Kevin Spacey Popped The 'House Of Cards'-Bubble In Baltimore, Wiping Out Over 2000 Jobs

Last Tuesday, Media Right Capital and distributor Netflix announced the suspension of the American thriller, House of Cards, days after Anthony Rapp alleged Kevin Spacey, the executive producer and star had made ‘sexual advances’ towards him in the 1980’s, when he was 14-years old.

Then last Thursday, Netflix cut ties with Spacey, a day after CNN published an article circulating new allegations of sexual misconduct from several current and former members of “House of Cards”.

Since then, a long impressive list of actors, bartenders, a military advisor, and mostly men, 13 in total, are accusing Spacey of sexual misconduct from the 1980’s to present day.

Unbeknownst to many, House of Cards was predominantly filmed in Baltimore, Maryland for all five seasons making it Maryland’s largest film production. In season 4 alone, almost 2,700 cast, crew, and other support teams were hired from the Greater Baltimore region, and the production alone used local services from more than 2,000 Maryland vendors.  Maryland as a whole proudly flaunts itself as the home of the production, which earned more than $128 million in 2015 from season 4’s production.

According to The Baltimore Sun, more than a half billion dollars flowed into the local economy through many businesses during the production of ‘House of Cards’…

Caterers and fast-food restaurants, carpet and furniture outlets, music and antique stores, warehouses, auto parts dealers and paint suppliers - all are included among the show’s hundreds of Maryland vendors during more than five years of filming, often in and around Baltimore, at locations including the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, the Baltimore Museum of Art and The Baltimore Sun.

With the firing of Spacey and the entire production in limbo. There is major doubt the production will continue and could create a headache for Baltimore’s local economy.

Already, local vendors are “already feeling the loss of a deep-pocketed customer and the cachet of being associated with a hit series”, as the suspension of the production inches towards its first full-week.

Meanwhile, the crew is still getting paid says The Baltimore Sun, but many are casting doubts the production will continue.

The 4-5 year economic boom in Baltimore from a big-budget production has likely popped. The economic ripple through the community and many small businesses could be devastating, especially for the state, who has welcomed the the production with enamors tax credits over the years.

Jena Richardson,28, a crew member on House of Cards, said “if the show leaves, that means that a lot of my friends who have become my set family will have to leave to find work as well. So if we can keep the work here, then everybody can stay here and provide for themselves and their families throughout the holidays.”

Another crew member, Roger Voter,27, a tech assistant, said the loss of  the show would be a “huge detriment. Having Baltimore locals being trained in these jobs under the masters of LA is great for their careers”, but as we point out Kevin Spacey has popped the filming bubble in Baltimore and it could mean newly created film techs will have to revert back to the bartending life or even return to their parent’s basements.

Bottomline: with the House of Cards bubble popped, Under Armour meltdown, and a homicide rate doubled Chicago’s. Baltimore’s outlook heading into 2018 is bleak.


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That's what slave owners cried.....ending slavery means no jobs for millions of slaves...oh no, I'm so worried about them. That's what Nazis cried about prison laborers...ending labor camps means no jobs for prisoners and me....oh no... Don't cross the picket line.....labor should define what a legitamate job is or else employers will be forced to engage at the lowest level in order to compete. But then serfs are dumb, so most smart people just end up as slave drivers after realizing the masses are too stupid to be rescued.

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Russia has "Indian tribes" but they don't live on impoverished reservations; they just live in ultra-remote flyover towns. However, the "modern" Russian man is raised to treat women and children with absolute respect. They even flirt quite graciously.In the USSA on the other hand, the brutal beast is glorified, and sexual domination is the expected back-stage behavior. Women (and children's) liberation has reached its limits and now become less than useless. A men's dignity movement is what is needed now.We should envy the Russians.

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very good point. its tragic.

im a recovering dumb-mass. i learned some true sciences and figured it out. theres no profit for all in the model
you describe. you would have to teach people at the highest level they could attain and teach how to think not what to think...if u think about it theres a middle man to your livelihood in a Professor... him an all his TAs would be out of work!.. the tragedy is the successes of Rockefeller and Carnegie in the General Board of Education and the multi tier system that make people dumb. the Slave Drivers get much better education. and there's even better education past what slave driver is offered.

