Sanctuary, Schmanctuary

"...but who would want to live there?"

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greenskeeper carl Bumpo Jan 10, 2018 10:42 PM Permalink

Ya, the 'doorway into the country' thing is the problem for me. People like to pretend this is a states rights issue. It isn't. You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger 10th amendment enthusiast than me, but immigration is 100% the purview of the federal government. You can't just decide to let illegals some into your state and live there.


'Secede already' would be a messy affair, too. California might be a blue state population wise, but they aren't geographically. The red areas where the people do things like grow food tend to be conservative, and aren't likely to want to go along with this new people's republic. That would lead to some nasty violence, IMO.

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Stan Smith JeffB Jan 11, 2018 1:51 AM Permalink

The whole "multiple states" thing will happen well before California leaves.    The Federal Government owns something like 45-50% of the land in California.    If im correct (feel free to correct me), there's more active military in California than anywhere else.   Never mind the Federal dollars that flow in there.    For better and worse, we're stuck with them.

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TheRideNeverEnds francis scott … Jan 11, 2018 3:10 AM Permalink

I like how the “””Mexicans””” in that cartoon look whiter than the average Amerimut.  

White Mexicans don’t come illegally, they have passports all over the world and are so rich they are fine staying in Mexico and just vacationing here.   The subhuman mestizos are the ones coming here illegally.  The animals are illiterate in their native language and come here for the benefits of white civilization.  Despite all the advantages of white culture and education their spawn are still a drag on white civilization.  

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Endgame Napoleon TheRideNeverEnds Jan 11, 2018 9:30 AM Permalink

This sounds like a trollist fake, but they do come here to work low-wage jobs that keep them below the earned-income limit for welfare (in traceable income) and to collect welfare that covers rent / groceries. It is not a small thing to enter a country illegally, getting rewarded for it with major monthly expenses covered by the state for sex and reproduction. 

Illegal aliens also get refundable tax credits up to $6,444 for US-born kids. People often say that is not a lot of money; that is 1/3rd of the per-capita income in many states in just tax welfare for the womb-productive illegal aliens. 

If you are working a full-time job at $9 per hour, it takes you 4 months to get that much in earned income. If $6,444 is not a lot of money, why are individual citizens — native born and naturalized — who get none of that welfare / tax welfare working 1/3rd of a year to get that much money? 

Furthermore, the DACAs, no less than wealthy Mexicans, travel back and forth to Mexico all the time, although liberals keep telling us that it would be a horror for them to be deported to 

a country they’ve had nothing to do with.

That is what the recent video of DACAs yelling at a congressman was all about: easy back-and-forth border crossing for DACAs. 

The only compromise on this issue that has any faithfulness to the Trump campaign’s promises for an end to illegal immigration and a merit-based immigration system would be to let only the ones who served in the military and the ones with bigly merit stay.

By merit, I mean the ones who got into medical school, not the ones with typical liberal arts degrees that are scorned in the job market when held by citizens. That said, there are not many DACAs in those categories despite how the media is spinning this. Only a tiny fraction of the group is college-educated.

Letting any of them stay—even the military people and the medical students—will provoke another flood of illegal border crossings. But you could say Puerto Rican’s have citizenship, partially due to their military service. 

The vast majority of the working age 35-and-under DACAs are taking low-wage jobs, augmented by welfare and tax welfare from government to reward sex and reproduction, and helping to drive wages down for 40 years.

We are going to need a LOT more job generation — millions more jobs — to keep DACAs and all their family members, plus millions of new border jumpers, inspired by the way DACAs are rewarded for illegal border crossing.

Do not boast to me about 40,000 new jobs; that is nothing compared to what we need to support all these people despite the fact that many of them have welfare-enhanced wages due to irresponsibly reproducing beyond what they can afford to feed.

The minority that are college-educated just have regular degrees, nothing special, yet they are taking some of the only jobs in America that cover a full range of household bills, like state jobs with benefits, which often go to 80% minorities in cities with a 15% minority population.

