Xi's Roadmap To The Chinese Dream

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times,

China's Belt and Road Initiative - the New Silk Road - will spark the country's development and turn the dream into reality...

It all starts with Hong Kong as a major BRI financing hub.

Now that President Xi Jinping has been duly elevated to the Chinese Communist Party pantheon in the rarified company of Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, the world will have plenty of time to digest the meaning of “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.”

Xi himself, in his 3½-hour speech at the start of the 19th Party Congress, pointed to a rather simplified “socialist democracy” – extolling its virtues as the only counter-model to Western liberal democracy. Economically, the debate remains open on whether this walks and talks more like “neoliberalism with Chinese characteristics”.

All the milestones for China in the immediate future have been set.

  • “Moderately prosperous society” by 2020.
  • Basically modernized nation by 2035.
  • Rich and powerful socialist nation by 2050.

Xi himself, since 2013, has encapsulated the process in one mantra; the “Chinese dream”. The dream must become reality in a little over three decades. The inexorable modernization drive unleashed by Deng’s reforms has lasted a little less than four decades. Recent history tell us there’s no reason to believe phase 2 of this seismic Sino-Renaissance won’t be fulfilled.

Xi emphasized, “the dreams of the Chinese people and those of other peoples around the world are closely linked. The realization of the Chinese dream will not be possible without a peaceful international environment and a stable international order.”

He mentioned only briefly the New Silk Roads, a.k.a. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as having “created a favorable environment for the country’s overall development”. He didn’t dwell on BRI’s ambition and extraordinary scope, as he does in every major international summit as well as in Davos earlier this year.

But still it was implicit that to arrive at what Xi defines as a “community of common destiny for mankind”, BRI is China’s ultimate tool. BRI, a geopolitical/geoeconomic game-changer, is in fact Xi’s – and China’s – organizing foreign policy concept and driver up to 2050.

Xi has clearly understood that global leadership implies being a top provider, mostly to the global South, of connectivity, infrastructure financing, comprehensive technical assistance, construction hardware and myriad other trappings of “modernization”.

It does not hurt that this trade/commerce/investment onslaught helps to internationalize the yuan.

It’s easy to forget that BRI, an unparalleled multinational connectivity drive set to economically link all points Asia to Europe and Africa, was announced only three years ago, in Astana (Central Asia) and Jakarta (Southeast Asia).

What was originally known as the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road were endorsed by the Third Plenum of the 18th CCP Central Committee in November 2013. Only after the release of an official document, “Visions and Actions on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Roads”, in March 2015, the whole project was finally named BRI.

According to the official Chinese timeline, we’re only at the start of phase 2. Phase 1, from 2013 to 2016, was “mobilization”. “Planning”, from 2016 to 2021, is barely on (and that explains why few major projects are online). “Implementation” is supposed to start in 2021, one year before Xi’s new term expires, and go all the way to 2049.

The horizon thus is 2050, coinciding with Xi’s “rich and powerful socialist nation” dream. There’s simply no other comprehensive, inclusive, far-reaching, financially solid development program on the global market. Certainly not India’s Asia-Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC).

Have BRI, will travel

It starts with Hong Kong. When Xi said, “We will continue to support Hong Kong and Macau in integrating their own development into the overall development of the country”, he meant Hong Kong configured as a major BRI financing hub – its new role after a recent past of business facilitator between China and the West.

Hong Kong’s got what it takes; convertible currency; total capital mobility; rule of law; no tax on interest, dividends and capital gains; total access to China’s capital market/savings; and last but not least, Beijing’s support.

Enter the dream of myriad financing packages (public-private; equity-debt; short-long term bonds). Hong Kong’s BRI role will be of the Total Package international financial center (venture capital; private equity; flotation of stocks and bonds; investment banking; mergers and acquisitions; reinsurance) interlinked with the Greater Bay Area – the 11 cities (including Guangzhou and Shenzhen) of the Pearl River Delta (light/heavy manufacturing; hi-tech venture capitalists, start-ups, investors; top research universities).

That ties up with Xi’s emphasis on innovation; “We will strengthen basic research in applied sciences, launch major national science and technology projects, and prioritize innovation in key generic technologies, cutting-edge frontier technologies, modern engineering technologies, and disruptive technologies.”

