Topless Feminist Tries To Steal Jesus From Vatican Nativity Scene, Gets Trounced By Guard

Authored by Will Racke via The Daily Caller,

A member of a radical feminist group attempted to steal a statue of the baby Jesus from the Vatican’s nativity scene on Christmas day but was intercepted by police as she grabbed it.

A Reuters photographer happened to witness the incident as the topless woman, shouting “God is woman,” climbed over a guard rail and scrambled up to the scene in a brazen attempt to take the statue of Jesus from its crib.

The photographer, Alessandro Bianchi, snapped a picture showing a Vatican gendarme closing in on the woman, who also had the slogan scrawled across her bare back.

A Vatican gendarme attempts to block a topless activist of women’s rights group Femen, who tries to reach the Nativity scene in Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican December 25, 2017. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

On its website, the Ukranian-French radical feminist group FEMEN identified the would-be thief as Alisa Vinogradova and described her as a “sextremist.”

The group says its goal is “complete victory over patriarchy.”

In a statement released Monday, FEMEN said Vinogradova’s stunt was a protest against the Vatican’s stance on abortion and contraception.

“The FEMEN act was directed against the Vatican’s infringement of the rights of women to their own bodies,” the group stated.


“In particular, against the policy of the ‘Holy See’ associated with the promotion of the ban on abortion and ‘sacred condemnation’ of contraception.”

The incident occurred about two hours before Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message to 50,000 people gathered in St. Peter’s Square, reports Reuters.

FEMEN staged a similar protest in 2014, when a member successfully snatched the statue of Jesus from its crib.


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That isn't surprising.

One bright spot of the impending Muslim takeover of Europe will be watching what happens to these feminazi groups once that happens. That shit will be hilarious. Obviously this isn't fair or right to have happen to the non leftist psychos among the female population, but since that's going to happen anyway, might as well get a laugh out of stupid cunts.

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SixIsNinE greenskeeper carl Tue, 12/26/2017 - 19:06 Permalink

as a Gen Xer - i grew up with an ever expanding "feminist" viewpoint, and practiced it in real life - giving more than equal to the woman I was involved with.  After SIX in a row of taking my kindness and equality as a WEAKNESS to be exploited ; I now know why the Bible teaches a man at the head of the household.  Men give women (i'm talking about well raised, normal men, hetero) - way too much benefit of the doubt and pre-qualified pedestal status. Look around - all over are women who put their job in front of their marriage   = or worse, purposefully entered into marriage with ill intent for the divorce payout.Puppetmasters know human psychology and are happy with the demise of strong families.  Remember back in the 20th century with all those strong families of 3, 4, 5, 6 or more children....nowadays?  forget it.  The cure:  there is a teaching of a practice which yields impeccable behavior.    Problem:  people are ATTACHED to behaviors which are known to themselves to be NOT impeccable.  Reaction:  Introduce the antidote to attachment and addictions to bad behavior.  which is why of course I have led the movement to reform the outrageously ill-behaved criminal masterminds of human consciousness, the USA's own DEA.  

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He's referencing him bombing a Syrian military base when they blew up an apparent terrorist chemical stockpile in an air strike. After just stating that we would let the Syrian people decide their own future(as if there is any other justifiable option) ivanka got really sad and cried so daddy illegally attacked another sovereign country in an act of war to make her feel better. Don Jr confirmed his sisters crocodile tears played a large role in his decision to kill a dozen or more Syrian soldiers in their own country.

So, unfortunately, his above scenario is not really that unlikely.

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ShrimpinAin'tEasy greenskeeper carl Tue, 12/26/2017 - 23:59 Permalink

Thankfully, you pretty much get the picture. Anyway, none of that is really any different from getting Mossad to help you hire 19 Saudis to attend flight school by day, go to strip clubs at night, then leave their Korans in rental cars and pretty much go undercover thereafter as a method to depose Saddam Hussein, steal Iraqui oil, and somehow use the same premise to get the heroin trade in Afghanistan up and running again by chasing after a dead guy. Only difference back then was that Ivanka was still just in the LAP DANCES for daddy phase & hadn't yet mastered the whiny Yenta thing.…

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