Are Russia And China Right On North Korea?

Authored by Matthew Jamison via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

With the nuclear standoff between North Korea and the United States having heated up significantly over the summer, it has been the Governments of Russia and China who have sought to be the responsible, mature and wise international parties at the United Nations and throughout the international community.

It has been the brilliant diplomacy of Moscow and Beijing who have been the voices urging restraint, calm and dialogue unlike the insaneridiculous and totally counter-productive rhetoric of the American President Donald Trump and the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

The leaders of Russia and China must be given a strong round of applause for trying to avert a nuclear holocaust on the Korean peninsula whilst upholding international law, attempting to avoid a nuclear war and advocating for multi-party dialogue with the resumption of the 6 Party Talks {which have been in abeyance since 2009} and a cooling off period on the Korean peninsula with the suspension of the US-South Korea military exercises. This is the right policy going forward for the welfare, safety and security of the Korean peninsula as well as regional and international peace and stability. The wrong course of action and the wrong policies of handling North Korea and the Kim Jong Un regime have been consistently followed by the Trump administration and its allies on the UN Security Council. 

The American policy of constantly aggravating North Korea with US-South Korea joint military exercises designed to unsettle, disturb and provoke the North is counter-productive and has only increased tensions and the possibility of all out war in Korea which would be a complete disaster and must not be allowed to happen. The American policy of deploying THAAD has also been like a red rag to a bull in North Korea and again only adds to increasing tensions ans the likelihood of armed conflict. While Russia and China have been working with great effort to calm the situation down with the restoration of dialogue, cooperation and stability it has been unfortunately the Governments of the United States and to a certain degree President Trump's ally in British "prime" minister Theresa May who have actually in reality been increasing tensions, escalating the situation, antagonising the North Koreans and not helping to decrease tensions and deescalate the situation. 

To be clear North Korea is also completely in the wrong and it is the prime actor that must stop its nuclear tests and enter into talks. Yet it is very difficult for the North to enter into the 6 Party Talks when the United States will not countenance such talks. One could also mount an argument that the only reason the North Korean regime is behaving this way and seeking nuclear weapons is to preserve its own security as it in all likelihood feels extremely threatened especially in light of what happened with regards to Iraq during 2002-2003 and beyond and Libya after 2003.

The rhetoric of the Trump administration whether it be from the President himself or his Defence Secretary Mattis or UN Ambassador Haley has not been helpful and has been full of hyperbole, no doubt sabre rattling, but still it simply inflames and escalates an already difficult, tense and fragile international and regional security and humanitarian headache.

Imagine if the situation where reversed and it was Mexico on the United States' southern border acting in this way. Do you really think the American Government would want to deal with the fall out on its own door step of a nuclear obliterated Mexico and the tremendous ecological, environmental and human damage that would create. I doubt it very much that the United States would take the same approach to such a situation if the rogue party playing up was right on its own southern border. 

With regards to the role that the United Kingdom Government is playing, hopefully, it is a constructive role with the aim to help reduce tensions and deescalate the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula not increase and exacerbate what is already a very delicate situation. Time alone will tell if the current British "prime" minister Theresa May is fully committed to such a course and is actually exerting (what little influence and leverage) she may have over her new found best friend from January President Trump. Mrs. May made great hay out of her early visit to hold hands with Donald Trump a week after he was sworn in. Let the international community see now the Anglo-American "special relationship" in action with the UK prime minister persuading the American President to change tack.


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@auricle. Agreed. If NK is completely wrong, then so was USA when first exploiting the science. And the others that followed. The West's hypocrisy must drive others mad. USA gives nukes to anyone it fancies. Germany, Belgium, Nederlands, Italy & Turkey all have nukes under their national command. Because they are USA/NATO allies. But let's see the fuss if China or Russia dished them out to their allies.…

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It is obvious that something has to be done. This situation cannot continue for too long. Early or later a fighting will breakout by either an accident and/or by a miscalculation with absolutely unpredictable consequences.Unfortunately, the USA has no credible foreign policy and/or rational and capable leadership. Furthermore, the USA is in a state of national political, cultural, and economic chaos. Consequently, the USA is not ready to a serious international confrontation and/or a war. 

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Trump's only asset is his own reputation for being juvenile, unpredictable, out of control, and possibly crazy.  If he can use that (even by accident) to propel forward a diplomatic process involving other countries, that's great !!  The best possible outcome for the American people would be to have the problem solved by someone else, with no expense or blame coming our way.  If that is the outcome of Trump's policy (or behavior, or whatever you want to call it), it would represent a rare foreign policy success.  (All you guys carping about it is part of the process, so carry on.  Give Putin and Kim nobel prizes.  Whatever.)It's better to be lucky than good.