The integration of the Greater Bay Area is bound to inspire, fuel, and in some cases even mould some of BRI’s key projects. The Eurasian Land Bridge from Xinjiang to Western Russia (China and Kazakhstan are actively turbo-charging their joint free trade zone at Khorgos). The China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor. The connection of the Central Asian “stans” to West Asia – Iran and Turkey. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) from Xinjiang all the way to Gwadar in the Arabian Sea – capable of sparking an “economic revolution” according to Islamabad. The China-Indochina corridor from Kunming to Singapore. The Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) corridor (assuming India does not boycott it). The Maritime Silk Road from coastal southeast China all the way to the Mediterranean, from Piraeus to Venice.

Yiwu-London freight trains, Shanghai-Tehran freight trains, the Turkmenistan to Xinjiang gas pipeline – these are all facts on the ground. Along the way, the technologies and tools of infrastructure connectivity – applied to high-speed rail networks, power plants, solar farms, motorways, bridges, ports, pipelines – will be closely linked with financing by the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the security-economic cooperation imperatives of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to build the new Eurasia from Shanghai to Rotterdam. Or, to evoke Vladimir Putin’s original vision, even before BRI was launched, “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”.

Xi did not spell it out, but Beijing will do everything to stay as independent as possible from the Western Central Bank system, with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to be avoided in as many trade deals as possible to the benefit of yuan-based transactions or outright barter. The petrodollar will be increasingly bypassed (it’s already happening between China and Iran, and Beijing sooner rather than later will demand it from Saudi Arabia.)

The end result, by 2050, will be, barring inevitable, complex glitches, an integrated market of 4.5 billion people mostly using local currencies for bilateral and multilateral trade, or a basket of currencies (yuan-ruble-rial-yen-rupee).

Xi has laid China’s cards – as well as the road map – on the table. As far as the Chinese Dream is concerned, it’s now clear; Have BRI, Will Travel.


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  • yadda yadda yadda
  • Hunger Games in mainland China around 2055.

Because European nations will ditch EUCCP by 2030 and reindustrialize their sovereign states... which means no more buying cheap crap made in China, nor manufacture everything there.US will do something similar starting 2024.The US whites will bring a REAL nationalist president after Trump. The Silk Road will become Ebony Foothpath, as China will pivot to Africa.. trying to sell beads to monkeys and get cheap resources.Good luck with that.

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Hillary...hey jack, don't be so eager to display your ignorance about Asian matters. Dog meat is a delicacy in northeastern Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China and Myanmar.

Keep your PC horse shit to yourself. Think of the cycle of life and become part of it. You'd rather bury Fido in the grave at an old age. Other cultures would view your actions incomprehensible. You eat beef, right?
Dogs are better scavangers than cattle.

Get used to it. If you were starving--as in Venezuela--your doggie would be tonight's menu.

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Pepe always seems quite the cheerleader for China.  He doesn't even wear panties for the leg kicks.If our guys are working to sabotage this  which I am pretty sure they are then they could do no better than to ship them Jamie Dimon sealed up in a rail car.The first phase was easy because they were going from outhouse to Socially Engineered Obamao Bathrooms. ( That is where Tranny Time Lemonade is made).  Who are they going to copy during this phase?  That's my jokey way of saying the second phase will be harder.  Nonetheless perhaps they'll be doing better than the USA with our Deep State Puppets making our lives so very miserable for the sole reason of maintaining their and our Lourd and Masters the Bankers i power and us under their thumb.

