Gold Star Widow Releases Trump's Call: "Tell Your Children I Said Their Father Was A Great Hero"

As the imbrogilio over President Trump's private call to the widow of Sgt. David Johnson killed in action in Niger continues to torment, The Daily Caller's Henry Rodgers reports Gold Star widow Natasha De Alencar released the audio of a phone conversation she had with President Donald Trump in April about the death of her husband who was killed in Afghanistan.

“I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a horrible thing, except that he’s an unbelievable hero,” Trump told her in the call about her husband Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, which The Washington Post released.


“Thank you. I really, really appreciated it,” she said. “I really do, sir.”

Trump also told the widow if she is ever in Washington D.C. that she is welcome in the Oval Office.

“If you’re around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office,” he said.


“You just come over and see me because you are just the kind of family … this is what we want.”


“Say hello to your children, and tell them your father he was a great hero that I respected,” Trump said.


“Just tell them I said your father was a great hero.”

The phone call was released after White House chief of staff Gen. John Kelly pushed back against Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson’s criticism that Trump told Sgt. Johnson’s widow “he knew what he signed up for,” during Thursday’s White House press briefing.

And finally, the story has now morphed to being about General Kelly and not what President Trump may or may not have said to Sgt. Johnson's widow - it appears MSNBC has decided that Kelly's emotional comments...

Were driven by his racism...

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said he was “stunned” by White House chief of staff John Kelly’s remarks about Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida, suggesting that the former general was a product of a racist upbringing.


“John Kelly never sat next to Frederica Wilson in his elementary school,” he added.


Joy-Ann Reid lauded fellow MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s Thursday night segment in which he characterized White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly’s attack on Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson as the product of his “segregated” Irish Catholic upbringing.


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The Soldiers' Honor Fallacy. The ancient fallacy that all who wore a uniform, fought hard and followed orders are worthy of some special honor or glory or are even "heroes," whether they fought for freedom or fought to defend slavery, marched under Grant or Lee, Hitler, Stalin or McArthur, fought to defend their homes, fought for oil or to spread empire, or even fought against and killed U.S. soldiers!. A corrupt argument from ethos (that of a soldier), closely related to the "Finish the Job" fallacy ("Sure, he died for a lie, but he deserves honor because he followed orders and did his job to the end!"). See also "Heroes All." This fallacy was recognized and decisively refuted at the Nuremburg Trials after World War II but remains powerful to this day nonetheless. See also "Blind Loyalty." Related is the State Actor Fallacy, that those who fight and die for a country (America, Russia, Iran, the Third Reich, etc.) are worthy of honor or at least pardonable while those who fight for a non-state actor (abolitionists, guerrillas, freedom-fighters, jihadis) are not and remain "terrorists" no matter how noble or vile their cause, until or unless they are adopted by a state after the fact.

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 Yes, that is exactly how Trump and The State want you and all widows to feel, so you will keep sending your sons to be killed in banker wars.  How many deferments from Vietnam did Trump receive?Five, and one medical for debilitating bone spurs in his heels.  

Trump's swing is imperfect but grooved, and it soon engenders a certainty that nothing really bad is going to happen to his golf ball. He has a flat takeaway well to the inside and loads hard onto his right side. Before starting down, his shoulder plane raises into what at first looks like a duffer's over-the-top move. But Trump simultaneously unleashes the kind of aggressive opening of the left hip that is rarely seen in older amateurs, clearing the way for the club to release from an inside path.

 War is a Racket! 

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He has no business shooting in any other country.
He has to leave the country, or bite the dust.
Leave other countries in peace and you will earn honor.
Shoot there arrou nd and you are seen as a gangster nation. Every one of you, it is your people, your CIA, your government, who instigate wars abroad. Do not blame bankers.
Yes they make profit on war, but that bastard dares to go to other country and shoot there, excercise a violence, he got it.

He is a psychopath.
Imagine a foreign soldier would come to ypur village, your house and shot arround, would you like it???? Me, I would not like it, I would shoot him and hence, that is happened.

