Lessons From Squanto

Authored by MN Gordon via EconomicPrism.com,

Governments across the planet will go to any length to meddle in the lives and private affairs of their citizens.  This is what our experiences and observations have shown.  What gives?

For one, politicians have an aversion to freedom and liberty.  They want to control your behavior, choices, and decisions.  What’s more, they want to use your money to do so.

Here in the United States, bureaucrats, flush with authority, will stand in the way of a fellow who’s striving to find his own way by his own means.  Licenses, permits, fees, employer identification numbers, state board of equalization registrations, workers compensation insurance…you name it.  All this – and more – are needed prior to hanging out your shingle and making your first sale.

Many cities in the land of the free require school kids to get a permit just to operate a lemonade stand.  And don’t even think of opening an auto shop, let alone a medical practice.  You’ll spend your first year’s profits getting your hazardous materials business plan approved by the fire department.  What a waste of time and resources so you can store a couple tanks of oil and gas and keep a couple waste drums to put the dirty rags in.  Does all this rigmarole make you safer?

After that, your time will be spent keeping up the requisite documentation and reporting.  Actually acquiring and serving customers will be secondary.  Then, after paying federal, state, and local taxes, you’ll be left with less money than if you’d just kept your day job.  Why bother with the risk if there’s no reward?

Perpetuating Mistakes

Certainly, some government programs were initiated with well-meaning intentions.  Food stamps, for instance, are issued so people can buy food so they can eat.  Isn’t that a good thing?  On surface, the answer is yes.  But below the surface unintended consequences simmer.

By making more and more people dependent on the government for their daily bread, the government is, in effect, crippling them.  The assistance, in many cases, does more harm than good.  It completely snuffs out a person’s aspirations.  Some may even put their ingenuity to the task of gaming the system.

You see, nothing demoralizes a person like being dependent upon the benevolence of the state.  Yet once someone has slipped onto the receiving end of its disbursements, breaking free is exceedingly difficult.  To do so, a dependent must go from being comfortably poor to being uncomfortably poor.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” goes the English proverb.

Politicians, unfortunately, have missed the wisdom of this axiom entirely.

Instead, like most of their plans, they’ve set up programs that make people indefinitely reliant.  Moreover, they don’t give a lick that their schemes are giant money sucks with few redeeming qualities.

Up and down, in and out of the economy these programs go.  Entire industries, like defense contractors, are fully dependent upon the government’s cheese.  Other promised transfer payments, like social security and Medicare, are fully entrenched into the fabric of society.

This is why it’s impossible to cut the federal budget, even if many of these programs are mistakes.  It doesn’t matter if the nation can afford them or not.  Politically, these mistakes cannot be undone.  They must be perpetuated.

Lessons from Squanto

Over the last decade the federal debt has increased from $9 trillion to over $20 trillion.  That’s more than double in just 10 years.  Where has this debt based money gone?  Where has it been spent?

A good part of it has been frittered away paying for social transfer payment programs.  An abundance of it has collected in and around Washington and Wall Street.  Whatever else, the Pentagon has pumped out to its preferred contractors.

What will happen when the federal government tacks on another $11 trillion over the next decade?  What if they double the debt again, taking it to $40 trillion?  We don’t know, exactly.  But there’s a good chance we’ll all find out.

In the meantime, one thing is certain.  A day of reckoning always arrives at the worst possible time.  But, in this case, the approaching day of reckoning will be especially difficult.

The federal government’s balance sheet has been larded up with massive amounts of debt.  This debt is needed to fund programs that several generations of Americans have become wholly reliant upon.  These people expect that these programs will support them until the day they die.

What will happen when the debt charade breaks down and these dependents are cutoff from their expected payments?  What sort of madness will prevail when half the populace realizes in unison that they’ve been snookered?

Indeed, there will be an ugly shock and a painful adjustment.  Given the scope and complexity of the impending break down this could go on for decades.  However, those with the will and desire to pick up the pieces and make something of them will be greatly rewarded.

Remember, the Pilgrims didn’t receive monthly government checks when the Mayflower first landed at Plymouth Rock.  So, too, Squanto didn’t show up at the first Thanksgiving feast with a bucket of extra crispy KFC purchased using a government issued EBT card.  Rather, Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to sow and fertilize native crops and trade furs with other native tribes, and they reaped the fruits of their labors for a lifetime.

The point is, the day will come when government dependent industries and recipients of government transfer payments, including FDR’s promised social security, will be abandoned.  Thus, taking steps today to ensure your financial independence from the state is of grave importance.


