The Obama-Hezbollah Conspiracy Could Shake The "Deep State" And Latin America

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

Politico published an explosive investigative report which alleges that the Obama Administration politically interfered to obstruct a far-reaching criminal justice operation against Hezbollah in order to facilitate the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

The exposé is extensive and covers a wide array of purported activities over a ten-year period all across the US, Latin America, West Africa, Europe, and the Mideast, though the point of this analysis isn’t to summarize what’s contained in the report or to judge its veracity, but to interpret the significance of it being made public at this point in time. The codename given to the investigation into Hezbollah’s global economic network was “Operation Cassandra”, and it alleges to have discovered the mechanics behind the group’s self-sustaining financial ecosystem, some of which supposedly dealt with organized criminal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering.

Politico’s bombshell wasn’t just the alleged facts that it uncovered, but the claims from some of the operation’s participants that the Obama Administration was undermining their work because it feared that taking action against Hezbollah would endanger Washington’s efforts to clinch the 2015 nuclear deal with the group’s patrons in Tehran. If true, then this would represent a major split within the American “deep state”, or permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies, because it suggests that the State Department and possibly even the CIA were conspiring to subvert the law enforcement duties of the FBI and DEA on behalf of the President.

The implications behind this revelation could be enormous, and at the very least they seem to confirm Republican accusations that the Obama Administration was selling out domestic security interests in order to pursue the risky and now-failed foreign policy gambit of co-opting Iran through a tacit alliance with its ruling “moderate” elites. Seeing as how some of Obama-era “deep state” figures involved in this scandal might still be working with the government, the Trump Administration could use Politico’s report as the pretext for “cleaning house” and removing or professionally neutralizing some of its institutional opponents. It’s speculated that this is what Tillerson has been trying to do for months now, but the latest findings could add a renewed sense of impetus to his efforts.

In addition, apart from the obvious consequences that this revelation could have in further worsening American-Iranian relations and reversing the Obama-era trend towards a rapprochement, there’s another international aspect that needs to be looked at, and that’s the effect that the report will have on the US’ policy towards Latin America.

Politico alleges that “Operation Cassandra” uncovered a diverse criminal network stretching all across the hemisphere, and whether fully true or partially exaggerated, this news could be used to tighten the US’ security arrangements with its regional partners in complementing the theater-wide asymmetrical counteroffensive of “Operation Condor 2.0” that’s been ongoing ever since the 2009 coup against leftist Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

Relatedly, the allegations of Venezuelan government complicity in Hezbollah’s trans-hemispheric conspiracy could form the basis for new sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic.

All told, this developing scandal might take a while to fully unfold, but it can still be expected to influence the course of the “deep state’s” War on Trump and the US’ policy towards Latin America to one extent or another by the time that it’s all said and done with.


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right on, Hezbollan has been doing a lot of drug deals in Brazil, Venezuala and the rest of Latin America...funny thing with Hezbollah ... they are the World drug dealers ...the regular route is from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon - Hezbollah then everywhere else ... go figure if you like what is going on.... somehow I feel the same thing that happened in Syria is about to happen in Lebanon ... why would you say, there are NO PIPELINES ... bring on Hezbollah the "eternal enemy" ... there is God at the end.

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Truther Pandelis Tue, 12/26/2017 - 12:42 Permalink

BTW, the CIAISIS/Israhelli cartel wants to get Hezbollah, anywhich way it can to counter Russia/Iran, and steal the newly found oil and gas fields in the mediterranean and hand them over to the Zionists cult south of Lebanon. The writing on the wall could not be clearer, and MBS will make sure of that since he was "ordained" as a Mossad agent in May 2017, followed by the Kushner visit in August to make sure the Zio regime is alive and well. Fuck the deep state.

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Buckaroo Banzai buttmint Tue, 12/26/2017 - 13:52 Permalink

Bingo. Hillary too. When Hillary was running the State Dept. she merged it with the CIA so CIA could simultaneously control the White House, US foreign policy, US foreign intelligence, and US domestic intelligence (via the JTTF with the FBI).Hezbollah, as a criminal organization that competed directly with the CIA, was obviously going to be targeted for elimination by the Obama White House.

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SixIsNinE buttmint Tue, 12/26/2017 - 14:08 Permalink

greased in by the bushes.

amazing how many zh readers have the attention span of a gnat regarding oblammo.

quick to resort to childish color religion attacks;
yet fail to remember the Bush Cocaine & Heroin Monopoly which obviously did NOT object to the Constitutional Scholar from Haaaaarvad taking the reigns from shrub.

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No truther, fuck you and your antiquidated antiSemitism.  White trash like you should eat a bullet abnd save the world resources.  I am usually against abortion, but in your case I would have made an exception to your Mother.  I'm sure she regrets your birth on a regular basis!

