Star Wars For The Splitting Soul Of America


The last episode of the successful movie – Star Wars – is actually a lot less about the stars in space and much more about culture and class. Most importantly, it reflects the dangerously growing disenfranchisement of the race-and-gender obsessed liberal upper class and everyone else.

The movie finally came out, the money started flowing and eventually the reviews arrived. The result? On the primary review sites Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes the critics loved it, the public did not, which left many wondering why.

Some explanations came out already: the good results are scientific, the bad ones are there because of internet trolls.Nope, there’s nothing scientific about subjective opinions, even if they (allegedly) represent the majority of those who express them. Science is, or should be, objective.

Trolls, more trolls, and finally, Russian interference.

That’s the cue to solving the enigma of the different ratings: the standard profile of the movie critic is a liberal arts graduate, easily identifiable by the verbosity of his writing and by the fact that he is easily impressed by cheap virtue-signalling elements like token ethnic minority leading characters and a strong female lead. As the movie panders (not even that much to be fair) to his ideological preferences, he gives high scores based on diversity and equality. The average-movie goer probably doesn’t care too much about politics. In a country where a “decisive’’ election like the last one, turnout is 55%, the biggest party by far is the one of those who stay at home. In comparison, in Europe important electoral dates easily get an 80% turnout.

So if the audience isn’t into politics, they might not care about the significance of a strong and independent woman outmanoeuvring a straight white male, the evil of mankind, in a duel with lightsabers to eradicate toxic masculinity4).The non-politically biased movie goer wants a nice plot with unpredictable twists, satisfactory fight scenes, and some throwbacks to past episodes; and he didn’t get that. The plot falls flat.

Then there’s the other side of the political spectrum, the underclass who are simply fed up with the increasingly totalitarian tendencies of identity politics by the “liberal” Left and their constant attempts to shove their political beliefs down everyone’s throat. The new fad of the liberal elite, diversity, is being rejected like a bad transplant by the public. Nonetheless, it’s being pursued relentlessly and obnoxiously. The politicization of sports is already causing a haemorrhage of viewers for the NFL (the US football organization). Entertainment is also not immune to these attempts. The calls for the “diversification” of cast actors are regular.

The last two groups represent the “user score” and their review isn’t positive. The most interesting point, however, is another; it’s the reaction of critics to the public having a diverse (the irony!) opinion. That’s where the accusations of trolling or Russian meddling start, but they also reveal the insecurity of critics and especially, their inability to handle an opposite opinion. Just like the liberal political elite can’t accept that the world Obama built in the last 8 years received a negative review by the voters, who opted for the radical (in theory) change by electing Donald Trump, the liberal movie critic can’t accept a negative review of a work that reflects his ideological preference.

We might be seeing now the impact of those infamous participation trophies on the minds of the new generations: they don’t know how to accept defeat, nor any negativity whatsoever. They grew up being told that “everyone is special in their own way”, then Facebook arrived, allowing only likes but not dislikes contributing to the creation of a mindset where negativity is not allowed.

If there is negativity, then it must be from some malign agent… from Russia. One year ago, in one of our articles Russia did it 5)we spotted a trend: every political shortcoming of the Western elite would be blamed on Russia. We were right as the cases of alleged Russian interference have expanded from Trump and Brexit to the Italian referendum last year, and according to Joe Biden6)also the rise (and fall) of Marine Le Pen in the French elections and most recently the Green US politician Jill Stein, which may rank as the most hilarious cases of paranoia.

It turns out, however, that the Russian scapegoating is expanding outside the traditional boundaries of politics, as everything becomes increasingly politicized. Hence, even negative reviews of the Star Wars latest movie are now a result of the Russian sabotage.

As millennials, the generation that was put in a bubble protected from negativity by educators and social media and thus unable to handle it, are now fully settling in the job market, the prospect isn’t promising. If you think that’s bad, remember that the new cohorts in college campuses are now fighting to suppress free speech on the basis that it might offend someone’s feelings. Last year we concluded “expect to see more”. This time, expect to see worse.


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Have people including this author not yet grepped that the CIA owns everyone in the media who actually pulls a steady paycheck from a definable employer?Seriously slow children.  How long did it take for people to realize "stolen Pamela Anderson" sex tape was merely released in a deniable fashion so she did not get labeled a porn star?I think my explanation is much better.  Bread getting buttered on side that tilts towards SJWs because they are singularly the most charmless crowd going.  If I was black I would sooner hang out at a clan rally than with those SJW 3 dollar bills.  The clan would be more genuine in that if someone shook your hand you could rely on it meaning something.  CIA runs this shit and they do so at the beck and call of our Lourds and Masters the Private Central Bankers and their minion banks.  This is divide and conquer pure and simple.  Emphasis on simple for the SJWs.  If it requires any effort whatsoever they are out babe.

