Unemployed Americans Are The Most "Comfortable" In 16 Years

The unemployed in America are telling Bloomberg that they have not been more comfortable since April 2001...

Is that a good thing?


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that tells you about the rising %age of immigrants from moslem cuntries:no work and dollahz in da pocketand if someone says sumthin' I'm gonna yell I'm a poor victim

Buck Johnson God Emperor Thu, 12/07/2017 - 15:08 Permalink

Your essentially correct, the younger girls and even older ones are seeing that sex is an easier way to get money than working the 9 to 5.  Many of these women and girls are trying to be a sugar baby or UTR (under the radar) escort.  Lets all think about it, if your a hot girl or very good at doing the thing, you could make alot of money and those UTR girls who are out there can make major money and many of them eventually marry one of their rich johns and/or beccome exclusive to a customer.

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Yes, yes, the 'merican eCONomic and monetary system has been rewarding bad behavior for 40+ years!!!!From Nixon to the creation of mortage-backed securities, free fucking money with no real work, no real risk and no real collateral requirements!!!"Full Faith and Credit"same as it ever was!!!

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For some reason, Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" comes to mind with regard to this article.Unemployment was never supposed to be 'comfortable,' it was supposed to make you get off your ass and find work!

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Not if you're white.  Ever take a look at who works at DHHS?  They are targeting whites for denial of benefits (at least here in Houston).  I just got my EBT cut for failing to report a raise from $9 to $9.50 an hour, even though I sent them all the documentation and had my employer fill out the required form.  They didn't even send me a cancellation notice; I just found out the other day when I tried to buy groceries.  Another story: This year, I applied for a higher paying job as custodian in my local school district.  I have ten years experience, so they had to give me an interview.  I get down there and the Hispanic guy asks me if I have any questions (meanwhile, two Latina babes are waiting behind me to be interviewed); he didn't ask me one goddamned question.  It's an old scam; this way, I can't go to EEOC and file a complaint because it now looks like I flubbed the interview.If you're a poor old white guy like me, these are tough times.  Can't afford Obamacare, and I haven't been to a doctor in three years; dentist, five years.  In 2014, I had to pay over $400 in penalties for not having health care.  Meanwhile, people of color are scamming benefits like there is no tomorrow down here.

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itstippy GunnerySgtHartman Thu, 12/07/2017 - 12:32 Permalink

Back in the day, "Unemployment Compensation" in my area was how employers held onto their trained workforce during the Winter months.  All the concrete workers, framers, and other seasonal construction dudes would get the winter off and draw unemployment, confident that they'd be called back in the Spring when construction season came again.  Ditto for the factory workers.  The plastics and coil-winding factories would shut down in the Winter to retool and to avoid heating the factory floors.  It seemed like 1/3 of the local workforce took Winters off and drew unemployment, going ice fishing and drinking beer and kicking back for four months.  The smart guys would sock enough dough away during the Summer overtime heydays to see them through the Winter in style (when coupled with unemployment checks).This was in the 1960s, '70s, and early '80s.  As a student, Winter Break was a blast.  I'd go back to my hometown for a month and live at my parents' for free, and have fun with all my buddies who were on Winter Layoff.  Hunting, fishing, hanging out in bars every night, young and strong and with a bright future ahead.  Confident, indeed.

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Those are the male-dominated jobs, not the mom-gang office jobs. You could say the moms enjoy that half work /half absenteeism schedule all year round: coming in as late as they want due to the same school traffic childless people sit it, leaving at 2:30 every day before the clogged traffic lines form, taking days off whenever they want and frequently for baby school luncheons and taking whole weeks off beyond PTO and multiple pregnancy leaves for things like baby travel soccer.

With all of the absenteeism I have seen from moms in workplaces full of moms, I have seen only [one mom] fired for [all day / every day] absenteeism in a management job. Even that took a long time; she retained the job much longer than childless people who came to work every day, stayed all day and met the quotas every month.

Don’t meet the quotas as a mom. No problem as long as you scratch the back of the babyvacationing mom manager, and to do that, you need to be just like her, i.e. a mom and frequently absentee [for baby, allegedly].

