Trump to Expedite the Death of Obamacare; Healthcare Stocks Clown-Punch Lower

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Over the weekend it was announced that President Trump was going to ditch restrictions that banned people from buying health instance across state lines. For the love of God, he's going to allow competition and not force you to buy from your state monopoly. While this might sound wonderful, it will expedite the death of Obamacare -- which is probably the gameplay here. Trump can't get his way, so he's gonna burrrrn the whole kit and caboodle down. Source: Washington Examiner

The plans offered by associations would be less expensive because they wouldn't have the same requirements as Obamacare coverage. For instance, they wouldn't be required to cover customers with pre-existing illnesses and could either deny coverage or charge these customers more. They also would not be required to provide coverage for a range of medical care, from addiction to maternity services. Insurers would be likely to sell coverage from a state with the fewest restrictions, which is why its supporters bill it as a move that would allow a long-stated conservative goal to sell health insurance across state lines.   Association health plans used to be more common before Obamacare, which placed restrictions on their use.   Lifting these protections would offer less comprehensive coverage, but would also make health plans less expensive. Critics worry that they set people up for "junk insurance" and would further destabilize the Obamacare exchanges, which already are plagued with mass exits by insurers and double-digit premium hikes. The move, critics say, could result in an even sicker population on the exchanges while healthier customers are picked off into the association health plans.   Still, the proposal is popular with conservatives. Middle class customers who don't receive subsidies under Obamacare are facing the prospect of buying more expensive coverage in 2018 through Obamacare's exchanges, and could avail themselves of the option. Through a short-term health insurance option, they face similar coverage as those sold on association health plans.   The increases these customers face come as a result of lack of profitability in the markets as well as vast uncertainty over what the Republican-controlled Congress and the Trump administration would do about the law as they sought for months to repeal or overhaul portions of it.

  A backdoor way of totally destroying Obamacare and there is nothing anyone can do about it -- chaos theory. Healthcarefags, BTFO. ESRX -5%, ABC -3%, CYH -6%, THC -5%, LPNT -3%, CVS -3%, DVA -8.5%, AAC -5.5%, ACHC -4%. The only outlier: HIIQ.

Health Insurance Innovations: Trump rollback benefits HIIQ -- Canaccord Genuity (18.05 +1.15) Canaccord notes that in light of WSJ reports that President Trump intends to roll back certain health insurance regulations concerning short-term medical insurance, which should have a direct benefit to Tampa-based Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ), firm feels, "This should be positive for HIIQ: Even though 2Q'17 was still a strong quarter, we believe results would have been even better (specifically at Agile) if the Obama policy did not go into effect; thus, we believe the reversal of the three-month limitation rule will be positive for growth at Agile in addition to providing a greater sense of legitimacy for STM insurance, especially in light of the recent negative sentiment generated by the various short reports. Furthermore, we would point out that a main driver of the stock's performance since Trump won the election was the potential for him to de-regulate the insurance industry and reverse the three-month limitation; thus, it is encouraging to see this play out."


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Ok I'll comment. How does full tilt takedown for 8 years create justice. Scrap everything and bring on socialism? Give me a break. You really want that? It's the stuff of useful idiots and no solution.
Edit: oh I'm feeling the bern!

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Arrow4Truth AgAuSkeptic Mon, 10/09/2017 - 19:20 Permalink

Right on. Any reference to "healthcare" pisses me off. I am responsible for my health... no one else, and if I for whatever reason do see a medical professional, he works for me. Fuck doctor's "orders". I don't take orders from one in my employ. The topic is not about healthcare, it's about the insurance scam for medical services. It's not fucking healthcare... it's insurance coverage for medical services, period. It's about the "policy." Clearly commerce.  

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Trump could have done this sooner if he was serious about reducing costs.  My nuts are in a vise and I don't a policy that pays to put my tits into the same vice

factorypreset iadr Mon, 10/09/2017 - 17:31 Permalink

If you like your pre-existing terminal cancer you can keep your pre-existing terminal cancer since pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered - makes the whole dying thing a lot more efficient. Gee I guess the insurance companies didn't lobby for that at all - I'm sure Trump only had the little guy in mind with this move... 

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Hey asshole - if you work for a company that provides health insurance your pre-existing conditions are covered and always have been.  Before Obamacare that was the huge majority of workers.  Since Obama pushed insurance prices sky high by telling insurance companies not to worry about their profits - the taxpayers would supplement them no matter how inefficient or corrupt - more companies had to drop insurance for employees.Obama and the left want you dependent and enslaved just like the ghetto plantations in the cities.  Didn't you learn anything from Charlie Gard....or Puerto Rico?

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Hey asshole - maybe you should learn to read:"The plans offered by associations would be less expensive because they wouldn't have the same requirements as Obamacare coverage. For instance, they wouldn't be required to cover customers with pre-existing illnesses and could either deny coverage or charge these customers more. " So I guess you trust the insurance companies to do the right thing?  I'm no fan of govt intervention but neither  am I a fan of corporations distorting the so called free market - and call me skeptical but I won't be surprised if the little guy takes it up the ass with this plan too.   

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Yeah well they need to narrow down their definition of pre-existing conditions.  My pre-Obama health insurance (single, female, self-employed) was around $130 a month, greatly because I take care of myself.  Now, with socialist O-asshole care it jumped to over 400 a month and I dropped it.  Now i am without health coverage and pay the IRS a penalty at the end of the year.  I am willing to help pay for someone who has a terminal disease they acquired because shit happens and genetics are impossible to control.  But I will fight every step against having to cover a person who is terminally ill because of crap they brought onto themselves through a lazy, destructive lifestyle.  Look at the damn patients coming and going from treatment centers.  How many are hugely obese and who smoke, over-drink and/or fill their flaccid bodies with a damaging combination of prescription drugs.  I'd just as soon these assholes be herded into wards and left to die.

