Ron Paul Urges More Tax Breaks For Education

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Shutting down the Department of Education and returning control of the education dollar to the American people is the key to improving education. The best way to put the people in charge of education is by shutting down all unconstitutional bureaucracies, repealing the Sixteenth Amendment, and ending the Federal Reserve’s money monopoly.

Since Congress is unlikely to restore constitutional, limited government in the near future, supporters of quality education must advance policies aimed at giving Americans control over the education dollar so they can seek alternatives to the federally-controlled system. This is why I have always supported education tax credits and deductions.

When I was in Congress, I introduced legislation providing tax credits for contributions to education scholarship funds. These funds provide K-12 scholarships to low-income-family students whose parents cannot afford private schools. These scholarship funds allow these children to escape government schools that have been ruined by federal “reforms” like No Child Left Behind and Common Core, as well as mandates such as the ones dictating what can be served in school cafeterias.

Including education scholarship tax credits in the tax reform bill currently before Congress would be a major step toward creating a free market in education. In a free market, parents could select the type of education that best suits the unique needs of their children, instead of the demands of politicians and bureaucrats. Schools could compete on the basis of academics, extracurricular activities, and even lunch menus. Those with unique and innovative education ideas would be free to establish schools and prove their models’ superiority.

Moving to a free-market education system would increase the amount of money spent on educating children.

This is because in a free market resources would not be siphoned away from the classroom to support a bloated federal bureaucracy and schools would not be force to waste valuable resources proving they are complying with federal regulations.

By increasing competition, education scholarship tax credits encourage government-run schools to improve.

The threat of losing more students may even cause local school boards and state boards of education to resist federal mandates. Thus, education scholarship tax credits can improve the education of all children.

Some libertarians oppose education scholarship tax credits on the grounds that they are a form of government “subsidy.”

Since education tax credits allow people to use their own money to support education, this claim only makes sense if one believes that all income is owned by the government, so any income not taxed away is a gift from government. This is a strange position for a libertarian to take!

Other critics say that tax breaks for education (or any other item) distort the market.

They also claim that these tax breaks cause income taxes to be higher than they would be without these credits. These critics may have a point, but the answer is to force Congress to cut spending and reduce or eliminate all taxes, not to take away existing tax breaks.

Almost all Americans agree that education should be generously funded.

The only question is who should control the education dollar — the federal government or the people. Anyone looking for the answer need only consider how American education has declined as the federal government’s role has increased. Education scholarship tax credits are an important step toward restoring control of education to the American people and providing a quality education to children from low-income families. Congress should help American children and include education scholarship tax credits in the tax reform bill.


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Tax breaks for eduction?  No.  Education should be completely free market without government interference (so shoudl pretty much everything else, BTW).  If a special snowflake wants to major in Womyn's Studies, let it pay for the "education" itself or get a PRIVATE loan to do so.  The private loan won't happen, and rightfully so.  If they want to get a degree in a marketable field (STEM, in general), they have a good chance of getting a loan because it will probably be paid back.Also, loads of "free" money flooding into the education system is what's driving prices up.  Allow the education system to become efficient.

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I agree but I can understand the reluctance in the fact that much as what passes for "education' is nothing more than an indoctrination of unproven and malicious concepts that either provide continuation of cover for existing criminal entities / families and / or their propagation of such false and injurious claims to feed and spawn breeding grounds for their misguided and malformed descendants.

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That sounds familiar. Now where have I heard that before? Shutting down the Department of Education and returning control of the education dollar to the American people is the key to improving education. The best way to put the people in charge of education is by shutting down all unconstitutional bureaucracies, repealing the Sixteenth Amendment, and ending the Federal Reserve’s money monopoly.

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It already is generously funded. Way too generously funded.I'd take away this bankruptcy "reform" shit and make the crazy debt dischargeable. The education piece of this scam is merely notational, it's all about the debt, the moar the better. Plain and simple.

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I love The Band. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down was my song of the year.I was confused by the comments and so I reread the article. I also searched the page for the words "college" and "universities." "College" only appears in the comments and not in the text of Ron's article. "Universities" does not appear anywhere on the page. Ron only mentions K-12 schools.

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I've owned a guitar since the 70s but no one would make the mistake of saying that I can play it. Now I'm going to take up the bass so that I can play along with a good friend who often brings his guitar along. I'm getting a cheap but well reviewed acoustic/electric bass for Christmas but in the meantime I've retuned my guitar and octave lower and started plucking Sunshine of Your Love.…

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Ron Paul's idea sounds great. Almost everything sounds good on paper.For example, a chain letter looks like a great business model on paper. have to give him some credit. What other lawmaker has even suggested closing a government agency?There hasn't been a genuine conservative initiative since Calvin Cooledge refused to expand the role of the federal govenment prior to the great depression.

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Visit a public high school sometime, if you can.

At least once per quarter I visit an old classmate teaching grade 12 in the valley. Title I school, 86% hispanic.

High-end cell phones out, everywhere I look. Students are sweet by nature but seem completely unmotivated, no one has anything more than passing interest in new information of any kind. Yet almost all of them tell me “I’m going to college!” when I ask: what are your plans for the future?

Teachers don’t seem very bright. Every one I’ve seen so far is somewhere between noticeably overweight and morbidly obese.

Most of the student life I’ve seen to date revolves around non-educational activities: assemblies, rallies, dances, and hip-hop music played through large speakers, outdoors, daily at lunch time. Local residents must be insane by now.

Public education in CA is truly an obscene waste of taxpayer dollars if ever there was one.

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....I'd add removing the Communist professors and Common Core.
Shut down the communist infiltration of the education of our educators.
Pay and tenure measured by results. No more gradgeyatin gradgeiates that kan't spel or doo maff!

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Compare how much the average family pays in taxes each year to fund the public school system versus how much a year's tuition at the local private schools costs.  Vouchers and tax breaks alone won't do it.  If you think public schools are shitty, imagine how bad a private school would need to be for tuition to cost the same as school taxes and fees ... especially when you include seven figure paychecks for C-levels and generous dividends for stockholders.