Which Days Offer The Biggest Discounts This Holiday Week

Earlier today we discussed that as part of Black Friday's gradual decline into irrelevance (it is now the 3rd busiest day behind Christmas and Cyber Monday), brick and mortar retailers - seemingly reserved to losing to online vendors - have decided to reduce shopping discounts substantially; according to WSJ calculations, 2016 discounts were no less than 6% deeper than this year across 17 categories in Black Friday circulars, while only three of 10 major retailers the firm measured had better prices this year. Almost as if retailers no longer care about capturing market share.

However, that is not to say that there are no discounts or deals completely. 

As Bloomberg notes, research from Adobe Digital Insights finds that the best prices of the season for online shoppers across a variety of categories are likely to be found this weekend. (And because retailers tend to offer the same deals in stores that they do online, it's fair to assume this pattern at least roughly holds true in brick-and-mortar stores.)

So when should you go shopping for any given product category? The table below shows which days offer the best discounts, and while some have already passed, Adobe projects average prices still will be lowest in many key categories over this long weekend.