What Do Hillary, Uranium One, And An FBI Bust Of A Deep Cover Russian Spy Network Have In Common?

In 2010, shortly after Hillary Clinton assumed her position as Secretary of State in the Obama administration, the FBI broke up a deep-cover Russian spy ring that had been operating in the U.S. for decades.  The operation, code named "Ghost Stories," was a huge bust for the FBI that handed the U.S. intelligence community 10 highly trained, deep-cover, Russian spies presumably with immensely valuable insights into Russia's covert operations in the homeland.  All of which is why its so confounding that Hillary, as Secretary of State, "worked so feverishly" to retun them all to Moscow posthaste rather than exploit their intelligence value to the fullest extent possible.

As the Daily Caller points out today, the FBI's bust couldn't have come at a worse time for the Clintons as it came literally the day before Bill Clinton delivered a $500,000 speech in Moscow on behalf of a Russian bank with an interest in securing approval of the controversial Uranium One deal...oh the tangled webs...

For a decade, the FBI ran an operation called Ghost Stories to monitor and rip apart a deep-cover Russian agent network. Ghost Stories tracked a ring Russian spies who lived between Boston and Washington, D.C., under false identities. It was one of the FBI’s most elaborate and successful counterintelligence operations in history.


Under the code name Operation Ghost Stories, the FBI had been working the ring for a decade. Its targets had burrowed in along the Acela Corridor between Boston, New York, and Washington DC. They lived normal daily lives as Americans to attend universities, run businesses, marry, and conceive and raise children to infiltrate society and subvert government institutions. One of the SVR agents had stolen the identity of a six week-old Canadian baby who had died in 1963. That prompted the Ghost Stories code name. The ring inspired the FX network’s television series, “The Americans.”


After the FBI arrested 10 of the spies in June, 2010, Secretary of State Clinton worked feverishly to return the Russian agents to Moscow in a hastily arranged, lopsided deal with Putin.


It all happened as the uranium deal was in play: An arrangement to provide Moscow’s state Rosatom nuclear agency with 20 percent of American uranium capacity, with $145,000,000 to pour into the Clinton Family Foundation and its projects.


For the Clintons, the FBI’s biggest counterintelligence bust in history couldn’t have come at a worse time.


The day the FBI arrested the Russian agents, on June 28, 2010, the day before the secretary of state’s husband, Bill Clinton, was to give a speech in Moscow. A Kremlin-connected investment bank, Renaissance Capital, paid the former president $500,000 for the hour-long appearance.

Hillary Putin

Making Clinton's decision to expel the captured spies even more confounding, was evidence that Hillary was perhaps one of the biggest targets of the Russian spy operation as agent Lidiya Guryeva, or Cynthia Murphy as she was known in her fake American life, tracked her daily movements and even moved to Washington D.C. along with Hillary in 2009. 

From New York, SVR agent Lidiya Guryeva had Clinton in her sights. Guryeva had a real-life job, under the assumed name Cynthia Murphy, as vice president of a high-end tax services company in lower Manhattan. Guryeva’s prime targets, FBI evidence and later news reports show, were Clinton and no fewer than five members of her inner circle.


Guryeva was far more important than a fellow agent would become the most famous member of the spy ring. The publicity would go to Anna Vasilyevna Kushchenko, who after her arrest would be become a glamourous spy princess under her married name, Anna Chapman.


While the FBI’s unclassified information is vague, it is clear that Guryeva’s target was an early Obama administration member from New York who handled foreign policy after having run for high-level public office. Clinton is the only person fitting that description.


Clinton became secretary of state on January 21, 2009. Two weeks later, on February 3, Guryeva sent an encrypted message to the SVR’s Moscow Center. The agent reported “several work-related meetings” with a New York-based “financier” who was “prominent in politics,” an “active fundraiser” for a major political party whose name the FBI redacted, and “a personal friend” of an Obama cabinet official whom the FBI did not publicly identify. Guryeva told her bosses that she would seek to use that personal friend to “provide” inside information on American foreign policy and the White House, and invite her to major political events.


Guryeva and her husband would sell their New Jersey house and follow Clinton to the nation’s capital. There, she could get a job with a Washington, DC-based company or policy shop. A tasking message dated October 18, 2009, from Moscow Center sought agents to seek out information “unknown publicly but revealed in private by sources close to State Department, Government, major think tanks.”


As the FBI told the court, “the SVR requested information on the U.S. position with respect to a new Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, Afghanistan, and Iran’s nuclear program.” Moscow Center specifically asked Guryeva for intelligence concerning “approaches and ideas” of what the FBI called “four names of sub-cabinet United States foreign policy officials, omitted,” meaning that all four were deputies to Secretary Clinton whose identities had been redacted.

