Hollywood’s War on Humanity

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Oh, Hollywood… It’s only in this demented part of the planet that a man could give birth to his own mother!

If you haven’t seen it yet check it out.


Its another stillborn of a film slipped out from between Hollywood’s fetid thighs. A movie midwifed by none other than the talented, anti-human auteur Darren Aronofsky.

Thanks, Darren, for sharing with us your great message! Which is that people are shit. We hear it every day, thanks for chiming in.

We are too greedy, noisy, selfish and we use too many resources. Got it.

This self-serving lie has turned into Chinese water torture by now. Its steady, hypnotic beat against our foreheads is designed to get us to agree, if only to make it stop.

We hear it on the news, in the schools, and of course in art. How much of a virus we are.

Listening to those who’ve hijacked our culture you’d think us humans are base cannibals, roasting and eating our dear mother (earth) alive… pass the salt!

How many times have you heard it yourself? From friends, relatives, colleagues, randoms… “Ya know, there are too many people.”

Oh? Quick, kill yourself then. No? I didn’t think so. These types always want to volunteer others though.

Oh, and God is a bastard, of course. Another of Hollywood’s old hats found in the bowels of this film.

So lets recap mother! 

1. Humans are a craven, unworthy lot.
2. It’s because God is a sadist.

That’s the movie, delivered via ham-fisted allegory. Aronofsky says he came up with the idea in 5 days while reflecting on the Bible. It’s also about as long as it takes a ham-fisted sandwich to rot.

This, my friends, is the state of art in the West. It’s our last gasp and the culture vultures are circling.

3 worldwide monopolies are still run out of the United States. Money, War, and Culture. And they go hand in hand in hand.

Hollywood is a keystone here, controlling the zeitgeist. Telling us whats cool, whats funny. Who we should be killing.

Over the last hundred years Hollywood has targeted: The Germans, the Germans again, the Russians, the Arabs, the Russians again. In that order. And the Germans still don’t get a day off.

These cultural takedowns always prop up actual wars, hot, cold and proxy.

And now humanity itself is the target. We are being taught through garbage like mother! to hate ourselves. And it’s working. You hear everywhere that overpopulation is the problem.

You hear that because you are the enemy. 

The overpopulation parrots have no imagination. They can’t see the cities built on the mountain ranges, under the sea, in space. Last time I checked a single apple seed can produce an infinite number of apples and seeds. You can grow plants in the middle of the Sahara desert, without soil in glass basins made from sun-welded sand and with water sucked out of the air. How about that.

The issue of resources is a technical one. And if humanity needs a particular resource but can’t get it we’ll invent our way around it. That’s what we do.

Overpopulation isn’t the problem. The boring, unimaginative little monsters that rule over us are. And their disdain for the average person is crystal clear.

Here’s the deal.

If they can convince us that we are animals, they can then treat us like animals.

Its all the justification needed to corral us, tag us, shear us, and butcher us. Those that orchestrate such mental machinations are the same types of people that rolled heads down pyramids.

And Hollywood isn’t just a perverted pedo-playground producing garbage. Hollywood is bonafide cancer engaged in psycho-cultural warfare.

If only we could stop dancing to their tune and recognize it for the death dirge that it is.

mother? Not mine.

This boring story of the human animal has run its course. Let’s get back to the inspiration that accompanied the divine human. Let’s reach for the real stars.


Just Take It All Tue, 10/10/2017 - 11:53 Permalink

And this from a rag that is always bitching about people!  I guess it is just "those other people" who suck!  That is the delusion that keeps it all going.  Humans are fucking hopeless. 

Stuck on Zero E-Knight Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:28 Permalink

My least favorite Hollywood (government) narrative is that if there is a disaster of any sort humans all turn on each other like animals. I've been through a few disasters and all I can say is I've never seen humans in a better light. Courage, ingenuity, selflessness, and charity are hallmarks of humans in a tough situation. Bring in government and you will see humans in their most base form: greedy, self-centered, loveless, and mean. Screw Hollywood and its evil.

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Khan Bucklin Stuck on Zero Tue, 10/10/2017 - 13:04 Permalink

This is only partially true. In most movies, there are the good guys and the bad guys. It's the conflict that helps sell tickets (see also plays and books). Nothing new here.

While there are some good points here about Hollywood's decidedly left leaning influence on world culture, I think the article is pretty hyperbolic. Of course there will always be good films and bad ones -- and not everyone agrees on which is which.