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Yeah, the American Indians didn't know they would be granted lands, special privileges & protections, funding, educational opportunities, modern medicine, etc.Mark Dice: Liberals Upset By Thanksgivinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE-DWLOolUsMaybe someone should explain to (((Mayim Bialik))) in the above video that Europeans didn't genocide the American Indians(perhaps she is projecting her own tribe's behavior in Israel with the Palestinians and in Russia, ie: ethno-Bolsheviks/Red Terror/Holodomor/Gulags/Eastern Bloc). Somewhere between 75%-90% of American Indians who died after Europeans resettled North American, died from contagious diseases, some long before they actually saw or came in direct contact with Europeans. In fact, whole Indian tribes(mound builders and others) had been disappearing long before Europeans resettled the continent. In addition, diseases like TB have been shown to have arrived and spread from seals and sea lions, long before Europeans resettled the Americas. Brutal indian territorial warfare, displacement, enslavement, rape and genocide of other indian tribes, along with famine & disease, were always present, and all long before the rearrival of Europeans.BBC: Seals Brought TB To Americas Long Before Europeanshttp://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-28871719https://www.nature.com/news/seals-brought-tb-to-americas-1.15748Archaeological and genomic evidence suggests the Solutreans from Europe were most likely the first indigenous people of North America. Furthermore, DNA analysis shows that even the population groups who later crossed the Bering Strait had European roots.University Of California Press: Across Atlantic IceThe Origin Of America's Clovis Culturehttps://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520275782http://anthropology.si.edu/staff/Stanford/Stanford.htmlhttp://www.primtech.net/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNTXCMYjwEkReuters: Native Boy's Genome Reignites Debate Over First Americans“They haven’t produced evidence to refute the Solutrean hypothesis,” said geneticist Stephen Oppenheimer of Oxford University, a leading expert on using DNA to track ancient migrations. “In fact, there is genetic evidence that only the Solutrean hypothesis explains.”https://www.reuters.com/article/us-science-native-americans-origins/anci...Spiegel: DNA Analysis Shows Native Americans Had European Rootshttp://www.spiegel.de/international/dna-analysis-shows-native-americans-...

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Here's my take:Communism vs. Free Markets at Plymouth Rock I learned from an article entitled  Our Forefather’s Failure (at LibertyUnbound.com) that the colonies at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown tried both free market and communist systems—long before Karl Marx was born. The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in December 1620, and in spite of help from the Native Americans, half of them died the first year as a result of their initial system. During the second year, more of them died. They would quickly learn that their initial system was tragically incompatible with human nature. It was simply unnatural. The colonists had the ideal conditions for their initial system because they all had a reputation as virtuous hard working people, they all were of the same race, religion, politics, and nationality; and of course, they all had agreed to this system voluntarily. They also knew that failure meant death. Nevertheless, under their initial system, they simply weren’t producing and storing enough food, which lead to starvation, disease, and discontent. Their first solution, in their second year, was to institute beatings for those who did not work hard enough, but this had little effect on productivity, and it further increased discontent. The colonists astutely observed that their system tended to retard productivity while breeding confusion and discontent. We know this because they wrote about it in their journals. Clearly, their initial system was incompatible with human nature. By the spring of 1623 the Pilgrims feared they would not survive another winter, so in desperation, they adopted a radically different system, and it saved their lives. Productivity increased, and in 1623, they had the first real Thanksgiving. Which system failed the colonists initially, and which radically different system saved them? Which system was so incompatible with human nature, and which system was so compatible with human nature? Which system was so ugly, and which system was so beautiful? According to their original governing document, the Mayflower Compact, they shared everything produced by any one of them—from each according to his ability—to each according to his need. The result was that only a small percentage of them worked hard, and the rest were freeloaders to varying degrees because they would rather risk death than be exploited by others. They were so reluctant to work that they even left food rotting on the vine! The result was indeed death. Half of them died! This reminds me of the saying by the people of the USSR, “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.” Then, in the spring of 1623, the surviving colonists decided to let each person keep the fruits of his labor, and the colony’s total output increased so much that they were never hungry again. The governor wrote in his journal that under their initial (communist) system that some of them claimed to be too sick to work, and they were so convincing that it would have been the height of tyranny to force them work. Then, after they learned they could keep the fruits of their labor, those who were too sick to walk suddenly recovered and began working the fields! Communism was killing the colonists at Plymouth Rock, and by switching to a free market system, they became more productive and saved themselves—in a single growing season. The transition from communism to free markets still lacked full property rights however. Whereas each individual owned the fruits of his labor, he did not own the land he worked, and thus he did not own any improvements he made to that land. In 1623, the colonists were still growing food on parcels of land that were reassigned by random lots each year, which they astutely observed was a disincentive for each farmer to make permanent improvements to his parcel of land because in the following year, someone else would inherit the fruits of any labor he devoted to improvements. Therefore, in 1624, they adopted full property rights where everyone owned the land he worked, and the result was another productivity boost. Whereas, the first step toward property rights and the free market increased productivity enough to feed everyone, the move to full property rights produced enough extra food to export and trade for furs and other goods. The article goes on to explain the similar experience in Jamestown:

Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in America, established in Virginia in 1607, had an experience similar to the Pilgrims at Plymouth. Early years of starvation were followed by converting to a system of property rights and a free market, which brought abundance. Under collectivism, less than half of every shipload of settlers survived the first 12 months at Jamestown. Most of the work was done by only one-fifth of the men, to whom the socialist system gave the same rations as to the others. During the winter of 1609–10, called “The Starving Time,” the population fell from 500 to 60. But when Jamestown converted to a free market, there was “plenty of food, which every man by his own industry may easily and doth procure,” wrote the colony secretary Ralph Hamor in 1614. Under the previous system, he said, “we reaped not so much corn from the labors of thirty men as three men have done for themselves now.”