 Hillary Clinton was mining Kremlin cash for her personal benefit while secretary of state, at the exact time Putin’s SVR spies were targeting her and penetrating her inner circle. She had every personal motivation to make the spy problem disappear and deny that she had been a target.

Of course, given that the Clintons were on the verge of securing a windfall of donations for their "Clinton Foundation," which came shortly after the Uranium One deal was completed just a few months later, among other Russian-based schemes to enrich her friends and family (described below), it seems Hillary was forced to choose between exploiting an intelligence treasure chest of information for the benefit of the country at large or covering up yet another scandal that would potentially disrupt her family's personal self-enrichment schemes...

Clinton pledged at Foggy Bottom to “reset” relations with the Putin-controlled regime. She blamed the former George W. Bush administration for the bad feelings. To the Kremlin’s relief, she opposed what would become the Magnitsky Act to sanction Russian criminal oligarchs and regime figures. Weeks into her tenure as secretary, she told Russian television, “our goal is to help strengthen Russia.”


She immediately used her position as America’s top diplomat to pour Russia-related money into her family foundation. One of her earliest acts as secretary of state was personally to authorize the State Department to arrange for 28 American tech CEOs and venture capitalists – 17 of them Clinton Foundation donors – to visit a Russian high-tech hub called Skolkovo. With Skolkovo, the SVR doesn’t need to steal when it can arrange legal purchases. The US military calls Skolkovo “an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage.” The Skolkovo visit, which reportedly began as a Clinton Foundation initiative, occurred in May, 2010, a month before the arrests.


Four days before the FBI would break up the ring, on June 24, Obama personally met with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, to coordinate billions of dollars in deals with Kremlin-affiliated businesses. Putin held power behind the scenes as prime minister, between his terms as president.

...guess which path she chose...

Clinton didn’t want leverage. She wanted the issue to go away. She toiled feverishly to get the 10 Ghost Stories spies back to Moscow as quickly as possible. She accepted whatever Putin would give her to pass off as a face-saving swap.


She folded America’s strong hand of cards. The US had ten relatively young, highly trained Russian spies in custody with immense, fresh knowledge of SVR statecraft. A normal secretary of state would bide her time and get the best deal.


The State Department coordinated quickly with the Kremlin to return the spies in a lopsided swap over a busy Fourth of July weekend, when few in Washington were paying attention.


In return, the US accepted an SVR officer who had been an American double agent, an open-source researcher whom Amnesty International considered a political prisoner, a Russian military intelligence colonel who spied for the British, and an elderly ex-KGB man from Soviet times whom not even a Communist court convicted of treason.

All of which, as the Daily Caller notes, raises several questions: Precisely what did the FBI know about Russia’s spy service targeting Hillary Clinton and her inner circle? Why did Clinton deny through spokespersons that she had been a Russian target? Why did she work so feverishly to get the spies out of the United States and back to Russia? Why has the FBI leadership not been more vocal in touting one of its greatest counterintelligence successes ever? And why did nobody in the FBI leadership raise this issue during the 2016 Russian election meddling controversy?


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Keep pushing this until even the assholes at CNN can't ignore it any longer......This bitch is the definition of Treason.If I had to choose between Aldrich Ames and Hillary to run a beer cart, I wouldn't have to think twice-  she's treasonous AND just plain fucking stupid.......

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Yeah, the FBI *just* discovered this.  Funny, just as everyone is wondering why the FBI overlord is keeping the Las Vegas sheriff so nervous during press conferences.  FBI is criminal.  The FBI should be designated as a domestic terror organization.  The leaders should be arrested.  Not kidding.

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The strong possibility exists that the Russians found a way to compromise Clinton, and actually turned her into a Soviet spy. A sitting Secretary of State as a Russian spy--incredible. Russians are certainly well-renowned for their spycraft. This would be the espionage coup of the century.Maybe the real "Russian election meddling" story was that the Russians were trying to influence the election FOR Clinton, not against her.It would explain her mysterious 8-hour disappearance after it became clear she had lost the election, and the rage and confusion that she supposedly experienced.Comey, as a long-time Clinton fixer, would have done his best to cover this up. It would also explain the rather peculiar circumstances around Comey's firing.This is better than television.

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 Treason.. Sedition.. a threat to the security of the United States of America… wonton avarice… disregard for the duties of the office JHFC.. Billery, Hillary Obamanation, Lynch her high, Comie on my blue dress………. If they are not put in a black location space soon…. There is no hope.     Hey, I have this nice little U-235 suppository for you… bend over and spread the cheeks. ...maybe there is not any hope in this space either........... 

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Ugh....It looks like people in high-level hiring positions — people who got those positions due to their superior skills and judgement — hired a lot of Russian spies. This includes a lot of political experts. These spies got access to a lot of information, leading globalist Demopublicans in the Uniparty to send them back to their home country where this information might be useful.

