Chinese Researchers Experiment With Anti-Gay Spray

Around mid-November, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a shocking report detailing China’s gay conversion problem.

Powerful first-hand accounts expose how state-owned hospitals are using electric shock machines and medication to convert gays back to some form of 'normalcy'. The practice is an open secret in China, where a majority of gays are forced by their families into hospitals, because the culture labels it as a curable-disease.

 Even the World Psychiatric Association has come out denouncing the practice as “unethical, unscientific and harmful”.

It’s been rumored that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have received better treatment than those in China, who have been put through the conversion process.

With that being said, the Chinese knew the rest of the world was going to figure out about the inhuman treatments to literally shock the gay out of you; and so, back in 2015, the Government approved a research team at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou to study the effects of spraying oxytocin up the noses of homosexual men to see how it affects their sexual orientation.

Oxytocin has been best known for its roles in the female reproduction system. Recently, scientist have been investigating oxytocin’s role in various behaviors including, orgasm, social recognition, bonding, and maternal behaviors. The article says it’s also known as the ‘love hormone’ or the ‘cuddle hormone’ because levels of oxytocin are increased during hugs and orgasms. Oxytocin’s connection in love and sexuality is not well understood, which spurred the scientist’s two years clinical, to spray the natural hormone up gay men’s noses.

Darius Longarino, a senior fellow at Yale Law School’s Paul Tsai China Center, indicated on Twitter, the 2-year study is in the final stages and results should be out by the end of December.

On the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry website, the study states the objective of the trial: “the feature of brain activity and social gender cognition in male homosexuals, and how oxytocin affects them.” In pursuit of these objectives, 20 volunteers were chosen at random. Among other things, the volunteers had to be right-handed, aged 18-40, and have “complete male homosexuality.”

Researches then conducted a blind study with 20 test subjects who were divided into two groups. One group had oxytocin sprayed up their nose, while the others used a placebo saline solution.

According to the article, the study began in October 2015 and is now in the latter stage of completion.

The study began in October 2015 after being approved by an ethics committee and is set to end at the end of this year. Subjects are being measured on the Kinsey Scale, the Klein scale, through gender cognitive tests and functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, and by testing their blood pressure. Hu Shaohua, the deputy director of the Department of Psychiatry at the Zhejiang University School of Medicine, is in charge of the study.  

Further, the article notes,

Sup China’s Jiayun Feng notes that the study generated quite a bit of controversy upon its initial posting on the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry earlier this year after it was discovered that on the space in the form for “target disease,” someone had written “male homosexual.”


The experiment has since been redefined as a “basic study,” not one intended to cure a disease, eliminating the need to fill in that blank.

And we’re curious to see what they find out. Back in 2015, researchers at Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico found that they were able to induce a conditioned homosexual preference in male rats by giving them oxytocin and the psychoactive drug quinpirole.

At the very least, it seems likely that one group of men had a much better time these last few years than the other group. A 2013 study found that taking oxytocin before lovemaking makes for a much more intense orgasm and feeling of satisfaction, particulary for men.


And perhaps, the chart above identifies why China’s government is racing to find the most humane method in gay conversions, as the gender gap is about to take the next leg up similar to the 1980’s through the mid-2000’s widening. Anti-gay spray seems to be the communist regimes solution to combat homosexuality.


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Read a number of articles about the Bachi boys in Afghanistan a few years ago after several news reports in the MSM.

Apparently the US military doctors that showed up to some villages were told that the women were not getting pregnant. After further investigation it was discovered that the husbands were accustomed to using the back door rather than the front door. Thus, the lack of fertility.

I wish I was making up the above story. It has been several years so I don't have a link. I am sure it can be located.

Homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality are all commonly accepted sexual practices in the Moslem world. They may not discuss such practices with outsiders, but read their book. They don't try and hide it.

Once a boy is an adult he needs to be the giver not the receiver. Any adult males that continue to enjoy being submissive are thrown from the nearest roof top. Did that answer your question? Good.

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"Human Rights Watch" definitely works for the Company.Regarding the "gay issue", the very strange thing is that in Massachusetts the court-mandated gay marriage thing resulted in absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing changed except a few gay people got married. No trouble at all between dogs and cats, etc.I think the reason for the common disparagement of gayness is simply due to the fact that priests and military generals want to maximize the child output in order to bolster their flocks and forces.But there is a very persistent cultural hangover about it all over the world. Humans are stupid.