How did so many DACAs got teaching positons, when I know multiple citizens, including citizens with master’s degrees who had great difficulty getting teaching jobs. Some never got a position. 

I wonder? No, I don’t wonder. 

Having worked in a large and 80% minority-staffed government agency, with another large government agency with the same discriminatory workforce composition next door, I know that minorities, including those starting out as illegal border crossers, discriminate openly in state jobs and many corporate jobs, getting away with race-based hiring, retention and civil service allocation due to the hypocrisy of Fake Identity Politics. 

Deplorables obviously cannot count on elected representatives to vote in their interests on this issue. Elected leaders represent welfare-buttressed illegal aliens and their low-paying employers.

The third branch of government provides another option when situations are especially rigged with race-loyal hiring / retention of minorities who, in those situations, are not in the minority.…







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silentlurker Jan 10, 2018 9:59 PM Permalink

Ahh - you have forgotten - after California citizens ruined the state, they emigrate to nearby states to repeat the process of ever increasing taxes, regulation, and general economic malaise. 

As a sanctuary state, CA may be the gateway for migrating illegals (in truth I suspect they are less likely to leave since the welfare benefits remain available and law enforcement is favorable here), but the real value of California is that the citizens they migrate, metastasizing their vision to other states. 


Keyser silentlurker Jan 10, 2018 10:10 PM Permalink

I lived in Texas for many years and witnessed first hand the immigrants to Texas from Mexifornia... They would sell their shitty condo in Mexifornia for millions and come Texas and buy a McMansion, with money left over to furnish the place... I would always welcome them with a warning, a warning to leave their liberal politics in Mexifornia... The looks on their faces was priceless... 

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Code Duello silentlurker Jan 10, 2018 10:20 PM Permalink

Your viewpoint is 100% correct altho your idea that "... [Cali] law enforcement (sic) is favorable..." appears to be way out of touch with reality - unless of course you welcome living in a subsidiary police state of the national tyranny.  I'm familiar with Nevada whose historic pro-individualist government has been overrun - both Clark and Washoe counties - by migrant California statists and their corrupt view of personal freedom.  Just one example:  there are more than one hundred government workers in the Washoe county VA who are paid more than USD 100,000 per year and not one of them votes pro-individualism.

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brown_hornet Jan 10, 2018 10:03 PM Permalink

Flat old Illinois is looking better and better, if it weren't for the libtard government, this would be a pretty nice place to live. (Like when I was a young'un.)

Lord Raglan Jan 10, 2018 10:09 PM Permalink

And I think with the highest state income taxes in the country, you can't deduct your state income taxes from your federal taxes under the new Trump tax law.............Trump fixed them good.............

Lord Raglan Jan 10, 2018 10:11 PM Permalink

I don't know how Moonbeam moves the money around but on the radio it said that Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown plans to report a surplus budget........go of the gimmicks it to take redevelopment agency bonds "off budget".........a million gimmicks to get to the bottom line they want........

ZeroLounger Jan 10, 2018 11:30 PM Permalink

Here we go again: the cartoon has supposed 'mexicans' in it, but both are as caucasian looking as myself.

Why can't the media portray race realistically? What are they afraid of?  Being called racist, I presume.  Pussies.

squid Jan 11, 2018 12:33 AM Permalink

California will NEVER Secede for the same reason Quebec never has....

Because the Bond market, that is the pension funds that own all the state and municipal paper said they can't.


You have to obey your owners.


lets say they get all emotional and try and Secede anyway.....

and keep the USD as their currency, the CA bonds, of which CLPRS owns a pile, will become worthless.


lets say they get their own currency.....they'll have rampant inflation and the currency will become worthless. In the end, if they Secede they people that get fucked are the current and former state employees and since Moonbeam does whatever the unions tell him, there will be NO Succession. The Jews would lose too much so it AIN'T gonna happen.




torabora Jan 11, 2018 10:30 AM Permalink

California cannot have a surplus budget until its pensions are fully funded,,,they have been robbing pensions to paper over on going expenses...none dare call it fraud