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overbet DownWithYogaPants Tue, 12/26/2017 - 11:28 Permalink… Read the higher rated comments. Youll be proud of your fellow deplorables.People dont want fags kissing shoved in their faces for the sake of fags kissing, a token black, a woman that acts like a man and a stupid man in every movie.  Here are some: Lets see... men are treated as idiots on film, women act like men on film instead of tough women, if a man isn't gay he is a moron, there is no story content and every film has to have a left wing political bent. They proceed to insult the market and still expect us to watch. Your story doesn't mention that maybe we don't much care to be 'entertained' by people who think they are better than us, or think that we are racist or stupid, etc. etc. etc. by their constant political preaching. I don't want to be browbeaten every time I watch TV, or a sporting event or a movie. They just don't get it. They have disrespected half the country. That is a lot of people who will never go see a movie made by or starring any of these elitists. Yeah, blame it on everything else...but I'm not spending my hard earned dollars to listen to these liberal environmentalists, gun control fascists and hypocritical feminists lecture me on what's wrong with my life. you can thank CONSERVATIVES for the HOLLYWOOD DISASTER.....GREAT JOB COMSERVITIVES GIVING MIDDLE FINGER TO LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD....BOYCOTT..BOYCOTTBOYCOTT. Hey Hollywood, ever think that the low attendance may be the public being sick and tired of Hollywood's extreme left attitude? Think Hollywood could learn something from the NFL...

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Keep blaming the left. The right is 'in charge' and things are becoming even worse. They're using each other to take our rights and masculinity away from us. If you keep yelling at 'the left' and leftists keep yelling at 'the right' you're going to wake up in a dictatorship. This is all bullshit. I'm tired of seeing masculinity stepped on but motherfucker, can't you see that the right is using this issue to push out 'the left' too? Nah, you probably haven't reasoned past: libtards are pussies.

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The movie sucked.Too many numb nut heroes and social commentary for placement purposes only and repetition of the original again Part 3 Redux .....Time for it to go off and be but a nice memoryAnd fuck Disney; why are they always profiled at Vigilant Citizen?  (I know the answer.  Has to do with Evil)Before this shit's all past, we're gonna be confronted by the Reptilians at this rate disclosure (Conspiracy Theories becoming FAct)

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I am old enough to have seen the original in a cinema when it first came out in 1977 or thereabouts. As with all its follow-on brethren, it was fabulously pretty, but appallingly acted, with a desperate script. But everyone knows that Star Wars is the franchise that never quite delivered, missed its mark, and failed to live up to expectations. It tried, but failed. It turns out that George Lucas has a great imagination, and is comp!etely incapable of getting actors to act, or scripts to sound plausible. If only someone else had directed & produced it all.Girly heros and big explosions can only take you so far

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It's my understanding that Lucas had very little to do with the story/writing of the original two movies.  "The Force" was originally loosely spiritual - Lucas turned it into "Metachlorians" - or bugs in the blood.  He subsequently let his own publicity go to his head and believed that it was HE who was the "great creative force" behind Star Wars and the original (talented) writers left.  That's when you started seeing the stupid showing up (like JarJar Binks et. al.).Female heroes can be done "right" - just look at Ripley (from Alien) and Hit Girl (from Kick Ass) - but when you have a girl hero just to have a gurrrl hero, the audience subconsciously knows it's utter bullshit - at least most of them do.  I guess Jewywood still hasn't figured that out.

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Stories like that have been going around since when they wrote those same stories in Genesis. Vigilant Citizen just hypes everyone the same way the Christians got excited about Satanists in the 80´s. The guy actually ignore most of the diabolical shit going on and instead tries to herd Christians back to the diabolically bad Christian Media. They´ll fall for it again like they did with Cliff Richard. VC may be setting the tone for the next mindless Christian witch hunts that failed to catch any real witches time and time again. Vigilant Citizen outfit probably sold out back when Alex Jones actually made a little sense.If aliens, demons, and sorcery are real, that common and an actual problem we would have gone extinct by now. New Age movement shows up somewhere every week. They usually fuck everything up so badly that socitey collapses and we forget they even existed. They´ve only proven the words "No new thing under the sun" time and time again.  When VC does a bit on this guy and the OVERT meaning of the video I might pay attention. No Eyes of Horus in the background but no Amy Winehouse either....... knuckles you been posting here for like 10 years now and your getting into Vigilant Citizen.....