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Those soldiers were embedded with Nigerian soldiers, training them how to fight mustlim extremists.  I don't like us being over there either, but don't just fucking lie.  Those guys were helping the military of another nation learn how to hold their own against ISIS.  Not exactly the definition of evil to me.

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Those guys were helping the military of another nation

And what an evil and corrupt military and nation it is.  Have you been there?

Nigeria’s government and its armed forces and police are mistrusted by the people – nine out of 10 people said the police were corrupt in the 2013 Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer and 45 per cent said the military was corrupt. The scandals surrounding so-called “security votes”, which allow politicians to appropriate millions of dollars behind closed doors simply by evoking “national security”, for example, are well documented.…

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Blacks dun lost they damn miind over Trump’s election.

Dis cuntree be rayciss!! They dun fired Obama because he black! See now they be electing white people to da white house! Uh huh! See what they dun did? You dun seen them do it, right? They’s got white people in the white house now! And they be sayin they not rayciss. Nigga please! Where Al Sharpton at? We gon take back what’s ours! Let’s burn down our own community first to send a message!

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while the bankers use our military (american blood and treasure) as their private army to enrich non-american entities (e.g. israel, saudi) at great expense to the american people, it is all facilitated by the seemingly endless supply of brain-dead trigger pullers who VOLUNTEER and are as guilty for keeping the $hitshow going as are the brain-dead zio-evangelical-warmongering whores who support killing for "religious" reasons...

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THANK YOU.  right there is exactly word for word what I have to say about it.  And so when I go to church and the preacher gets up and says "now let us pray for our troops" I just get up and walk out an dnever go back. Because at the same time you are praying for our troops you are also praying that other people in foreign countries DIE for a reason that has nothing to do with out own private defensive security interest.

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If Trump respected the so-called "fallen hero" so much, why isn't he sending his own kids and in-law's to the front line???

Henry Kissinger was right and more honest to say military men were dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policies.

It's waaay overdue for all these kids and families to wake up, but like ISIS members, they probably don't have anything better to do with their lives and can be easily made use by special interest groups. People just love it when their egos are stroked into believing their life purpose was for the greater good of the nation. They just don't understand they are destroying humanity for the benefit$ of the few.

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Families dont send their kids to die. Young men choose to serve for whatever reason they believe in.I enlisted in the USMC because I felt the US consitution and citizens deserved warriors willing to protect it with their lives. Not everyone enlisted for the reasons I did, but most did.It is NOT the grunts fault that their government uses them for corrupt enterprises. I get tired of this idealistic thinking of "if nobody enlisted, there would be no wars". This country needs people who believe in it and are willing to protect it, because the world is not a nice place, and if we did not have a capable military, with people ready to fight, we would not exist as a nation.There will come a time when the nation will legitimately need those warriors ready to fight for our constitution and rights. And its not going to be as simple as "oh we need them now, this time its justified, ok, NOW you can join with my approval".Agree or disagree, this is the reality.

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"I enlisted in the USMC because I felt the US consitution and citizens deserved warriors willing to protect it with their lives. "

Wake up and smell the F**king coffee! While I appreciate your intention, you should realize by now you are not doing whatever you believed you were doing. You are endangering lives of people abroad and at home. How idealistically dumb can any military man still be??? You are an example of that perfect candidate whose ego needs constant stroking thus easily made as a tool.

If you care about the constitution, you should be fighting those in DC, not some people in caves somewhere!

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Uh, wut? Where did I ask for any ego stroking? Where did I say that I felt my service was noble or worthy of praise? (protip: it wasnt. I didnt do anything worth talking about)I said none of those things. I simply told you what I believed at the time of enlistment.You infered a lot that wasnt there, and managed to completely miss the fucking point.The point was that, there will come a time that this country comes under attack, and were going to need those idealistic young men who are willing to lay down their lives for their fellow citizens, joining up because they believe in the principles of this country.The military exists for a reason. The fact that its been hijacked by shithead pols and crats for their personal gain does not negate the need for its intended purpose.

