A Direct Threat to the West, The Bond Between China and Russia Strengthens


A Direct Threat to the West, the Bond Between China and Russia Strengthens

Written by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money News 


A Direct Threat to the West, the Bond Between China and Russia Strengthens - Nathan McDonald


Whether the financial elites of the West know it or not, they are sending us down the path of defeat. Will this happen next week, next month, or even next year? This is highly unlikely, but what is most certainty assured, is the slow decline of the West's power and its geopolitical influence over the rest of the World.



As I have written about numerous times in the past, our financial and political leaders in the West are creating an unholy alliance between Russia and China, two super powers that now have the ability to oppose the West, flip the switch and de-throne the King Dollar whenever they want. The question is not if, but when at this point.



Through sanctions, negative rhetoric and abuse of the powers that the United States have been bestowed through being blessed with the ability to print the World's reserve currency out of thin air, whenever and in whatever quantity it wants, the West has ensured that other countries will act in their own best interest and eventually attempt to overthrow the rotting fiat based system that we live under.



Perhaps this is for the best? Perhaps it is not, and we are looking at a future that is both abysmal and filled with tyranny. Despite the many faults of the Western political system, it is still relatively free, especially when compared to that of the Chinese and Russian based systems.



Sadly, it appears that it is unavoidable at this point that the torch will eventually be passed from the West to the East, as Western governments continue to spit in the face of the "golden rule", while the Eastern officials embrace it. He who holds the gold, makes the rules.



It almost seems weekly now, that another news article is released, proving that the alliance between Russia and China continues to not only grow, but flourish. Therefore it comes as no surprise to learn once again that these two countries have entered into another partnership that will strengthen their bond that much more.



As Bloomberg reports:


Russia’s state-owned Far East Development Fund is in talks to create a $1 billion joint venture to invest in the country’s mining industry with China National Gold Group, a government controlled producer of the precious metal.

"We and China Gold will create an attractive financial platform that private investors can take part in and make money," Alexey Chekunkov, head of the fund, said in an interview in Danang, Vietnam, where he attended an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation business forum. "Our first goal will be to invest in gold, precious metals and copper projects."

This is just further proof of how close these two countries are becoming and how they are jointly beginning to work together. Their obsessions with gold should not be overlooked, as it has been alluded to more than once what their intentions are: a hard asset-backed currency, with gold being one of the main components.


We will continue to see reports such as this being disclosed on a monthly basis. Their thirst for the yellow medal is insatiable and their need to protect themselves against the ravages of fiat money being unleashed by Western powers is paramount.


As we discussed before, the question is not if, but when. Plan accordingly.



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A Direct Threat to the West, the Bond Between China and Russia Strengthens

Written by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money News 



ToSoft4Truth JibjeResearch Tue, 11/14/2017 - 18:47 Permalink

Try to get into the financing arm of the next big thing.... Reverse Mortgages are the next big thing.  You know the Baby Boomers will borrow right up to being dumped in the grave.  As far as I'm aware, the debt market loves RM bonds.  The yield is 5% and guaranteed by us tax payers. Go sell old folks reverse mortgages.  They deserve a last Bon voyage cruise. 

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null Tue, 11/14/2017 - 21:14 Permalink

Oh yea, a bond ... geez.
More like a temporary, but long term, ceasefire while the common enemy was electing pusillanimous presidents who allowed those two to profit at USA’s expense.

roddy6667 Tue, 11/14/2017 - 21:30 Permalink

China, Russia, and Europe, all linked by rail and close-to-shore shipping. No worry about America's aggression on the high seas. A huge market not using dollars, and not including America. What's not to like?

DanDaley JibjeResearch Tue, 11/14/2017 - 22:34 Permalink

I've concluded that they just don't give a good-goddamned. I work with and talk to pretty well educated middle-class folks every day, and given a free minute, they have their heads buried in sports or some innane tv or youtube videos. They are willfully ignorant, and can't see that their standard of living is about to deterioriate rather quickly...that they are actually living on the razor's edge.

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BlussMann Tue, 11/14/2017 - 21:48 Permalink

The West was done in 1945 - it's owned by the Rothschild banking system and it is preoccupied with solving the problem of "Whiteness". Piss on the West.

rwe2late Tue, 11/14/2017 - 21:54 Permalink

The "West"?like the top 1% who possess more than half the world's wealth,and who embroil us in endless wars and limitless destrucion?Is ending that the "threat" the other 99% of us should be worried about?

