North Korean Defectors Show Signs Of Radiation Exposure

South Korean scientists and doctors who have been examining North Korean defectors have stumbled upon yet another horrifying discovery: At least four of the defectors have shown signs of radiation exposure, the South Korean government said on Wednesday - although researchers could not confirm if the radiation was related to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program.

Earlier today, we noted that one of the defectors had also tested positive for Anthrax antibodies, suggesting that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has continued his chemical weapons program despite signing an international chemical weapons treaty. Of course, the North Korean government has denied that chemical weapons are being used.

All four men are former residents of Kilju county, an area in North Korea that includes the nuclear test site Punggye-ri. According to Reuters, they were likely exposed to radiation between May 2009 and January 2013. All of the men defected to the South before the most recent test, according to a researcher at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute.

The researcher cautioned that people can be exposed to radiation in many ways, and that none of the defectors who had lived in Punggye-ri itself showed specific symptoms.

Fears that North Korea could unintentionally trigger a nuclear disaster via its nuclear tests have escalated since the North’s Sept. 3 nuclear test, prompting China to increase monitoring of radioactive activity along its border with its restive neighbor. Seismic activity detected in the aftermath of the test suggests the test site is suffering from "Tired Mountain Syndrome" – a condition detected at former Soviet nuclear testing sites. The destabilizing impact of the tests was made evident when a tunnel at Punggye-ri collapsed, killing 200 North Korean workers.

Still, the North has pushed ahead with building new tunnels at the test site, suggesting that – instead of abandoning Punggye-ri altogether, as their Chinese peers have advised, they intend to move the tests to a different part of the mountain.

Ultimately, scientists worry that the mountain could implode, releasing a plume of toxic radioactive dust into the atmosphere that could wreak untold havoc on the health of people across the region.


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I can't wait for Fat Boy Kim to set off another even more powerful bomb in that mountain.  Nuclear fall out all around - NK, China, Yellow Sea, Russia, etc.  A Chernobyl right on the northern penensula making everyone abandon the area.  That will be the end of Fat Boy and his troubling regime. 

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Americanos need not to remind the world of experiments they conducted on their troops while blasting nukes around back in the days. Then we had the mandatory testing of other drugs and biological&chemical weapons, again on their troops. To this day Americanos are the only country who used atomic weapons on heavily populated areas, killing 100s of thousands of innocent victims.  And now they would like to lecture the world again? About what exactly? Trust and confidence? 

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Anthrax.  Radiation.  Nukes.  Missiles.Anyone else sense a propaganda set-up?I mean, I'm an American, and I dont see a whole lot of compassionate, rational and sane leadership here.

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I WonderI wonder if the Norks were exposedto as much radiation as the Nevadans and Utah people,and the Pacific islanders 1950-1980.Intestinal parasites are a dietary weight loss solution.51 labs in the US play with anthrax.

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Udano, Tepco and Abe putting their fingers in the nuclear dike attempting to plug media exposure. With the direct discharge now of radioactive water directly into the Pacific it cannot hold forever. Abe, Tepco and the MSM criminals that are covering this continuing catastrophe will pay with their heads when the magnitude of this ongoing discharge poisoning the Pacific and U.S. West Coast is finally revealed.

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They have signs of radiation expose! But we can't link it to anything? Well don't worry I'm a little Sherlock Holmes I think I can figure it out! Its because that crazy small man has a nucleur bomb! A nucleur bomb! I saw it on tv I figured it out! He has a nucleur bomb! He is getting ready to get us!The savage has a nucleur bomb! Only savages have nucleur bombs. Amercian doesn't have nculeur bombs? We do? But we are good! He is evil! But he signed the United Nations treaty! He is a liar! America always follows United Nations treaties! Don't we! We don't? Yes but that wasn't fair! We are always right! The God of freedom is on our side! He is in the vast gulag of prisons that span across America. He is in our homes on our Televisions! He is in the White House! We are free! Aren't we?What you question me? Who cares we better attack first before its too late! Get them! They are evil! Better safe than sorry attack now!It is incredible how infantile all this poisinous propoganda is.Separate your mind from the state and see this nonsense for what it is.

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Using depleted uranium in Iraq for years and years isn't problematic? All those disfigured Iraqi children are worth Uncle Scam's war crimes, right?What about white phosphorus used in Rakka by the USAF and over Gaza and the West Bank by the IDF? Anglo-Zionists are OK with breaking rules.One day, the empire will pay a big price for its war crimes. All this USSA barking over NK, Syria and Iran is horseshit that distracts away from the actual war crimes committed.

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I don't believe a word of this stupid story. Pure garbage from the United Satans, as usual. You want radiated children? Then look no farther than the millions of Muslim victims of Bush II and Obama's depleted uranium projectiles fired throughout the Islamic lands of our planet.  

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WAW!!!ALMOST AS CRIMINAL AS THE NEVADA ATOMIC TESTS!!! and the biological test on American cities by the US army.... yep... maybe North Korea is 1/100th as evil as America...