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Absolutely. Plus, nearly the whole of Hollywood knew about Spacey to begin with. Some entertainment business person, can't remember who but it would be easy to google, said "everyone in this business had a Spacey story".So, how about they begin by taking decent people to star in their movies/TV series instead of despicable shady dudes whom they are going to have to lie about? I mean, it's not as if there were no actors. There are truckloads of them.So, don't come crying about the "jobs". Take decent people and this won't happen.Be clean. Remember the jobs depend on it.

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If we are going be technical you did have slaves crying about being freed- because there was no master to provide for them. Also slavery was on its way out, so I doubt the south cried over losing slaves and cried far more over being raped and looted by the North.

Also you're bringing up the holo-hoax? Really? We still believe the liars stories about WW2 and how the war was all about them? Really?

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Palestinians were doing just fine running the country in the first place. And when they ran it they had real hebrews living there, compared to the fake khazar jews in the majority occupying today, and thing were just fine.

If the khazars are so worried about what's going to happen to them, maybe they shouldn't have fucked up the world and everyone else in the process creating enemies far and wide. Maybe if they had behaved they wouldn't have to whine and cry about the justice they have coming their way. Witht he way things are now, justice will come for them whether they are in stolen land or rightfully kicked out of it.

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 What is exactly supposed to happen to the millions of Jews living in Israel, in the case of "dissolution"?They can stay or emigrate. In either case, most of them are presently occupying stolen land, so those portions of Israel that were confiscated from the Palestinians do not not have a right to be "Israel".

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Actually, with the advent of the mass media, the opposite has proven itself true.  Whatever perversions the TV and cinema say are normal (gay marriage, miscegenation, feminism, divorce, drug use, adultery, etc...) are adopted by the idiotic masses against their instinctive better judgement.  It all results in their detriment and suffering.

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"Actually, with the advent of the mass media, the opposite has proven itself true." Did you just skip over all of human history with this observation?  The Salem Witch trials?  The Spanish Inquisition?  The Aztecs?  History is full of examples of human beings being evil and awful to one another.   With history available 24/7 on multiple platforms, I can only question your sanity and/or motivations in making a statement like that.  Evil is old, not new.

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Where did I state or even imply that evil is something new?  My only point is that the mass media consciously push that evil down our throats without any resistance or indignation by the gullible herd.  THAT is new... and it was accomplished by a slow and purposeful erosion of the morality, spiritualism and restraining inhibitions that once held the (((devil's children))) in check.

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I agree, though I think humans are more complex. The times swing. One period will abuse the excesses of life, the next will shun them. Nazism to ultra-liberal-refugee-loving Germany. Hippies to sexual conservatism. Etc.The power of cable TV is waning. Same with big media. The internet is so varied, you can find a niche.In fact, I think the major difference is today we are entering an era of extremism in that anyone can find their own echo-chamber. These echo chambers used to exist in select few circles. Like Hollywood for example: a very small bunch of wealthy actors/actresses/producers/directors who used sex/violence as a device to make millions. Is it really hard to predict that it would be a cesspool of rape, pedophilia, and abuse? No.The entire world is becoming an echo chamber of mostly BS, with a little spattering of truth here and there for the ones that dig for it. That's, IMO, the major difference between the present and the past. In the past, everything was localized, people were dumber about outside events, but more intune with themselves. If you had extremist views, they were rounded due to the daily interactions that were necessary to exist/survive. Nowadays, you can pretty much lock yourself in an apt and get by with 1 or 2 hellos, every other social need can be taken care of online. Reality can be dumped for the virtual and the virtual twists our psyche.I wouldnt say that mass media is evil, it simply exists as a byproduct of demand and ease. Its easier not to check facts. Its profitable to give people juicy stories. End of story. Not to say other outlets, like ZH, dont exist. They do, and they attract those that want something different.Its sad though. You cant talk to anyone about politics rationally. Everyone is so fragmented, the person next to you at work could report you to HR for liking Trump, or call you a racist because you support immigration reform, or any number of idiocies. Everyone smart regulates their speech 24/7, says bland things, talks about sports, the weather, etc. Its a sign of an extremely stressed society. 

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