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The capital-rich technical and infrastructure achievements in the BRI sphere are stunning.  The vision and purpose is to be admired and respected. By comparison, the incredible LACK thereof in my left-coast community is to be derided.  Stupid, brainwashed hippie politicians champion "Bike Lanes," rainbow-painted sidewalks and a little 200-foot bridge, the construction of which has taken 30 years to get underway and is slated to cost more than $120 million dollars, assuming it ever gets completed, bogged down as it seems with deranged ideology, incompetence and corruption. (And meanwhile, Mayor and Council are off enjoying a taxpayer-paid junket to China, ostensibly on a "trade mission."  Dear God, please give them inspiration, because they sure as hell have none of their own.)The comment above by "God Emperor" is just sarcastic and nasty: much of his post can be ignored.  However, that said, an important point not mentioned in the Chinese document is the disruption that looms due to energy shortage.  The Chinese must recognize that the clock is ticking and make every effort to accomplish as much as possible while energy is still relatively abundant, because we really have little more than a decade left before conditions become very difficult for us all. On that note, Canada should be making every effort to push through West Coast pipeline expansion, because with the imminent collapse of the American financial system leaving that country incapable of paying its bills, access to alternative markets will be a matter of Canadian national security.  Unfortunately, much of what's needed in terms of public policy seems so beyond and averse to the debt-loving, capital-sucking lawn ornaments in Ottawa that Canada's shared path down the American drain seems inevitable.

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That simply is not true....There will be enough natural gas reconstituted as LNG for a very long time. Hence our port builds. We will not collapse until after 2050. Didnt you just read the article? China will not under any circumstances pull the plug until its ready...which it will be by 2050 barring world war 3. 

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@ Aurum4040: I'm not sure if you're being tongue-in-cheek, or actually believe what you say. Your assertion could reflect different sources and context.  (From what I gather, for example, the oil and gas sector in North America is in serious trouble, with scary-fast depletion, sector-wide overstatement of reserves, tanking EROEI and a mountain of unpayable debt. Practically the only thing holding it up right now is dumb capital managed by fools and/or crooks.)  In real terms, everything is set to become dangerously more expensive, hence the dominant influence of this consideration in American foreign policy.

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The Chinese miracle is based upon infinite supply of cheap slave grade labor harnessed by brute force of authoritarianism and a heaping helping of gargantuan debt. Simply beating our distorted version of capitalism with our own game. Debt enabled by communism versus America's communist revolution enabled by debt.Utopia is near at hand. It just doesn't include 95% of us in it.Poverty and division will lead to war, between nations and within them. The winners will be the owners of the means of production who will live in relative peace and coexistence after we have eliminated ourselves, all wants and needs supplied by the technology that WE ultimately paid for.

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The closed currency is a key element in the facade, along with capital controls, lack of property rights, ubiquitous pollution, and google/ facebook press censoship and dissent suppression.Not a miracle, and not sustainable.  Trump needs to pull the pin on the global economy grenade.  We will see how strong their middle class is after the next generation of AI and ML makes a fraction of those middle class manufacturing jobs we shipped over there too expensive for the slave labor to perform or obsolete.What's 400 million formerly well fed middle class suburbanites look like standing in a bread line.  Remember They can't feed themselves.

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The capital-rich technical and infrastructure achievements in the BRI sphere are stunning.  The vision and purpose is to be admired and respected. It's built right on top of a charnel house of 40 million corpses... Keep loving that view. SMFH..... Statute of Limitations on Genocide in the Modern Era... Soon as We Forget or Never Knew. You people make me fucking sick.... By comparison, the incredible LACK thereof in my left-coast community is to be derided.Speaking of government worshipping tools. You're free to pack up all your shit and go worship the Overlords of Mass Murder in Sheeeeeenaaaaa.*PUKE*

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Yeah, America has such a peaceful history, especially the last 50 years. The equivocation game again. SMFH....THIS post is about the glorious communist party making lofty promises standing on top of 40 million corpses. Feel free to post an article on American atrocities and I'll be more than happy to chime in over there. You don't get to deflect a genocidal spree by the sitting communist party that makes German Nazis look like naughty daycare minders in comparison or dredge up stupid American shit as if the Chinese massacres are irrelevant.You're free to pack up all your shit and go worship at the feet of your commie overlords dude.

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Roosevelt, White, Morgentau, Marshall, etc all worked together to make sure Mao and the Communists gained control of China.  There is ample evidence that there was a conspiracy against Chang and the Nationalists.Not only can we heap the murders of Amero-Indians, Confederates, Philipinos, Hawaiians on the shoulders of the US government, we can also heap all the dead (you claim 40m) from Mao on US shoulders.  Without US meddling in Indochina, Pol Pot never would have happened.  Without Jacob Schiff's support and 20m in gold, Lenin and Trotsky would never have overturned Kerensky.  Without US entry into WWI, it is clear that there would have been no Treaty of Versailles or Hitler or WWII.So really the rest of the world can largely place the blame for all the carnage of the last 150 years on the shoulders of the US.

