What Americans (And Canadians) Should Know About The Mexican Security Crisis

Authored by Will Ellis via Free Market Shooter blog,

Saying the situation in Mexico is bad is a gross understatement.

Since the marine-lead capture of notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in Sinaloa back in 2016 and his subsequent extradition to the US in 2017, drug-related violence has skyrocketed in his native land.

Multiple cartels have risen up to take El Chapo’s place, and the casualties have been out of control. In the first two quarters of 2017 alone, more than 12,500 people have met their demise, either at the hands of the cartels or while caught in their cross-fire. That’s at least 2,000 dead on a monthly basis.

El Chapo’s absence sparked this violence in a number of ways, not least of which is the rivalry among cartels gunning for the number one spot. Everyone wants to be the grande queso of the region. The Sinaloa cartel is the most profitable cartel in Mexico and, as Mel Brooks once said, “It’s good to be the king.”

Consequently, there is a severe Mexican standoff of sorts going on between three groups including Guzman’s past associates and the ruthless former-soldados of the Beltran Levya Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

As anyone who’s ever watched The Sopranos can probably tell, there is rarely an agreeable plan in place for the changing of the guard when it comes to violent organized crime organizations. The Sinaloa Cartel is hardly an exception to that rule.

The part that should alarm Americans the most is the glut of influence that El Chapo and his clan amassed near the end of his reign. At the time of his recapture (El Chapo was originally captured in 1993 but allegedly escaped from prison in a laundry basket), Guzman had taken control of the vast majority of trafficking routes leading into the US.

With all of these factions fighting for control of this multi-billion dollar empire, the violence is only escalating. And it’s going to get worse now that the old cartels El Chapo had undermined are rising back up to reclaim their stronghold.

Members of the Zeta cartel

The scariest part of all is how vicious they have become. Like feral animals cornered, they are striking back with ferocity against any and all that stand in their way, whether it is rival criminals or government security personnel. And as they have proven time and again, they’re not afraid to kill their own.

A simple Google search for “chainsaw execution” returns a long number of horrific videos. Traitors or even suspected traitors end up in ditches alongside adversaries across Mexico City and beyond.

And as with the Islamic terror movement, the splintering is becoming great with more and more criminal organizations fragmenting into independent groups, and the in-fighting is intensifying.

While all of this began to transpire, new kids on the block entered the picture, looking for their piece of the proverbial pie. JNG (Jalisco New Generation) was founded in 2009 by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes. Cervantes isn’t battling windmills as his last name would suggest, but he’s every bit as much of a menace to the Simaloa Cartel as his first name would.

JNG fronts as if they’re a nationalistic group, even going so far as to try and curry favor with the Mexican government, but they have proven themselves to be every bit as barbaric as the other animals looking to replace El Chapo.

How barbaric? Well, how barbaric is cannibalism? That’s right, JNG force their initiates to dine on the flesh of their victims. Fitting when one considers that members of Jalisco New Generation boast nicknames like “The Vulture.”

They are said to be more brutal than the notoriously brutal Los Zetas, which is really saying something. After all, the leader of the Zetas chopped up a six-year old girl with an axe.

For those familiar with Mexico’s past, this will probably seem like history repeating itself. Which it is. Every time the Mexican government has taken down a big-time drug trafficker, it has resulted in severe bedlam with every blood-lusting drug pusher looking to take the last guy’s throne.

If you remember the US takedown of Pablo Escobar, you probably remember the subsequent splintering of the Colombian drug trade. The current situation is not much different. Except for one vital factor that hasn’t been addressed nearly as much as it should be.

Mexico’s street war is being fought with guns from other countries. Between 2009 and 2014 alone, US guns in excess of 73,000 were seized by the Mexican government. Powerful, off the shelf semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 are being legally purchased in US border states and are then smuggled into the country, owing to their relatively low cost and lax gun laws in some border states.

Even as legislation is passed in the United States to limit or restrict the availability of firearms, another ongoing conundrum is rearing its ugly head. That is the transportation of unfinished gun parts into Mexico from the US. Taking advantage of a loophole in the US Gun Control Act, members of these sinister cartels are able to purchase all of the components of these rifles and move them into the country for the purpose of firearm assembly.

It’s a move that is ramping up the illegal gun trade and fueling the neverending battle for power among organized crime members.