Overpopulation is absolutely a thing. Nature self corrects with all species. Humans have their share of war and disease but we are overdue for a bigger correction. It's not personal, it just is. While it's certainly possible to innovate out way out of any crisis, there's absolutely no guarantee that we always will.

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Southern Analyst DjangoCat Tue, 10/10/2017 - 17:39 Permalink

Not criticizing here... honestly curious? I totally agree about a severe overshoot scenario, arguably far beyond the carrying capacity of land as constrained by political systems and natural capital limitations. What about when birth rates fall below replacement rate? Today this scenario is limited to certain coutnries. However my understanding is that rates are falling for nearly all countries with some of them already below replacement rates... Iran, Europe, Russia, USA (without net immigraiton), Japan, and others are examples where birth rates are below replacement levels. Here in America and possibly elsewhere, birth rates appear to be correlated inversely with discretionary median household income trends.I read often that actual resource constraints do not exist in aggregate, but definitely exist compared to demand at specific places and times. Confiscatory political and legal systems, as well as corrupt ethical norms regarding private property tend to be the primary drivers which limit entreprenourship and personal capital accumulation. 

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adanata Southern Analyst Tue, 10/10/2017 - 19:32 Permalink

You don't seem to understand the author is talking about the Globalist scum psychos who "rule" us; the ones who OWN Hollyweird, and they equal a supranatural predator attempting to kill us all. That's not hyperbole. That's their stated intention which Kissinger has been talking about openly for decades. This is why "health care" has turned into death care, "medicine" that mitigates symptoms but does not heal, why our food/water are being poisoned, all our institutions have been gutted with something utterly evil replacing what was there, while leaving the facades in place to gull us. Do you think we have a president? a representative "of the People" congress? a "protect and defend" police force? an "honorable" government that only wants to "help" us and do "good" around the world? Perhaps you do.... so, on a long enough timeline....

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MortimerDuke Just Take It All Tue, 10/10/2017 - 13:59 Permalink

Well, they are hopeless to the extent that they can't think critically.  The author's point is that Hollywood hates humankind.  The rag in question certainly hates some people, but not all of them - not humanity.  So, yes, it is "those other people" who suck.  Those that border on the misanthropic suck.  The author has a problem with misanthropic views of hmanity.  So the take is not as contradictory as you suppose.

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Miss Expectations Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:07 Permalink

I just could not figure out why the New York Times came out with the Harvey Weinstein expose.  Then I saw this:BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein accused of raping Italian star Asia Argento and forcing himself on Rosanna Arquette and Mira Sorvino who say their careers suffered after they rejected advancesRead more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4966816/Harvey-Weinstein-accused-raping-Asia-Argento.html#ixzz4v7b4Xp6k So, it was merely a case of "If you're being run out of town, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade."The NYT knew what was about to come out on Harvey and simply got in front of the story as a credibilty-building exercise.  Also, this is a terrific short article from TDB that gets right down to it!

VWAndy Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:21 Permalink

 Funny how the people setting the bar have no intension of practicing what they are preaching. Its the scumbag way.   As to over population its always been a BS theory.

logicalman VWAndy Tue, 10/10/2017 - 19:23 Permalink

Can you explain why you think it's a stupid thing to say?Oil:We eat it (indirectly - fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides)We wear it (artificial fibres - fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides for cotton)We use it for transportation of both humans and the aforementioned items.The world struggles sustain 7 billion as it is, imagine taking away oil from that equation.Given about 3 billion live on $2.50 a day or less, imagine the level of consumption of resources if all those live like the average American.Try giving a reasoned response sometime. Your brain may hurt at first, but after a while you can get used to it. 

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MasterPo Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:22 Permalink

Hollywood is an open sewer that spews out crap, which is why I haven't been to a movie theater in 25+ years. Vote with your feet and refuse to support these scumbags.You will know them by their fruits... 

Bemused Observer Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:59 Permalink

It isn't films like "Mother" that are the problem. Although the themes are a laundry list of offensive topics, the film is metaphor, and not to be taken at it's apparent face value. Most films are, in some way or another, after all, the writer is trying to get a point across using a story line. Literature works the same way...is it a story about a man who becomes a giant cockroach, or is there something beneath that apparent odd little plot? No, it isn't the often obscure, frequently offensive piece of mind-work that is the problem. It is the proliferation of vapid, mindless, mass-produced DREK that saturates our tv, radio, advertising space, children's programming, daytime soaps and game shows, reality tv, Hollywood award shows, ad infinitum. It's all the 'white noise' that passes for entertainment, that surrounds us daily, the shit we can't get away from. You can always choose to not see "Mother", but how the hell do you get away from all the other shit?And, you can keep your young children from seeing "Mother", but you can't stop them from seeing some strange woman's bare ass on a billboard with a diamond-encrusted rapper's hand across it. So what imagery and themes are more likely to affect your child?