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No kidding.   Who writes this shit?   The evil character in Suicide Squad teleports across the world and back with a highly guarded book in a matter of seconds, but loses to Harley Quinn with a bat?   She could Teleport Harley 10,000 feet above the earth and return before she face splatted.   Then episode seven shows Darth Emo stop a laser blast, a beam of light, with the force, but some untrained token storm trooper flunk out grabs a light saber and goes toe to toe with him and even manages to land a shot?   WHAT THE FUCK?!?!  Ever play ANY of the Star Wars video games?   You force choke or force lightning storm troopers to death if you don't lift one off the ground with the force and throw him into anotehr storm trooper.   Completely inconsistent writing.   Terrible.   I hated it before I started aggressively boycotting Hwood.   I suppose I will reluctantly watch this out of curiosity when it hits cable, but maybe not. 

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That is part of the Anti-Gun Drive. NRA, US MIC and Jewish gun runners sponsor movies to drum up support for weapons sales. The U.S has put that on the back seat lately besides certain Buddy Cop Films and War Movies. Many of the props are actually museum pieces and prototypes held by a minority of individuals who have access to full automatic gun licenses. Its not such an issue because Video games like CoD are all partly sponsored by these same factions and give kids access to virtual shooting galleries.   Last vehenmently pro-gun movie I saw was the Bad Boys series. Was actually the greatest argument against either police or blacks having fire arms. Probably sold to get Black people to accept police brutality by having the Fresh Prince Run of Bel Air around brutalizing people in Miami. May have also led to a massive rise in gun crime and car accidents across ethnic communities. Same story with the Fast and Furious Series but they tend to run people over and off the road more. Lots of that going on these days.......Baby Driver looks like that sort of thing.Pretty sure everyone has figured out the in joke. They had Kevin Spacey reprising his Kaizer Sogay persona and chasing after a 14 year old boy in the last movie he made. Might just raise insurance premiums nation wide for young white kids blasting their head phones while driving. 

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It is the CGI and the dolby 8 channel sound that sells these movies to the millenials.  They were raised in a world of ever "cooler" special effects.  Wonder Woman supposedly had "incredible" sound effects.If this starwars fails it is not because of bad actors, poor casting and poor dialog.  Star wars was always pathetic on that score.If it fails at the box office it is because the CGI is no longer delivering even with 4k and 8 channel.  Millenial brains are addicted to this shit, but just like with drugs the effect diminishes over time and ever stronger doses are required.  This serves the benefit of driving up a never ending stream of wasted investments in home cinemas with ridiculous sound systems.

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A good sound system is never a waste. It only appears that way to people who lack the capability for discernment. Likewise for a home theater. Just because the majority of dreck available falls far short of worthty of the investment just makes that which reward the owner of quality immersive equipment more prized for the experience delivered.There are some literally breathtaking movies and documentaries being produced with Hi-def cameras and soundtracks that simply can't be appreciated with a 50" screen and a stereo audio configuration.Dolby Atmos objective recording and decoding standard 5.1 soundtracks have upped the game considerably by adding an overhead dimension to immersive soundscapes that duplicates the way we actually hear in real life so that say a second story window being opened on the periphery of the screen or off screen actually places the sound where it belongs rather than a vague left/right front/back blend of signal.Truly amazing stuff in the hands of a capable sound engineer immediately apparent even to those who can't tell a transistor radio sound from a pair of ribbon speaker output.Garbage in, Garbage out. The machines don't care.

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If the entertainment industry was truly independent and competative, if the goverment hadn't been medding for decades in mind control and not passed a law legalizing government propaganda, if there we didn't know about things like the protocols of Zion and Freemasonry, then possibly one could argue that all this "fancy sound" was merely harmless entertainment.But we know that Hollywood, Amazon, Google and MSM are all tentacles of the deep state, and that MKultra was a massive mind control effort to eliminate opposition to the Vietnam war.These films are doing all kinds of unseen damage to all youth.  If nothing else the constant overdose of sound and color (4k HD) desensitizes the brain.Then we throw in all kinds of legal Pharma drugs (Xanax, Prozac, etc) and illegal drugs (Excstasy, MDM, Pot strains, etc) each with a matching, trance inducing electronic music style, pushed onto the people by CIA controlled distribution channels and you have the death of a civilization.  It is happening before our eyes.  Just don't get me started on porn...

