Caught On Video: Harvey Weinstein Attacked At Restaurant

Video published online shows disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein being physically and verbally assaulted while walking out of an Arizona restaurant on Tuesday night. Though it's not known if there was more to the altercation than what is shown in the video, a reportedly drunk restaurant patron slapped Weinstein twice in the face while angrily yelling, "You're a piece of shit for fucking with those women, get the fuck out of here!" 

According to initial reports, the lead up to the incident involved the attacker being turned down for a photo as Weinstein was dining with his sobriety coach. However, the video content suggests the attacker may have been out for his own version of drunken vigilante justice as the man references Weinstein's now widely known past predatory attacks against women.  

The episode was summarized as follows:

Weinstein was dining Tuesday night at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale when a guy named Steve approached him and asked for a photo. Steve tells TMZ Weinstein was belligerent and said no, while a restaurant manager says Weinstein was "sweet" and politely declined.

Steve and Weinstein shook hands and sat down, but this video shows what happened when they were both leaving the restaurant around 9 PM. Although the restaurant manager says Steve's hands never landed on Weinstein's face, you clearly see and hear Steve make contact twice, as he calls Weinstein "a piece of s***."

Steve told us he'd had "quite a bit to drink," and instructed his friend to record video as he walked up to Weinstein. As we reported, Weinstein declined to call police and left the restaurant.

Though Weinstein might have been dazed by the assault - as a witness reported  "Weinstein stumble backward and almost fell" - he appears to awkwardly saunter out of the restaurant and into a hallway while his sober coach stays behind attempting to block the cell phone shot. Though TMZ indicates that police were not called to the scene, it is unclear if any later report was made.

Since the New York Times first published explosive allegations of sexual assault based on interviews with multiple of his celebrity female victims, more than 60 women have accused the 65-year old movie mogul of sexual misconduct. Since then Weinstein has been dropped by his own studio which he co-founded and is now facing ongoing criminal investigations in multiple US jurisdictions as well as in London.

And beyond the potential for an impending arrest and future prosecution, which has long been speculated upon but has yet to materialize, Weinstein is at the very least now a national pariah who as this latest video attests will have trouble showing his face in public for a very long time to come. 


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Back to the "rehab".

While (((they))) continue with their debauchery and rituals, #metoo will be used to destroy any rebellious white gois mercilessly, with gossip lynching. No need for truth. Honeypots are employed all the time, and cry rape if the price is right; ask Julian Assange how that is like.

Many pseudo-Christians are used by these folks to gangstalk white gois that are fighting back against the NWO worldwide.

I have been gangstalked by Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Catholics in seven countries so far. If the sheep only knew that their pastors are wolves, they would all be strung up. Seek God yourself folks.

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If anybody on ZH ever feels they need a 'sober coach' you can give me a call.  I'll drink while you stay sober.  I'll get all kinds of sloppy and mean, piss on the carpet under the table at dinner, throw up right outside the restaurant, make a drunken pass at your Mom.  And the whole time I'll be yelling at you "this is what you act like when you're drunk, too!"


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Two mild girly slaps to that fat fuck Weinstein is nothing!!!  Fire up the industrial ovens at Auschwitz and burn that fat rapist to bacon.  Piece of shit taking the goy woman for sex slaves.  And that poor plant where he let his wad of sperm fall fucking died a terrible death.    





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To humanely cremate typhus victims. All towns have crematoriums.

The '6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers' are laughable, scientifically impossible frauds.
see the 'holocaust' scam debunked here:
No name calling, level playing field debate here:

Why have supremacist Jews have been marketing the '6,000,000' lie since at least 1869?…

The '6,000,000 Jews' lie and the laughing Mexican:

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1943-44 time frame..... you got 10 million pissed off Russkies coming at you with tanks from the East, you got the Allies landing at Normandy, the Italians are fighting like well Itialians and about to surrender. You are low on fuel, I know let's keep those ovens going to cremate 6 million people. Do you know how much energy that required. If you use wood you need to deforest an entire region, oil and gas are needed for the war effort. Have you ever seen a cremation, it's hugely energy intensive. It's just ridiculous to even consider the misdirected resources when survival is on the line. Just ridiculous.

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You forgot to mention the simultaneous incendiary bombing of centuries old cities and holcausting of millions of innocent German civilians to destroy German culture.

