Ominous Russophobia In America

Authored by Stephen Lendman,

It infests America like a malignant tumor, exceeding the worst of the post-WW I “Red Scare” and its repeat following WW II.

Beginning in 1938, House Un-American Activities Committee witch-hunt hearings into alleged disloyalty and subversive activities became headline news.

Starting in the late 1960s, more of the same followed by the renamed House Committee on Internal Security.

Notorious McCarthyism in the 1950s was a demagogic smear campaign against prominent figures, slandering them, ruining careers, even accusing General George Marshall of being “soft on communism.”

Notable Hollywood figures were blacklisted. McCarthyism was baseless slander, unscrupulous fear-mongering, and political lynchings.

Harvard Law School dean Ervin Griswold once called McCarthy “judge, jury, prosecutor, castigator, and press agent, all in one.”

Modern-day Russophobia includes a second Cold War, Russia under Vladimir Putin again considered the “evil empire,” relentless Washington and media Russian bashing, along with endless congressional and special counsel witch-hunt investigations suggesting the worst, revealing nothing.

Russia expert Stephen Cohen said “(w)e’re in the most dangerous confrontation with Russia since the Cuban missile crisis.”

He underestimated the threat. It’s much worse now than then. Jack Kennedy explained he “never had the slightest intention of” attacking or invading Cuba.”

Obama was no Jack Kennedy. Nor is Trump, his administration and Congress infested with neocons, Democrats as ruthlessly dangerous as Republicans.

The late political theorist Sheldon Wolin once called undemocratic Dems the “inauthentic opposition,” as infested with neoliberal Russophobic neocons as the Republican party.

Virtually everyone in Washington is part of the anti-Russia crowd, Bernie Sanders among them, a progressive in name only.

During his presidential campaign, he sounded like a modern-day Joe McCarthy, shamefully claiming “the evidence is overwhelming” that Russia “help(ed) elect the candidate of their choice, Mr. Trump, to undermine in a significant way American democracy.”

In a YouTube video, he repeated the Big Lie, saying “the US intelligence community has concluded that Russia played an active role in the 2016 election with the goals of electing Donald Trump as president.”

“The Trump campaign had repeated contacts with the senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election.”

The phony “dossier” showed Russian agents able to “blackmail” the White House. Like most others in Congress, Sanders is a cold and hot warrior, a self-serving con man, supporting wealth, power and privilege like the rest of Washington’s political establishment, pretending otherwise. states:

“Bernie supports enforcing economic sanctions and international pressure as an alternative to any direct military confrontation when dealing with Russia.”


“To temper Russian aggression, we must freeze Russian government assets all over the world, and encourage international corporations with huge investments in Russia to divest from that nation’s increasingly hostile political aims.”


“The United States must collaborate to create a unified stance with our international allies in order to effectively address Russian aggression.”


“(T)he United States should isolate Putin politically and economically…The entire world has got to stand up to Putin.”

Shocking stuff, exposing the real Bernie Sanders, not the persona he publicly displays!

Former CIA counterintelligence official/whistleblower John Kiriakou was invited to participate in a European Parliament panel – then removed at the last moment because panelist Winnie Wong, co-founder of People for Bernie, refused to appear with him, Kiriakou saying:

“(S)he didn’t want the appearance of Bernie Sanders appearing to endorse the Russian media.”

Kiriakou hosts a Sputnik News radio show called Loud & Clear, why she objected, supporting Sanders’ Russophobia.

Kiriakou remarked saying “American politics rear(ed) its ugly head in Brussels.” No problems arose when he appeared on another panel with Cuba’s EU ambassador.

It’s the “red scare all over again,” Kiriakou explained.

Anything remotely connected to Russia is toxic. Failing to be Russophobic in Washington is a likely career-ender, much like what happens to Israeli critics.

Intense anti-Russian sentiment in America risks the unthinkable – possible catastrophic nuclear war, humanity’s survival at stake.


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""exceeding the worst of the post-WW I “Red Scare”No. People know it is BS. Even those few who feel obligated to say they believe it don't really believe it.

Laowei Gweilo pathosattrition Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:35 Permalink

I think it's overstated by MSM... As if you just read CNN then yeah maybe it seems that way. But CNN reaches a pretty small % of Americans these days and most don't trust them anyhow.At least anecdotally, and in fairly liberal areas, most people I talked to just don't give an eff. Maybe they think it's possible. But they also skeptic, and also just don't care. US does it. Russia probably does it, too. WTF cares, most people too busy just trying to afford rent every month.I think it would be wiser to question whether Russiaphobe actually exists, than to assume it does and be critical of it because then you're confirming the propaganda -- exactly what they want.