But the US is not the real problem here. The mainstream media would have us believe that 90% of the firearms used to commit crimes in Mexico come from America when, in actuality, the real figure is closer to 16%.

The real problem is both a local one and a global one. On the local front, Mexicans are severely limited when it comes to legally obtaining weapons on their home turf. Since there are no private sector gun stores in Mexico, citizens must purchase them through the Defense Department’s Arms and Ammunition Marketing Division (UCAM).

The UCAM puts fastidious restrictions on certain calibers, and the laws are quite strict with the average citizen having to get government approval before they can obtain one. As a result, illegal gun sales have gone through the roof, not only among members of organized crime syndicates, but among the wealthier individuals who reside in Mexico, individuals who are dissatisfied with the lack of desired calibers.

Mexico’s booming black market sees rocket launchers coming from places like Spain and AK-47s coming from China. China has become one of the most common suppliers of military grade weapons in the region. These include fully automatic assault rifles and hand grenades.

Hezbollah and Russian organized crime groups have gotten in on the action, supplying firearms to groups in the region such as FARC. Guns are also smuggled in from South America.

Israeli Galil machine guns and European shotguns are among the other hot sellers. In addition to recent evidence suggesting that many among the cartels are doing business with an Israeli dealer or dealers, past trade in Latin America points to Belgium, the Czech Republic and Germany being involved in legal export of small arms and light weapons as well.

Many weapons, such as M60 machine gun and 40 mm grenades, arrive from the military arsenal of Guatemala (which the US government sold and/or furnished to the nation). El Chapo had quite the arsenal in his hideout before his capture; among the items on hand were a Soviet RPG, what appeared to be South Korean hand grenades, and a Barrett M82 .50BMG rifle from the Obama administration’s “Fast and Furious” program.

Weapons recovered from El Chapo’s hideout, including a Barrett M82 .50BMG provided from “Operation Fast and Furious”

Since El Chapo’s departure, things have only ramped up with exported weapons coming in from Italy, Turkey and beyond. Back in 2005, it was reported that the barbaric street gang MS-13 had most likely accrued around 100 M72 Light Antitank Weapons (LAWs) from Honduras and had passed them along to the cartels as a good faith gesture.

These are iron clad facts that aren’t often documented in mainstream news coverage, nor are they acknowledged by people like Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration, who started the whole “ninety percent” myth in an effort to push stricter gun legislation in the US.

What’s even more incredible is how this yarn that Holder and company spun was used to justify the Fast and Furious debacle, a grossly failed operation by the Arizona Field Office of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) which deliberately allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to illegal straw buyers in a botched attempt at tracing them to Mexican cartels.

Ultimately, this operation enabled El Chapo to build up his arsenal, an arsenal he used to attack Border Patrol and Mexican government officials before his recapture. It’s a sad, ugly fact that the weapons that are supposed to be used against the narcos end up being used by the narcos. But it’s an even sadder and uglier fact that the mainstream news would have the general public believe that the US is chiefly responsible for the glut of firearms making their way into Mexico City and other cartel strongholds.

Despite this day-to-day tug of war between various factions of the cartels, the drug trade has continued to thrive with exports to the US reaching grandiose proportions.

Every action has its consequence and the consequence of the growing number of International drug sales is more and more bloodshed. The carnage is now spilling over into other regions of the country including areas that were previously hot spots for tourists.

Places that used to be virtually drug-free are now infested with criminal activity. Acapulco, once a beach resort town, is now the murder capital of Mexico with the casualty rate reaching record highs. American tourists have even found themselves among the victims of the violence in places like Cancun.

But it’s not just America that should be concerned about the Mexican drug war. Canadians should also be alarmed about the trouble that’s facing us all. The Mexican conflict started to spill over into Canada in 2009, posing a substantial security problem, and influenced a rash of British Colombia gang murders.

As far back as 2013, the Mexican cartels were taking the lives of eager Canadian mobsters who visited places like Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. At least one Canadian mobster was shot in broad daylight in a Mexican Starbucks.

As evidenced by a March 2017 article in the Huffington Post, written by a Mexican doctoral student at the University of Toronto, officials from Ottawa and Mexico City can no longer depend on American leadership to bridge the gap between Canada and Mexico. Nor can Canada rely on America to set an example in terms of on-going cooperation between our countries.