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"The military exists for a reason. The fact that its been hijacked by shithead pols and crats for their personal gain does not negate the need for its intended purpose."

Knowing that it hasn't been used for its "intended purpose," anyone sane should never willingly or allow their children to join the military. No one should ever be proud to have joined. Remember, you are all not heroes but a danger to humanity, however best you try your best to justify your positions and clear your conscience.

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James Madison: “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence agst. foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.”Patrick Henry: “A standing army we shall have, also, to execute the execrable commands of tyranny; and how are you to punish them? Will you order them to be punished? Who shall obey these orders? Will your mace-bearer be a match for a disciplined regiment?”Henry St. George Tucker in Blackstone’s 1768 Commentaries on the Laws of England:“Wherever standing armies are kept up, and when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”Commonwealth of Virginia in 1788: “… that standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, and therefore ought to be avoided, as far as the circumstances and protection of the community will admit; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.”Pennsylvania Convention: “… as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military shall be kept under strict subordination to and be governed by the civil power.”U.S. State Department website: “Wrenching memories of the Old World lingered in the 13 original English colonies along the eastern seaboard of North America, giving rise to deep opposition to the maintenance of a standing army in time of peace. All too often the standing armies of Europe were regarded as, at best, a rationale for imposing high taxes, and, at worst, a means to control the civilian population and extort its wealth.”

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Its not realistic in this era. All the other modern countries have standing armies with incredible technology, dilligently working on warfighting skills and techniques.We cant just opt out of the military rat race man. You cant just call up citizen soldiers and expect them to become proficiently trained and skillful in combat in the time it takes another country to stike us.Its just not feasible in modern times. The military has ti be training constantly, in order to be an effective combat machine when needed by its citizens.The answer IMO is to make the government accountable to the citizens again.One has to be prepared. No different than a citizen training with his firearm to be prepared for a life or death situation.You cannot possible expect to call up citizens to be soldiers in an emergency and expect an effective military in modern times. You just cant. Its just not possible, especially with the other 1st world militaries out there.

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the problem is the definition of "serve their country" me that means serving what is in the best interest of the PEOPLE, NOT the best interest of bankers and other countries...if "serving your country" diverges from "serving private banking interests"...then the parents could have better prepared the young adult to make more informed decisions, especially ones that will impact them and others for a lifetime...

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Thank you HH... whilst it needs saying, it wont be appreciated...Colour me shocked at the ignorant & indoctrinated responses of your detractors... rather than debate rationally & objectively, u are subjected to ad hominim attack.I recieved similar treatment in the Comey thread recently & as a "newbie" I was naturally told I have no right to speak....but no effort made to answer my query ....Some have said here that a youngster has no idea what he / she is letting themselves in for & that they think they are "serving" their country. This is most likely true & the tradition of "thank you for your service" statements from others reinforces this misplaced feeling of patriotism.This amounts to positive encouragement & as such implicates ALL those who use the mantra. They say a nations greatest wealth & asset is it's young. If this is true, it seems like the young are being sold out simply for a buck . .......

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Good job guys.  Swallowed the whole hook and started a fight among the prolitariat at the behest of your owners.  Let's just all insult each other and give the pols and bankers a pass.  If no one volunteered looking for job training they would just bring in illegal aliens for pay and the offer of citizenship.  You might smugly laugh that that was the ruin of Rome, but that happened after a lot of the Romans were dead.We need to think more how we are alike and not different.It's supposed to be a citizens military.  How can we get it back?

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unfortunatly there has been a serious identity crisis in this country since WWII. The moral base for going to war has not been there since. The virtue of the military has been devoid ever since. They still beat to that drum (calling fallen soldiers families), honor, etc but the moral reson to go to war is empire building not national defense. We have been a conquering hoard for banker elite ever since and poeple as naieve as they are have been signing up to participate (Excluding vietnam). Dishonorable wars kind of void much of the honor that induviduals can righetously attain. 

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