China Deploys Jets To South China Sea, As US Simulates War With North Korea

Late last week, China for the first time confirmed the deployment of its J-11B jet fighters to the heavily disputed South China Sea islands. Footage was released by Government-run China Central Television (CCTV) in the form of military propaganda directly challenging the United States and its allies in the disputed waters. The footage confirmed the aircraft are residing in various hangars on Yongxing island, a Chinese name for Woody Island, which is in the contested Paracel Island chain.

According to Global Times, “the presence of the bombers showcases China’s improving air and sea control in the South China Sea.”  Breaking down the footage, there appears to be more than one J-11B aircraft participating in sophisticated nautical combat exercises around Yongxing island. At the end of the video, there is evidence that the creation of infrastructure to support the aircraft was built in the form of speciality hangars.


For some time, China has been hesitant to station its fighters on the island because of the harsh conditions. In solving these environmental issues, the Chinese military built “thermostabilized hangars which boost the jet fighters’ durability and resistance to the island’s humidity and high temperatures,” enabling longer deployment rounds said the report.

Yongxing island is mission critical to the Chinese air and sea superiority in the heavily disputed waters because of its 3-km-long airport.

In recent times, China has added near 3,200 acres of land on seven features (which includes rocky outcrops and reefs) over the past three years through its controversial nation building in the disputed waters. Despite the rich resources in the South China Sea, more than $3 trillion in trade pass through the area giving China a majority advantage of control.  Complicating matters, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei also have overlapping claims.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank warned earlier this year that the three man-made islands in the South China Sea allow China to deploy fighters and other various weapon systems to the area, thus inducing a more hostile region. All three islands can support about "24 fighter jets and four larger planes, including surveillance, transport, refueling or bomber aircraft," said Japan Times.

Meanwhile, just north of the South China Sea– in the Sea of Japan, the United States has just kicked-off the “largest-ever” joint aerial drills with South Korea simulating war with North Korea. This drill was spur of the moment after Pyongyang launched its most advanced ICBM, one which experts warned, the range of the rocket can hit anywhere in the United States. Some 230 aircraft and up to 16,000 soldiers and airmen are taking part in the drill, which is on the biggest ever of its kind.

What is perhaps most troubling is that as war drums beat ever louder in the Eastern Hemisphere, with China deploying fighters to its contested South China Sea islands, while the US prepares for war against North Korea, most Americans obsess over the latest sexual harassment scandal.


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I live up near the coast of Oregon and over the past several weeks the buildings have shook with the low-bass rumble of massive jets -- just one or two at a time -- flying out of range of sight.

These are not the normal air-carrier traffic jets we see and hear running up and down the coast everyday, these are likely bombers. The US military moves these assets a few at a time over a long period if they're not in a hurry and don't want to freak out and panic the citizenry with a whole bunch at once.

My wife thought we were having an earthquake, and I'm like "Nah, it's just another one of the B-52's headed out over the Pacific."

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That would be the "plastic / metal crap alloy" products you willingly buy, wouldn't it? - the stuff the Chinese can "sell" to you for a few dollars yet STILL make acceptable profit.The "stuff" those aircraft are built from is the same "stuff" as their Lunar Rover, and their Military spec. gear. Completely different league to what you see in Wal-Mart.

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"Are chinese jet fighters built from that "plastic/metal crap alloy" we american consumers are familiar with?"No, in fact, even in the 50s the  chinese did an excellent job in the production of the SKS, used by the Vietnamese to defeat us. Dont be fooled by the cheap chinese meme. Its a little like when we use to think that made in japan meant it was cheap junk.

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all these comments here implying AMERICAN SUPERIORITY/OMNIPOTENCE just reflect the US governments arrogsnce in its foreign policy, and continued harrasmentof countries like  china/ NK . Seems you yanks are beleiving al the nonsense your government is shovelling.You  need to be put back in your place... NUCLEAR BOMB style..... and have  a GOOD taste of your war mongering on US SOIL. Uptill now  no US enemy could nuke nor  hit  US mainland..... but now hopefully  NK does hit washington.Then we'll see how GREAT  america is under  a mushroom cloud 

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“thermostabilized hangars which boost the jet fighters’ durability and resistance to the island’s humidity and high temperatures”Translation - they rust. Not kidding.

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You know the drill, let's simulate an erection. The USSofA's in Economic Freefall and yet sends a simulated erection, show of force, to Asia. How fucked up is that?

25% of South Korea's Exports go to China ($145 Billion ), less than half that figure to the US. SK should behave more responsibly and tell Vichy DC to THAAD the eff OFF.

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Keep everyone living in Fear. Today it's Chinese jets, the Chinese are no more interested in going to war with the USA than they are interested in Yorkshire Pudding.The fat boy in North Korea is about as Legit as Mickey Mouses gay twin brother. He's an actor. eating a pizza before he fucks a virgin selected for his entertainment, before bed. The Chinese jets are going to start some shit and we are all going to die. The Muslim bomber is in your airplane, bus or Taxi, remember to be afraid at all times. The theater of the old Cuntery becomes tedious.

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I'm waiting...Hurry up... and kill each others..This is a populaton control... that's all...I'm Megatron.., get the shouw.. goin.., you fool...Bawha ahahahhahahaha

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Yeah... And? Remind me again? How many US bases with war toys are there world wide? I've lost count. Buncha hypocrites. China knows the USG is coming for them. And it appears as counter measure they now have their artificial islands operational. Oops! Just the split eyes figures making the sure the round eye get the message. Next!

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Amidts the imbalance in the Ponzi econoomy, they go for military escalations, OBOR initiatives and all other Xi's visions. The national debt to rise and kick down to another generation that is already saddled with record high household debts (higher than US). Paradoxically, US and its allies egging them towards military escalations are not bad ideas. Also, it get more expensive for them creating instabilities in their neighborhood (East and South Asia). These are China's major trading partners that collectively have a bigger market and more resources and technologies than China. China is splitting this pie and providing entrenchement to US hegemony in the Region. In essence, China needs global economic stability to work its reforms. Cheer them on to stall their reforms and cure their economic imbalances and go turbo on Japan route of lost decades .

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Israel bombs around Damascus, Syria twice and Trump may announce he will move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. World War III is escalating East and West.

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I can't believe the comments you guys are posting here. I can't believe you really want to invade NK even though you have done it before which happens to be the very reason Little Kimmie is developing misiles, so it wont happen again. I can't believe you guys not knowing by now both China and Russia have publically stated if Little Kimmie fires so much as a firecracker at the US he is on his own. On the other hand both China and Russia said publically if the US fires so much as a firecracker at NK, well, that's about all they will be able to.... Wake up dipshit and stop beleiving MSM.

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China has the fastest super computers in the world. China is the first in quantum communication. China has manufactured her own computer processor and soon will flood the world with "Not-Intel Inside“ computers.Chinese mobile companies are producing cheaper and better phones than American and SK companies. Chinese " Petro-Yuan" it's all a reality.China "Silk Road" will be the new way to do business among nations........... Now do you think NK is what is all about?