"For The Sake Of Allah": Swedish Radio Station Hijacked To Play ISIS Recruiting Song

Earlier this year, President Trump took a beating in the mainstream media for blasting Europe's, and more specifically Sweden's, disastrous immigration policies...

Of course, since that feud erupted, the MSM has been repeatedly embarrassed by a series of violent attacks perpetrated by Muslim migrants on Swedish citizens.  Here are just a few examples:

Now, the latest evidence suggesting that the migrant population in Sweden might have motivations beyond their simple, peaceful relocation from the Middle East comes via a radio station in Malmo.  As The Local pointed out earlier today, Malmo residents who flipped their radio dials to Mix Megapol earlier this morning were greeted with a rather alarming "ISIS recruiting" mix tape rather than the station's normal "hits from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s."  The terrorist recruiting mix tape was apparently played for a full 30 minutes after an "unknown offender" managed to hijack the radio station.

Malmö residents who tuned into popular radio station Mix Megapol at around 8.30am on Friday suddenly found themselves listening to Isis recruitment song 'For the sake of Allah'.


The song was played after the radio station's local airwaves were hijacked by an unknown offender, Bauer Media, which owns the station, confirmed after 24Malmö.se first reported the incident.


"We will report this incident to the police and to the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority," marketing director Jakob Gravestam said in a press release.


He confirmed to 24Malmö.se that the three-minute song – with lyrics trying to tempt Westerners into joining Isis with promises about maidens waiting in paradise for fighters – was played for around 30 minutes.


As you may recall, earlier this year in April, Sweden fell victim to a deadly terrorist attack after a 39-year-old migrant from Uzbekistan plowed a beer delivery truck into a market in Central Sweden.  The attack killed 4 people and seriously injured a dozen others. 

Since then, many Swedes have called for the implementation of "geo-fences" in urban areas that would give the police the ability to remotely disable large trucks and/or an outright ban on trucks altogether.

Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth hopes to introduce the 'geo-fences' in urban areas next year and which use technology that can digitally stop large vehicles  or reduce their speed.


Since then, Swedish authorities have worked to increase security against these kind of attacks, including the implementation of more physical barriers in pedestrianized areas, increased video surveillance and tightened security at large public events.


On Drottninggatan, the street targeted in April's attack, authorities have already doubled the number of concrete lions which are in place to stop vehicles driving down the pedestrianized streets.


"Security on our pedestrianized streets has been improved. Directly after the terror attack we put out more stone lions, and we have also ordered heavier versions which are coming next year," said Daniel Halldén, Stockholm's transport commissioner.


The heavier lions will weigh three times as much as those currently in place, at three tonnes each, and will be placed in a way so that vehicles cannot drive straight ahead but are forced to turn, preventing them from being able to increase their speed.

Of course, rather than ban trucks, knives, rocks, paper clips, etc., Sweden could also consider a more rigorous vetting program for the migrants that seem to be responsible for a fairly high percentage of these types of attacks...though that would probably be culturally insensitive...so maybe not.


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IsraHell is also AlQaeda.

“I want Netanyahu to begin telling the truth, what the involvement of Israel was in 9/11. Over 134 Mossad operatives were picked up on 9/11. The FBI picked them up [and] debriefed them.”- Jewish (to boot) Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

Those Mossad operatives were let go because as Ariel Sharon said, "We the Jewish people control America."

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IronForge Fri, 11/10/2017 - 22:35 Permalink

Either they are encouraged to return to the land of their Origin, or the Nation-State dies off .What will it take?  Some Terrorists to repeatedly attack the Royal Court, or will the Fake News Scaremongers thrill and lull the Sheeple into Submission?  

Dun_Dulind Fri, 11/10/2017 - 22:47 Permalink

Dear Europe, you can cry all you want about mongrel refugees and the creep of Islamic ghettos in your communities. Your respective governments will do nothing about it. Want them out? Force them out by any means necessary. Your government won't protect you and will likely put "immigrant" invader rights well ahead of you natives.

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So let me get this straight islam. Draw a caricature of allah and you can be blown up.But invoking him to enlist isis fighters to rape and kill is ok? What I want to know is, there are plenty of muslims. There are plenty of mosques.There are plenty of good, peace loving muslims who just want a peaceful life.Why then can this majority of "good" muslims not purge ( for want of a better term)the batshit crazy militarist nutjobs that end up being used to characterise the whole religion?

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"Why then can this majority of "good" muslims not purge ( for want of a better term) the batshit crazy militarist nutjobs..."What do you think Syria was about?  Ever heard of Hezbollah?  Russian Muslims dusted ISIS in Chechnya too.People don't act until their back is to the wall, but that's not unique to Muslims.