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So, at what point do we confront this guy?  Do we really think this guy will agree to outside inspections? We need to finish the Korean War. The situation will never improve if we draw this out 

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I'm sure the UN would have passed it's strongest actions against North Korea regardless of Trump's belicose attitudes and the same for China's strongest sanctions ever even though they resisted vigorously.Yes Trump has made a terrible mistake. Obama's conciliatory tact was far more successful. Truly. North Korea would have NEVER developed minaturized nukes, hydrogen bombs or ICBMs if not for Trump's belicose manner. God damn us for training for the North's promised invasion, and god damn us for installing a missile defense system to protect the norks neighbors from their missiles....another CLEAR provocation.If we could just give them adequate cooling down period to finalize their nuclear armed ICBMs and maybe get in a few more practice runs, we could FINALLY have a "lasting peace".Trust me. I know. I watch CNN and thoroughly read this article.

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...come on peeps, what are the vested interests?...oil?...gas?...pipelines?...undeveloped mineral reserves?...strategic location?...rebuild country through contracts(aid) issued to the usual suspects?...perpetuation of the military status quo?...its so f*ucking obvious that morals nor survival strategy by NK have anything to do with anything...we live in a shit world full of shit actors playing on the same shitty stage...nothings going to change so I guess we suck it up and move along...

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If that is what it takes to prevent war, then YES.Whens the last time we ever talked our way out of a war. The only wars prevented were those we indicated we were willing to fight. Did we talk our way out of a Soviet war? No. Reagan made sure they believed we WOULD go to war if pressed.How did Kennedy overt a war? By blockading Cuba and letting the world know we WOULD go to war. If Obama was President then, Cuba would be a nuclear power today.

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Actually Kennedy avoided war by speaking to the Soviets on back channels and agreeing to take US Jupiter nuclear missiles out of Turkey, as the main concession for the Soviets taking their missiles out of Cuba. Apparently the missiles in Turkey were not militarily useful, but the Soviets wanted something in return in any case.The "we will not invade Cuba in return for you the Soviets taking missiles out of Cuba" was simply PR for the masses to cover the real deal about the Turkey missiles, which was secret in the West for decades."The Cuban Missile Crisis Myth You Probably Believe""On October 27, after much deliberation between the Soviet Union and Kennedy's cabinet, Kennedy secretly agreed to remove all missiles set in Turkey and possibly southern Italy, the former on the border of the Soviet Union, in exchange for Khrushchev removing all missiles in Cuba. There is some dispute as to whether removing the missiles from Italy was part of the secret agreement. Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that it was, and when the crisis had ended McNamara gave the order to dismantle the missiles in both Italy and Turkey." 

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Kennedy Lo-fucking-L,

That the Cuban crisis did not go hot is thanks to this man...…

The decision not to start world war three was not taken in the Kremlin or the White House, but in the sweltering control room of a submarine. The launch of the B-59's nuclear torpedo required the consent of all three senior officers aboard. Arkhipov was alone in refusing permission. It is certain that Arkhipov's reputation was a key factor in the control room debate. The previous year the young officer had exposed himself to severe radiation in order to save a submarine with an overheating reactor. That radiation dose eventually contributed to his death in 1998. So when we raise our glasses on 27 October we can only toast his memory. Thank you, Vasya.

You truly an idiot, though, in fairness you're not alone, the majority of Americans are Sub IQ monkeys with zero knowledge of history.

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It's not only the low-IQ idiots here that are the problem. Even otherwise intelligent people have been so completely brainwashed that they foam at the mouth at the mention of North Korea or Iran. Many who pride themselves in seeing through the MSM lies are still completely controlled by the MSM mythology regarding those two countries.Pindostan has become a free-range mental asylum and its "leaders" would rather see all of humanity wiped out than risk losing face.

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Talking to North Korea is a waste of time. It's what they want to make themselves feel important.  It has never done any good in the past.The USA should just stop talking about this and go silent. (Especially Pres Trump) 

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Actually, at least up to now, I heard the missiles didn't technically didn't fly over anyone's territory.

That by the time they were over Japan they were high enough to be in outer space which is no one's territory.

And then just landed in the middle of the ocean where everyone's legally free to go.

That's why Japan says the missiles flew over their "area" and not through their arial "territory".

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Kim has said repeatedly he won't fire first. And he won't. He's not suicidal, he wants to live forever and screws young korean girls forever.China has said if he does they will side with us.Your statement only shows that you are completely ignorant of the players in this conflict. Completely.

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President Trump is telling the Norks to put up or shut the fuck upChina & Russia are propping up YET ANOTHER dangerous tyrannical dictator.....this time, one armed with nukes. Nice job you failed miserable second rate countries. China you were made in the USA, you can be smelted & recast. Nice job filling this world with communist inspired wars for the last 100 years.

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