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I believe that Freemasonry was for the good at its inception. The Elders of Zion wrote that a major goal of theirs was to infiltrate the Lodges of Freemasonry.The wisdom inherent in Freemasonry flows down the fountains from ancient Egypt and Greece. Those traditions flow from the even more ancient fountains of Atlantis.Even Judaism has its foundings in the wisdom of ancient Egypt. Then distorted by the demonic forces that corrupted it. If, and that is a huge question, it was ever pure to begin with. Dating of the talmud in comparison with overall judaic teaching would make that clear.

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China may be more open minded to truly innovative energy tech that the west refuses to even think about. Like the tech pioneered by Tom Bearden : MS Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.  BS Mathematics, Northeast Louisiana  University with minor in Electronic Engineering.  Graduate of Command & General Staff College, U.S. Army.  Graduate of Guided Missile Staff Officer's Course, U.S. Army (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering).  Graduate courses in statistics, electromagnetics.  Numerous missile, radar, electronic warfare, and counter-countermeasures courses.http://www.cheniere.orghttp://www.cheniere.org/misc/bearden%20cv%20long.htm

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Back of the "dialectical materialism" class for yu!

If... you'd been paying any attention atall ...to the last hunnerd years -or so- of human history,

you'd know by now that we practice TWO forms of "socialism" on this here earthly orb. Now "socialism" in the former "third world" countries is a way of getting naive peeples to work hard in order to fund the imperial dreams of their local elites... who in turn are in thrall to their imported "directors" sent by the international finance capitalists...

and they know that ... in order to build a happy and prosperous tomorrow - for their children - they must forgo being burdens pon THE STATE... so that that particular[yur fave socialist paradise goes here....] STATE can get on with it's plans to become the HQ of the moneychangers, from which they can launch their FINAL ASSAULT pon the hated peeples of the...

other form of socialism - in the so-called 'developed world'... where the dweebs have been successively dumbed down so as to willingly accept our "capitalist paradise" form of socialism... working hard for peanuts and a steadily declining standard of living... so as to provide the rentier class... their 'rent bouys'... and coloredfolk/LBGT clientele with sufficient guaranteed income as to be free to foment 'permanent class struggle' pon those very same tax farmed feeble minded goiems...

see - it's all good. Now relax... and enjoy the final ride to the tumbrils!

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If you think that Americas' "form of economics" is anything other than "a mix of managed capitalism and socialism"...

yu be marchin to a defective drummer. Jus like Pepito here... in charge of drummin up dimwits dumb enuff to smoke the "BRI Brix ... or the OBOR bong.

For over a century now... Wall St has been exporting "socialism" to places that it had sufficiently stripped of wealth and sovereignty to place their peeples in a position of hopeless lassitude - such that they would accept the imposition of talmudist-bred "revolutionary" change...

while imposing its' vicious monopolistic "capitalism" predations pon a hapless liberty-lubbin lumpenproletariat of once-prosperous peeple who's ancestors moved to the new world to get away from the moneychangers makin a mockery of justice in the ol one...

only to find themselves ONCE AGIN speedily delivered into the hands of crypto-currency conmen who cry "hate crime" whenever anybody dares blow the whistle upon their grim guillotining of ACTUAL FREE ENTERPRISE... free expression... free anything cept free rides for their dupe 'peeple o color' and the fifth columnist who pimp that ride with them!

Power to the Peeple! Peeple of the Debt/Usury/Interest portion of humanity that is! Permanent Revolution... till the last shred of evidence that humans were ever anything but cattle to be butchered by their kabbalist talmudist masters ... has disappeared from this sorry ol earth...

and the thoughts of XI/Lenin/Marx/... and the whole legion of 'YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT ' are finally free to reign over the rump of humanity allowed to remain in dumb servitude to the new Jerusalem.

Kind sorta exactly the way the once mighty pen of Pepito scrawls to the directions of his new masters now.

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