One question: How come the Daily Caller has a great article on this now, but back when it was happening, there was very little coverage or a minor media focus that deemphasized the salient points? Here is the reason: Most reporters are just political operatives now. It makes you wonder how many spies from other parts of the world have infiltrated top positions, posing as the always-celebrated power career couples, with the politicial hack media either clueless or willfully ignoring it.

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Falcon A !  Push it, push it down the throats of Hitlery, Slick Willy, Diane Reynolds AKA Chelsea Clinton (yea, she's been on the Clinton Foundation board since 2011), Robert Mueller, Eric Holder, AND Barack Hussein.  Push it so hard they all go to prison or escape into exile at the Ecuadorian embassy in Moscow:  Gorokhovsky Pereulok No. 12, 103064 Moscow, Russia. 

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You can vote for a Demopublican or a Republocrat, both of whom will pursue the same basic policy positions of 1) tax breaks for rich globalists who invest in the economies of foreign countries, 2) tax breaks for high-salaried career couples who concentrate the wealth from good-paying jobs and 3) more monthly welfare and tax-based welfare to further rig the job market at the bottom for crony and frequently absentee parents. No matter which party you vote for, you vote to pay citizens (and noncitizens) for reproducing through things like free or reduced-cost rent and food, along with child-tax-credit checks of up to $6,269. You vote to provide parents these freebies for working a 20-hour-per-week minimum for low wages, which helps to keep wages low for citizens who are not paid by taxpayers for sex and reproduction.

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And we are to believe that the use of an unsecured server didn't place national security at risk while this type of surveillance was taking place?  This is a couple and their inner circle who believe that nothing matters except their own well being.  Rot in hell all of you – or better yet in a cell.  Is there a statute of limitations that is going to kick in to save their asses?  Insane   

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Suppose this undescured server was breeched the mind boggles with possibilities.You manage to send placed virus software in an attachment from your security cleared position on your unsecured server straight into the heart of the pentagon, whitehouse, FBI etc.Why would you check if those emails appeared to have the highest security clearnace from a known contact? 

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Platitudes about racism in the wake of a two-term, Black POTUS are nothing but an attempt to distract from the real economic issues in this country, although Bush’s style of using those issues to distract is different. Or, it is more like a Demopublican addressing the overplayed card of race in a Republocrat wrapper.

Years ago, that was a fresher publicity tactic.

Bush is out of politics now, but in general, racial-justice themes, deployed 50 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, are useful to careerist politicians and to race baiters in the private sector who use skin-pigmentation motifs to make money.

Minorities want it both ways.

They want to occupy the highest positions, with no one regarding race as a reason, but then, they want to defy MKLK’s colorblind society ideal, bringing race up 24/7 because they gain economic advantages from it.

They want both the advantages that a factional grievance group brings — the racial preferences in jobs, the EEOC legal protections that whites do not enjoy when working in 80 to 90% minority-dominated workplaces, the constant courting of their groups by politicians offering favors — but they want liberty from any negative connotations.

All minorities are not like that, and sadly, those individuals are unfairly associated with this constant Fake BS / PC parade.

The endless distraction of fake, opportunistic, racial-justice warriors — both Black and white — and so-called “racist” Americans who elected a Black president twice, not to mention all of the other minorities at the top of the economic pile, does nothing to address the underlying economic issues in America.

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Never forget. The USSR collapsed under the weight of its own lies, not under the failure of communism. It was either dissolve the USSR or face a situation similar to the American Revolution where a good number of powerful men rallied the plebes under the banner of sanity.

It is intolerable for a number of the elites to have to subscribe to lies and mental illness just to hold onto what they have.

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Its getting near time to seriously ammo-up or move to central or South America. No turning back from here. The pile is getting too big for even Lightnin' Sessions to ignore. 

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If you were to list the stories of the people who have been destroyed for no other reason than they stood up to illegal and unjust actions of the federal government, just in the last 30 years, you couldn't fit it in 1 volume.

When this becomes common practice, there is no standard of living that will keep the populace pacified.

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  In answer to the original title inquiry:The same thing that Billy Jeff and the intelligence agency-controlled media had in common for 8 years running:- Deny- Delay- Obfuscate Not to mention that fact that all his various 'controversies' provided $$$grist for the 'conservative' talk/tv circuit - which all turned out to be a circle-jerk of super nova-sized proportion, but what the hell right?   It was entertaining...And in the end, what they really all have in common is a Big 'FUCK YOU & DIE' to everyone chasing them down in the hopes of getting a conviction...!!!  

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___Why has the FBI leadership not been more vocal in touting one of its greatest counterintelligence successes ever?___

Because they only had what they were allowed to have and they knew it.
We gave back tenfold what you gave to us..karma is such a bitch.

I'm going to need much more popcorn ;)