DHS Releases Images Of Border Wall Prototypes

The White House wasn’t going to let minor details like the fact that Congress hasn’t appropriated any money to fund construction of President Trump’s promised border wall stop it from building eight prototypes in Otay Mesa, near San Diego.

And with few expecting the Democrats to accept the White House’s demands relating to a tentative deal that Trump struck with “Chuck and Nancy” last month to avert a shutdown and secure some border wall funding in exchange for enshrining DACA, it’s possible that the Trump administration will never secure the funds, given rumors that a handful of Republican lawmakers privately oppose it.  

Nevertheless, construction on the prototypes, which were selected by the Department of Homeland Security back in August, began two weeks ago. And now, DHS has released the first images of the partly finished designs.

Plans for the prototypes that were selected by DHS after a bidding process that began in the spring were published in late August.

The prototypes are meant to be a “menu of designs” that might be used for the wall, should it be built. Four of the prototypes are made of concrete, while the other four are made of other materials, the Blaze reports. They range from 18 to 30 feet high and are “designed to deter illegal crossings,” says the Border Protection office. They are expected to cost $3.6 million.

The money for building the prototypes came from $20 million that Congress has allowed the Department of Homeland Security to pull from other areas of its budget. That followed an executive order President Donald Trump signed in January directing the federal government to begin construction on the border wall as soon as possible.

While the final cost of a border wall would depend on which design is chosen, estimates range from the upper end of $70 billion from a report by Senate Democrats, to $21.6 billion estimated by the US Department of Homeland Security.


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looks like today was"throw a bone to base day"------- distractions fromwhile his goldmanite neoconcabinet is pumping up wall streetthe police state andmost definitely the MICwhich cumulatively are more dangerous thana mexican painting your house------or do you disagree? 

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Trogdor Ignatius Thu, 10/12/2017 - 22:45 Permalink

They could stop "illegals" in a heartbeat - just take the cheese out of the trap. You don't have an ID? No medical treatment. You don't have an ID? No food stamps. You don't have an ID? No help of any kind from the government.

Of course, companies like Tyson Foods would shut down over night - as would a lot of construction companies, landscaping companies, etc. Additionally, the illegals serve as a voting base for the Communists and one of the ingredients in the 'divide and conquer' strategy of the PTB.

They're here because they benefit the Government/PTB.

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chunga Thu, 10/12/2017 - 21:52 Permalink

This is great but a major electric utility co where I'm at hires Guatamalans via a subcontractor to perform a lot of work.I doubt any of them had to jump over or shimmy any walls.

DavidFL Thu, 10/12/2017 - 21:55 Permalink

I say we go with the vendor who has the U Haul trailer. This supplier does not have the equipment? Seriously, I bet money DHS picks that vendor and then will wonder why the project has 200% overrun!
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gramps Thu, 10/12/2017 - 21:58 Permalink

Everyone needs to ask themselves why the mestizos want to send all of their brown people over here? That slum behind the existing wall should help formulate your answer.

Kobe Beef gramps Fri, 10/13/2017 - 12:50 Permalink

If I and my pregnant wife could hop over the fence into Justin Bieber's backyard, have our baby in his gazebo, and then claim the baby is a Bieber, so we get to raid his fridge, live in his house, pee in his pool, and he has to pay for it...then it's not a question why Mestizos are doing the same shit to the USA.

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apberusdisvet Thu, 10/12/2017 - 22:03 Permalink

Just build a 100 yard moat and stock it with gators and pirhana; won't even have to spend money to feed the animals; there will be plenty of free range illegals to munch on.

Twee Surgeon Anteater Thu, 10/12/2017 - 22:50 Permalink

Dude . I was a kid in England in the 1960's and there were a lot of WWII comic book's floating around and we had to do a Diorama History project . So i did something out of a Comic book and it was a page in a Comic book about a Gestapo roadblock and I did it on a Cornflake box with Plastic soldiers and I had made little fence things. It turned out to not be a good idea. The signs in the comic book said ' Achtung Juden' i had no idea what the fuck that meant.So I show up at school age 7 ? and the Teacher is Mrs Mc Millan who was a French lady who had married a Brit after the war who must have thought I was from a family of extremists or some shit, to hold such an opinion, that was not the case. I just did a Diorama of a road block. From a Comic book.They beat the living shit out of me in the ensuing years and I a completely oblivious cunt took the wacks and called it normal. There was never a Man who might ask of things thought out, just Bitch Slaps from old hag's. I forgive them all. There were no Men involved in running that school.

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shimmy Thu, 10/12/2017 - 22:07 Permalink

These are ugly. If they aren't completed then hopefully they'll get better. Hardly beautiful or aesthetically pleasing like president pumpkin says the wall would be. 

samsara shimmy Thu, 10/12/2017 - 22:29 Permalink

Took him literally did you? Do you Always look at the surface of a statement? I can see that CNN would make sense to you.

That's right Shimmy, complain about the esthetics of a wall in the middle of the fucking northern Sonoran desert. What you going to walk out there in 100 degree weather and look at it?

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