Trump Set To Accuse China Of "Economic Aggression" On Monday

Just a few short days after Chinese regulators gave the greenlight to petro-yuan futures trading, signaling an escalation in the war against dollar hegemony, President Trump is reportedly set to accuse China of "economic aggression" in efforts to "undermine international order" during his national security strategy speech on Monday.

The last week has more intriguing than usual in the world of Sino-US relations - not only did China push ahead with its plans for a yuan/gold-backed oil futures contract, directly threatening the great military-servicing global petrodollar recycling scheme; but Washington appeared to do an about-face in its rhetoric towards North Korea, as Secretary of State Tillerson indicated that the US would be willing to hold talks with North Korea without any preconditions.

Both actions could be seen as tilting towards China (obviously with the oil trading and more what China had hoped for on North Korea), appear to have prompted Trump to go on the offensive, as The FT reports, Donald Trump will accuse China of engaging in “economic aggression” when he unveils his national security strategy on Monday, in a strong sign that he has become frustrated at his inability to use his bond with China’s President Xi Jinping to convince Beijing to address his trade concerns.

Several people familiar with the national security strategy - a formal document produced by every US president since Ronald Reagan - said Mr Trump would propose a much tougher stance on China than previous administrations.

“The national security strategy is likely to define China as a competitor in every realm. Not just a competitor but a threat, and therefore, in the view of many in this administration, an adversary,” said one person.


“This is not something that they just cooked up. Mar-a-Lago interrupted the campaign rhetoric, and Xi Jinping took a little gamble and came here and embraced Trump. Trump said ‘fine, do something on North Korea and on trade’, but that didn’t work out so well.”

Mr Trump castigated China repeatedly on the campaign trail. But in office, and particularly since his Mar-a-Lago summit with Mr Xi, he had taken a less combative stance, partly because the US believes Chinese pressure on North Korea is crucial to tackling the nuclear crisis.

“The national security strategy is the starting gun for a series of economic measures against the Chinese,” said Michael Allen, a former Bush administration official at Beacon Global Strategies.


“It is sort of the Rosetta Stone for translating campaign themes into a coherent governing document.”

Some people familiar with the strategy said it would be the most aggressive economic response to China’s rise since 2001 when the US backed its entry into the World Trade Organization. It points to the waning influence of Gary Cohn, the White House National Economic Council head who many people believe will leave the administration next year.

“It’s like a Peter Navarro PowerPoint presentation,” said one person, referring to the provocative economist and author of “Death by China” who is now a White House official.

And while 'trade' is the cover, perhaps it was comments from HR McMaster, US national security adviser who oversaw the strategy, this week that confirm the threat to dollar hegemony as he said China - along with Russia - was a “revisionist power” that was “undermining the international order."

And that would be the unipolar world order with Washington on top.


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It was found to be the economic terrorist when it dropped the gold standard because "it did not have enough gold to back up the dollars it printed".But it did not stop ... when they went full blown FIAT the fraudulent money creation took off on a global scale.Now the fraud is that fucking big, bigger than the global GDP you run out of any place to hide it.$20T is just the tip of a fucking big iceberg and terrorism the argument to keep hiding it.

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YUNOSELL Giant Meteor Sun, 12/17/2017 - 16:32 Permalink

This is the most important news article of the year. This article says so little in content but so much in its underlying implications.Think about it. China is an economic aggressor for deciding to do trade with other countries using their own currency bypassing the US dollar? This is absolutley crazy. If this simple choice of countries to change the currency they do business is such a threat to "international order" than that is the real news story.

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Boy are they going to be surprised when China blockades Taiwan and dumps US treasurys like the trash they are and stops supplying the US with anything....all at once!Thesemurderous shit for brains "leaders" we have are worthy of hanging!China and Russia don't hate common Americans, I don't have any hatred for them either.........But those scum in DC know the game.   is suddenly changing....tomorrow, I hope.I'd consider it a great gift to America, the world and justice if I can live to see Cuntlery and the FBI BNWBIC jailed and hung for TREASON! 

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the poor private abomination we call the (internationalist money masters) FRB Systems of the free [enslaved planet] world are being challenged by the creators of 'fiat`currency  paper' and no one knows if their ideology fits in the matrix of : Communism, Socialism, Fabianism,  Fascism, Bolshevikism, FDRism or just in control of their money supply after millineums of financial`rape is a good enough 'ism' to satisfy the naysaying espousing the good of Illuminati`ism?hmmm...

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"Accusing others of 'economic aggression'...that's rich coming from the US".US may be right here:China,with Russia ,are attacking their Petro-f*cking-dollar. And they have the GOLD to do it. The wound is going to be LETHAL for Murika.What is funny is the accusation that stupid Zionist bitch,Nikki Haley,the Donald's UN envoy did,accusing Iran of providing missiles to Yemen to attack its  ally,Saudi Barbaria.The stupid bitch,an embarrassment for US(as vile and evil as Samantha Powers,but with the extra bonus of being an idiot) said there is no place in the ME without the fingerprints of "Iranian terrorism". My God,really,Nikki(Nimrata)?Those "fingerprints" have been identified long ago as belonging to the real terrorists:-no1: US-no2:Is ..Ra..El-no3:Saudi Barbaria on behalf of no1 and no 2-no4:UK,not because they are "moderate terrorists",but because the pirate and buccaneer empire lost most of its power(only the City remains)So,Nimrata  look at my list.And,by the way,if US is providing weapons to SA ,which has attacked Yemen,killing thousand civilians,with US help,why should Iran not be allowed to provide missiles for Yemeni to defend themselves? Because you think you are exceptional and laws don't apply to youI say,FO Nimrata!

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You don't find it the least bit hypocritical that the biggest economic bully on the planet is calling another country out for being 'aggressive'? I actually laughed when I read the article. The US threatens others constantly if they don't play along with US demands--sometimes with nuclear Armageddon. Now that's aggressive!

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China - friends with ...whomsoever suits them. Forget the reality China – Argentina – the FalklandsIn tune with Macri's words, Xi Jinping thanked Argentina "the support they have given us for our claim of a single China as we support theirs for the Falkland Islands."  (Telam 17 May 2017)Suppose China didn't take territory in the 19th century? Google: ''Falkland Islands – The Usurpation'' (1 pg) to see why Xi's supporting a lame duck.