Iran Fears "Cultural Invasion" - Bans English Lessons In Primary Schools

After a week of unrest in Iran, which the government has blamed on foreign agents, senior education officials have forbidden English lessons from being taught in all primary schools.

Speaking to national broadcaster IRIB, Deutsche Welle reports that High Education Council leader Mehdi Navid-Adham called the English language a gateway to the "cultural invasion" of the West.

"Teaching English in government and non-government primary schools in the official curriculum is against laws and regulations," Navid-Adham was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying.

"This is because the assumption is that, in primary education, the groundwork for the Iranian culture of the students is laid."

In 2016, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei voiced his outrage over a similar "cultural invasion" when he learned some private daycare centers were teaching English.

“That does not mean opposition to learning a foreign language, but (this is the) promotion of a foreign culture in the country and among children, young adults and youths,” he said.

Western thinkers have time and again said that instead of colonialist expansionism of the 19th century, the best and the least costly way would have been inculcation of thought and culture to the younger generation of countries and training experts and elites that would act like soldiers of the system of dominance.”

The announcement comes after a week of protests against the theocratic government over the country's struggling economy, which Khamenei has blamed on foreign agents.



BobEore Troy Ounce Jan 9, 2018 3:28 AM Permalink

Death to all "nation states"...

and all other incarnations of hegemonist projects by which power is collapsed into the hands of tiny cabals - who use the cloak of 'the state' to build their criminal empires AND

are ALL similar to each other in that they place the primacy of their own place in a hierarchy of power above any accountability for their actions, and identical in the pursuit of their own continuance at the expense of the peace and liberty of their citizen subjects.

The nation state is a talmudic project... and as the mask of talmudic terror slips across the entire muddled east

The hidden story behind all of the manipulated doings and false-flag non-event events in the middle east pumped out day by a fully complicit media, is the arrival of major challenge to "the State" in all it's incarnations. Made to believe by all of these false storylines that nation states and the people who live in them are battling each other over some fundamental difference or other - we have lost sight of the real battle - that of citizen versus state! No real division of interests exists, in other words, between the regimes in charge of those various capitals where figurehead leaders wag their fingers at other puppet princes in other satrapies of the one and only power which really matters. All of them believe in the State - as the supreme and heaven-mandated entity with the right to reign over it's citizens, instead of being reined in by them!

TOPRAK VE TURNA: Self Governance & the middle eastern map


westerners would be wise to beware the encroaching cloud of the same virus approaching their own homelands. Iran, Turkey, Saudistan... all puppet satrapies of tel aviv/mordor now. Who's next?

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giovanni_f BobEore Jan 9, 2018 3:50 AM Permalink

Fake news by Reuters at its best. Debunked here:

"So, according to Reuters, Iran "banned" something from its school curriculum that was not and is not in there. The Reuters piece quotes an Iranian official who does not confirm what Reuters alleges:

“Teaching English in government and non-government primary schools in the official curriculum is against laws and regulations,” Mehdi Navid-Adham, head of the state-run High Education Council, told state television late on Saturday.

The official only confirms that the official curriculum is binding. As English language is not in the official primary school curriculum it can not be taught as part of that curriculum. It is banal statement: "Yes, the relevant regulations apply as the always have applied." How Reuters can construe that into a new "ban" is beyond me."

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You beat me to it. I was also going to link the MoonofAlabama article. What is shocking is the Tylers not fact-checking their sources and the veracity of the allegation. Piss poor journalism from the Tylers.

As for the original source being Reuters? lol Another MSM owned by the chosen ones, have played to form and pumped out a twisted piece of lies.

All part of the propaganda war against Iran. The Jews do this knowing only 5% of the population will realise the article is fake, but the damage is already done. Even the Tylers got duped. Admittedly the Tylers don't get duped often. 

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Eyes Opened To Hell In A H… Jan 9, 2018 5:12 AM Permalink

ZH seems to be merely regurgitating stories from sites such as Blacklisted News lately without any of their own fact-checking...

Moon of Alabama is THE best site for middle east stories & Bernhard backs up his articles with references... no "fluff" articles either...they also have a good comments section there ... just sayin... 😒


(Edited for sp.)

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BobEore giovanni_f Jan 9, 2018 5:16 AM Permalink

Pity the troopers couldn't just take the advice offered... and links supplied...

to bone up upon the topic for stumbling into perilous ground beyond their weight class.

