Wall Street Journal: "Steve Bannon Is For Losers"

Most of the mainstream media seems to be under the impression this morning that Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate because he identified as a conservative, or because he was backed by Bannon or because Albamians suddenly decided to reject "Trumpism."  The irony here, of course, is that the one thing they DON'T seem to be interested in attributing Moore's loss to is his past relationships with underage girls...which is the only thing they DID want to talk about up until this morning.

Therefore, it should probably come as no surprise that the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board has now weighed in on the topic and come to the conclusion that Moore lost because "Bannon is for losers."

Mr. Moore’s loss is also a defeat for former White House aide Steve Bannon, who wants to run challengers to every GOP incumbent next year other than Ted Cruz. Mr. Bannon backed Mr. Moore in the primary, though the judge had been removed twice from the state Supreme Court for refusing to follow a legitimate court order. Mr. Moore was a political self-implosion guaranteed to happen.


The Alabama result shows that Mr. Bannon cares less about conservative policy victories than he does personal king-making. He wants to depose Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader even if it costs Republicans Senate control. GOP voters, take note: Mr. Bannon is for losers.

Bannon Moore

Of course, it would be silly to deny that Bannon deserves a healthy portion of blame for the Alabama Senate loss last night.  As someone who claims to be a champion of the "common man," Bannon probably should have figured out back in early November that conservative voters, or pretty much anyone for that matter, wouldn't show up to support a degenerate who had just been hit with several credible pedophilia accusations.  But Bannon's failure in Alabama was not a referendum on his agenda (Alabama voters may or may not have rejected that...we'll never know)...his failure came from his inability to admit that he was wrong and that Moore should have been replaced when the accusations started rolling in.

That said, it seems equally dishonest, if very convenient for certain media outlets, to suggest that Moore's loss is somehow a referendum on every candidate that Bannon has, or ever will, put forth...guess we'll see in two years...


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The issue here is White women who need to be having babies early instead of whoring around until their 35 chasing pointless careers. Of course these type of women and their White knights will call some guy like Moore a pedophile out of jealously and perversion. People who codone such behavior are not true Christians. It's just historical fact.White Alabama Christians need to self-reflect today. They chose an abortionist over a family man.

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Hey now don't be shit talking yoga pants.  In this dismal Bankster controlled world we live in that's one of our few bright spots. Facebutt: Down With Yoga PantsBesides it's not the humping that is unnatural.  You want kids that's the best way to produce them.  I will say however that Spandex is a priviledge and not a right.  You shouldn't wear unless you can carry it off.Regarding WSJ:  Lecturing the voters.  Great idea WSJ.  It's like they think we're taking their order for lunch at TGIF Fridays.  Which of course that is exactly where the Private Central Bankers and Wall Streeters are trying to maneuver us.

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Right, let’s focus on the “real” issue of global warming caused by the most considerate country in the history of the world.
After that we can wring our hands about homelessness and poverty in a country where the poorest of the poor have 10x resources of global average.

So you do not think that that particular medical procedure needs any regulation? Okay, fair enough.

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Billy  ...  Here's the snowman!Abortion pure clean and simple, is murder.  Period   EOCThere's a whole different discussion as to whether it is good, permissible, penalty free (temporal justice) and the like.And who the F is the Government to be involved in the decision is another full day's  separate discussionA whole 'nother discussionAbortion Is Murder

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Abortion is clearly a religious issue, and the medical procedure is thus protected by the first amendment.Violation of religious tenants is a sin. Separation of church and state means that some sins will go unpunished in civil law, unless we bring back Puritanism's version of Sharia law.

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I'm fully in favor of making sure that individuals have the freedom to succeed in life. Sounds like you are the one who wants to keep his brother down and dependent on the system.And when your tyrannical system discovers that it can't keep up with the promises made it encourages those dependent upon it to kill their own childrenI find that interesting.

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Yep, they pounced on this to get a head start before Bannon responds.But they should not be so quick to give McConnell a pass, either.They are trying to capitalize on this loss to sideline Bannon because they know how effective he is.Next time he defies the DC Swamp they will remind the voters of this night.More issues need to be looked as such as,-- Whose idea was it to call the unnecessary special election and why? -- Why could they not leave things alone?-- Were they over confident of something?Bannon is not stupid -- so something else went wrong.He is extremely perceptive, so what missed his gaze?Was Moore truthful with him at the beginning?Was he a flawed candidate in other ways?It all seems to come down to vetting and issues that are decades old.That will be the new normal and it will make it more difficult to find good candidates.Because everyone makes stupid mistakes, and they cannot all be settled publicly with the MSM holding court.Democrats need not worry about anything short of murder, the MSM will always cover for them.    