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Dying is a fact of life. Perhaps the wisest thing to do is "make it more efficient". Who owes you so much to cover a multi-million 6 month life extension? Or a 6 year one if you didn't take care of yourself, which statistically one simply has to assume is the case?No, seriously- who? Who owes you that? I don't. Your co-workers don't.And when it comes down to it, we don't owe it to you for your terminally ill child, as genuinly difficult as that is to say.

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Do you understand how insurance works?  A group of people pay a premium so that the insurance companies - who have actuarially determined how much they have to pay out - still make a profit AFTER paying out the claims.  What happens when you lose coverage because you were laid off and cannot  afford Cobra?  Have you ever been quoted a Cobra premium? I agree that people should not be rewarded for bad behavior and poor life choices but not everyone fits into your preconceived notions. I know one person in particular who ate well, exercised, and never smoked a day in his life and died from lung cancer.  He lived near rohm and haas in Philly.  You think they covered his medical bills?  Maybe instead of being pissed off at the fact that I might want a friend or loved one to be given the best treatment possible we should be talking about why health insurance, medical procedures, and medications are so fucking expensive to begin with.  I don't mind someone making a profit - but I think it's pretty naive to think that the insurance companies' primary focus is doing the right thing for the patient.  Last I read most of the health insurance CEOs make TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year. Having worked in the healthcare industry I have seen first hand the obstacles put in place to lower costs and increase profit.  And they all put the onus on the patient to jump through hoops to justify why he or she deserves the treatment or medication they've been prescribed. While some of these practices help to cut needless spending many are nothing more than bureacratic roadblocks. And call me skeptical but I highly doubt the cost savings the health insurance companies will supposedly realize with the dissolution of Obamacare will be passed onto the consumer. 

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I just find it highly amusing that a group of people that don't trust big govt and big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc...are seemingly willing to swallow, hook, line and sinker, the idea that once free of the chains of Obamacare, health insurance companies and big pharma (ironically the same companies who helped draft the major provisions of Obamacare) are suddenly going to do the right thing and magically the "free market" will come back into existence.  Ha ha fucking ha.  No different than liberals making excuses for the unintended consequences of overarching statist policies.  But believe what you will.

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nmewn factorypreset Tue, 10/10/2017 - 06:58 Permalink

I find it hysterically funny that with all the supposed intelligence, the self-righteous arrogance & smugness possessed by progressives, that they would NOW even admit that ObamaCare is collapsing and was only contrived to further enrich the elite class. That they were in fact, suckered. To add insult to this injury, the progs were told this is exactly what was going on and what the result would be. And they were told this by us...The Deplorables ;-)

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"Do you understand how insurance works?  A group of people pay a premium so that the insurance companies - who have actuarially determined how much they have to pay out - still make a profit AFTER paying out the claims. " Sorry, you don't understand how insurance works. Insurance got started by smart people willing to risk their capital by rating the likelihood of a particular vessel travelling to a particular location sinking or being captured en route, and then charging the vessel owner a fee for each voyage.  Similarly for car insurance; a teenage driver with 4 tickets pays more than a middle age good driver.   Or a Ferrari owner pays more for collision insurance than guy driving a 20 year old pick up truck.   Health care  IF PLACED ON AN INSURANCE MODEL (as you are insisting) must by definition examine the current likelihood of treatment for a given client seeking insurance.  A client with lung cancer applying for insurance, yet insisting that he be given the same odds of needing treatment (ie, a 'payout') as a healthy 18 year old is JUST PLAIN IDIOTIC. You want to fund a 'health care system' on a 'health insurance system' model.  Sorry, but that's is trying to make an orange taste like an apple.   There will have to exist some form of "governent run health care system" due to the ethical necessity of our nation treating indigent and to allow bargaining power with drug companies and and hospitals for the rest of us.  There are choices made by those running any government agency to spend their allocated funding efficiently. For example, schools allocate funds for special needs kids.  Special needs kids dont' get every bell and whistle because then their would be no money for the regular kids. 

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I get it.  Reading comprehension is hard.  Not once did I say Obamacare is a good system.  Not once did I say that people should pay for others bad decisions.  I've done so with AIG (ironically enough - an insurance company) and TBTF banks just 10 years ago (for a financial collapse that was largely perpetrated on insuring incredibly bad risks) and it still pisses me off. However there are many circumstances underwhich a person - who paid into the healthcare system all his life - might come find themselve s without insurancee (layoff) and subsequently have a pre existing condition when trying to get new insurance.  If you all believe that prior to Obamacare we had a free market in the healthcare industry or health insurance market, and if you believe we're going to have one after it's gone then good luck with that one. 

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Gaius Petronius factorypreset Mon, 10/09/2017 - 23:47 Permalink

Speak for yourself. We can't afford the obamacare premium here so it doesn't matter whether Obamacare covers preexisting conditions or not. I hope they do get rid of the mandatory pre-existing condition coverage because right now, it's not insurance, it's welfare for those who get sick and still make enough money to get an obamacare policy.  IF you're real broke and have zero money, you can get on medicaid, but for the rest us, we're totally screwed....and I'm in the totally screwed category.  Obamacare can't die fast enough.  I wish they would have repeatled it already.  I don't know who this mythical 60% of America is that wants to keep this crap medical plan. 

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