"In 1872 Mirza Husain Khan persuaded the Shah to sign a sweeping concession to Julius de Reuter, a British Jew, giving him, provided he started a railroad, rights to all factories and minerals that might be developed in Iran, which so far had exploited little. Husain Khan was accused of accepting more than £50,000 in bribes, and the concessions were so unpopular that the project was cancelled with Reuter losing his caution money.Yes, that Reuter, whose name still flashes along newswires today - as the Rothschilds-owned conduit for the 'information' finely tuned to guide our thoughts in the desired directions! "The famous British statesman Lord Curzon called it ‘the most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign hands that has probably ever been dreamed of.’ Iranians were so infuriated that the Shah had to rescind the sale the next year.”

There is really no mystery as to the source of agit-prop dissimulation throughout the ages... 

Old medias... new medias... msm medias alt-medias... the song remains the same. All roads lead to talmudic mordor.

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Dilluminati giovanni_f Jan 9, 2018 6:14 AM Permalink

We now live in a world where truth isn't a factor, how well does the story fit with your existing prejudices?  ZH provides content that frankly isn't covered by other websites, it's an alternative to MSM that regurgitates nonsense.  One of the reason why the term fake news is becoming so prevalent is that news organizations are catering to their evolved consumers.  Faux news is slanted, so is CNN, MSNBC is almost communist in left leaning content.  If it doesn't bleed it doesn't lead.. that news-line is everything, 80% of what is out there as news is BS, the truth nuance between the stories, and the obvious And then finally there is the news of omission.  As an example look at the FLU this year, a big story should be the spectacular miss in the FLU vaccine, millions taking a vaccination and the complete fucking miss and the consequences, and then the BIAS by the media that believe that this should be under-reported as their prejudice is that these FLU shots are good for you.

For people in the USA it is probably much more important a news story about FLU and the near complete failure of the FLU vaccine than English taught in a closed repressive society who we all know are run by goat fuckers 1/2 way around the globe.


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Why do you care how people want to shape their society? he he heh... Cause I live in the neighborhood chump.

And as EVERY 'society' in the muddled east falls into the same talmudic TERROR STATE MOLD which I HAVE CAREFULLY DETAILED for anyone with the interest in understanding this neighborhood... Syria/Iraq/Iran/ neighbors and fellow victims of kabbalisms covert campaign

Anatolia Calling: The Terror Template has Arrived.

" The field has been literally decimated. ALL - which is to say ALL those reporting the facts of this story from within "Turkey" have been silenced now. To report on it from the relative safety of outside the country - no matter how much one may have first hand experience of the country and culture previously - is but a pallid and second hand effort. Because one had to have been here - on the ground - in order to understand how profoundly everything changed in July. Some vast informational weaponry was employed in order to effectively mind-wipe a population which now shows not the slightest level of resistance or non-compliance with the imposition of the total terror state."

the shadow of mordor which has fallen over us... cometh quickly towards you.

Why do YOU care how WE want to shape OUR SOCIETY CHUMP? Take a hint couch potato western 'master of the universe'...

educate yourself...or  even better come and help rebuild... or just shut the fuk up and deal with your unresolved exceptionalist entitlement issues. Then come back and tell us all about '''nation states'''

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BobEore LiteBeeer Jan 9, 2018 6:00 AM Permalink

What are you - a jerk?

The history of the muddled east and the peoples who have lived there... has been deliberately shrouded and distorted since scribes started takin bribes... from moneychangin 'proto-mullahs callin themselves 'rebbes'...

and is in sore need of being rescued in order to shed the light o day on our collective past. Which to the dismay of you and your rebbe rabble...

I'm fixin to do ... real soon.

Barbarous Reliquary

The True Story of Europe's Beginnings.
The Real Truth about it's fate

As a citizen of reborn Anatolia ... which springs to live out of the RUBBLE OF THE NATION STATE/TERROR STATE

Back in your box - mofo

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F yu stoogeboy -

I myself, like many here, look like nothing so much as a character out of a Breughal painting, and am constantly accused of being "Dutch" as a result. If that's "Arab" tard... hand me a hand towel.