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 Humans are stupid. Both Usurers and Gays are depicted in Dante's circle of Hell.  Why?  Because both are sterile.  They don't contribute to life.Gay's try to renorm society to make it agreeable to them.  They push and push and push to make new legislation, to then re-norm civilized behavior.  They want gay parades to glorify themselves and push it onto "normies."A healthy civilization knows that family formation is the cornerstone... the atomic unit... the building block.  When a society cannot reproduce itself, it is dead.  Russia has a reasonable method for dealing with Gays.  They are not allowed to have public displays, but are allowed to do their "thing" behind closed doors.  Russia also pays for families when they have children.  Russia stopped allowing their children to be adopted in the U.S. due to pedophilia, and many pedophiles are gay.Also, gay men can have several hundred partners per year - which is another form of mental disease.  Gay men and Gay women do not like each other, and so on.Gayness is probably a function of something that went wrong in the womb, because it also extends to the animal kingdom.  Evolution would have killed it off if it was genetic, due to lack of reproduction.Civil society is not dumb to quarantine "gayness" before it corrodes the building blocks.  A civilization on its way down engages in and norms perversions.  Also, social movements (like allowing gay marriage) do not show up in short time periods, they can take decades to manifest.Somebody in the future looks back, and wonders how stupid they were.

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# Not one gay person has gone to Dante's circle of hell so far. They go to work (such as it currently is) every day so they must contribute something. How much do dogs and cats "contribute to life"?# They have not pushed for any new legislation. (The bathroom dilemma is easily solved by having multiple "mini-closet" one-at-a-time bathrooms. No more demeaning cattle-stall bathrooms.)# The parades have lessened. Why not organize your own stupid-people parade? Families are necessary, but they have been effectively outlawed, so only outlaws have families now. If people don't reproduce it's because all their kids die in wars, and Walmart doesn't pay enough to feed them anyway. Many pedophiles are not gay.# Russia is smart to pay child-bearers. We just import people.# Some gay men have several hundred partners a year; same thing with some straight men.# Gayness has nothing to do with the decline of our civilization. That has to do with NAFTA and the deconstruction of productional systems. Dogs and cats are doing fine.# The only solution is to restore the industrial base, except everybody has "gone to school" and now refuses to "work with their back" (how demeaning). But do not worry about this; worry instead about "gay agendas". Virtue signaling is more important than industrial output, and you don't want to have to work with your back anyway (unless you work at Walmart).

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To MEFOBILLS : Yours is one of the most ignorant posts I've ever read. You know nothing about what it means to be human. You know nothing about gays. You know nothing about the dynamics of how homosexuality functions in human society or human reproduction. Do a little research. A little true information wouldn't hurt you. Of course you'd have to improve your opinion. That would probably make you feel uncomfortable. Maybe that's why you're so ignorant: The truth doesn't fit your emotions. That's pretty common. But most people's emotions are not quite so out of tune with reality.

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You might be surprised by how that would turn out. Those nelly men marching in those awful parades, they are capable of doing what you are capable of doing. And they are not silent among each other. They have ideas, goals, abilities. And they don't have to argue with their wives over whether to take action. They have their own permission. If the sentiment of murder is blowing in the wind, everyone will feel it, not just you.

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so what are the implications for multiculturalism? Mulitculturalism breaks down civil society.  Stalin moved tribes about to cause conflict.  Scots were moved to Ulster (Ireland) to cause conflict.  It is only modern humans who have deluded themselves to think that unlike peoples create some sort of harmonious relations.Why the delusion?  Importing cheap third world labor is part of finance capitalism.  Exporting jobs to take wage arbitrage is another aspect.  Finance capitalism is banksterism, where the "credit" is created with a new debt instrument.  The bankster then takes usury in the form of interest for the simple act of creating a debt instrument.  Buried within this scheme is to also make a creditor/debtor relationship.  Creditors are to be OVER debtors always.  Money as Credit is to seek out the best returns, and that means pushing down labor, even skilled labor. H1B or even Indian doctors, are a way of pushing down wages, so Capital is "preserved." To keep this predatory scheme going requires the emission of hypnosis.   The hypnosis says that "multiculturalism" is wonderous and a panacea, blah blah.  Of course, it is a lie.   Ever since Putnam's "Bowling Alone" came out, social scientiests know that unlike peoples cause high friction.  High friction in turn means that society will not self regulate, and will instead move toward a police state.  In other words, what our ancestors knew is now backed up by data, and anbody who shills for multiculturalism is passing hypnosis as an ((agent)) or is a dupe.Gay's in a multiculturalist society will be one more protected agent of destruction group.  Multicultural "high friction" societies have so many points of friction, that it makes it easier for the ((parasite)) to walk around and avoid detection.

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Crossing 2 different genetic strains produces a hybrid who is often stronger/better than either parent. The USA was blessed with this effect. Cultural differences could also be good if done over time to test which elements are the best. Sure, it also can lead to problems during the testing period. Historically the USA shut down the immigration flow a couple times when the problems began to out weigh the benefits. I believe we are now ready for such a shut down. We don't need multicultural. We need to find one good culture. Besides we already have lots of people.As for gays: what is the problem? They will never be the majority. They die off in one generation. I suspect those who want to do something about gays maybe are afraid they too might turn/catch gay. Don't worry. It doesn't work that way. You are born the way you are.

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"Even the World Psychiatric Association has come out denouncing the practice as “unethical, unscientific and harmful”.- the same psych association that downgraded gender confusion to gender dysphoria because well you know, soft social science is whatever the libtard academic elite decides it is.

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