Faux Outrage: Reuters Says Tillerson Violating "Child Soldier Laws"; Ignores Same Policies Under Clinton-Obama

Late last night, Reuters published an "exclusive" report which was undoubtedly intended to be a "gotcha" hit piece on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, courtesy of some disgruntled Obama/Clinton holdovers at the State Department.  The report from Reuters came after they got their hands on a confidential "dissent" memo, signed by " a dozen U.S. State Department officials" accusing Tillerson of violating the "Child Soldiers Prevention Act."  Here's a summary from Reuters:

A group of about a dozen U.S. State Department officials have taken the unusual step of formally accusing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of violating a federal law designed to stop foreign militaries from enlisting child soldiers, according to internal government documents reviewed by Reuters.


A confidential State Department “dissent” memo not previously reported said Tillerson breached the Child Soldiers Prevention Act when he decided in June to exclude Iraq, Myanmar, and Afghanistan from a U.S. list of offenders in the use of child soldiers. This was despite the department publicly acknowledging that children were being conscripted in those countries.


Keeping the countries off the annual list makes it easier to provide them with U.S. military assistance. Iraq and Afghanistan are close allies in the fight against Islamist militants, while Myanmar is an emerging ally to offset China’s influence in Southeast Asia.


Documents reviewed by Reuters also show Tillerson’s decision was at odds with a unanimous recommendation by the heads of the State Department’s regional bureaus overseeing embassies in the Middle East and Asia, the U.S. envoy on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the department’s human rights office and its own in-house lawyers.


“Beyond contravening U.S. law, this decision risks marring the credibility of a broad range of State Department reports and analyses and has weakened one of the U.S. government’s primary diplomatic tools to deter governmental armed forces and government-supported armed groups from recruiting and using children in combat and support roles around the world,” said the July 28 memo.

It's all outrageous right?  How could Secretary of State Tillerson "support" the conscription of child soldiers in Iraq, Myanmar, and Afghanistan...who would do such a thing?

Meanwhile, according to Reuters the decision by Tillerson to exclude these countries has resulted in mass opposition in the State Department, "including the rare use of what is known as the 'dissent channel'....all of which sounds very serious.

Reuters reported in June that Tillerson had disregarded internal recommendations on Iraq, Myanmar and Afghanistan. The new documents reveal the scale of the opposition in the State Department, including the rare use of what is known as the “dissent channel,” which allows officials to object to policies without fear of reprisals.


The views expressed by the U.S. officials illustrate ongoing tensions between career diplomats and the former chief of Exxon Mobil Corp appointed by President Donald Trump to pursue an “America First” approach to diplomacy.

Of course, a simple Google search would quickly reveal that the "Child Soldiers Prevention Act" was first implemented in 2009 and, at least through 2015, out of the three countries currently causing concerns at State, only Myanmar (Burma) has consistently appeared on the list...


All of which begs the question was the Clinton-Obama administration not at all worried about child soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Or maybe these "dozen U.S. State Department Officials" only became aware of the problem in these countries in 2017 just as the Trump administration took over the Executive Branch?

Certainly this can't all come down to a mainstream news organization attempting to smear the Secretary of State for simply continuing the same policies that were consistently utilized by the Obama White House and Clinton State Department with impunity...right?


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the problem is the 'in house lawyers'. Remove them first and let every fucking agency know that starting tomorrow there will be NO 'in house lawyers'. Every motherfucker with a law degree is fired immediately; every bastard with counsel, attorney, lawyer or any legal term in their job title arrested if they open their lying mouths.

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Does putting nations on a list actually prevent that nation from doing something?

Is that not like gun control preventing criminals from obtaining guns?

Was Tillerson actively assisting in recruiting child soldiers?

Rex needs to up his virtue signaling!

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Putting nations on a list like this actually does make them do something..like contributing to a foundation, or paying a generous fee for a 20 min. speech, for that wink & smile..But, by all means have yet another special counsel  appointed to investigate this as well, as long as the executive branch is bogged down in bullshit we get to listen to hillary judge the current administrations performance. 

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lol...its like arriving for work with Hillary 2016 bumper sticker on your car. Tillerson, you know what you need to do before they steal the "T" buttons off the keyboards ;-)

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7 billion and climbing but all life is precious as they steal your children, cut their throats, drink their blood and toss their carcaes into fire pits. Pickney Farm forever, get it? This isn't Tillerson. It's the Jews, the Jesuits, the Catholic Church, the latter designed to be Hell on Earth. Be good, do as you're told and you can go to Heaven. Go bad and you, too, can delight on the blood and sexual organs of babies and infants, burning them with cigarettes for hours and hours squealing with delight at their vain and pathetic screams, grunts and groans for life. These are the Commanders of us all since ancient times. US was once considered the light of the world. Then it let all the Jews run in with all their filth and degradation, perversion and insanities, their psychiatry, their grubby ill gotten blood money. They know what's coming. They designed it. All of it. Started in ernest with two shots to the head and BOOM! President dead.

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Come on Karl the US as a beacon of light is a tad romantic. The Zionists might have pointed THEM (Elite/Establishment) in the right direction but they decided to pull the trigger all by themselves.

These same Zionists/Financial Vultures go country by country, with little affiliation including, towards the Jews.

We're All fodder. Divide & Conquer!

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Admittedly this is sheer hypocrisy but Tillerson is the guy who's trying to encourage the Baghdad Government to expel Hezbollah & Friends who fought & Died from Day One against Vichy DC/MIC's Proxy Moderate Hired Goons, and Won. The Loser then get to choose who stays and goes, i think not! Hubris, eh what?

No taking sides on this one i'm afraid, the whole US Circus, is just that.

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Ha! The article states that "Iraq and Afghanistan are close allies in the fight against Islamist militants, while Myanmar is an emerging ally to offset China’s influence in Southeast Asia." Iraq and Afghanistan are close US allies? Give me a break. Iraq is an ally of Iran. It is occupied by the US. The municipality of Kabul may be an ally of the US, but the vast majority of the country is not a US ally.And Myanmar? Emerging to offset China's influence in Southeast Asia? Who writes this crap? Who publishes it?Oh! ZH publishes it. Never mind.

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Some states prohibit alcohol consumption for anyone under 21,is that because they don't consider an 18 year old to be an adult ?The minimum age for the US military is 17 with parental consent.Anyone really think the average 17 year old is an adult ?So, who's using child soldiers ?

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Funny how the leftist have no issue with "Child Soldier Laws"when they let thier female children soldier on for the cause sucking dirty old liberal dirtbag ball sacks.. Fucking bunch of filthy douchebags..

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Only bothered to read and comment after I saw the lower readership and comment level:Sign of the times that no one cares what the corporate media publishes?

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That’s because in many parts of the world a twelve year old is a man compared to the West..Good Freakin fuck stick..If you’ve spent any time in these areas you would know that and they could give a rats ass about the Geneva convention or other bullshit..