US Sends Nuclear Submarine To Korean Peninsula For More Military Drills

As US forces prepare to join their South Korean partners for yet another round of the military exercises that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is so fond of, the US has sent a nuclear-powered sub to participate.

The nuclear-powered submarine Michigan will arrive in the Korean port city of Busan, situated in the southern part of the country, by the end of the week, according to Bloomberg, which cited local media reports.

The sub will conduct joint drills with the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan in the waters off the peninsula next week.

With North Korea celebrating the founding of the country's ruling Communist Party on Oct. 10, US and South Korean defense officials are anticipating that the country could launch another provocative missile test as soon as tonight.

The US dispatched the USS Ronald Reagan to South Korea last month after North Korea twice fired IRBMs over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

According to a map showing the locations of US Naval assets (the ones that've been publicly, at least) created by Stratfor, the USS Ronald Reagan is presently making a scheduled refueling stop in Hong Kong but is expected to return to the peninsula shortly.

The escalation - which conjures up memories of the time Trump revealed that he'd ordered three nuclear subs to Korea, only for it to be revealed that they were actually traveling in the opposite direction - comes as the president has stepped up his rhetoric against the North, recently offering a string of cryptic threats about a coming "storm", though he has so far refused to elaborate.

Earlier Monday, Defense Secretary James Mattis said that while the US is trying to force North Korea to halt its nuclear weapons program through diplomacy and economic pressure, soldiers must be prepared to fight if negotiations fail and things go south, Trump seems to have suggested they will.


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They are still in the False Flag phase of their plan to disarm us Deplorables. Maybe in their minds another war will take up the time needed to get more False Flags executed so us Deplorables will be begging for them to take our guns and beg the Govt to protect us. There 3 big problems: Religion (making good progress diluting the popultion with muslims and brain-washing our kids in school to be athiests), Patriotism (dealt a major blow by Trump drawing attemtion to the NFL), Disarming the Populace (aint happening no matter what they do, every false flag triggers a buying spree and making us more heavily armed). Basically they can remove trump from office, but they know that will trigger a very bad response for them! Start a war with the Fat Suirrely Guy, EMT blast above thew the US, still going to trigger a masive response from the Deplorables, except in this scenario, the rioting Libs are used for terget practice before we come for them!

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 Winston STFU with the holier-than-thou bullshit. I can read a map just fine. I demonstrating the fire-power of an U.S. [ Ohio class SSBN] armed with nuclear missiles. If you knew how to read a fucking map, the Norks do most of their nuke testing in the NORTH. Are you pissed because your precious euro is crashing?  * read and learn > Ohio-class submarine - Wikipedia  " Trident II is capable of carrying up to 12 MIRVs (multiple independent re-entry vehicles), each with a yield of 100kt, although the SALT treaty limits this number to eight a missile. The circle of equal probability (the radius of the circle within which half the strikes will impact) is less than 150m. The Sperry Univac Mark 98 missile control system controls the 24 missiles.

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   SSBN / SSGN Ohio Class Submarine - Naval Technology Read and learn. After the SALT treaties the number of Trident II's was dropped from 22 to 18. Each missile can carry 8 MIRV's at 100KT yield each.   You and I both know that you couldn't be further from the truth. If anything, I'm trying to point out the absolute absurdity of what is happening, and do not in any way, condone the bombing of Russia or China.

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I say

Fire, fire, fire, missswel, misspelled, misspelled, up Kim ass, up Kim ass, up Kim ass

Colon blow, colon blow, colon blow

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Thank you, but how dare you speak to the third President of the U.S. In such a disrespectful and disgraceful manner. Fuck you and listen If you don't shut your ignorant pie hole I WILL arrange for you to work on my plantation

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