Managers can always get a few churnable employees who do not have families to sit there, day after day, generating sales and retaining accounts, for less than enough pay to cover rent and with phones ringing off the hook with paying customers. Half of the staff is in the building. They keep the numbers up. The well-vacationed manager churns them, spending her bonus on kids or mom pampering and then hiring a few more hardworking chumps.

They retain the frequently absentee mom gang that can accept low pay due to spousal income, child support that pays for rent or free rent, free groceries, monthly cash assistance, free electricity and child tax credits between $3,400 and $6, 318.

Like the factory workers, many moms with unearned income for womb productivity from the welfare and tax-welfare systems also just work a few months per year in jobs like tax preparation. That has a lot of symmetry since they tabulate the child tax credit welfare checks of up to $6,318 for other moms who work part time all year round for low wages to stay below the income limit for welfare.

Work a few months at a higher wage level, not to exceed what you need to get a big tax-welfare check, and resume collecting monthly welfare after the season, living with a boyfriend with untraceable income all the time and collecting lots of financial help from the kids’ grandparents by just working a few months per year. At least, those moms are not working as unlicensed insurance agents, with a few licensed signers in the building, making $1 more per hour.

Beats working all year long, full-time, in states like mine with its $19k per capita income, when moms get a third of that money in one tax-time check from the US Treasury Dept to reward sex and reproduction, in addition to free rent and food in many cases.

UC to cover rent between $10 to $12-per-hour churn jobs: Do not count on it if you busted your can to keep the babyvacationing manager’s numbers up. Mommas know how to bully out those who do not fit in their absenteeism gangs. Their methods are not pretty.

Now, non-touring musicians use the UC system just as you described. Some of the delivery guys in the business I once owned were working that job just as a second, [earned] income, as opposed to the unearned income for womb productivity that part-time mom workers enjoy.

In addition to UC, laid-off factory workers are one of the few exceptions in the normally womb-based welfare system. In addition to UC, they can get food stamps in cases where they have official pink slips. Women with unproductive wombs working mom-gang jobs cannot.

These frequently absentee and part-time worker mommas are quite brutal. They spend more time on bullying non-gang members than on making calls to generate sales and fielding calls to retain business when they are even in the building. They also spend a lot of time planning cloying, cutesy, mom-bonding rituals at work. Another frequent cubicle activity of mom workers involves posting baby pics online. All of this is rewarded far more than work.

They do work, though—————part time and not hard. They cannot work hard; they go over the income limit for welfare when they do. Of course, quite a few moms just say [or submit proof] to Department of Human Services workers that they are “looking for work.”

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Same with logging in the 40s '50s and shipyards in the 60's. My Dad did those, logging was seasonal Winter Break, shipyards were whenever a boat came in that needed fixin', then left - could be a couple of months until the next boat. "Chicken in the summer, feathers in the winter."But it was lean - unemployment started in early November when the rains came and shut down the woods, and expired 8-12 weeks later, with about a month to go before things got dry enough to get back into the shows. There were a couple of years in high school I contributed my minimum wage salary as a after-school and weekend carry-out boy/stock cllerk at a local grocery store to the family pot, which was fine - we got by 'cause some of the summer wages were also stashed away, but I wouldn't say our comfort index was real high. One car bteakdown or a physical accident to any of us would have been really tough. There was no damn SNAP or EBT or food stamps, and welfare was both hard to get on and socially unaceptable to the workin' folks culture I grew up in. I literally never knew anyone whose family was on welfare, and sometimes in December and January in the small logging towns I lived in or near, half the damn adult males were unemployed and drawing unemployment insurance. but we all got by.These days, I suspect a lot of those old boys are growing pot to supplement their income...Ta Free Income! And even becoming (quasi) legal.

