One-Third Of The 2016 Spike In U.S. Homicides Came From Just 5 Chicago Neighborhoods

Authored by Thomas Lifson of American Thinker,

The full evil of the anti-cop hysteria pushed by left wing groups like #BlackLivesMatter will take many years to be understood, in no small part because of political and media support for the notion that racism on the part of cops is the sole cause for disproportionate numbers of black perpetrators in our crime statistics.

But every now and then, a statistic appears that cannot be easily dismissed. Jared Sichel of The Daily Signal brings one such figure to our attention.

Murders in the U.S. rose nearly 9% last year, and one-third of that increase came from just a few neighborhoods in Chicago, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of the FBI’s annual 2016 publication, Crime in the United States.


While violent crime (homicide, rape, assault, and robbery) also rose nationwide from 2015 to 2016 — over 4% — the data show the increase was not uniform, but rather concentrated in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.


(Chart per HeyJackAss!)

Other big cities, including Los Angeles and Washington, DC, saw meaningful declines in violence. So there is no broad trend, but rather local factors that must be accounted for. For instance:

Interestingly, the paper’s neighborhood-by-neighborhood analysis claimed that areas where homicides spiked had a “lighter street presence by police following officers’ high-profile killings of young black men.” (snip)


In Baltimore, violent crime rates were going down until 2015, when police officers “pulled back from a more proactive approach” following widespread city riots after the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who suffered a severe spinal injury while being transported in a police van on April 1, 2015, and died one week later.

But for the real statistical weight affecting overall crime stats, one has to look at Chicago, where the police have been under severe restrictions and where gang activity is out of control:

In Chicago last year, homicides jumped to 771, 58% higher than in 2015, and more than the number of murders in Los Angeles and New York combined. Half of that increase, the analysis showed, came from just five neighborhoods, and is largely attributable to gang warfare. In a “roughly four-mile radius of West Garfield Park,” for example, there are at least 30 gangs. (snip)


In Chicago, as in Baltimore, police became less proactive following protests against the fatal 2014 shooting of a black teenager, Laquan McDonald, by a white police officer, Jason Van Dyke, who has been charged with first-degree murder.


A FiveThirtyEight analysis found that in Chicago and other cities with high-profile deaths of black men involving police officers, a “pullback in policing was accompanied by a sharp increase in gun violence.”

All the anti-cop self-righteousness in the world won’t save one victim from gang violence. The BLM protestors, along the with hands up-don’t shoot crowd have been enablers of horrific violence that mostly is claiming black lives. Progressive politics often involves sacrificing the powerless for the purported greater good, even as the poseurs claim to be their righteous protectors.


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I get it that the figures look bad, but my friends in Chicago are awesome & love it there! When I visited them in the city recently it was terrific!!.. Even the street people (lesser presence than in most places because of the colder weather?) were very kind, friendly, smiled and wished me, "God Bless You!" without so much as a donation offered?.. I realize that I fit in because I'm respectful to people and I'm from the Northern Midwest, so I easily fit in, but it was GREAT being in Chicago--from start to finish, in every interaction that I had in that city. Even the L subway drivers were super courteous and caring toward me. My friends who live in Chicago say that the problem is basically limited to certain bad neighborhoods. I honestly never had a problem when I lived in the Chicago suburbs and often visited in the city (mainly in the Loop or near University of Chicago). I didn't do drugs, crime, or cross any gangbangers in the wrong areas -and LITERALLY- NO ONE EVER bothered me in 4 straight years!!??..

By contrast, I moved to "red-state" Virginia and had people stealing my stuff at a ritzy fitness center, from yoga class, and from the dry-cleaners; terrible customer service; pathetic utilities; rotten landlords; dishonest business dealings; and quite a few married men harassing me non-stop both in and out of my workplace (gross!!)...(& this is all at a much higher cost of living!) And some people seemed so mean...One time I needed to turn around in a circular driveway as a bad storm was coming and this woman came out of her house screaming at me to get off her property??.. It was so offensive and uncalled for. (by the way, I'm white and hardly frightening at all)...I also found out that a neighbor in a nice courtyard property had his nose bitten off by another neighbor's nasty pit bull dog!.. (I had to dodge far too many of those creatures!).. They also had toxic chemicals all over the place, unregulated. And I really have a problem with people stealing my umbrellas, clothes, shampoo, hats, & work product-- basically anything that wasn't tied down!!--??? It was so demoralizing in so-called "prestigious neighborhoods or "professional work environments."

I look back on Chicago as so nice!! :-) For example, once I got lost on the subway line in the dangerous South Side in the worst, most deprived areas and everyone was totally nice, protective, and polite to me!!...go figure!!.. I think there is a bit of a crime "code"--they don't go after certain people and most Midwestern people are just really honest, which makes a huge difference in your quality of life!! :)

I'm not taking away from the problems that exist, but I have to honestly report that I've always been treated very well in Chicago and in Baltimore--everyone was great!! :)


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Lets thank Rahm Emmanuel the Mayor.  Why dont we hear more of his MANAGEMENT of the city. CNN and MSNBC and others of the CONTOROLLED  media never say a word. He iS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CITY....Sort of reminds me of when Katrina hit NO and Chertoff (responsible for Homeland Security) dissappeared from the scene. No one heard from the asshole untill he started as a board memeber of Carlyle Group. The connections are the same. Destruction of The US...destruction of the values that had existed for the wealth of certain people....

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Blacks And Latinos Are Twice (2X) As Likely As Whites To Have The MAOA-L Gene Variation Associated With Aggression, Violence, Crime And Sexual Abuse"Black males are also 13.5 times more likely to have a rare version of the gene associated with “extreme violence and extreme aggression."…The Color Of Crime: FBI And Bureau Of Justice Racial Crime Data

  • If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.
  • In an all-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent. 89% Of All Crime In NYC Is Non-White…