It is also important to note that as Poland was re-conquered by the jews in 1944 that Germany, in compliance with Geneva conventions, tried to evacuate all those "death camp" survivors to the west, which massively complicated the logistics and did not relieve Germany of the burden of feeding millions of non-gassed Jews.

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There were no 'industrial ovens' at Auschwitz. Only normal disease abatement cremation facilities that exist in most towns.

The '6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers' are laughable, scientifically impossible frauds.
see the 'holocaust' scam debunked here:
No name calling, level playing field debate here:

Why have supremacist Jews have been marketing the '6,000,000' lie since at least 1869?…


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I lived in LA for about 7 years, met lots of actors and actresses- and I am sure 99.99% at least would still suck his neanderthal ass for a role in any of his shit movies. Actually most people in LA in general. 

Kevin Spacey's too - all actors I have ever met (and I met many and some are very famous) would do anything to get a role - which usually means doing anything for any (((producer))) or director - because these predators are usually the ones who can give you a role . 

It's the dirtiest industry of all - pretty much all of them are hookers - the only difference is real hookers make much more money on average. 

One of my former roommates (the best actress I have ever met and very pretty too) dated the ((producer))) of Big Bukowski, Berlin etc. He wanted to marry/own  her but never wanted to help her get a role - and she really is great. She dumped him after he had an affair with that former kid actress from ET. Before that he gave her a 300$ or so spa voucher for her birthday - she did not use it for a few months - when she went there finally - the voucher did not work. She asked if it was cancelled - they told her it was simply transferred to another name. This is one of the wealthiest ((((producers) )) in (((Hollywood))) - a cheap asshole as you can see. They are all cheap/unhappy/greedy  like that in my experience

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Caught On Video: Harvey Weinstein Attacked At Restaurant

My response: It should be noted that Oprah Winfrey defended and befriended this lost perverted soul. Oprah Winfrey is not now nor will she ever be qualified to be POTUS.

We are looking at a situation with Weinstein that is a perversion of justice. If this GUY DOES NOT RECEIVE JUSTICE SOON, people are going to take it into their own hands and that is not where we want to go moving forward.

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It's about someone spending years working towards a goal and then a few feet from the finish line a person with the ability to make or break you asks "how bad do you want this?".

Apparently some women said No and had their careers not just stalled but sabotaged.

Just saying that just because some women said Yes doesn't mean it was voluntary. It was a choice between ending or carrying on with their careers and I'm sure there was psychological damage  (Seriously look at that fat fuck).

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Like I've always said, blame the feminists. History tells us women use sex to get what they want or how else would you desribe, or explain marriage?

History also tells us man had no problem with the arrangement. Along come the feminists, feeding women's heads with rubbish, such as equality, freedom, and irresponsibility. Women, the privileged sex, that men willingly slaved for, disappeared, replaced by women who wanted to do what men did.

They became sluts, the counterpart of studs. They lost all sense of decorum, they lost the feminine quality that compelled men to go to hell and back for them. Then they became deadly, blackmailing men, holding their children hostage, taking their properties for themselves.

Amidst their claims of equality, they still required men open doors for them, wine and dine them, and expect nothing in return.

When men declined to play their games, women claimed men are brutes, and bastards. Now, for the men that played their games ruthlessly with them, we hear howls of molestation, harrasment, rape, and what have you.

Harvey may not be a gentleman but ask this simple question? Would a majority of women who passed through his stable,  have stood a chance at fame and fortune, without this most basic of understanding between the sexes?

Food for thought..

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Scipio Africanuz Scipio Africanuz Jan 11, 2018 6:29 AM Permalink

A feminine woman can make any red blooded man do anything for her. It's in our genetic programming, witness Cleopatra making Caesar give her the throne of Egypt, or making Mark Anthony give up an empire for her. If she had lived, I bet even Augustus would have succumbed.

Witness Esther, making xerxes execute one of his closest advisors, and elevating her people to a position of privilege within the empire.

I could go on, but I'm sure you understand. This new hysteria won't end well for women. Just take a look at sales of the fifty shades books, and you can see what they really want. They want to be feminine but are too greedy, and conceited to do so, for to be a feminine woman, is to make sacrifices, and adopt humility.

Make your man feel like a king, and he'll kill himself to make you an empress. Like I said, it's in our genes.

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