WTFUD Tue, 11/14/2017 - 22:13 Permalink

Russia/Putin kowtowed and pandered to the whims of the EU & US for Years and even then much like Turkey's membership to the EU, a pipe-dream, they never stood a chance of appeasing the Deep State Cabal.

With this realisation, that the Old-Boy Networks could never be breached, would always be considered Outsiders, an invited Guest at best, not Member of the Club, they said FUCK THIS for a game of Soldiers.

What a fucking stroke of luck, for them, that they were turned away from the INN. Otherwise they'd be knee-deep in SHIT, Bankrupt, just like the SATANIC Cabal of Western Vassals on full display today.

Russia's enjoying more STATE Visits than EVER and with them and China, having each others back, sucking up/in Sovereign Deserters, that have suffered, had a belly-full of Vichy DC's Extortion Rackets, i envisage a Rosy Future.

You cannot only smell but taste Vichy DC's FEAR - DESPERATION STAKES

Setarcos WTFUD Tue, 11/14/2017 - 22:44 Permalink

Neatly put.  Much as I admire VVP, for a long while I used to think,  "After the rape and pillage of the Washington/Rothschild imposed Russian 90s, how can you possibly still hope for a positive relationship with the West??"  The end came after Libya, though he continued to talk the talk of "partners".  Anyone attentive will have noticed the underlying change.  His speech to the UN a couple of years ago, just before unleashing the Russian military on ISIS, was classic, including,  "Do you realize now what you (the West) have done?"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZxgPB8jHkU

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RationalLuddite WTFUD Wed, 11/15/2017 - 00:26 Permalink

Nicely said. "Despite the many faults of the Western political system, it is still relatively free, especially when compared to that of the Chinese and Russian based systems."  I often wonder if any of these authors really spent any time abroad.  They may be surprised.  I feel like i am entering a monitored authoritarian police state only WHEN I RETURN, not when i am over for extended periods in these countries.  It's not a simple as the "we the free" axiom as they claim.

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HominyTwin Tue, 11/14/2017 - 23:16 Permalink

If power passes to the East, the jews will follow, but don't think Russians/Chinese will allow them into the halls of power. Doesn't look good for the Jews.

SheHunter Tue, 11/14/2017 - 23:59 Permalink

If Russia pairs with China and turns on us it is only because the swamp and MSM could not let go of the propaganda machine of "Russia is our enemy".  Putin would have worked with us towards more than a few common goals. Ignorance on our part to cling to the 'enemy' chapter.