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No truther, fuck you and your antiquidated antiSemitism.  White trash like you should eat a bullet abnd save the world resources.  I am usually against abortion, but in your case I would have made an exception to your Mother.  I'm sure she regrets your birth on a regular basis!

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SixIsNinE CHIIEFHANGMAN Tue, 12/26/2017 - 14:12 Permalink

what? did they double cross Bushies?

all appearances demonstrate they have not narced on Poppy - they are made men, haven't you noticed?

Now as Poppy gets closer to the grave, will Shrub become the Enforcer? Don George.

Who has forgotten GW's close Colombian alliances?

repeal the CSA (controlled substances act) and we can begin to take steps to decency and a better more beautiful humanity.

Otherwise, stay the course!

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today, as yesteryear the chechen mafia was OBL's distributor into europe.   (remember that?) how dare he take main street corner and took the high`land road across the 'silky`kurdistanopium trail?  (WTF do ya think ISIS was doing in Northern Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, 'selling tulips'?!? ussa is afghanistan heroin kingpin...Period!turkey sopps-up opium gum by the tons. note: in the 70's turkey was the largest producer of heroin, then came burma and the 'golden Triangle' Vietnam. 80s?  (french Connection is where the actions at in SE Asia and AFRICA) india provides the processing chemical agents for afghanistan heroin factoriespakistan's army police the distribution on the durand line via riverhezbollah finances itself [not!] with drug trafficking nor with illegal isis kurd`oil sales that go to israel but with contributions by wealthy private donars that wish to play both sides, but partial to 'the Lebanon. 

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" alleges to have discovered the mechanics behind the group’s self-sustaining financial ecosystem, some of which supposedly dealt with organized criminal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering."Reading this part, sounds like it could be describing another group -- a certain Intelligence Agency. Which, like the Fed, also hates competition.

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The Obama-Hezbollah Conspiracy Could Shake The "Deep State" And Latin AmericaMy response: While a little shocked at this kind of thing, I am NOT surprised when we know the characters involved.I pray that "OBOZO" pays for his crimes against the REPUBLIC."OBOZO" and his shadow government are a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the REPUBLIC.I expect more Q-ANON posts to be forthcoming over this matter.

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I think serious skepticism about this story, and its timing, particularly given Trump’s Likudnik turn on Jerusalem (the stance is not inUS interests, Iran (they still arent building nukes and but for Israel we’d be buying their oil cheap and selling them cars) and his recent, wholly unwarranted commutation of a Chabad mafia drug and organ trafficker.

Add to that who Trump put in charge of treasury and the nec, and the fact he sent 3 orthodox zionists jews with ties to Likud and the settlements to represent the American people in ‘negotiating peace.’

Add to that Kushner and the millions Trump took from Adelson.

Add to that the expansion of US bases in Syria, ongoing defense of ISIS, and decision to arm Ukraine with anti-tank (and other) non-defensive weapons.

Forget Obama or what you think you know about ‘the Deep State’ or Hezbollah - consider yhe timing of this story, the fact a Zionist Jew wrote it up for Politico and that Cassandra was run by another Zionist Jew, both very eager to have the US go to war with Iran, on a pretext, for Greater Israel and the Oded Yinon plan.

I’m not saying Hez. are above drug dealing - if its good enough for the CIA and Mossad and the Brits... its good enough for the Lebanese Shia, surely.

But the amounts in question given the players in LA are frankly preposterous.

I think this story is possibly, perhaps probably, a bunch of horseshit crafted by some of the same Likudnik Israel Firsterswho tried to pass off the ‘laptop of death’ as evidence of an Iranian nuke weapons program.

I think its worth considering whether or not the people bringing you this story are patriots... or Zionist warmongers.

Give it some thought, boys.

Not sure what it will take to get some of you to see that Trump is absolutely a puppet of Likudnik Zionists who most of all want to finish smashing Syria and Lebanon before the strike on Iran (after setting E Ukraine on fire).

Trump is no patriot - but those behind him were brilliant at getting people sick of the Dems and Vichy Washington to think Trump represented ... well... hope and change.

Wake up - you got played. Fucking admit it and move on.

The situation is America Firsters need, most of all, to defang the MIC/CIA and Zionist factions.

As the factions begin to jostle for power, they’ll portray themselves as ‘patriots.’

But those gunning for Russia, OR Iran are part of the cancerous tumor that has grown in Vichy Washington for far too long.

Beware those selling you more wars.

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Bad_Sushi Tue, 12/26/2017 - 12:37 Permalink

Obongo shut down a legitimate hezzbolla investigation and allowed a FISA warrant to be issued based on the fantastical tales in the fake dossier. What more do we need to know? Obongo should have never been allowed in the White House, not even in the kitchen, where he truly belonged.