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BobEore MrPalladium Mon, 11/13/2017 - 23:00 Permalink

"The tribe" has its' dirty paw prints all over Russia...
and China too -

every bit as much as their obvious and omnivorous clench pon an Amerika being as rapidly depleted of resources and intelligence as Russia was in the 90s.

Under the bland - nondescriptor - of "oligarchs"... a term designed and employed to obfuscate the singularly talmudist representation mongst the specied of predator...

the serial pillaging of post-soviet Russ took place with the Wall St faction of the criminal cartel guiding and abetting the Moscow faction of same. Both pay feasance to to the tiny pirate empire in the s e Med, as the smokescreen of "Srael" allows them to operate under a single pirate flag with a veneer of virtue applied with the thick and careless brush of "People of the Book."

The only book which matters, however, is the collection of made up myths, legends, lies, and make believe metaphysics which comprise the talmudic mishnah - a text invented to reinforce the rancid racio-religious supremacism of a small clique of babylonian exiles returned to wreak havoc pon their relatives - and everybody else in spittin distance.

As the largest number of predatory types who shelter under the 'judaic' smokescreen are descended from ashkenazi groups on the marches of east europe and the russian steppes, they are intermixed with the present "Russian" population of Russia and its' western neighbors, and travel back and forth - physically and psychologically, between the twin towers of Moscow and Jerusalem...

as emissaries who seamlessly"handle" politicians such as Putin/Xi/Drumpf/Erdo/May/Merkel et al., as part and parcel of adding nation states and their leaders into the loot bag from which will spring the sionist master plan of the millennialists - a "Eurasian" criminal cartel which will hold the west for ransom as it takes control of all energy supplies in the petro states... and chokes Europe and the rest o the west into submission.

If you need to believe in the myth of an 'independent' Russia, free of talmudic contamination... and load all of your venom for the villains onto the Merikan puppet government...

that will suit them just fine. As they go about the business of dismantling and destabilizing the once mighty Republic piece by piece.

cue: teeth gnashing, beard mutterings, and button bangings... as the zheeple try to fend off notice of the real 'dirty low down' for another day!

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I met a really nice Russian guy today - actually every single Russian I have ever met (only about 5 and all of them in California) were very friendly, educated and intelligent. This one actually looked exactly like my Serbian roommate from many years ago when I studied at the University of Belgrade. I am always pleasantly surprised to see we are basically the same people. About 30% of my cousins look like Putin. 

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HRClinton Future Jim Tue, 11/14/2017 - 02:56 Permalink

Z-Mafia, working with ZWC*. * Zio World Congress.  If you get in their way, or that of their ZWO agenda, you're a target to be eliminated. In whatever way that works or is required.  (((Their oligarchs))) and Sayanim in each country collaborate, to demolish the country, so that their crime cartel can buy it up for peanuts.  (((Their))) real objective is to destroy nations, and remake them in their own image: to supplant a nation's owners with their own, until all Goyim become their vassals.From Nation States, to Zio-feudal Vassal States."By Deception we shall wage (Full Spectrum) War."

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it doesn't help that the two actual pieces of "evidence" of russian "meddling" are the email "hacks" at the dnc which the dnc wouldn't let the fbi look at and the steele dossier which was paid for by the dnc and hillary me trump is worth it as president just for the political education he (unintentionally?) provides.

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Which is EXACTLY what (((they))) wanted to happen. America was once considered the one true republic, the great experiment in democracy. Russia was part of the Soviet Union, the evil communists. How do (((they))) reverse the view of the people of the planet? They make America the evil bully, invading country after country. They get America to attack Russia in the media with obviously made up propaganda. They even get the American president to call his own media FAKE! (((They))) also create a controlled opposition news network (RT*) which is allowed to air everywhere and expose certain truths which would not even be touched by other media. * On Jan 1st 2017 the BBC news started a new format for the way some of their stories are presented. The news presenter would introduce the story then they would cut to a series of text statements shown with a musical jingle with various emotional overtones. On exactly the same day, RT news used the exact same format. In addition, RT news uses ex BBC news presenters ( for familiararity ) and also has a chat show using one of the biggest known house hold names in American chat shows Larry king ( for familiararity ). The result, is a view by most "thinking" people of the world, a hatred of America and a liking of Russia.

