Canada Kills Plan To Buy Boeing Super Hornet Jets Amid Growing Trade Feud

The growing trade feud between the US and Canada escalated overnight when Ottawa announced it was scrapping a plan to buy 18 F-18 Boeing Super Hornet fighter jets amid a deepening dispute with the U.S. aerospace company, Reuters reported. In a snub to the US, Canada's Liberal government will instead announce that intends to acquire a used fleet of older Australia F-18 jets, the same kind of plane Canada currently operates.

The unexpected decision demonstrates Ottawa’s anger at a recent decision by Boeing to launch a trade challenge against Canadian planemaker Bombardier which Beoing accuses of dumping airliners on the American market. It also puts into question the future of Boeing’s military sales in Canada, which however is a two-edged sword: Boeing says its commercial and defense operations in Canada support more than 17,000 Canadian jobs.

The trade spat comes as Canada and Mexico are locked into increasingly acrimonious negotiations with the United States over the NAFTA trade pact.

The Liberal Party of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initially said in late 2016 it wanted the Boeing jets as a stopgap measure until it could launch a competition for a permanent fleet to replace Canada’s ageing CF-18 jets. But as relations with Boeing deteriorated, Ottawa slammed the firm for not acting as a trusted partner and began looking at the Australian jets.

Sensing an opportunity to grab market share, Australia’s Defense Department said Canada lodged a formal expression of interest for “a number” of Australia’s F/A-18 Classic Hornets on Sept. 29, in a statement emailed to Reuters.

“Defence is continuing to assist Canada in regards to their EOI,” the statement added, without disclosing a price or any other details. Two sources also said Australian military officials had been in Ottawa late last month for talks. One source said that by buying the Australian fleet, Canada would save money as well as avoid the need to train its pilots on a new aircraft or spend money on a new supply chain. Officials had previously said that if the purchase went ahead, some of the Australian aircraft would be used for spare parts.

It will be interesting if Canada escalates the trade war in the near future: the country is due to officially announce the requirements for its new fighter fleet in early 2019, kicking off an open competition. One potential contender is Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter, which Trudeau initially said he would not buy because it was too expensive. The government has since softened its line, saying the plane would be allowed to compete. In light of the feud with Boeing, however, Canada may end up opting for European alternatives instead.


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still somehow the desperation to get futures green today will persist and BA will still be up since it is in the top 5 dow weightings..........literally not one dow component is up pre-market yet futures are pushing higher.

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Trudea announcing this now because of how embarrased he was in Chinawhat kind of retard tries to tie gender rights to trade in China?and WHAT kinda of retard starts a fight over how many damn photographers he can bring into photo ops? (again, in CHI-NA)i mean, I know he basically never even had a job until he was 37 years old, and just skipped around temporary gigs after spending 9 years earning an undergrad, but even a retard should know better than that -_-justins love of selfies, photo ops, and symbolic gender/native/etc rights truly know no bounds

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this is very symptomatic of the liberal insecurities and malformed social ability; which is why they should not be in positions to try and influence groups of people in a leadership role; obummer was a perfect example, the constant stomping of his feet and juvenile tantrums when he didnt get his way were an embarassment to a nation that supposedly prides itself on strength and power.

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well, the fighter jets are for 3 strategic reasons.1. let's Canada contribute to UN missions (e.g. bombing the same countries as everyone else gets Canada goodwill with them)2. let's Canada better patrol the 'North', and prove sovereignty, over areas which other countries do not recognize as Canadian -- there are significant parts of Canada that Russia or US still claim as their own. if Canada can't patrol it regularly, whether with dog sleds or fighter jets, Canada loses its ability to show that its sovereign land should it ever became a legal battle.3. just general MAD .... if shit ever  does it the fan, it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least have some rusty second hand F18s lying around lol

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The thing is...we are broke, our gov sold off all the rest of the gold in desperation, economy here is fucked (for the real working people) and our shemale priminister has put us so deep in debt (last 2 years) that he's off to China to kneel in front of his Chinese bulls and do what he does best.We can't come up with the deposit on the jets so no deal.

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C'mon, now. Justnot had enough principles to ask the Chinese to wear a condom before they fucked us over in a trade deal, and Li told him "Bareback or nothing". So, it's nothing, which is actually a better deal for Canadians. What do we need from China? Cheap toys? More poisonous baby formula? More fentanyl?"Free trade deals" between nations of widely disparate national incomes and values silently erode the middle class in the more advanced nation. That's happened in both Canada and the USA from Nafta. I'd be so much happier if Justnot were to throw the Mexicans under the bus and advance a true free trade deal with the US.

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Two engines is a critical requirement for long range fighter patrols over remote areas. Nobody uses F16s, or any other single engined aircraft, for that role. The Norwegians, who fly F16s on intercepts, always hand over shadowing to twin engined fighters from the US/UK beyond a certain range from shore for just that reason. If your last engine goes, you will likely die about 75% of the year. I know, I used to fly those missions. Lots of stuff becomes critical at that distance. Had the air conditioning fail to full cold one winter's night, and it wouldn't turn off either. Longest hour and a half of my life recovering to base. Had to scrape the ice off the inside of the canopy to see to land.

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You do realize that Canada was fighting in the first half of WWI, while America watched, and the first third of WWII, while America watched? You were like the sub who comes on in the second half, all fresh and clean, when everyone is exhausted from a brutal first half, and then proclaims "I won the game!". If not for the Canadian navy providing support and cover, and the Canadian merchant fleet carrying cargo under their protection, Britain might not have survived the period between Dunkirk and Pearl Harbour, and the world would be very different now. I like Americans, if not all their politicians, so this is a very personal insult: Fuck you.

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Canada enslaved its young men and sent them off to fight and die in horrible deaths in two world wars for Israel.  The idiots in Canada who consider themselves morally superior to the rest of the planet didn't even get to have a say, but they are happy to primp themselves by virtue signalling about blacks enslaved by blacks, shipped to the new world on boats owned by jews, and then sold to jewish plantation owners by jews.  You also ought to read up on war crimes and crimes against humanity that Canadians committed for the sake of the Yids.   Canadians never should have been in either war, nor should they have participated in the genocidal starvation of Germany, twice in 25 years.  Hell, invading the Yankees and allying with the South during the war of Northern Aggression would have made a lot more sense.  But then again, Canadians are unadulterated idiots.

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20m MAY have died, maybe more, but the majority were holocausted by blood thirsty jews like Trotsky.  Stalin refused to sign the Geneva convention and claimed that Soviet POW's were traitors.  The Germans still treated them better that the commie yids treated German POW's.  Stalin lined up precious machine guns behind his troops and massacred any that tried to retreat.  Stalin purged all the countries he invaded (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Bessarabia) while Roosevelt and Churchill ignored and even helped cover up events like Katyn forest.The sad saga goes on and on, but those Russians were the victims of Yids who had performed a coup in 1917 and then murdered the Tsar.Beside, if you want to try to compare WWII war crimes that American Zio-puppets committed against Germans vs. those of Germans against Americans just compare POWS.  Germans were stripped of all Geneva convention rights when Eisenhower declared them disarmed combatants.America has definitely been the #1 most loyal goy-cattle murderer for the yids, that is clear.   USA.  USA.  USA.

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