For the Citizens of the NRA, the situation is no better. In August, the US State Department released updated travel warnings encompassing 23 of Mexico’s 31 states, many of them meccas for tourism.

Fortunately, some of us are stamping out the second front that our country represents to the Simaloa Cartel by keeping it green.

Legal weed is starting to seriously steal the thunder from the Mexican drug trade. While the cocaine trade may still be booming, the pot game is plummeting. As of March of 2016, Southwest border seizures of marijuana had dropped to around 1.5 million lbs compared to almost 4 million lbs in 2009.

Still, change needs to come and we all need to wise up about what we’re actually dealing with. Before you get lost in a cloud of smoke, remember the importance of protecting our borders.


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I thought the alphabet agencies were focused on the Afghan opium/Kosovo Heroin supply line lately....Who has dibs on the cocaine trade these days?  same old Gang going back to Iran/CONTRA? Huxley never saw this coming..... SOMA is ilegal but still provided through government channels earning them immense profits while keeping the population sedated and subject to arrest at will.......

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Fucking A people try to read the fucking article before you take your fucking bias out for a fucking walk. "Mexico’s booming black market sees rocket launchers coming from places like Spain and AK-47s coming from China. China has become one of the most common suppliers of military grade weapons in the region. These include fully automatic assault rifles and hand grenades.  Hezbollah and Russian organized crime groups have gotten in on the action, supplying firearms to groups in the region such as FARC. Guns are also smuggled in from South America. Israeli Galil machine guns and European shotguns are among the other hot sellers. In addition to recent evidence suggesting that many among the cartels are doing business with an Israeli dealer or dealers, past trade in Latin America points to Belgium, the Czech Republic and Germany being involved in legal export of small arms and light weapons as well.Many weapons, such as M60 machine gun and 40 mm grenades, arrive from the military arsenal of Guatemala (which the US government sold and/or furnished to the nation)." 

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like usa bases in nazikraina? like  bullying nations like romanians to create big bases in black sea?! and no fly zones..like usa nato build chem weapons bases in europe?! . where germans can not go to inspect what yanks produce there and prepare.German people protest before that nato base!!its not secret news usa want to use taht new chemical weapons in war against russia. thats why in last weeks russia and putin make clear demostration  in all news destroing own last chem. weapons. becouse nato want use to all in future! also in last days nato clown stoltenberg say - also nato dont want de-nuclearisation  .. sooooo nato want use nuclear against russia and alies..  

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Hispanic-American Average General IQ Is 89, 2/3 Of A Standard Deviation Below The White Averagehttps://isteve.blogspot.com/2005/06/best-estimate-yet-of-hispanic-ameri…Latinos And Blacks Are Twice (2X) As Likely As Whites To Have The MAOA-L Gene Variation Associated With Aggression, Violence, Crime And Sexual Abusehttp://conservative-headlines.com/2010/05/science-daily-whites-have-low…FBI And Bureau Of Justice Racial Crime Data

  • A Hispanic was eight times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa.
  • Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate
  • The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.
  • Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs.

https://www.amren.com/archives/reports/the-color-of-crime-2016-revised-…Illegal Alien Crime Reporthttp://www.illegalaliencrimereport.com/http://www.ncfire.info/

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If, as you suggest, there is a "Gene Variation Associated With Aggression, Violence, Crime And Sexual Abuse", we should get our geneticists busy developing a virus to infect carriers of said gene and alter the DNA. Disable that gene and the one that allows them to reproduce. Where are the scientific miracles when you need them?

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That might help but remember when Judicial Watch caught that security company with all the federal contracts that the false-fag-shooter worked for smuggling in "non-Mexicans"?  They will smuggle their proxies in too.  Shit, they fly their asses first class and produce documents for them if they have to.  Soros has already proven so in Europe.  This is why free society is eventually doomed if the intel agencies remain in place.

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This is what the globalist CIA and Mossad do.  If people don't wake the hell up they will turn our countries into war-torn shitholes too, via their support for various terror and color revolutionary groups: ISIS, Al Qaeda, "Moderate Rebels", BLM, Antifa, Mexican cartels, gangs, orange revolutionaries, white supremacist groups and any narco-terrorist-anything.  Gawd damn people are stupid. 

