Top Russian General Accuses US Of Training ISIS At Syrian Border Base

From ISIS To US-Backed "New Syrian Army" - "They Change Their Spots" Russia Alleges

According to a new Reuters report, the chief of the Russian General Staff has accused the United States of hosting a training facility for ISIS fighters in Syria along the Syria-Iraq border. Al-Tanf base on Syria's southeast side has been under the control of the US-backed "New Syrian Army" and their US special forces advisers since the area was captured from ISIS in August of 2016.

Russia has previously called the base a 100km wide “black hole” operated by the US wherein an assortment of unaccountable armed groups and militants can operate freely. That American troops have long been deployed there was previously confirmed through multiple photographs and videos released early in the summer of 2017 which showed US elite soldiers on active patrols with Syrian rebel factions associated with the Free Syrian Army (or FSA, elements of which were more recently renamed the New Syrian Army).

Photos above and below were made public last summer which shows ongoing training of "New Syrian Army" fighters by US military advisers. Russia now alleges ISIS members have sought the protection of the base and area under its control. Russia's top general said this week, "They are practically Islamic State. But after they are worked with, they change their spots and take on another name." The images were originally published through Hammurabi’s Justice News, a news outlet affiliated with Maghaweir al Thowra (MaT) - a faction which is the latest incarnation of the US-created New Syrian Army. Via the Long War Journal

Image produced by Maghaweir al Thowra (MaT) - the latest incarnation of the US-created New Syrian Army.

The head of Russia’s General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, made the allegations in an interview on Wednesday with Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, saying that the US base is illegal (and presumably the other roughly up to 10 or more known bases) as the Americans have no right to violate Syrian sovereignty and have not been invited to be there by Damascus in the first place. Russian military officials have recently indicated that the Syrian Army has essentially cut off the area and isolated US-backed forces' ability to expand. If true this raises significant doubts concerning how the presumed "anti-ISIL" mission of US coalition forces are valid or relevant, or how a direct US military presence in the remote southeast region could be justified.

Early this month Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the Islamic State had been destroyed and no longer holds cities or significant territory, though insurgent pockets remain. And at the same time the Russian "mission accomplished" announcement was being widely reported, the Pentagon said US forces would stay in Syria "as long as we need to, to support our partners and prevent the return of terrorist groups." Meanwhile, this week Russia has moved forward with plans brokered with the Syrian government to maintain two permanent Russian military bases on the Mediterranean - the naval station at Tartus and Khmeimim airbase outside of Latakia.

General Gerasimov told the Russian newspaper that the defense ministry possessed drone and satellite footage confirming large numbers of ISIS-affiliated fighters at the US base at Tanf. "They are in reality being trained there,” Gerasimov said, and continued “They are practically Islamic State. But after they are worked with, they change their spots and take on another name. Their task is to destabilize the situation."

Thus the allegation appears to be that as ISIS loses territory and is rooted out of various pockets in the east, its fighters then conveniently declare their allegiance to US-backed FSA/New Syrian Army factions, after which they enter training programs hosted by US advisers. 

Gerasimov further indicated that some 400 militants recently left a town in the southern al-Hasakah Province for al-Tanf, launching an offensive on the Syrian forces from the eastern bank of Euphrates, after the main ISIS forces were routed there. Russia has over the past months accused the US coalition of essentially relocating ISIS fighters in order to allow their redeploying to locations where they could attack and pressure Syrian and Russian aligned forces.

In one major instance related to the coalition and SDF victory over ISIS in Raqqa, a bombshell investigative report produced by no less than BBC News confirmed that Russia has certainly had reason to be suspicious of the Pentagon's motives and strategy inside Syria. According the November BBC report:

The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of Islamic State fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city. A convoy included some of IS's most notorious members and - despite reassurances - dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.

And concerning the latest accusations of US-ISIS complicity in al-Tanf, Gen. Gerasimov further said the pattern continues: "The most important is that we have been seeing the militants advancing from there for several months. When the control [of the Syrian forces] loosened, as many as 350 militants left the area." He further said of the Russian-Syrian fight against ISIS in the area, "We took timely measures…they have suffered a defeat, these forces were destroyed. There were captives from these camps. It is clear that training is underway at those camps."

And he continued, "Instead of the New Syrian Army, mobile ISIS groups, like a jack in the box, carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks against Syrian troops and civilians from there." And though the pretext for the Tanf base’s creation was "the need to conduct operations against ISIS" - the rapid recent demise of ISIS proves that the Americans have ulterior motives, according to the Russian general.

Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has heightened his rhetoric of late regarding uninvited foreign forces operating on Syrian soil. He said last week in a televised interview which was subsequently posted to multiple Syrian official social media channels: "Those who work with foreigners against their army are traitors." Assad has also on multiple occasions promised to return all of natural Syria to the control of the Syrian government and army.


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Link to the yandex-translated interview with General Gerasimov referenced in this article:… translation errors to watch for:VKS is mistranslated to 'videoconferencing'. VKS is the Russian Aerospace Forces.IGIL (Russian abbreviation for ISIL) is sometimes translated to LIH.Also watch for a contextual translation error in the general's last statement, as the word 'mir' can mean either 'peace' or 'the world'.

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Not mentioned in the report or by any other poster so far is the strategic reason for the US to be in that part of Syria, a road. Any other reason given is just camouflage.

It is the control over the main border crossing on the shortest land most important route between Damascus and Baghdad. This forces any traffic wanting to do that journey to travel 100s of miles extra north via Deir.

The significance of this is of course that any traffic from Iran to Lebanon has to use that longer route. If the US gave up that block their BF Israel would be very, very pissed off.


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Having learned from last weeks' misadventures in their 'training exercies,' that the overt expression on these pages ...of the desire to see American soldiers slaughtered in a far off place - in blood expiation for crimes which though committed by talmudic kabbalism* IN THE NAME OF the American peeple - will be met with a firm rollback which exposes both their real identities as agents of that same foreign power AS WELL as traitorous fifth columnist filth working from inside to further the collapse of the west...our gang of truth-in-media-gang-bangers returns with a new tactical attempt at covering up the real purpose of their presence...

I don't promote violence"....

which works pretty much as well as a smudge stick clears out jinns, demonic voices, and assorted riff raff from the 'other side'. It don't.No... you will no longer be allowed to conduct your invocation of dark forces to rain blood and terror down upon those who you deem guilty for the sins of your own satanic masters, hirelings. No, it will not be sufficient for you to ciricle your wagons, play your circle-jerkin, vote meter games or substitute snide invective for any reasoned effort to defend yourselves against the charges laid against you.It is over. You and your filth are fully exposed to the light of day.... and must flee back into your holes. Go now... whilst their is still time for your retreat back into the shadows.*talmudic kabbalism - aka the constellation of racio-religious supremacists who congregate in the s e Med, Brooklyn NY, Moscow, and other nexus points of the Ashkenazi Mafiyas using a toxic combination of the most primtive 'majical' forces and advanced 'technological' methods to enforce their control over societies both east and west... thru a phalanx of media platforms and a phalanx of mind-controlled stooges

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Top Russian General Accuses US Of Training ISIS At Syrian Border BaseMy response: More ROTTEN FRUIT from the "OBOZO" administration. I believe this RUSSIAN GENERAL 100% when we look at the last 16+ years!! I believe President TRUMP and the TRUMP administration have been working to right this wrong.Lot of BLOOD STAINS on the AMERICAN FLAG that needs to be washed!!Your hands are full of blood!Wash and make yourselves clean.    Take your evil deeds out of my sight;    stop doing wrong.Learn to do right; seek justice.    Defend the oppressed.[a]Take up the cause of the fatherless;    plead the case of the widow.“Come now, let us settle the matter,”    says the Lord.“Though your sins are like scarlet,    they shall be as white as snow;though they are red as crimson,    they shall be like wool.

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Yeah, next he's going to tell us that Osama Bin Laden was trained, equipped and funded by the US to fight Russia in Afghanistan.  Doesn't this guy have something better to do like make up fake emails from the "DNC server" and then leak the fake emails to Wikileaks?

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Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Everybody seems to be ISIS these days.Are you sure they're not just Anti Syrian Government Troops and not exactly ISIS?I mean it seems like if your in the middle east, have a gun, and dont like any of the status quo governments these days, that you're ISIS.

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The Anglo-Zionists are staunch supporters of Apartheid Israel, the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Sunni Islamic terrorists in general. Approximately 96% of Islamic terrorists are Sunni while the remaining 4% may or may not be Shia.

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Look at gun type, those are the ones were shipped to Yemen under Obama and Hillary. Same MO as fast and Furious to Mexico.Anyone with a brain and common sense would know without using a Zerohedge or Reuters stock image photo file. The gun make and gun type. Most importantly, caliper size ammunition. Guns can't kill without ammunition. Let's audit DHS on purchased ammunition supply. What is current stockhold. We can compare a shell casing to a gun through ballistic testing. Cross refrence gun serial number to owner.Understand, gun sale is separate to ammunition. Who is supplying bullets? I smell DHS. Gather shell casings. Pin leaves a signature on casing. Half PoisonHalf God - YouTube