Well that escalated really quickly...

GE is now down over 15% from its pre-open highs and down over 8% on the day (the biggest drop in over 8 years)...

Crashing below its Aug 2015 flash crash lows to its lowest since June 2012...


And here's what the analysts said... on Friday...


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Share price doesn't matter.  What matters is share price multiplied by total shares which equals market cap.  Market capital is what matters and GE is a yuge company.  Their total losses are roughly $13 billion for today.How is the rest of the market holding up?  Well the PPT is buying all the bank stock of the banks holding GE.  It's a wash for the Fed et al because they're playing with house - taxpayer - money.

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GUS100CORRINA GUS100CORRINA Mon, 11/13/2017 - 16:41 Permalink

I am an OLD SCHOOL kind of GUY. Below are some metrics comparing AMZN and GE. It should be noted that AMZN does NOT have a dividend and GE does have a dividend. I will let you look at the numbers and compare. While GE is having some challenges, AMZN is OVERVALUED by a COUNTRY MILE. I will let the data speak for itself. These markets are broken!!!!!AMZN Book/sh 51.26 P/B 21.95 EPS next Y 84.90% ROA 2.10%GE___ Book/sh 8.78 P/B 2.33 EPS next Y 6.54% ROA 2.00%AMZN Cash/sh 50.28 P/C 22.38 EPS next 5Y 58.00% ROE 8.70%GE___ Cash/sh 4.6 P/C 4.45 EPS next 5Y 11.00% ROE 9.40%AMZN Dividend - P/FCF 70.53 EPS past 5Y 29.00% ROI 7.10%GE___ Dividend 0.96 P/FCF - EPS past 5Y -4.10% ROI 5.10%AMZN Dividend % - Quick Ratio 0.7 Sales past 5Y 23.10% Gross Margin 36.50%GE___ Dividend % 4.69% Quick Ratio - Sales past 5Y -3.30% Gross Margin 25.00%AMZN Employees 341400 Current Ratio 1 Sales Q/Q 33.70% Oper. Margin 2.00%GE___ Employees 295000 Current Ratio - Sales Q/Q 14.40% Oper. Margin 6.80%AMZN Income 1.93B PEG 4.9 EPS next Q 1.85 Inst Own 62.10%GE___ Income 7.58B PEG 2.17 EPS next Q 0.3 Inst Own 55.90%AMZN Index S&P 500 P/E 284.04 EPS (ttm) 3.96 Insider Own 16.40%GE___ Index DJIA S&P500 P/E 23.88 EPS (ttm) 0.86 Insider Own 0.10%AMZN Market Cap 544.10B Forward P/E 140.99 EPS next Y 7.98 Insider Trans -1.29%GE___ Market Cap 177.55B Forward P/E 17.96 EPS next Y 1.14 Insider Trans 4.07%AMZN Optionable Yes Debt/Eq 0 EPS Q/Q -0.30% Profit Margin 1.20%GE___ Optionable Yes Debt/Eq 1.79 EPS Q/Q -6.20% Profit Margin 5.70%AMZN Sales 161.15B P/S 3.38 EPS this Y 292.10% Inst Trans -0.07%GE___ Sales 123.78B P/S 1.43 EPS this Y 630.10% Inst Trans -0.65%AMZN Shortable Yes LT Debt/Eq 1 Earnings Oct 26 AMC Payout 0.00%GE___ Shortable Yes LT Debt/Eq 1.42 Earnings Oct 20 BMO Payout 117.20% 

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From the earlier ZH GE story:Of the dozen or so firms that were first included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average over a century ago, GE is the only name from that group that remains today.Then look at the chart at the very end -- the caption reads:For the 3rd time in the last 50 years, The Dow is trading at 1000x the price of GE shares - it has not ended well for the market. I… this be the best glaring indication yet of the expected and looming reset to come?Honestly barrowing 6billion for GE's pension is another indicator of a very old company that may well emerge on the other side of midnight. I, for one, I'm thinking very carefully what this shows/means.Making sense of the beast? Just can't get out of my mind that -GE -is -- Edison's company, and Edison treated Tesla most egregiously! -- When he was employed by the Edison company.   

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GE was one of the first to go in the 2008/09 crash. Looks like it is leading the way again.And no, just because it is GE doesn't mean that it will survive.

Farmer Joe in … east of eden Mon, 11/13/2017 - 14:32 Permalink

Aside from questionable nuclear (aka, nucular) reactors, does GE actually still make anything..?They morphed into a quasi-finance company a decade or so ago.GE down big and Dow is somehow still positive (Dow only has 30 companies and is price-weighted). Must be a pretty good day for the other 29 companies.Anyway, not holding my breath for a crash or any meaningful corrections. I lost my ability to get hard over these types of articles.Central bank interventionism has given me doom porn erectile dysfunction.

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Make fun of GE if you must, but just know this, they make one helluva nuclear reactor called the Mark 1.  A reactor that has stood the test of tim......   Oh, wait....nevermind.

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"No! No! No! Bear Stearns is fine. Do not take your money out. Bear sterns is not in trouble. If anything, they're more likely to be taken over. Don't move your money from Bear. That's just being silly. Don't be silly."

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I bought a floor lamp "made" by GE (they had their name on it). It was a piece of shit. Had 3 or 4 tubular sections that screwed together. The threads were cast pot metal that were so bad they couldn't be properly tightened. I have arms like Pee Wee Herman's, and the 1 1/4 inch diameter threads just jumped over and got loose again before getting solid, tightening them by hand.It had a built in rotary ON/Off intensity control. The knob broke after a couple months, but it was still operable by turning the bare shaft of the potentiometer. Then about 6 months later the entire control stopped working. I pulled it out and bypassed it, making lamp ON/Off only. Then after about a year the drive circuitry for the lamp (a sort of serpentine fluorescent) started eating bulbs like crazy and I thew the piece of shit out.This was maybe 10 years ago

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