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Putin "whoever controls A.I. will control the world" -Control the Future - Blockchain - Taxes and Bitcoin paying for A.I. - Kushner, Saudi Arabia connection - A.I. creating blockchain not just in cryptos but all information A.I. “Sophia” just began creating crypto currency. "Sophia" developed by Hanson Robotics, Singularity and now a citizen of Saudi Arabia just went online & began creating crypto currency by Hanson Robotics, Singularity Coming to a propaganda machine near you:  “We need an American Crypto dollar”. This mantra will be begged for by Americans after the crash of the dollar. Seems like it is on the way whether the CIA psychopaths win or “White Hat” Pentagon MIC wins.   Kushner Companies tied into Github (Peter Thiel also tied into Github as shown below)    Github – Founded by Tom-Preston-Werner and  Chris Wanstrath Feb. 8, 2008 - Where all of the block chain code in the world is stored. Eight years after its founding, GitHub boasts an estimated $2 billion valuation and has hosted more than 48 million coding projects. Its clients include NASA, Microsoft, Walmart and the U.S. and U.K. governments.   Quinn Michaels  U-Tube– listen to 1st 20 minutes; Bitcoin created by A.I. for A.I., Ties Kushner Companies to Github; A.I. robot “Sophia” now a citizen in Saudi Arabia began creating crypto currency by Hanson Robotics, Singularity  The Singularity Summit is an annual conference on science, technology, and the future co-produced by MIRI and Singularity University. The conference was founded by MIRI, Ray Kurzweil, and Peter Thiel in 2006. The inaugural conference was held in 2006 at Stanford University. Past speakers at Singularity Summit include inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, philosophers David Chalmers and Nick Bostrom, nanotechnology pioneer Eric Drexler, author and scientist Douglas Hofstadter, Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, Sebastian Thrun of Google’s driverless car, roboticist Rodney Brooks.  A.I. “robot” “Sophia” now a citizen in Saudi Arabia began creating crypto currency by Hanson Robotics, Singularity

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Dont forget the tesla 5g technology which Israel has which will go world wide is also part of the equation for a fully weaponised and controlled earth Kushner is again involved here via the American technology council,they are teeing up the beast system and Saudi Arabia and Israel feature prominently good to see another poster here get to the 21st century

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Ya know whats hysterically funny?In the years leading up to McCarthyism, the left was saying there is nothing to fear from the USSR (see Walter Duranty). Now that the USSR has collapsed of its own bureaucratic overbearing weight, the left is throwing a hissy fit finding Russians behind every blade of grass and Vermont power times have "changed" ;-)

TeraByte Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:38 Permalink

MacCarthy was a moderate compared with the current lunatic necons. Sincerely, what are chances to maintain a global dominance with such an erratic crew.

Phillyguy Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:40 Permalink

See- Debunking two American myths Nov 10, 2017; Link: are two myths which are deeply imprinted in the minds of most US Americans which are extremely dangerous and which can result in a war with Russia.The first myth is of US military superiority.The second myth is about US invulnerability.Both wrong.

TeraByte Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:41 Permalink

Sadly in Europe too, it is Putin under every bed lurking. So how to cunduct an intelligent debate of any vital issue, when a half of the population has grown totally insane.

MuffDiver69 Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:43 Permalink

Even if it was Russia in this case,,,,Why is publishing the truth on the DNC and Crooked amount to collusion..Why is phishing Podesta collusion..No one denies any of it is true material and every last one of these people thought Crooked was winning until 3am Wednesday morning..

hooligan2009 MuffDiver69 Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:53 Permalink

you are right - it is the equivalent of the police refusing to listen to a russian (or anyone else living in any country that the current batch of politicians decrees) who brought in two muggers with the old lady they mugged - and the police letting the two muggers go (to mug the old lady outside the precinct building).politicians think that americans should not be allowed to have facts - just in case people figure out that the political system cannot be changed so that ordinary people get the 20 trillion in debt and special interests bribing politicians to keep ordianry folk sick, poor and underemployed.

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Reading this:Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, New York Times bestselling author and former professor at Princeton University, said Washington forcing RT to register under FARA is ”crude censorship” and “one of the most horrendous blows to press freedom since the anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s. The move, Hedges goes on, has “nothing to do with the dissemination of Russian propaganda” but is instead driven by a desire to silence the “critics of American capitalism and imperialism” that were given a platform by RT America. He also warned that the measures taken against RT are “the beginning, not the end, of a broad campaign against press freedom.”In RT today made me very sad for America.

khnum Mon, 11/13/2017 - 21:45 Permalink

Russia is a red herring with a GDP smaller that Italy it is the distraction whilst Deep State sets up its total world domination system.