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'...smaller commercial logging outfits' = They are (or were) called 'gyppos': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyppo_loggerThe word is from 'gypsy' - this article is strong on the pre WWII gyppo, but by the depresssion, most gyppos were strong union men, as was my dad.A dying breed since the '60s - sort of like mom and pop retailing these days. Industrial logging killed most of them.Seperate note to the Wiki piece - fallers (who also bucked the down tree into the logs to be extracted) were called 'bushelers' - they were paid by the 'bushel' = 1000 board feet of log on the ground. At $2.25 a bushel, my dad could and did make $2 grand a day in a good show of old growth fir the summer I worked with him (1955).  That is a lot of fucking wood - like 100,000 board feet. Some of the old growth he put on the ground were 8 to 12 feet in diameter - Pacific Coast redwood size. They deserved their own park on the Oregon Coast, didn't have the lobby of the Redwoods. Those were the good old days, allowed us to save for the lean winter to come. i went off to college in 1956, and mom and dad went to the city when the woods economy crashed that year, and dad went back to the shipyard - he had worked as a shipfitter during WWII.

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Give a man a fish... SMoke that in your pipe the next time someone says "We should have the right to a guaranteed minimum income".

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Tylers?!  Why even post this crap.  You had a good run going on articles this morning, but this one is the perverbial turd in the punch bowl.

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Bingo!Only trouble is, even the gun shows and flea markets are making less money these days, according to vendors. Even that aspect of retail is hurting.There are a lot of other off-grid careers out there, though. One of my favorites is the Paladin Press book, Ragnar's Guide to the Underground Economy, by Ragnar Benson.

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I wonder if they count the 15.3% SS tax sent in by non-welfare-qualified citizens for $200 gigs as employment. You know they do to pump up the employment numbers, just like the part-time-worker moms, paying half that much in SS tax, whose rent and groceries are paid by government are counted as “employed.” Are illegal aliens who do not pay tax counted as employed? The ones getting free EBT food for US-born kids and $6,318 child tax credits through TIN#s are.

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FDR ran as a conservative, "less government" is best government. It got him elected, See how that "New Deal" shit turned out.The "free shit" army has been around a long, long time, and it just keeps right on growing!

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Yeah, well a lot of infrastructure was built during the New Deal, to include hydroelectric power, parks and recreation areas, etc. It provided the infrastructure that the booming economy of the 1950''s and 60's was able to utilize.It also saved the lives of a lot of young people, at the time. When they expanded the U.S. Army in 1940 and had the first peacetime draft, 40% of inductees were disqualified, due to health reasons.

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Don't forget about the advances that were made in nuclear physics!!!  The advances in math and science were huge and elevated our standard of living big time. Stupid is as stupid does, let the fucker go back to living in caves if they want.The bottom line is we need to invest our capital and resources carefully, period.

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FDR mostly started a [contributory] program of limited scope, intended to serve as [insurance] against grinding poverty in the [crippling decrepitude of old age when people are unemployable] and for [widows and orphans] whose household breadwinner was dead.

He did start the food stamps program, which is not majoritarian or contributory, but it was supposed to be temporary. FDR would never have endorsed giving $6,318 tax-welfare checks for moms to spend on anything they want—trips to Florida to frolic with boyfriends, tattoos, master bedroom furniture—on top of layers of other pure, 100% free, non-contributory welfare that covers all major household bills, year after year.

This rigs the workforce for single moms with children whose father(s) are living in most cases who can work part time for low pay due to layered welfare offerings. FDR would not have favored a system that provides so much welfare to moms of children with living fathers and to legal and illegal immigrants with a sole, male breadwinner.

He would not have favored undermining citizen workers in that way, pitting them against a mom workforce with multiple financial incentives from government to accept low pay and few hours to stay below the income limit for welfare.

The new generations of Democrats have taken FDR’s ideas to stave off Marxism by reducing the brutality of capitalism to an unfair extreme that, of course, favors their pet cultural groups, like everything else in their identity politics repertoire.

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"Unemployed Americans most comfortable"... On a temporary park bench or in a tent?...

Just make sure you don't need to be rushed to a hospital emergency room for a festering cut you got from "dumpster diving" or a burst appendix with your "Obamacare"!