A Plurality Of Voters Want Special Counsel To Investigate Clinton And Trump

Despite Jeff Sessions’ surprising insistence during his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week that there’s “no factual basis” to appoint a special counsel to investigate actions by Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey, a plurality of voters believe special prosecutors should be investigating both the Clinton and Trump campaigns, according to a recent study that was shared with the Hill. 

The latest Harvard CAPS/Harris survey found that 44 percent of voters surveyed said a special counsel is needed to investigate both campaigns, meanwhile twenty-seven percent said only Trump needs to be investigated, while 21 percent said only Clinton needs to be investigated and nine percent said neither should be investigated.

The poll’s findings also showed that the number of voters who believe Special Counsel Mueller has found hard evidence of collusion is a paltry 38 percent, while 36 percent say there is no hard evidence yet and 27 percent saying they don’t know.

Unsurprisingly, the survey concluded that the public believes the Mueller investigation is hurting American democracy more than it is helping by implying that powerful, politically-connected Democrats who have the implicit support of the FBI and Deep State intelligence apparatus are immune to prosecution, while an outsider like Trump is not.

“The public thinks these investigations are hurting rather than helping our democracy but if there are going to be investigations, overwhelming majorities support investigating the Clintons - over two-thirds would investigate either both campaigns or just Hillary’s campaign,” said Harvard CAPS/Harris co-director Mark Penn.

Despite repeated calls from prominent Republican lawmakers to appoint a special counsel to investigate Comey and the Clintons, Sessions has so far been reluctant to do so, even after a letter leaked earlier this week revealed that the AG asked a team of prosecutors to look into it.

Several Congressional investigations were launched in September and October following reports that the Clinton campaign and DNC helped finance the infamous “Trump dossier” and that the FBI had failed to inform Congress about an investigation surrounding corruption related to the 2010 Uranium One deal - where then Secretary of State Clinton voted to approve a deal that ceded 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia’s state-owned nuclear agency.

Voters are suspicious of Clinton’s role in helping create the dossier, which the FBI used to help justify launching an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians that later morphed into the Mueller probe. Many of the claims in the dossier have not been verified, and there’s some evidence the FBI knew that at the time it launched the probe.

Sixty-six percent of voters say the dossier is less credible because of the Democrats’ involvement and 58 percent say it cannot be relied upon for information.

In addition, 65 percent of voters say there should be an investigation into the $145 million contribution the Clinton Foundation received from the owners of Uranium One, a Canadian firm that was sold to Russian investors when Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.

Meanwhile, voters are conflicted over Mueller. Thirty-three percent view him favorably, while 31 percent have an unfavorable view of him. A solid 54 percent say his professional relationship and friendship with Comey - believed to be a key witness in the probe - represents a conflict of interest.

“Mueller is seen as having a significant conflict of interest — one large enough to typically disqualify a special counsel," Penn said.


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Might as well investigate the Obama campaign while we are at it.  What about all those foreign donations he took?  And, let's get the REAL birthcertificate from Hawaii just to settle that aspect for sure. 

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The history of elections has been the inexorable rise of Communism. Each election, more Communism accrews, or whatever has been gained remains largely intact, to roll onward. Therefore, there are but two systems of thought in actuality: Communism-billionaire, and Fascism-general-propserity. But these two. And those holding out for some improvement of their conditions, who are not billionaires, a respite from Communism, through the device of democracy, are hoping against the utterly perfect and many-nations trend...

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Mullers mission is to go where ever the investigation leads.  With Manafort it has already led to Podesta, hence Hillary.  No new special council is needed unless you don't trust Muller.  Sealed Indictments are still climbing, here is the latest I got, 11/13/2017 over 800.  Verify it yourself on Pacer.https://www.scribd.com/document/364730184/SealedIndictments-2017-11-11

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You will get little purchase here.  Most equate Fascism with Nazism or Corporatism.  I imagine you yourself equate Fascism with Volkisch Nationalism (amusingly - traits of which are displayed by a good number of participants here without their realising it). Whilst I do not agree with your politics, I can understand your position and have some empathy with your ideas of national identity and traditional values.  Humans are, after all, a tribal bunch.  I remain, however, a voluntaryist, on the side of individual sovereignty rather than statist phantasms, though I freely admit that it would take a good deal of enlightenment to see anything other than chaos in an anarchic region.Thanks for your input and challenging ideas though, sometimes this place is an echo chamber and it doesn't pay to be scared off by the opinion of those with whom you disagree.

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A Plurality Of Voters Want Special Counsel To Investigate Clinton And TrumpMy response: INVESTIGATE TRUMP!! FOR WHAT????CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE CORRUPTION is RIGHT IN FRONT OF PEOPLES FACES.Americans are sick and have lost their collective minds.WE NEED AN EARTHQUAKE of MAGNITUDE 10 TO OCCUR SOMEHWERE IN AMERICA TO SHAKE PEOPLE UP.The injustice in America is maddening. The days are EVIL.

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You do not need to get it in Hawaii. There is a national registry of birth certificates for people in his age category and younger. I know from working at the Department of Human Services, where the only recipients whose birth certificates were not in this repository were the many immigrants — legal and illegal — who got hundreds in monthly free EBT food. If need be, supervisors can look it up, although Obama is unlikely to apply due to his $46 million book deals and his $3.2 million speaking gigs abroad.

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I am seriously worried about our republic as the ability for people like yourself to actually utilize some critical thinking and not just provide speculative nonsense that has been proven time and again to be bullsit. Here is a small sampling of the stupidity on ZH that gets regurgitated at nauseum.1) Obama's birth cert is not real or not from the US2) Uranium One is a big deal - its a smokescreen created by o to have you look away from Trump's russia issues. if you are too lazy to figure this out for yourself then look at the Fox News video by Shepard Smith.3) False Flags - basically every shooting is a false flag to a) confiscate your guns, b) put anything else here.r Please just stop. Do a little thinking on your own. Conspiracies are almost always crap because nobody, and I mean nobody, can keep a secret.

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Elections lead, as you point out, to ever-increasing Communism. And the judicial system that is not really subject to the will of the People, inevitably falls into the hands of those who bribed them, and they're all bribed - democracy is George Soros property. There is alone one solution which is opposed to Communism, and which can push it back: Fascism. CALL FOR FASCISM TODAY! NOW! LET'S HAVE REAL FASCISM!!!

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I am sure a plurality of voters would be inclined to have a special counsel assigned to investigate Area 51.  Just because they represent an almost majority (nice sleight of hand there Tylers) doesn't mean anyone shoul pay attention to what they are asking for - unless it is politically expediant, that is.  Then the POTUS (of whichever party is in power at the time) can tweet about it ad nauseum so that any real effort to comply with the plurality of voters could only be viewed as a conflict of interest and the entire issue becomes moot except for all the noise.  Nothing motivates the voting pubic in the US like repeating bullshit over and over again - WMDs anyone?