total transaction of $10,024,632.00. Following the transaction, the chief executive officer now directly owns 71,442 shares in the company, valued at $2,434,743.36

  • On Thursday, September 7th, James Murren sold 259,760 shares of MGM Resorts International stock. The stock was sold at an average price of $34.19, for a total transaction of $8,881,194.40. 
  • On Wednesday, August 9th, James Murren sold 57,269 shares of MGM Resorts International stock. The shares were sold at an average price of $31.54, for a total transaction of $1,806,264.26
  • On Monday, July 31st, James Murren sold 57,269 shares of MGM Resorts International stock. The shares were sold at an average price of $33.05, for a total transaction of $1,892,740.45.

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 What was that Trump was saying about this time last year?Flood the Swamp?Make Asia Glow Again?Lock her him [Assange] up?We're going to get so tired of whining?Repeal and replace...the Second Amendment?

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yer timing is off.  the 'moron' statement was in June/July.  The 'don't waste yer time' was last weekend. Trump's determined to get top ratings. Too bad we all have to suffer for his stupidity and psychopathy.

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Didn't everyone involved in this story say this did not happen? Hey NBC, who said what when - Was it Tiller direct. We know there is no journalist integrity but can we at least have facts or truth. Who said what when. Why is you story true when everyone else says it's a lie.

I bet it was Tillerson himself but right now you are the liar until you prove truth.

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Millions of Americans in the USA have lost pensions and pension funding since 1980s...

And inflation makes social security ineffective and less important to keep around

- Where is the media on this? Or is it a conspiracy?

Monthly Treasury Report 30 Sep 2002, shows Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation under Department of Labor

2016 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation outlays = $6.2 Billion ($6 Billion plus paid out annually since 2010 for pension shortfalls)
2001 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation outlays = $1.4 Billion





Jeff Reeves editor InvestorPlace.com. ( @JeffReevesIP )
Ed Bartholomew consultant pension financial management ( @e_bartholomew )
Jeremy Gold Society of Actuaries / American Academy of Actuaries ( @jeremygold )