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Hezbollah were happily killing the Christians in Lebanon, their better than ISIS for us because they only attack local Christians and Israel, they're all scumbags though.  And the Russian Muslims did not dust ISIS in Chechnya, it was the Orthodox Christian Russians who kicked out the Jihadi's (mujaheddin), since then they've had a strong arm ruler who like Sadddam does not mess around when it comes to security.Islamic countries will always be like that because Islam does not respect any law but its own, hence their either Islamic republics or Dictatorships with hopefully someone like Assad at the top.

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 You should know the answer to that already. Why don't the majority of peaceful Americans purge Washington of the war mongers, pedophiles, corporate criminals, etc. etc.?  A collective and simultaneous action simply doesn't happen unless the population is starving or otherwise put in an impossible situation. Soros et al know this, so their importation of Jihadists, rapists and lazy assed losers ad welfare spongers proceeds unhindered. Relax,all part of the glorious utopian future that the zio- jooze  have in store for us. Novos ordo seclorum.

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It is called FEAR. Muslims are afraid to say or do anything against militant scum because they are terrified of the scum that will not hesitate to kill them and their families. The Muslims are afraid to call attention to themselves by generations who have experienced brutality by their own governments and "police" so they fear all police and governments.There are many high level Palestinians who know very well how to make peace with Israel. The problem these influential Palestinians have with encouraging a peace is they will be eliminated if they speak out.Violating any taboo of a fully indoctrinated society can lead from simple shunning to vicious attack.We all make the mistake of assuming people in other cultures have the same mind set as we do. Until you study a region's history and current dynamics you will be making uneducated assumption based on your own prejudices planted their by the culture you live in. Do not assume I am making excuses for the abhorrent behavior of the extremes in these groups. A country should NEVER allow a mass immigration of a foreign culture. It is a recipe for disaster. I firmly believe that the ruling class is knowingly responsible for the chaos they cause. They have a plan for you and me.

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Anyone joining ISIS would be the stupidest person alive. Because they think they are joining radical islam when in fact they are simply mercenaries working for the CIA so that some rich fux can continue to make money and have an excuse basically to destroy Islam and the middle east not by direct action but by occupying it with marines in perpetuity.

People joining ISIS don't understand that it's ploy to extort money from the middle class of the US in order to justify having more bombs, more fighter pilots, more missiles, more nukes, more chemical weapons, more armor, more satellites, more fbi, more spying on the whole world, etc

And very short sighted to think: "oh yes, so we are destroying america economically by extorting the middle class. and then they will just migrate us to europe where we can rape 14 yr old girls on the street because some sky monster commands it"

Because what you end up with then is a justification for dna targetting and human experimentation. Oh you thought it was a social justice reason to destroy the west because what? It's freemasons running the world and they're what? Secretly islamists?

c'mon, learn a little more. Stop being so ignorant. The freemasons worship isis and baal ok, they are gnostics, ancient egyptian / sumerian cultists they think your mohammed is as stupid as jesus

They've always been about domination and now theyre using a hegelian ploy to get everyone's dna so that they can blow up whomever they want by microtargetting them; and that includes ISIS people

We're about 1000 steps ahead of any jihadist in this way; they have no capacity to even understand this world in which we live or who is really the bad guy here and what theyu're up to. So instead, ISIS is just a puppet of the new world order and we all know it

everyone on the internet knows this so I'm being redundant here. but on the off chance you didn't know that ISIS is the CIA, well now you do.

Congrats and welcome to the present moment of your understanding

EddieLomax 911bodysnatchers322 Sat, 11/11/2017 - 12:17 Permalink

So the CIA were busy in Sudan back in the 1900's?  Take a read on Gordon of KhartoumYour narrative of the CIA doing everything is completely ignorant of history, Islam does not respect any law but its own, it cannot therefore assimulate with any other culture or religion.  It is an ideology made for war, Churchill noted how people were very willing to die for it in the 1890's, nothing has changed.

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Huh. Maidens waiting in paradise? I saw some bitter old divorcees in a bar tonight, does that count? How about the real housewives of New Jersey?

Is-Be Fri, 11/10/2017 - 23:53 Permalink

Monotheists!They are a laugh a minit.Now, what would REAL Goths do with a great deal of malice, forethought and salacious pleasure? 

Mustahattu Fri, 11/10/2017 - 23:57 Permalink

And the Swedes think they still got the Viking spirit. What a bunch of tools. All the male swedes I know and have worked with in the past are confused wannabe metrosexuals with lots of personal issues. So pacified that the country could be run over in two weeks. It's no wonder they are desperate to join NATO because if WW3 does start and there's a good strategic reason to invade the country (unlikely), the ruskies would take it quickly. All the "tough" little faggot isis / Muslim invaders will run for cover claiming asylum at the next country they can get to.