francis scott … Wed, 11/15/2017 - 01:50 Permalink

NATE, you old dudeface, if China and Russia were any closer today they'd be wearing the same skimpybriefs. If you are not smart enough to see the differences between these two ex-commmie nations have been a charade since the false fight they had in the sixties about an ancient border dispute they had ata bend in the Amur river not 400 miles from China's grenze with North Korea.   If you were a real Sino-Soviet savvy historian, you'd know that after the Korean War, Beijing and Moscowbecame concerned that the anti-communists in the US would preemptively attack them to expunge thethreat of hated communism which ruled all the foreign policies of the first and 'Free' World. When the US decided to back the South Vietnamese government against the North in the early 60's and theCIA murdered the Diem brothers and murdered JFK a month later, the Soviets and China knew the USanti-communists were deadly serious amd decided that some discretion was called for.  The two enemies ofthe 'deep state' that had developed in Washington must appear to be at odds with each other so the USwould not perceive them to be allied against it. To that end they promoted the idea that there were irreparablephilosophical communist differences between them and that a centuries old border dispute had resurfaced.   Thus, as the US built up their army in South Vietnam, the Soviets sent a few divisions to a southerlybend on their side of the Amur River, not 400 miles from China's North Korean border.   Why is that relevant?  Because that early in the Vietnam War, no one could predict how well the US woulddo there.  If the US cake-walked through North Vietnam, the odds were that the US military wouldreturn to the Korean Peninsula to take care of unfinished business.  So the Soviets sent a few division to the bend in the Amur until they had an idea of how the war in Vietnamwas going. The Soviet Union was Hanoi's white knight, not neighboring China.  This relieved China ofthe appearance of having an alliance with Hanoi.  And if the US Army reprised Sherman's march throughGeorgia, North Korea, not China, would be next in the Pentagon's sights.  Then there was this occurrence which I have pointed out to ZH several times already.  AS THE AMERICAN TROOP BUILD UP IN SOUTH VIETNAM PROCEEDED TO SWELL, SO DID THE NUMBER OF SOVIET DIVISIONS ON THE SOVIET SIDE OF THE BEND OF THE AMUR RIVER. Until the number of its divisions was over 20 around 1969.  By this time, Nixon had become president and had decided to end the war on his terms.  That was not to be.   The CIA, the promoters of the war, in my opinion, punished Nixon by exposing the break-in tothe Democrat's Headquarters.   But no digression here. Nixon began the slow withdrawal of US troops from South Vietnam. LO AND BEHOLD, AS THE NUMBER OF US TROOPS RETURNED TO THEIR BASES, SO THE SOVIET  DIVISIONS ON THE AMUR, ALSO DIMINISHED AS THEY RETURNED WEST.  BY THE MID 70's, BOTH AMERICAN TROOPS IN VIETNAM WERE DIFFICULT TO SPOT AS WERE SOVIET TROOPS ALONG THE AMUR RIVER. Now, Nate, you are probably wondering why the NYT or the WaPo of that day did not uncover this story and expose the Sino-Soviet deceit and inform you and other would-be historians of the truth? The answer is that even 50 years ago the CIA and Pentagon, for reasonable and justifiable explanations, could spike a story and spike the truth. THE TRUTH IS THAT THE CIA AND PENTAGON AND THE US INTEL COMMUNITY WERE DIM ENOUGH TO BUY AN OBIVIOUS PLOY OR CHESS GAME FAKE, AND 50 YEARS LATER THEY STILL DO NOT WANT THE WORLD AND THEIR COUNTRYMEN TO KNOW HOW DENSE THEY HAD BEEN IN THEIR FIRST BIG ASSIGNMENT TO UNCOVER IF THERE WAS A SINO-SOVIET PLAN OR WS THE CONFLICT REAL. ANALYSTS SUCH AS YOURSELF ARE FORCED TO BEGIN YOUR STORY BY REPORING THE LIE THAT THE RUSSIA-CHINA BOND IS GETTING STRONGER.   BELIEF THAT IT HASN'T BEEN STRONG SINCE THE END OF WW2, IS EITHER DUE TO THEPROFOUND IGNORANCE OF THE MSM OR THE INTENTIONAL MISREPRESENTATION OF FACTS BY THESE TWO ADVERSARIES OR BOTH.

galant Wed, 11/15/2017 - 03:16 Permalink

 China and Russia are winning wide support because they offer trade and hope, not war and despair -- a preferred option for many western nations, too.Last year China’s trade with the 65 One Belt-One Road countries reached $953b.Over the next 10 years China will spend $2 trillion on ‘OBOR' infrastructure with conditions considered generous by the recipient countries.I think Trump the businessman understands that the United States could have had a fair share of that business.But the successive governments have been too busy plundering other countries and killing millions to ever consider fair trade.    

    galant Mustahattu Wed, 11/15/2017 - 04:05 Permalink

    Earlier this year Trump sent a delegation to Beijing, paving the way for limited  US participation in the OBOR initiative..I think they were talking beef going one way, chickens the other! But at least they were talking.My point was --- trade opens most doors, more sucessfully than invading countries and killing people.Trump got to be President on the strength of his Art of the Deal,  and not dealing death like his predeccessors.

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    Mustahattu galant Thu, 11/16/2017 - 02:50 Permalink

    Yes I read about US participation in the Summit, which caused some stress over in India. Obviously the US wants to spy on the development of OBOR but I believe they are not part of the Silk Road Fund or any of the development banks involved with regards to finance. This entire project has no US investment, is my understanding.And I agree with your view on America's perpetual war. If only there was a way to stop that, but it's not up to Trump even if he wanted to. This is already proven. They are now talking about permanently staying in Syria. But now that the US pretty much lost the Middle East they are focusing on Africa. It won't be long till some African country will have WMDs or CNN shows fake photos and video of gassed children... this is the business America is in.

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    Mustahattu Wed, 11/15/2017 - 03:53 Permalink

    The world will split into two trading blocks with the US and China on opposing sides. It's inevitable. The west will continue with the monetary ponzi scheme while China will trade with gold-backed yuan and other gold-backed currencies in the region. Time will tell which western countries will defy the US, or if it even matters to the US, and will work on both sides. The US has some allies in Asia, such as India that is unlikely to ever join OBOR. Interesting times ahead. Inflation coming to the US-led bloc with a vengeance...?

    messystateofaffairs Wed, 11/15/2017 - 05:41 Permalink

    A still relatively free Western culture whose economy is based on Lord Rottenchilds rotting fiat currency or a semi dictatorial Eastern culture whose economy will be based on solid specie money. Choices, choices.