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The stunning irony is that, invariably, they are absolutely unshakeable in their conviction that whatever they do is actually an IMPROVEMENT! You see the same fucktards infiltrating local municipal councils like viruses in order to push their urban planning agenda.  If DARPA manages to cook up some kind of gene bomb, perhaps it could be made to target progressives. 

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They ran it into the ground and selling it to Disney only made it worse. I saw the first movie and it was cute, innovative but the ending was a bit cringe worthy. The next 2 were okay.

Even Ewan MacGregor said his 3 films were shit with dual shitizen and Hillary lover Natalie Portman. I never watched most of those because Samuel L Jackson and George Lucas goes crazy with CGI.

The Disney first one was a remake of the original first one with a black and a girl plus more cringe worthy appearances by Han and Princess Leah. They tried to make the second Disney one decent with the great Mads Mikkelsen and pretty great Donnie Yen. It all sucks. Disney sucks. Just trash like all of Hollywood, TV, MSM, NFL, NBA, NCAA and high school ball with Trayvon thugs.

I had to endure relatives at Christmas about this somewhat - Military = good and Govt = corrupt./

We need to rebuild the military etc crap. I said why? They just steal money. Then it was Trump is good, my reaction yeah Jared Soros-Kushner and His wife the first Joo-ess are wonderful puppets for Isri-Hell.

I said the best thing for America is too implode. Too many dindus, too corrupt, too shallow, etc etc.

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Vageling hedgeless_horseman Tue, 12/26/2017 - 13:05 Permalink

I used to like it. Until they got plainly obvious. Sure... The black dude going awol, meets white chick and... Yeah. I never saw the ending. Not intent to watch any released one after it. They politicized it as they do with eveything. I see that hidden agenda. It just plain fucking ruining everything.Also it's mostly ALL intended for females. Hardly action or whatever, all romance. There isn't even an credible storyline. The horror I had to go through watching the 100 while this chick can't stop craving for her next fix (episode). Then again, she's an airhead and naieve. She gobbles that stuff up.Yapping about camping. Sure, hun. Camp in the nail saloon cuz in reality... She'd flip out before I got the tent ready (muh signal, mu h internet!) But it looked so cool on tv. * facepalm* Glad I got rid off her.

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I worked for Disney - until I woke the fuck up.  Every year, Disney, led by (((tribe))) members, wins awards for promoting homosexuality, single-parent families, witchcraft, transsexuatlity, climate change, etc, etc - just about every perversion you can imagine.  The blatant propaganda that people are exposing their children to is in almost everything they produce.  My kids don't get any of it until I vet it - and they do NOT get exposed to the Disney Channel (the Satan Channel).Even Disney's most profitable franchise was a stolen idea - despite the lies spewed by the snake Eisner:  The Lion King Was PlagiarizedFuck ZioDisney, indeed.

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Right on HH. I grew up on science fiction, and never was a big star wars fan because it was space opera from the first episode #4 - a coming of age soap opera with rockets and light sabres instead of horses and pistols, rebel with a cause instead of without, lovable robots instead of the inept but sorta wise as comedy relief sidekicks, = but the sci fi was and is window dressing to a basically predictable plot. The success of Episode 4 almost required a #5 and #6, then backstory with numbers 1,2, and 3 etc. Enoyable family soap opera PF 13 fun, but the sci fi, for the purist, was a sideline embellished with really good CGI; but marketing nirvana for the hollywood crowd for what became the most successful movie franchise in history.So it is no surprise that hollywoods favorite social trends get imbedded in the ongoing soap - leading character a female with an attractive black dude as supporting actor (the Episode 7 you are so fond of) and backed up with another strong female leading character in the most recent  fill in Rouge 1 (aka episode 3.9). And the bad guys have alway been white males mostly wearing gray uniforms, and don't forget - the Stormtroopers wear white and the rebels mostly brown. I can't help but wonder if the Emporer in Episode 8 is gonna be an overweight white guy with a bad touppe... 

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haha, I remember thinking that as a child, but what about these guys:

The Haradrim, known in Westron as the Southrons and once as the "Swertings" by Hobbits, were a race of Men from Harad in the region of Middle-earth directly south of Gondor. Before that, in the First Age, the Atani from whom the Haradrim descended were known as Black Men. A part of the histories of the Westlands is given to the fierce people who in the Second and the Third Age of the Sun, came from the hot deserts and forests of sunlands, which lay in the South of Middle-earth. These people were ruled by many and lords, until in time Sauron the Maia corrupted them and called them to war.

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