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Bannon didn't do himself or Moore any favors by going to Alabama and making a speech for Moore. Bannon failed to realise what Lynyrd Skynrd summarized so well in Sweet Home Alabama "A Southern man don't need him around anyhow" doesn't apply just to Neil Young, it applies to all Yankees who try to tell them what to do. It was fine for him to run supporting articles on Breitbart, but his setting foot in Alabama was a major mistake. All the people of Alabama know quite well the havoc the modern Yankee influence can wreak, and want none of it.

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The author is from the WSJ, what do you expect. He doesn't say anything about Bannon being largely responsible for Trump getting elected. Also, the moron uses the term pedophile. Roy Moore was not into killing or having sex with 7 year olds.He was not even accused of harassment. The accusation was, at 32 years old, he was looking to date younger women which was not out of the norm in the South at that time. It still is not outside the norm but looked on less favorably. He was looking for a wife and he wanted a young one. He was behaving within the norms of the society he was living in.My theory is the political advice on how to address the issue was stupid. Most evangelicals call themselves Christians. Most are not Christ followers since they are afraid to speak the truth Christ was speaking. Christ did not shy away from using terms such as hypocrites, vipers, whores, you are of your father, the devil.

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They lost because of shifting the focus from the Bannon policy agenda of reducing mass, welfare-boosted immigration and global offshoring of jobs, abandoning it for a strategy of drumming up turnout based on this decade’s version of culture-war social issues, especially after the scandals broke, seeming to contradict Moore’s moral positions.

But he might have lost, anyway, because Trump did not win due to social issues, and that was Moore’s focus. They lost because Deplorables would not turn out for a candidate whose personal life they disapprove of, or whose stances on some social issues are more extreme than their own conservative stances, when it did not matter, anyway, on the important POLICY issues that swept Trump into office, like immigration.

It looks like the Trump Adminstration [and The Swamp] is focused much more on tax cuts for the rich and more tax welfare for a few citizen and noncitizen parents than on ending illegal, welfare-aided immigration and reducing legal immigration that, likewise, cuts wages for massively [under]employed and/or out-of-the-workforce Americans.

Alabama’s per capita income is $18,189. Working part time to stay below the earned-income limit for monthly welfare (free EBT food, free rent, free electricity, monthly cash assistance) and child-tax-credit checks up to $6,444, when you have kids out of wedlock as a single mom or as a married immigrant household with a sole, male breadwinner, pays more than full-time work.




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Just another “Limited Hangout” of Criminal Deep State Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath CIA Presstitute appendages.

Take note. They’ve all been exposed as such. The ones ahead of the curve realize that & do not succumb to their Gas Light Scripted False Narrative / PsyOps.

I implore them to read the following & know they are:

Tick tock MotherFuckers. You days of reckoning are fast coming to an end. Now Fuck off & soon die,

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Jounrnal is right.  Bannon is for losers: it's not the fact you have a GED that you suck at life, it's all Mexico and China's fault.  Tax the rich 44%, prop up loser companies through protectionism.  Bannon is a leftist clown, maybe if he puts the bottle down he'd be less of a retard.

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Bannon's a nasty opportunist.  He turned up just as Andrew Breitbart was clearly losing his mind and dragged him completely to the dark/crazy side.  20% of Americans just like to watch fires and don't care who burns; want to watch people in uniforms beat up people they perceive as weak; fantasize about saying rude things and acting out with violence if they can escape consequences.  Those are the people Bannon appeals to.  Nobody else.Between WWII and about 1975, the under-educated working class had it better than they've had it anywhere, at any time in human history.  They let themselves believe they simply deserved it and had earned it and it would go on forever.  So when they had a choice in the 1960s, get their Union Rep on the Board of Directors of major companies, or take higher pay but no seat at the table, they took they money and dumped their own Unions.  Just as the Oligarchs hoped.  What is given can be taken away, and has been.  So now those people are eager prey for people like Bannon, who can point out external enemies to blame for the totally predictable and often-predicted decline of the corporate finance capitalism model.Bannon offers nothing constructive to anyone.  He can pander to the militant ignorant, and feed their self-pity, but that's far from "constructive" in any sense.

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