Yes, The FBI Is America's Secret Police

Authored by James Bovard via,

Politifact delivered a “pants on fire” slam to Fox News on Friday because one of its commentators asserted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation “has become America's secret police.”

The FBI has legions of new champions nowadays among liberals and Democrats who hope that its probes will end Donald Trump’s presidency.

This is a stunning reversal that may have J. Edgar Hoover spinning in his grave.

In order to boost the credibility of the FBI’s investigations of the Trump team, much of the media is whitewashing the bureau’s entire history. But the FBI has been out of control almost since its birth.

A 1924 American Civil Liberties Union report warned that the FBI had become “a secret police system of a political character.”


In the 1930s, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court feared that the FBI had bugged the conference room where justices privately wrangled over landmark cases, as Tim Weiner noted in his “Enemies: A History of the FBI.”


In 1945, President Harry Truman noted that “We want no Gestapo or Secret Police. FBI is tending in that direction.


And FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover compiled a list of 20,000 “potentially or actually dangerous” Americans who could be rounded up and locked away in one of the six detention camps the federal government secretly built in the 1950s.


From 1956 through 1971, the FBI’s COINTELPRO program conducted thousands of covert operations to incite street warfare between violent groups, to get people fired, to smear innocent people by portraying them as government informants, to sic the IRS on people, and to cripple or destroy left-wing, communist, white racist, antiwar, and black organizations (including Martin Luther King Jr.). These operations involved vast numbers of warrantless wiretaps and illicit break-ins and resulted in the murder of some black militants. A Senate Committee chaired by liberal Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) issued a damning report on FBI abuses of power that should be mandatory reading for anyone who believes the bureau deserves deference today.

According to Politifact, the FBI is not a “secret police agency” because “the FBI is run by laws, not by whim.” But we learned five years ago that the FBI explicitly teaches its agents that “the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law to impinge on the freedom of others.” No FBI official was fired or punished when that factoid leaked out because this has been the Bureau’s tacit code for eons. Similarly, an FBI academy ethics course taught new agents that subjects of FBI investigations have "forfeited their right to the truth." Are liberals so anxious to get Trump that they have swept under the rug the 2015 Washington Post bombshell about false FBI trial testimony that may have sentenced 32 innocent people to death?

Politifact absolved the bureau because “The FBI doesn’t torture or carry out extrajudicial executions.” Tell that to the Branch Davidians — 80 of whom died after the FBI assaulted their ramshackle home with tanks and pyrotechnic devices and collapsed much of the building on their heads even before fires burst out.

Politifact quotes a professor who asserts that “any use of unnecessary violence (by the FBI) would be met with the full force of the criminal law." Is that why an internal FBI report claimed that every one of the 150 shootings by FBI agents between 1993 and 2011 was faultless?

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi gunned down Vicki Weaver in 1992 as she stood in her Idaho cabin doorway holding her baby. After I accused the FBI of a coverup in a Wall Street Journal oped, FBI chief Louis Freeh denounced me for twisting the truth. But after a confidential Justice Department report leaked out revealing the FBI’s deceits and unconstitutional rules of engagement, the feds paid a $3 million wrongful death settlement to the Weaver family. When an Idaho County sought to prosecute the FBI sniper, the Justice Department invoked the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution to torpedo the case.

Politifact asserts that “just because the FBI sometimes operates in secret does not mean that it’s a ‘secret police.’" But the FBI’s secrecy is profoundly skewing American politics. More than a year after the 2016 election, Americans still have no idea the true extent of the FBI's manipulation of the presidential campaign. Did the FBI wrongfully absolve Hillary Clinton on the email server issue? What role did the FBI have in financing or exploiting the Steele dossier? Will we ever learn the full truth?

The so-called fact checkers insists that any comparison of the FBI and KGB is “ridiculous” because the FBI is “subject to the rule of law and is democratically accountable.” But there is little or no accountability when few members of Congress have the courage to openly criticize or vigorously cross-examine FBI officials. House Majority Leader Hale Boggs admitted in 1971 that Congress was afraid of the FBI: “Our very fear of speaking out (against the FBI) ... has watered the roots and hastened the growth of a vine of tyranny ... which is ensnaring that Constitution and Bill of Rights which we are each sworn to uphold.” The FBI is currently scorning almost every congressional attempt at oversight. Thus far, members of Congress have responded with nothing except press releases and talk show bluster.

Politifact repeatedly scoffs at the notion that the FBI is “a secret police agency such as the old KGB.” And since the FBI is not as bad as the KGB, let’s mosey along and pretend no good citizen has a right to complain. A similar standard could exonerate any American president who was not as bad as Stalin.

In the 1960s, some conservatives adorned their cars with “Support Your Local Sheriff” bumper stickers. How long until we see Priuses with “Support Your Secretive All-Powerful Federal Agents” bumper stickers? But those who forget or deny past oppression help forge new shackles for the American people.


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His name was Lon Horiuchi and his head should be on a pike.  They were on the 9th circuit that imposed the figment that any federal law trumps any state law, regardless of whther there is actual federal authority, in order to halt the prosecution of that Horiuchi piece of shit.

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That is the slant you are being sold.  What you are not being told is that the final shreds of legitimacy are being shredded by this attempt to take down a duly elected President.  If this coup is successful, then all that remains is the bureaucratic cartel in the imperial city.  Whatever face they put in the oval office will nothing more than a façade.  The President might as well be a hologram. 