Anatolia is a true crucible of humanity, and as well the cauldron/womb from which will spring the species next leap into its' own potential for greatness. As such, it reflects the mingling of so many bloodlines and haplogroups over so many centuries... than it epitomises the refiners' art...


as opposed to the meagre mongrel mitochrondian residue of a failed evolutionary experiment such as thee.



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fel.temp.reparatio LiteBeeer Jan 9, 2018 12:19 PM Permalink

were there kangaroos on that ark? heh ;-)

legends of a great flood are described in texts attributed to sumerian, babylonian, greek, egyptian, scandinavian, hawaiian, chinese, vedic, maori, mayan, australian aboriginal (among many other) cultures...

"it ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble, it's what you know for sure that just ain't so" - samuel clemens (aka mark twain) 1835-1910

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BobEore Infinite QE Jan 9, 2018 6:58 AM Permalink

Tuff question for a blotto'ed tard!

let's ask an expert - an who could be more 'expert'... than a tribalist themselves?

THE combination of P with J, E, and D was even more extraordinary than the
combination of J and E with each other had been centuries earlier. P was polemic- it was an
answer-torahto J and E. JE denigrated Aaron. P denigrated Moses. JE assumed that any
Levite could be a priest.P said that only men who were descendants of Aaron could be
priests. JE said that there were angels, that animals occasionally could talk, and that God
could be found standing on a rock or walking through the garden of Eden. P would have
none of that.

Someone was combining JE with the work that was written as an alternative to it. And  this
personwas not merely combining them side by side, as parallel stories. He or shewas
cutting and intersecting them intricately. And at the endof this combined, interwoven
{p. 218} collection of the laws and stories of J, E, and P, this person set Deuteronomy, the
farewell speech of Moses, as a conclusion. Someone wasmergingthe four different, often
opposing sources so artfully that it would take millennia to figure it out .
This was the person who created the Torah, the Five Books of Moses that we have read for
over two thousand years.Who was this person?Why did he or she do it?
This was the first question of this book: if Moses did not produce these books, who did?
I think that it was Ezra. from... Richard Elliott Friedman, WHO WROTE THE BIBLE?,
Jonathan Cape, London 1988.

Hows that for a storyline threading 'fake news' and 'fake history' right back into the distant past? Historical revisionism by talmudic scribes and genocidal maniacs is stock in trade... for guys who don't get laid and don't have to work for a living!

Then there's the rest of us. Itchin to take our history back... from the mo/fos.

Barbarous Reliquary

The True Story of Europe's Beginnings.
The Real Truth about it's fate

comin down a ten per cent grade with no air brakes... towards TARDATION real soon!

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Infinite QE BobEore Jan 9, 2018 7:14 AM Permalink

I tend to skip the middle man editors and go as close to the source of neoplatonism as I can. All the angry God stuff never made sense. Even my Irish parents eventually chucked it all into the peat stove.

Early Madison Avenue copy editor editions of a bible bring up visions of talmudic madmen shouting at each other as to whose story gets in and whose doesn't. Then one gets into the whole issue of Scofield and it all pegs the BS meter to the right.

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BobEore Infinite QE Jan 9, 2018 9:43 AM Permalink

Thank ye - ad infinitum - for your words of encouragement, Infinity. The site(s)are still in need of being readied for reading... but I've decided that a 'slow release' rollout will be better than waiting for perfection...

particularly as the story we are witness to in Iran is of paramount importance to their mandate! The book - BARBAROUS RELIQUARY - keeps getting surrendered to the pace of contemporary events. If the second, parallel platform, of that same name, can do what I hope it to, the pace will gradually pick up again, as readers corral me into keeping focused!

And speaking of 'corrals'... it's the keepin of my lil family o zheeple from being inveigled by the wolfish talmudic dissimulators so heavily in attendance pon these pages... which is keeping me hopelessly misdirected from my main task. Bob luvs all his lil 'special geniuses' ... in a tuff luv kind a way... and would not wish to see harm befall them,

specially after all this time invested in alerting them to their growing peril. Anybody handy with a 'crook' who would like to be in charge of them whilst I take care of opening business... the rewards of the task are innately great... but tis one which requires both thick hide, and no shortage of self-worth. If one is handy at 'close in bludgeon work'... it's a great way to relief stress and have a good laugh at lifes' bizarre vicissitudes!

