Argentine Navy Loses Contact With Submarine

The Argentine Navy has launched a search mission for the diesel-electric submarine ARA San Juan (S-42) after losing contract with it on Wednesday.

The 66-meter TR-1700 submarine has been in service since 1986 and carries a crew of about 40-44. Reports from the military indicate the vessel disappeared in the waters of Madryn, northern Patagonia, Argentina about 400km (250 miles) off the coast.

The last registered position of the vessel was on November 15 at 07:30 in latitude 46 ° 44 ‘south and longitude 59 ° 54 West, at the height of Puerto Madryn.

This is the internal radiogram about the disappearance of the ship:

Urgent 24, a local media outlet in Argentina reports military officials have not spotted the vessel on radar nor with any of the search vessels.

In a press conference, the spokesman of the Navy, Enrique Balbi , cleared doubts and rumors that transcended in the last hours: “Still we have not been able to have visual contact or radar with the submarine.


“It has been 48 hours since it disappeared. It is following an internationally approved plan, which after a time of not having contact. The bad weather conditions and the night they did not let us do an optimal search."


Balbi stressed: “Officially, we have no news of the fire or electrical problems or sinister in the area of ??batteries. It can also be a matter of equipment or antennas. I want to bring tranquility to family. Today with the clarity of the day we are going to power (improve the search) “.

ARA San Juan (S-42) (undated) at the Naval Base in Ushiaia Pier

ARA San Juan (S-42) diagram of the vessel

Official version of the Navy: “The submarine ARA San Juan has not yet been found”

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