The article didn’t mention the Roanoke colony, which just disappeared, and many speculate that they were killed by the Native Americans, but I think we can all deduce what really happened to them … They were killed by communism. Although both my first hand experience and observations as well as my research and analysis have long since led me to conclude that the free market and property rights are superior to communism, I would have believed that communism could have worked in the case of the first American colonies because they had every advantage one could give communism. They had already unanimously agreed to communism. They all shared the same race, nationality, religion, political views and economic views. Failure meant starvation, and slackers were beaten, but in spite of every advantage possible, communism was a catastrophic and systemic failure in the first American colonies. Consider that the colonists at Plymouth Rock had no historical precedent on which to evaluate communism vs. the free market, and yet when communism failed them, they invented and adopted a complete free market system with full property rights in just two years. In just four years, the colonists proved that that communism was a very unnatural and ugly thing, and that free-markets and property rights were a very natural and beautiful thing. Our ancestors’ understanding of the superiority of the free market and property rights made us the dominant nation on earth; whereas, today we are rapidly losing that status. Could it be that  Americans have forgotten the hard won knowledge of our ancestors? Consider that the Barack Obama had 400 years of additional historical precedent as well as a Harvard education, and yet he still doesn’t understand how the free market is superior to communism. He says that that when the government forcibly takes the fruits of your labor and gives it to others to “spread the wealth around”, then that’s “good for everybody”. Those colonists at Plymouth Rock, who seem so much more in touch with reality than the President of the United States, remind me of small town Americans of my childhood. Of course, the President sees small town Americans as basically racists who have “antipathy toward those who are different” and who “cling to their guns and religion”. Although, the Barack Obama is a dilettante, whose image was manufactured by the media, progressives have told me that he is right because communism in early America was too soon. They claim that it is not human nature to be a freeloader and that the people themselves have learned and would no longer be freeloaders. In case anyone cannot see that the progressive argument is BS, then consider that the Danish recently proved that 90% still prefer to be freeloaders when they can—even when they can make more money working.

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So the guy above gave evidence (references to historical journals of those that lived from the time) and you give us hearsay on a group who has made opinions about those that lived during that time.I am not saying you are wrong but instead of parroting, perhaps you should flesh out why the other guy is wrong and provide references to support your claim.

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Dont forget rent-seeking. Its nice to have a lot of land,to distribute it,give property rights to each man so that this man can work and inmprove his land and his life but all that can go to hell when one fucker(eventually) realises that he can live from rents better instead of doing honest work. I think the one thing that makes people go to socialism and communism is that,rent seeking. Your insight is empty without accomodating the plague of rent seeking.That includes non productive property accumulation,owenership of the commons,monopolies-oligopolies and finance(capital). Accumulated capital should always go to investments,improvments and reasearch.The moment someone makes his money work for him then the clock will start ticking.

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Don’t forget the pilgrims had to move because they cut all the trees down in P town cape cod, MA. They were starving to death. That’s a fact jack.

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Lessons for Squanto1. England isn't sending you their best.Rapists, murderers and thieves come from Europewith terrible diseases.2. Deport all illegal white people.3. They are poorly educated and don't know how to survive.4. Build a wall.

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How many deals/treaties did the good old honest, hard working and ethical pilgrims break with the Redskins? Fuck your fairy tales and fake moral aggrandisement.MN Gordon. Fuck you. 

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The Indians should have killed every white man and Spaniard as they came across them... and burned them and their clothes to keep from being infected. Hind sight is 20/20.

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Squanto before you assist us let me assure that we will rape, mutilate your women & children.

Those that survive we will separate & place on horrid “reservations”

We will place your children in schools & eradicate your culture.

There will be no records of your lives....

Hard to tell the difference between the history of the USA or the Nazis or the Radical Islamists?

Either way the dead don’t care......

But the survivors remember......

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"For once politicians have an aversion to freedom and liberty..."Ahem, Where have you been livinig the past 40 years?Pax Americana was based on that principle; front run the demise of freedom and liberty of the individual and praise to the heavans the freedom and liberty of "greed is good" of the new Oligarchs.Zeitgeist of our American age!What communism spawned the US Oligarchs have enhanced but for their own Oligarchs. Marx predicted it :  Monopoly  control. But Marx did not have a solution to the problem he had identified.Yes Squanto was Pocahontas's ancestor, innocent man who was ecologically pure; not like those unwashed who had been landed looking for the Spice route to the Indes!