Eating Meat Perpetuates "Hegemonic Masculinity", Professor Says

Authored by Toni Airaksinen via Campus Reform,

A Pennsylvania State University sociology professor recently argued that eating meat perpetuates “hegemonic masculinity” and “gender hegemony.”

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Feminist Geography, professor Anne DeLessio-Parson argues that “hegemonic masculinity implies an imperative to eat meat” and that this helps reify other power hierarchies as well.

To study the link between masculinity and meat, DeLessio-Parson interviewed 23 vegetarians who live in Argentina to probe how they deal with their country’s “meat-centric” culture, finding that being vegetarian itself is a political act.

Vegetarians also contribute to the destabilization of the gender binary, she argued.

“The decision to become vegetarian does not itself destabilize gender, but the subsequent social interactions between vegetarian and meat-eater demand gender enactment - or resistance,” DeLessio-Parson discovered.


“Refusing meat therefore presents opportunities, in each social interaction, for the binary to be called into question,” she said, noting that women, for example, may not consider dating men who eat meat, while male vegetarians might end up spending more time in the kitchen as opposed to outside on the grill, all actions which can destabilize gender norms.

In an interview with Campus Reform, DeLessio-Parson explained that her interest in the issue arose after spending five years as a vegetarian in Argentina, where she worked with community organizations and as an English teacher.

There, she realized that vegetarianism isn’t just a lifestyle choice, but a feminist act.

“Women, one of the ways they push back against patriarchy, they say, 'This is my body. You don't get to tell me what comes in and out,’” she told Campus Reform, explaining that vegetarianism is a way women can assert their agency and autonomy.

She also noticed characteristics unique to male vegetarians, asserting that although many men in Argentina “still have these very hegemonic masculinity traits,” male vegetarians “seem more egalitarian and respectful” and “more open about talking about how sexism exists.”

DeLessio-Parson concludes that vegetarianism can help “destabilize not just gender, but also other hierarchies, and drive social change.

“If we can pay more attention to what we put in our bodies...we can create a better sense of peace in the world. Vegetarianism is a part of that,” she writes.


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professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey teams feature all-male line-upsthis unlawful and immoral violation of civil rights has persisted much too longevery professional sport engaged in interstate commerce must employ women in equal proportion with men, and give them equal playing timewrite your congressmanwomanperson immediatelymake your voice heard  

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You know this is horseshit when this kind of pretentious vague language is used by these "intellectuals:"“The decision to become vegetarian does not itself destabilize gender, but the subsequent social interactions between vegetarian and meat-eater demand gender enactment - or resistance,” DeLessio-Parson discovered. Heaven forbid the "professor" write a clear sentence in plain English lest it be discovered that this an intellectual NOTHING burger.

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as a vegetarian for the past 25+ years, i call absolute bullshit on this entire screed. well, there was one half-phrase that was, oddly enough, factual: “The decision to become vegetarian does not itself destabilize gender..."the point this fool goes on to try to make after this is rubbish of the tallest order. i get shit for being vegetarian pretty much everyday. i expect it, and i don't give one shit. like having a mohawk in the 80's, you are asking to get shit from people, and if you are offended then don't fucking do it. seriously, something must be done about this whole snowflakism bullshit before they make it more illegal than it already is to oppose it.i bought some fancy breed straight run chicks and two turned out to be roosters. since i dont have the time/space to breed chickens, i happily let my roommates slaughter and eat them. one of these days i will get around to getting a hunting license for the simple reason that it will add another chance for someone in the household to score tags and therefore add to the overall food supply of the team (and, yeah, free up more veggies from the garden for me!). fuck this geoopthamalotherapist (or whatever, i can't spare the time or effort to check her "official" title) cunt and the horse she rode in on. 

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i checked for an onion byline (as it seemed crazy, but not farfetched in the current state of affairs), but i wasn't aware of this campus reform site. the thought of "campus reform" equating to anything besides anti-free speech and divide and conquer asshattery never crossed my mind. thanks for the tipoff, i might have to check it out more often, its an even subtler accredited times, if this is an example of their common fare!

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That gets the support of the following lifestyles / dietry requirements:-ketogenic / low carb / atkins-paleo-gluten free-dairy free-nut freeIt just so happens that all nine essential amino acids and two fatty acids needed by the human body are found in meat. Worked for the Eskimoes. Think they used sealcoin.

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You don't work in the Chemical Industry, then. "Homogeneous" and "Post-Process" are terms that crop up very frequently, especially in multi-step synthetic processes. Same goes for the Pharmaceutical Industry, especially fermentation - derived products (antibiotics, hormones, "biologicals", etc.)

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No it's not even scientific.she is a fuckwit of the highest offensive order
Geez, you Americans generate freaks. I
am a female and once I got over the horror of eating meat at 4 just got on with it because my dentition and body are built for it.
But not being American, I have access to grassfed well freedom allowed stock even occasionally pig meat, from animals free range with their own shelter homes and cared for until the sudden end stress free, no freaky urea taste linger from a terrible terror at their end.
How dare she. My soni eats meat and vegetables snd fruit and ferments and women remark how he respects women when they deserve it... ie is not an idiot such as she describes nor a fool such as she.

ZH is turning out clickbait stupidity worse than women's day. ZH you can do better in general but then this article is worth printing to show how degenerate university women in some power positions are

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Many of the self-righteous vegan/vegetarian people that I have encountered seem to have a pale, pasty skin tone.They seem to suffer from chronic iron deficiency (anemia) and when they are questioned about this potential dietary shortfall, many of them become quite defensive, hostile, and argumentative.Whenever the opportunitity presents itself, I enjoy cooking large amounts of bacon in their presence.They either choose to indulge themselves in the wonderful, delicious ecstasy of BACON, or they are driven from the scene while pretending to retch and vomit.I thoroughly enjoy antagonizing vegetarians/vegans by cooking large amounts of mouth-watering meat around them.

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