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MoreFreedom Troy Ounce Jan 9, 2018 9:55 AM Permalink

It's the fanatical Islamic leaders of the state, who want to bring it back to the 7th century, to help keep the population under control.   The good news, is that will help retard their nuclear, computer, and technological progress when they can't read the English manuals.

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ACP besnook Jan 9, 2018 3:08 AM Permalink

Any country where more than 50% of the female population in the country wears hajibs (Alex Jones pronunciation) should be nuked.

Any city in the US where more than 0.1% of the female population wears hajibs needs to be nuked.

Please explain, in detail, why this should not be done.

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ACP shitshitshit Jan 9, 2018 4:03 AM Permalink

Well maybe we shouldn't nuke the whole country, just the oppressors.

Being that the youth in Iran (formerly known as Persia) are now exactly the opposite of the psycho muslim religious nuts back in the 70s, how about bombing the shit out of the "revolutionary guard" and the mullahs, and assassinating the mullahs wherever they hide (they've fled Iran) and allowing the people to govern themselves however they see fit?

Would that be acceptable or would that be too diametrical to what 0bama wanted for Iran and the world?

Downvotes accepted with a small Hamas service charge.


If I don't get at least 100 downvotes on this post, all you pro-Goat fuckers are a bunch of child rapist pussies.

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LiteBeeer ACP Jan 9, 2018 4:45 AM Permalink

Islam/arabs conqured Persia after 650 AD.

Then islamic Persia together with arabs wged jihad against Turks (750- 1050 AD), after that turks became assimilated mohammedans.

Ataturk put an end to this cultural suicide and reversed the tide after a millenia, yet turks want to be arabs (dictionary: mixed people).

Europe somehow succeeded protecting itself with the short lived crusades from 1100-1300 AD.

Yet islamic jihad is running rampant since 1400 years.

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BobEore LiteBeeer Jan 9, 2018 5:47 AM Permalink

Comical. Which collection of DC comic books did you reference to cobble that stew together professor


Persia has been the heartland of 'judaism' for over 2000 years. Its exiliarch in babylon is where the talmudic ethno-religious supremacist idea which has infected all the muddled east was created - and operated as a 'state within a state' - before and after the arrival of Islam... overtly before that event... covertly afterwards. It's never changed its ownership of Persia. And phony Republic of Revolutionary Irans either.

Ataturk was a Salonikan cyrpto (Dolmeh-version) who changed the fashion of attire in Anatolia from fez to fedora...

but kept all the rest of the same turco-talmudic supremacist ideologies intact. His pogroms against Greek/Armenian/Alevi/Kurdish Anatolians are the VERY DEFINITION OF cultural genocide... and INCREASING THE TIDE OF TALMUDIC TERROR WHICH SPRUNG FROM THE ORIGINAL PERSIAN SOURCE!

The blueprint in question is the one which a clique of radical priests and scribes, resident exiles in Babylon, created to manipulate rupture between the original tribes of Israel. Should it come as any surprise, therefore, that the religious and ethnic sectarians of Ankara are receiving aid and tutelage in their project from the preset inheritors of that very same tradition of Judaic terror and discord? It should not - in fact - it should be put under the microscope for close inspection, so that the grand deceptions being played out at the moment are no longer allowed to dominate the flow of information from the middle east!

Quit blowin smoke.. over already murky waters. You got no skin in this game. Wnaky Go Home!

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LiteBeeer BobEore Jan 9, 2018 9:38 AM Permalink

Mr. arab-turk.

Noble Turks fought against islam for 300 years from 750-1050 AD. But were overcome by islam.

Ataturk, a real turkish leader, had finally a victory against islam after 900 years. He removed the satanic arab alphabet, arab clothing, arab literature, arab allah and abolished the caliphate. There never will be a caliphate again. Is written in the bible.

Of course arab DNA tainted bastards like you will defend their bearded arab fathers.

It's written and prophesied in the bible. You would flip 180 degrees around and together with Russa/Persia/Arabs to attack Israel. Then comes the END.

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shitshitshit ACP Jan 9, 2018 5:35 AM Permalink

If we don't like rapefugees in our homelands, that's because they are far better off living their lives in their countries following their own customs. So tell me again why should we bring more rapefugees in by bombing them because they're not like us?

Your genius idea is not a solution to any problem.

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