kenny500c Tue, 10/10/2017 - 14:14 Permalink

The more people there are the more geniuses there will be.These geniuses are the people who will solve our problems and make the world better for all of us. Imagine a population of 100,000, there might not be any super creative and/or high IQ people in that population.This is why humans spent millions of years lucky to make some rudimentary tools out of rocks.

bonin006 kenny500c Tue, 10/10/2017 - 15:14 Permalink

There way more than enough geniuses now. The problem is too many psychopathic "leaders" working to prevent solutions that would naturally occur. Also a perverted reward system, which exists solely because of the government, which causes problems that it claims it is needed to prevent. Just one example is the patent system. The government claims that inventors would not invent things if they could not protect then with patents. The truth is that most creative people that come up with new ideas would do it regardless. We (I include myself in that group) can't help ourselves. Creating/inventing is what we do, as much as breathing and eating. In practice, the patent system serves to shift the reward for creating new things from the individual to large corporations that can afford the legal costs of patent application and litigation.With the FDA involved now, it has gotten to the point where natural medicines that have been used for 1000's of years can be patented and controlled by pharmaceutical companies that then raise the price 10 or 100 times. Of course this is not/should not be legal, but with the psychopaths in charge, the law is what they it is. At least when prohibition was passed they acknowledged the need for a constitutional amendment. Now with drug prohibition, spying, "civil" asset forfeiture, etc...  they just say fuck the constitution.Here is a good link to an article about how the whole basis of the patent system is faulty:https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110725/03174515229/very-basis-our-p… case you think this is just sour grapes on my part, I am named as an inventor on over 80 patents, mostly assigned to prior companies I worked for, but about 10 that I own myself. I would just rather be able to focus on inventing things, rather applying for government documents.   

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DemandSider Tue, 10/10/2017 - 14:37 Permalink

"If they can convince us that we are animals" But, we are animals. That's why all the disigenuosness about the root of so much pathology in The U.S., outsourcing, really makes middle U.S. angry. What do we get from these clueless ninnies? A "hilarious" show called, "Outsourced" Talk about a bubble. These fools are hermetically sealed.

Fireman Tue, 10/10/2017 - 14:38 Permalink

The puss oozing orifice that is Hollyweird and its tribe of khasarian mutts have totally corrupted USSA and this collection of perverted and satanic scum are responsible in no small part for much of the sickness of the human soul. Don't tell me that it is merely coincidence that these zionazi ghouls have seized the bullhorn of USSAN "culture", be it the sewer pipe from Hollyweird pumping gump into every USSAN living room, along with the daily lies and filth peddled by the New York Times rag merchants. With the neanderthal thug Weinstein we have seen the simian like mug of a pussygrabber in the flesh, now expose the protected pedophiles like Podesta that manage the power of the truly diseased creatures among us.

Hikikomori Tue, 10/10/2017 - 14:42 Permalink

 "We are too greedy, noisy, selfish and we use too many resources."- I think the author misunderstood Hollywood's message - it's that White heterosexual working MEN are too greedy, noisy, selfish, and use too many resources - in other word's, they are a basket of deplorables.

Dickweed Wang Tue, 10/10/2017 - 15:18 Permalink

How many times have you heard it yourself? From friends, relatives, colleagues, randoms… “Ya know, there are too many people.” Anyone making a claim like that has obviously never been on a flight from the Midwest to Alaska where you fly for HOURS over plains and forests with no signs whatsoever of human activity . . . no roads, no buildings, nothing but trees, rivers and lakes.  That's just one example. I'm sure you could repeat that exercise over countless areas of the planet.  The only place where there are "too many people" are the megacities.  The people that choose to live there do so at there own peril if there is ever a problem with the "just in time" ecomony.

HardAssets Tue, 10/10/2017 - 15:58 Permalink

I'm saving so much money and precious life hours lately-

No t.v., NFL, or current release Hollyweird movies

More time with family, outdoors activities, reading good books, and for doing chores around the homestead.

conraddobler Tue, 10/10/2017 - 18:28 Permalink

They bury all kinds o themes in modern movies but that would only work if they were good arguements.No matter what you do fundamental truths will always shine through and ironically for them the more they pour it on with the stuff the more they end up outing themselves as dishonest purveyors of slanted worldviews than good story tellers which is really what business they should be in.