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They/ We, seriously need the  " Duarte " plan.Put a bounty on these fucks. Dead only. You're not rehabilitating this crowd. Either that...or let them run roughshod over north/Central and South America.

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I worked with the famous Billionaire down in Mexico City.Launched my company with him at his art museum.While working there, I interacted with a lot of young people and learned about the horror of their lives.The violence these young Mexicans have witnessed and experienced is beyond anything I'm able to comprehend.Horrific Mass Murder. Real Mass Murder, not the BS Trump/Mossad/CIA produce.With the open borders, the elite want to implement,we are inviting these monsters to our front doors.I don't see a wall helping anyone.The only option is we arm ourselves to the gills.Buy Ammunition weekly.Work on your own security.The government seems hell-bent on killing us.Depending on them to defend us is a ridiculous notion.And frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the elite invite these serial killers from Mexicoto our front doors to help with their depopulation plan. 

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The most effective way to keep illegals out is to take away ALL incentives. Trump claiming a wall will work is pointless because they'll just tunnel under it like they already do. When you take away all incentives and loopholes make the punishments unbearable while nailing those who care about foreigners instead of citizens with the cold hard facts in the media 24/7/365 they'll either realize what they've done is monstrous and wrong - or they'll shut up. If you care about illegals then you're just as bad as those parasites are period. You don't have to have a physical border wall to stop immigration in its tracks. Make it a felony to be here under fraud, illegal immigration, overstaying a legal visa, false premise, or as an economic migrant. Deny birthright citizenship and make it retroactive all the way to 1986. Take out the law where citizens are forced to education foreign brats with their tax dollars. The criminals where I live just want to have anchor babies and refuse to assimilate period. They brag about how great it is a to be a Mexican in America instead of a Mexican in Mexico. Take away every single loophole and arrest them. If the illegals march, let them, then arrest them while they march. In Mexico foreigners can't march, assemble in public, or perform any public demonstration/protest/march/etc. under penalty of arrest and deportation. Why should their criminal citizens get any special treatment in our country? Why not make it known that any and all assets send via money order will be taxed 60% if sent out of the U.S.? Mexico relies on $15,000,000,000 a year in remittances from illegals in the U.S.!Considering how our useless representatives work so hard to screw over their constituents they claim to 'serve' while in office, force our government to work for us or begin deporting illegal sympathizers from office who think a taxpayer-funded workforce is a good and sustainable idea when we only have consumerism as a means to keep our economy going. Taxpayers are being forced to subsidize corporations run by morons that should have failed long ago. We don't have a capitalist society but instead it's just all out crony capitalism. 

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Who created Drug Culture ? Hollywood . Who controls Hollywood ? CIA (who protect and promote those who promote wickedness . Greedy Jews have made an excellent cover ) . Who Controls and funds  the CIA ? The Illuminati . What is the Illuminati ? Head of Masonic order that sets policy in all Masonic States  . Why are they promoting chaos ? To bring the world under their control . Why are they using Chaos ? Because they can then then claim  to 'save us' from ourselves and create a completely new system of Gov based on social science , the mainstay of which is lies and illusions and indocrination . How to destroy the drug trade . Decriminalize drugs and and set up strickly controled venues where drugs can be bought and used on premises . Treat drug addiction as a medical problem . Give drug use negative image using Hollywood . Treate drug users as sick weak people with psycological problems . Instead of using media to promote drug use as fun and cool . The drug 'epedimic' is in its entirety a manufacture problem .

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Well the liberals and RINOS will insist on allowing more of these animals into the country in addtion to the"peaceful" muslims they keep bringing in and we sheeple are all fucked...

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Southwest border seizures of marijuana had dropped to around 1.5 million lbs compared to almost 4 million lbs in 2009 . . . And they will continue dropping as more and more people in the US figure out that with a total outlay of around $100 you can set up a small indoor grow operation to keep yourself in prime bud for the rest of your life.  Keep cloning 'em baby!

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Southwest border seizures of marijuana had dropped to around 1.5 million lbs compared to almost 4 million lbs in 2009 Dickweed, it's even better than that. American grown weed is so much better than the Mexican crap that it is being exported to Mexico. USA! USA!There were 15 overdoses in Portugal last year where drugs are decriminalized.  How many more people in Mexico, Canada, and here have to die before this stupid and pointless war on drugs ends?Screw the government and all their "wars". 

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