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Let's review. I promise it won't take long.Hillary Clinton, the DNC, with help from the Obama Administration and apparently the FBI, committed primary riggingand election fraud. Russia gate is being utilized for a few reasons: 1. To cover up the election fraud (and Clinton scandal)2. To overthrow democratically elected Trump. (And install Clinton?)3. To get public suppot for regime change in Russia (NATO and US have Russia surrounded on her borders)Thing is, Trump is the swamp too. Despite Democrats barely disguised fakery in their hatred for Trump, which is all theater for the peasants, they gave Trump one of his biggest policy wins with the NDAA near trillion WAR, department of defense embezzlement money for the elite, package.And Republicans got their tax fraud policy passed. A giant loot of the treasury All that's left now is a world war and with Russia to finish us off.Democrats have spent an entire year trying to get Americans incinerated in a war with Russia for rejecting their very failed candidate.Are you old enough to remember WMD and Iraq?That's RUSSIAA right now. The lies told to the American people to get public support for a Bush war in Iraq on behalf of Israhell, were more than just over the top. And I remember people who bought those lies too.Russia is not the enemy here. Our government is. It's not Russia, Iran or N. Korea that's been at war all over the world , pickingon defenseless small countries for the better part of 20 years.Trump is going NOWHERE. And it's because both parties get their policies passed that he is not.Don't follow Democrats to your demise. They are the NEOliberal party of Israhell and WAR

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  If you don't mind. le' me get this straight?T> hus far, members of Congress have responded with nothing except press releases and talk show bluster.

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Go to Amazon and buy "The Armageddon Network" by Michael Saba.  It's about my dad's last case in the bureau-and about how the case was torpedoed, to protect politicians and israel.  It's stunning shit.  

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I am familiar with kgb.

This fbi Americans are so proud of, are a real lovely bunch.

Political goon squads, running government, with access to the latest technologies.

What I find most incredulous, is the entire establishment and all leftists, in their hatred for Trump, are in favor of authoritarian lawlessness and brutal tyranny.

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We have been familiar with US agents provocateurs in Frankfurt and they are truly despicable, cause so much damage, never repair. Much of America did not expect Trump to win - ignorant fools who did not understand what drives people.They like lawlessness because it's 'freedom'.  What you describe as tyranny is just patriotism, they like to kowtow for the flag. Have you seen the flags on metro carriages, train carriages -  everywhere? It is fetishism and they do not even notice where they are being tyrannized. 

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The adulation of the FBI by Cuckservatives is to be expected. 'Merica is addicted to Hope, Faith and other Buybull claptrap. The biggest irony of all is that so many are anti-Jewish, when their own religion is a GD spin-off of Judaism. The irony escapes them completely. Zionists find no end of rip roaring laughter in this. As do I (as a money and sun worshipping atheist).

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They lost what little trust I had in them after Ruby Ridge.  I wouldn't talk to them other than to say "fuck off, I invoke my 5th Amendment Right."

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They have been covering up shit forever like a cleanup crew for evil too: Oklahoma City bombing, Sept 11, Vegas, Waco (they were involved there too.  They always are).  It's endless...  Sad when people can't figure it out.  Lets also not forget that they have been covering for elite pedophilia and pervert islands, over borders is federal.  

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Yes, but it won't be because articles are less popular than TV shows. If I was a scriptwriter I would develop a story that happens in Tsarist Russia; their secret police Okhrana does what some such people do. I would then update the story to the 1950s Soviet Union with the KGB, same structure, the same abuse of power. Maybe it could then be updated to today's USA. Hard to link, but maybe the link could be a house or good apartment. Agents ogle the apartment and do the same tricks to eliminate the occupiers who have expressed their opinions once too often in all scenarios. 

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The FBI makes the Stasi and the Gestapo look like a cub scout troop. They have found almost every terrorist in America since 9/11 and then abruptly with no explanation or warning suddenly let them go on to cause chaos and mayhem. I personally apprached them back in 2013 about a terrorist directly sabotaging the military. They actually told me to my goddamn face that I watch too much tv and I was imagining it. What a complete bunch of fucktards ! And the best part was then they threatened me with jail time not to go to the DIA with the information. And now it appears to look like the entire upper echelon is eyeball deep in traitors to this country and duly elected President.

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Damned straight. Where the various .gov agents are at least required to answer your FOIA (if only to tell you to go fuck yourself) and are answerable to someone .000001% of the time, the PICs don't answer at all. They serve as a privatized Stasi - a complimentary criminal extension of the police agencies. They get a lot of the real dirty (read: highly illegal) work where government agencies fear to least for now! B and E against "dissidents" whistleblowers and other "threats," street-theatre, group stalking and various other degenerate activities.Private "intelligence" and "homeland security" are a growth industry, and they attract some slimy reprobates. Think about how many cops and agents are in a given city, and multiply that by 3, at least. Then factor in all the low-level street criminals desperate to earn a few bucks in their networks, capable of performing odd jobs at a moment's notice, and you'll have an idea. Virtually every American community has been infiltrated to some degree. Wake up - time's running out!

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  When one understands what took place in the years leading up to the 1917 Bolshevik revolution - with special attention to the youth aspect of that movement, then the position of a Politifact - knowing their primary demographic, becomes self-evident.It is this aspect - not the FBI by itself, that should have people sitting up and taking notice.

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The Left knows the FBI is a bunch of dirty bastards they just don't care. Is Lois Lerner in prison yet? You better believe these people, if/when they gain total control of America through immigration, are going to come after white men with everything they got. They showed us that when Obama was in office.