Shutdown Averted For Now: House Approves 2-Week Extension Of Government Funding

Update (5 pm ET):

And so the can has been kicked again, if only for only 2 weeks. Despite a laundry list of demands from Democrats and Republicans who appeared ready to cut off government funds, a majority of the House has voted to approve a two-week extension of government spending, a modest legislative achievement that will allow Republicans to focus on their top priority: Passing comprehensive tax reform.

House Republicans managed to pass the legislation on their own in the 235-193 vote, despite often coming short of securing a majority of the majority on measures to keep the government open in recent years, the Hill reorted.

The spending patch through Dec. 22 gives lawmakers time to negotiate a bipartisan budget deal, although it is unclear just how another 14 days will help when the two parties are unwilling to negotiate and compromise. At that time, Which is why, Congress is expected to pass another short-term patch so that appropriators can craft a spending package to keep federal agencies funded through the rest of the 2018 fiscal year.

“I think it's kind of just basic governing is keeping government going while we negotiate the final details,” said Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Ahead of Thursday’s vote, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made clear that Democrats wouldn’t support the two-week stopgap. Pelosi emphasized that Democrats don’t want to see a government shutdown, but couldn’t support Thursday’s bill because it doesn’t include their priorities like protections for young undocumented immigrants, funding for the opioid crisis and relief for communities affected by recent natural disasters.

“This is a waste of time,” Pelosi said at a press conference in the Capitol quoted by The Hill.

The Senate is expected to easily clear the two-week stopgap measure as early as Thursday evening.

And with that out of the way, check back in 2 weeks to see how the government kicks the can yet again.

* * *

In an announcement that brings the federal government to the verge of a weekend shutdown, Nancy Pelosi said Democrats won’t support a Republican bill for a two-week funding extension because almost none of their demands have been met.

Speaker Paul Ryan, appearing at the same podium just minutes after Pelosi left it, said he’s optimistic the Republicans can win the GOP support to pass their CR on Thursday, the Hill reported. “I feel good where we are,” Ryan said. “It’s kind of basic governing.”

According to Bloomberg, the bill is a “waste of time” that doesn’t include funding for combating the opioid crisis, among other priorities like enshrining DACA provisions into law, something Pelosi has said must happen before the end of the year.

Pelosi added that she hopes she and Chuck Schumer, her counterpart in the Senate, can work out a deal suitable to both parties when they meet with President Donald Trump later today.

The House Rules committee last night approved a rule change to allow Republican leaders to bring the bill to a vote Thursday.

The two party leaders wasted no time blaming one another for the precarious situation:

The parties quickly pointed fingers across the aisle to blame the other for the impasse.

“We were concerned when the president started mocking the meeting and saying there’d be no deal,” Pelosi said Thursday. “And we thought, ‘Well, if you’re not ready to talk, then we’re not ready to come.'"

Ryan had a decidedly different take.

“When they walked away from the table, that cost us weeks,” he said.

The decision on a stopgap bill with a Dec. 22 end-date came after Ryan and his leadership team held discussions on overall budget strategy with the leaders of the restive House Freedom Caucus. A formal check of how members would vote came back showing widespread support, said Representative Dennis Ross, a member of the vote-whipping team.

As we pointed out yesterday, the continuing resolution that's been funding the government for the last two months, and yet many battles over a host of intractable issues are still being fought. At this point, passing something by midnight Friday - when the continuing resolution expires -is looking increasingly problematic.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, GOP lawmakers are also divided over when to tackle the Dreamers issue.

President Donald Trump in September ended an Obama-era program shielding the children of undocumented immigrants from deportation, with the protections beginning to expire in early March, giving Congress six months to pass legislation protecting them.


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The Feds use this whole shutdown thing to impress upon us how important they are to us. That is why they shut down federal parks and all the fun stuff we enjoy, yet all the important warring and dirty subversive shit around the world continues unabated.Each side wants to show us just how much they are fighting for us.  In reality, this shit is one big theater production. They don't need a dime in funding from any of us peons. They can get all they want from the FED via a couple keystrokes.Did you ever notice that every single time a CR comes up for a vote it fails miserably?  Then, right when all the $$ they set aside is about to dry up, voila, a deal is met that makes everyone happy.  The government keeps doing what it wants, and the people all see how hard their "representatives" fought for them.  It's bullshit all the way around.  They will NEVER actually shut down the government.  Because they know that most people wouldn't notice. And that scares the shit out of them. Reminds me of the Adam Sutler line in V where he has to remind everyone "why they need us."  Same shit here.  Just that this is real life and not a movie.pods

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You know, I was just about to agree with you pods, but then I thought about it for a little bit longer and realized that these people DO actually think that the nation would crumble without them and they DO actually think this threat of shutting down the government is going to scare people, and rightfully so in their minds. I think these people truly have a God complex, and that is probably the #1 reason why they are so dangerous. We are to worship them, and they will close down places like natural parks with beautiful views just to punish us. They are pure evil, because that’s what power does to the human soul.

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I think there are more and more people like you. They are realizing that the government doesn't really "help" them that much in their day to day lives.And then there are people like me, who wouldn't mind dying because of a shut down/collapse if it meant a chance at real freedom for my progeny.pods

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Jesus H Christ.......where have you people been the last 30-50 years..........if shutdown after shutdown over the last 50 years hasn't proved that point that 90% of government programs are not essential and are a waste of money then you have not been paying attention. Shut the fucker down........and no one will notice any change............. Bet they keep the IRS open though...... 90% of spending by government is wasted money to fatten the pockets of the politicians and their psychopathic followers.

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Agree - Military needs to find their way home with no pay - When I was in the military we did escape and evasion training - if they don't make it back - Stuff Happens - we all have to die sometime - I'm sure I could have made it home from Vietnam in 1968 - Our great Military has not won a war since Grenada - they had a battalion of Cuban troops and we whoop there ass - Even had to send Clint Eastwood to finally win SHUT DOWN THE MILITARY - NO PAY! 

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It does not matter what % of gubernmint is shut down, nothing important to the Deep State will be. AND the pay 'lost' during the 'shut down' of those gubernmint turds that actually get 'shut down' is restored retroactivly - ever time.Almost all ZHers get this is theater, why do the mainstream sheeple continue to go with the fake narrative?(That's a retorical question, btw.)

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The libtards would rather fight for illegals than their own legally voting, US consituents. Everyone just keep that in mind in the next few election cycles. The libtards could not care less what happens to you or me, it's all about the illegals!If the GOP concede any fucking thing on DACA they had better have their bags packed. NO AMNESTY!!!!

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